Doli Armaanon Ki 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi paces nervously around shaurya’s room, wondering what has samrat in his mind now, and whether she should tell ishaan or not, and if he shall like it or not. Finally, the clock strikes twelve, and urmi is scared. she nervously and stealthily comes up on the roof, while samrat invites her to come, as her presence was much awaited. he throws a gajra at her, welcoming her, to his lair. she is boggled and asks whats this. He says that this is his arrangement for her apology. Samrat has the mood set for a mujra with wine and snacks ready, and him reclining on the mattress, while he throws a pair of anklets at her, asking her to dance and sing to appease hm, saying that there shall be a mujra that he shall enjoy. she is shocked and asks

if he has gone mad. He says that her request for saving her son has been rejected. he immediately comes to her for apology, while he jerks her away asking her not to come closer. he says that since she is hell bent on touching his feet for apology, then she would have to dance her heart out, so that her lord, he himself is appeased, and he is forced to give an apology to her, and even give her what she needs. she is hesitant, while he continues to enjoy her torment, and says that the decision is hers, and he shall not think tywice before rejecting her proposal. She asks how can she, and he says that her request shall be reconsidered only when she agrees to dance seductively. he turns the music on, signalling hr to get ahead with it. Then she finally complies to his wishes, she wears the anklets, and killing her self respect, she begins to dance on lecherous songs hesitatingly. He stops the music and asks that she doesnt have to dance half heartedly, as she isnt doing a favour on him, and asks her to dance fully. she complies. He turns the music on, and begins to dance. He fully enjoys her traumatic plight.

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Ishaan meanwhile is tensed as he wakes up with a startle, oblivious of whats happening on the roof. he finds that its quarter to one and doesnt find urmi in the bed. he comes out of his room to search for her. he finds that she isnt in shaurya’s room either and wonders where is she, this late in the night, having even left her phone here. shaurya mumbles for water, and ishaan rushes to give it to him. Shaurya drinks it, and thanks ishaan and then goes to sleep. ishaan gets up, and just then, urmi comes in, dripping with sweat. she gets nervous and asks if shaurya is okay and he is here. He says that he is okay and tells how he landed here. she is restless and fidgety. he notices the tensed look, and asks where was she, and why does she look tired. She says that she was feelingf panicky and hence went down for a stroll. he comes to her and cupping her face, he asks if she is okay. She closes his eyes, and then looks up at him, saying that all’s okay now. he asks her to rest as its too late, and kissing her on the forehead, he begins to leave. She asks if they can have coffee together. He agrees. they start remembering their old memories, laughing and bantering aloud, urmi laughing after a long time, while ishaan eyes her overwhelmingly, happy that she is laughing again. He chokes, and she gets tensed again and asks him to go to sleep, as its late, and he has to go to the court tomorrow. ishaan gets up and taking her hand, asks her to change and simply go to sleep, without taking tension. she wishes him goodnight tensedly and leaves. He calls out to her, and when she turns back, he extends both his hands out to her, she is overwhlemed and rushes to him, hugging him, while tears streaming down her cheeks, as she is kissed on his forehead.

The next mrning, at the breakfast table, all compliment urmi’s cooking yet again. Samrat continues to taunt urmi, by singing the song that she danced for him, last night. urmi gets conscious, as samrat tells tani that there’s a strong memory associated with it. urmi is tensed, while damini is boggled. samrat intentionally teases urmi, by about to tell tani what happened, and urmi gets nervous and spills tea on sandhya. damini observes the problem. just then, rati comes in saying that shaurya wishes to eat snacks, while urmi says that he cant eat it, as oily food is prohibited for him, and rati says that he is insisting. tani asks urmi to comply to shaurya’s wishes. All are surprised, including urmi. tani says that since a dying person’s wishes should be fulfilled, hence he should be allowed. all are shocked at the callousness of her statement. Anirudh immediately shuts her up, asking if she is so disgusted and shameless. tani keeps professing that she is just being a truth speaking person, howsoever bitter it might be.He says that she feels so shameless, as she isnt a mother yet. she is oblivious to the severity of his statements, as he taunts her that she should be cautious well intime, as the lord might just punsih her for her callousness, by making her infertile to sire a child ever. They are all shocked. samrat asks how can he say anything like that. Anirudh asks samrat to shut up, as he doesnt cre for sharya and he talks about children, and asks how can he be so irresponsible to his own son, and that such parents lead god to think who should and who shouldnt be given parents. samrat pretends to be hurt, while tani feels for him. he gets on his drama, saying that his true love is costing him dearly. he rushes inside. Tani is hurt, and angry and goes after him. damini wonders what a big dramatician he is. On the balcony and hallway, ishaan speaks to samrat, that they dont have much time, and that they need to hurry for shaurya’s treatment. Ishaan again apologises to samrat for urmi, saying that he shouldnt be angry at urmi for her slap. Samrat evilly thinks that he has one more chance that means, urmi hasnt told ishaan anything about the previous night. samrat eyes urmi serving food at the table, to family, and when ishaan asks him not to hit urmi, he pretends to relent and says that now only another slap on urmi’s cheeks shall appease him. Samrat adds that he shall not slap urmi himself, but her loving husband shall, and that too in front of everyone. Ishaan is apalled as the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As ishaan sits at the breakfast table, samrat signals him from the balcony, to go n and hit urmi, with a smack on th face, while she is obliviously serving food to all family members, unaware of samrat’s vicious gameplan. Ishaan is distraught as he is in a moral dilemma.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. ooh my God i jst feel lyk crying writers plz do smthng we r irked of dis stupid story line


