Doli Armaanon Ki 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku tells Diya that they will drop her. Shaurya teases Diya saying a brave reporter who is not afraid of anyone got scared from her fiancé. She says she’s not afraid of anything. She just cares for him and doesn’t want to upset him about anything. But they wouldn’t know as they have no connection with love whatsoever. Cheeku tells her to say that to Shaurya only, but not him. She knows he has a girlfriend. She tells him that he changes girlfriends every week or two and that’s not called love. Shaurya tells her to bring Karan in party as well which they kept for Diya. She says ok. Shaurya jokes that way there won’t be an issue of picking her up or dropping her back home. Cheeku and Shaurya leave.

At home, Diya’s dad tells her that he’s proud of her

and praises her. Diya’s bro thinks he’s taunting him for being jobless and gets pissed. He says what more they want from him. He’s trying to find a job. Now if he doesn’t get one, then what he should do. Diya calms them down saying its a very happy day for her. She tells them about party in evening. Her bro starts lecturing her about going to parties, coming late, etc. which is not good for society image. Diya says Karan is also going with her and he should also join them. He asks for what? When everyone asks him what he does, then he will say he’s jobless? Diya’s father tells her to leave him. Her bro tells dad to keep supporting her..they will regret it later.

Urmi brings Gaurav to Nupur and asks if he’s sure about taking her home. Her attitude is not correct. Gaurav says he is. Urmi tells Nupur that Gaurav will take her to his home. First she thinks he’s just her another client. Urmi tells her to behave and says he will keep her at home as a daughter. She laughs and says all want to lift her in their lap, not adopt her. Urmi asks her to decide what she wants. Go with Gaurav and make her future or stay where she is currently.

At home, Asha is upset that she has to do all work alone and there is no one to talk with as Gaurav and Cheeku are always busy. Just then Urmi and Gaurav come there with Nupur. Urmi says now she will have a company. She asks who she is. Gaurav says far relative from Jhansi. Urmi says and her parents are no more, so they brought her here. Asha is happy and takes her to show the house. Nupur is irritated already with Asha.

At party, all congratulate Diya and says she’s looking pretty. Karan doesn’t like all checking her out and asks quietly did she have to wear that dress. She asks what’s wrong in it. Shaurya shows everyone Diya getting praised on a news channel and all clap for her. Cheeku praises her for showing courage and bringing the truth out. She says it wouldn’t have been possible without his help. They hug. Then Diya’s colleagues take her to take photographs and he again gets insecure seeing Diya close with everyone. Karan doesn’t like either. When he gets a chance, he tells Diya thank you, wishing is fine, but does she have to hug like that? She says come on they are colleagues, this much is fine. Karan says it’s all just show off…there’s something called simplicity too. Diya diverts his mind and says she’s thirsty. What he will drink. They go and sit on a table.

Cheeku sees them and asks Shaurya..doesn’t he think that Karan is showing too much authority on her? What’s the need to show so much love publicly? Shaurya says what does it matter to him? It’s their life. Let them live. And anyhow they love each other. Cheeku says he loves his girlfriend too, but they don’t do such a showoff. Cheeku then says leave that and asks him what his scene? He’s not a lover type, so he must have thought about arranged marriage. Shaurya says his marriage will be love marriage only. Cheeku gets shocked. Shaurya says until he doesn’t fall in love, he won’t get married. Cheeku asks if he had any girlfriend. Shaurya asks has he seen anyone ever? He says no. Shaurya says then answer is no. Cheeku shows few girls to him saying they are his type, but Shaurya says neh. Cheeku asks him he likes Diya then or what? Shaurya becomes thoughtful.

Precap: Damini tells Urmi, she separated Ishaan from her, so she separated Ishaani from her. Now they are balanced. Urmi says still she is confident that her and Ishaani’s differences will get over one day. Damini says she will never let that day come. Urmi says it will definitely come. Some guys ask Diya for dance. She says she will come later. They insist her and hold her hand. Karan looks on.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. radhika srinivasan

    hello everyone

    1. fan of the show

      I wonder how they choose which colored icon to assign to everyone – I like radhika’s the best.

  2. Nice episode super love cheeku and shaurya and Diya these there are real super heroes

  3. fan of the show

    I don’t think Diya will put up with Karan for much longer. I predict she will dump him, she and Shaurya will become an item, and once she gets to Shaurya’s house she will start putting Damini and Ishani in their place.

  4. fan of the show

    I wondered when the day would come when Damini would tell Urmi why she spoiled Ishani. And Urmi also refused to let Damini think she could continue to have her way with Ishani – NOT a doormat this time.

  5. fan of the show

    The writers have done a tremendous job in the last couple of weeks – introduced half a dozen new characters and got about 9 storylines going. Amazing, in just 20 minutes a day.

    1. Coming from you this is a compliment. I’m still lost being moved from one storyline to the other. The cast has also not made feel warm and fuzzy. Actually, I don’t have a bad or nice thing to say about them.

      1. fan of the show

        It’s actually like a new story, anyway. Those who wanted it to continue from where the old story left off would have a hard time making it continuous if they were writing a 20-year gap into any story they might try writing, too. It’s like asking the dead to come back to life.

        Basically, Urmi had her baby girl, named it Ishani, and then Damini proceeded to poison the daughter’s mind against Urmi by blaming Urmi for Ishan’s death, as a revenge for Urmi being there when Damini lost her son, she’s gonna make Urmi lose her daughter. The evil queen of the story. Urmi is not happy about Damini and told her this poisoning business will not continue.

        Urmi’s son Shaurya is grown up and runs a newspaper, is not yet romantically involved with anyone, although he is impressed by, challenged by, and interested in Diya. She is a hotshot reporter on his staff who is always annoying him with the trouble she gets into while getting stories for the paper, so Shaurya is skeptical about what she tells him. She recently exposed a rich man’s son as the perpetrator of a hit and run accident which killed 9 people. and received recognition from the police and tv for her investigative work after Shaurya fired her for telling lies, then rehired her when he found out she reaaly had the story behind the story. She is currently engaged to Karan, a movie actor, but she is starting to dislike how possessive controlling and chauvinistic he is. Diya also has a brother who is depressed because he can’t find a job, and his sister Diya is so successful. He interprets everything everyone says an an insult to him because he doesn’t have a job.

        Gaurav’s son Cheeku is also grown up now and works at Shaurya’s newspaper. He has a girlfriend and is goading Shaurya to have one too. He rescued Diya from getting killed by the hit and run bad guy. Gaurav also found out that his first wife, Rashmi, who left him, had to turn to prostitution and had a daughter, Nupur, who was also making her living as a pr*stitute. When Gaurav learned about her, he decided he would bring her home (an apartment in a high rise) and treat her like a daughter. His wife Asha welcomed her because she was missing having company and having someone to talk to.

        That’s about 8 day’s worth of story so far.

  6. Great episode !!! ?

  7. come on urmi you always stand for what is right put you feet down and stop taking this verbal abuse from damini all the time mother in law or not give her a tight slap and quiet her ass she is wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa out of limits and she needs to be straightened out once and for all how come arnirudh respects you now if you hit her she will say you disrespected her but she must remember respect is earned and if she does not change her attitude towards you then she has to take what she gets sorry

  8. ‘sighs’ Is it me or is this show boring??

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