  3. I can’t believe they made MY SHOW crappy!!!!!! What the hell Zee!?!?!?! At a time this was the only show in Zee I could stomach to watch in the entire line up (along with APHG which was cancelled)!!!!! Now I am enraged that they made my show unbearable to even read the updates!!! Shame on you ZEE!!!!!

  4. Wat if shaurya dies after sleepin wit dat awful samrat, urmi should leave everything to god, besides this show is portraying how a man can have it in his way wen ever dey want sooo i stop watching it always evils gettin dea way!!!

  5. urmi is also an idiot i jst cnt blv y writer r doing dis to her,da show z disgusting plz viewers we shld protest they r jst flirtng our tym,abusing women…..i lov indian soaps bt r demoralising especially kkb

  6. Eish!!!! No words hw stupid and idotic drama…shame on the entire show

  7. disgusting serial,these type of shows enhanc males to insult women,very very bad episod.

  8. Utterly disgusting!!!! No words to express how I feel! This used to be a good show but I feel the CVs have lost it completely now!!! These guys need psychiatric help!!!


  10. Whaeres kumkum bhagya update .this is getting annoying on the 6 they skipped jamai raja now kumkum bhaya

  11. Artificial insemination produces babies with out actual intimacy,milions of infertile parents raising children, the story line soo backward. Zee tv in good in excessively abusive to women, men forcing women to dance on glass, taunting,insulting. Dont they have censorship for tv?

    1. Why are all of you degrading women. Do u have mothers and sisters at home.I wish the writer would have surf the net to find out more about the sickness. Learn how to respect women first. This drama is the most DISGUSTING drama.Pls stop this stupid drama. N Samrat GO AND DIE

  12. Oh the RAT is ever so oooo wicked & eeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiill!!!! He’s a monster!!


  14. This show is nothing, it is pure disgusting and disrupting. How does the writer even acknowledge this, I can see that also a lot of people don’t like the story line. Something has to be done as this show is ridiculous. How can Zee even allow this to be shown.Either change the story line now or just get rid off this show, please and telecast something else with a good story line. Thanks

  15. Well done samrat

  16. This is totally crazy same at need someone to thrash him samrat is really disgusting I can’t believed he has ishan do that to urmi I can emagin how devastated I shan will be after hitting urmi poor ishan I am so sorry for him

  17. Everyone is begging Samrat to sleep with his ex-wife. Even her own husband acts like he is overly-excited about it. No one in the house is talking about anything else. Do it and be done with it if that is what is going to happen. Degrading a women for days on end and expecting viewers to like it is morally wrong. Everyone is all dressed up while Urmi is looking like a woman from the streets.

  18. The writer has gone insane!
    Everyone boycott this Doli armaanon ki Drama!!!!!

  19. This serial is so stupid and irritating. How can Urmi do dance and accepting all nonsense conditions of Same at when she knows he is such a lier and can change his words any time. I stopped watching this serial can’t tolerate any more

  20. The writer of this film is a bastard and stupid. He/she stop abusing Indian women. I am a Blackman from nigeria but love Indian culture and tradion. I personally hate the producer of this film. It is totally unacceptable to the generality of Indian people. I will never watch this film again and advise the public to shun this film because it is d opposite site of Indian people.

  21. The writer is soooo uneducated!! HE is the one who make this drama nonsence.. I am Malaysian and I was following this serial since last year. But why suddenly the serial is going out of the track… BORING!!! My family start watching other channel (korean) during doli armanooki playing in zee TV.. They totally stop watch this serial which is directed by uneducated person. SHAME on you.. After I am not allow to watch zee anymore I just read the update. honestly speaking only idiot will watch this serial.. and i have to stop read this update also because it’s just wasting my time.. better I do something productive work.. bye to Zee and idiot writer.. Hehehehe…

    1. I agree with u.. i feel like i wanna slap the writer’s face

  22. What a very idiot writer.. goodbye samrat.. i won’t watch u anymore…

  23. For the writers, please pay attention. This show is going haywire with the nonsense tracks. As far as I know, India is the best in medical studies as a lot of doctors from my country took their MBBS in India. So I think you people must be logical in the making of a plot based on medical facts as facts don’t lie. Therefore my suggestion is please make a good research before fitting anything.. And one more thing don’t make a mockery of a women. Without them we won’t be in this world in the first place

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