Doli Armaanon Ki 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
urmi slaps samrat, much to everyone’s shock, asking how dare he reveal shaurya of his illness. she asks how callous he can be, and begins to vent out her extreme frustration at him. ishaan tries to stop her, trying to make her understand that they have to control their emotions, so as not to incite samrat’s ire. finally, he isgnals damini to take urmi away, and she leaves berserkedly still trying to hit samrat. After they leave, samrat starts fuming with anger, and ishaan immediately goes to appease him. He politely tells him, that he should understand how sensitive it is for a woman, to bear this as a mother, that her only son is dying. He asks samrat to be a little cautious and sensitive, and not bother shaurya, since he is very

sick already. he asks it not to be taken otherwise against urmi. Ishaan tries to salvage the situation, asking samrat not to hurt urmi or shaurya, as they are already going through a lot, and he can vent out whatever frustration he has, to him, rather than direct it at urmi. Samrat glares angrily. ishaan helplessly tells him that he hopes that he would forget what just happened here, and then not let it adversely affect his decision regarding saving shaurya or any other detail associated with it. samrat smirks at him evilly. samrat storms out, while ishaan is tensed.

meanwhile in the room, damini asks urmi to understand that samrat is their only hope, and she understands what urmi is going through, but she cant afford to have such outbursts in front of samrat. urmi tries to point out samrat’s callousness, and damini says that she knows, but urmi has no choice but to bear it all for shaurya’s sake. just then, ishaan comes in, and he too advises urmi to control her emotions, as any disrespect from her part, can cost them shaurya’s life, which is paramount for them. Urmi tries to cool down and understand.

Samrat meanwhile is furious, and tells damini, who comes to meet him, that he wont spare urmi at all, for this slap. He says that he dpesnt care shaurya is alive or dead, and that now she shall understand the true implications of enraging samrat. he says that he shall not comply to urmi’s request now. She thinks that if he doesnt comply to urmi’s wishes, her plan would go down the drain. She tries to say that he cant do this. He says that out of free will, he will do whetever it needs to be done. She says that their plan shall fail. he says that his plan can go down the drain, and that he shall take his revenge on urmi, by letting her son die. She again tries to manipulate, that he can listen to her, and then spoil all of her happiness, and ruin her life, and asks him not to spoil it all due to his ego. he says that he shall give a befitting reply, and doesnt care of the implications. he storms out, while she is furious.

Later, Anirudh comes inside, eager along with gaurav and his family, as a huge feast is being ordered. He gathers everyone together. urmi and ishaan come down. They all are confused as to why all have been called here. He says that they have organised a house party, full of fun and frolic, and shall play a family game. All are eager, while samrat is upset. he angrily eyes urmi, remembering the slap, while urmi is tensed. tani asks whats the matter, and he lies about a headache. He givesan indirect hint, that a huge headache has gone down, and that some issues were bothering them, and now everything is over. urmi gets his message and is tensed. tani goes for the party arrangements, while urmi is tensed at samrat’s reply. meanwhile, sandhya asks alok whats the matter, and he says that this has been done to cheer up shaurya and the family’s mood. They all begin with the game, a kind of a dare, that only shaurya shall give to whoever is on the spot. the game begins with the passing of the pillows. Finally, it ends on asha, and all boo her. She asks shaurya, and he asks her to propose to gaurav romantically. all are cheerful, while gaurav is embarassed, but asha is excited. she gets to doing it, while urmi smiles. Samrat eyes her angrily, and she gets tensed. then it stops on sandhya, and alok asks him to be extra torturous, and shaurya asks her to sing. She takes the centre stage, and starts, much to everyone’s plight. then its ishaan’s turn, and shaurya asks him to dance with urmi. she eyes samrat’s anger, and asks shaurya to change. but he doesnt, and ishaan too extends out his hand, and asks her to do it for shaurya. They dance, and sandhya points out their eternal love and damini is irritated. All others smile, while tani and samrat are irritated. they conclude. next its Anirudh’s turn anmd shaurya hesitates and says that he shall have to answer his question correctly and precisely. Anirudh eagerly complies. shaurya shocks them all by asking if he is going to die. urmi eyes samrat angrily. Anirudh asks shaurya who told him, and tries to distract him. Shaurya asks whats his disease. But anirudh simplifies it saying that very soon he shall be alright, and ishaan and urmi are overwhelmed. anirudh distracts him completely, and engages them all in cheering shaurya up successfully. Ishaan holds urmi’s hand reassuringly.

Late in the night, urmi tucks shaurya in his bed, and then goes to get him milk, while he asks her to hurry up. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, samrat mixes a sedative in tani’s milk so that she sleeps through the night, and he is able to get victory over urmi. urmi comes in just then rushedly, saying that she needs to talk to him. Urmi confronts samrat. She apologises. he asks if she wants an apology. She complies silently. he reprimands her, and says that he wont allow her, doing this again and again. he says that now they shall talk, only when they meet at midnight, on the terrace. she is gripped by a chilling fear as to what he is upto now. urmi is shocked. samrat leaves asking her to come to the terrace. he leaves. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

Precap: Samrat has the mood set for a mujra with wine and snacks ready, and him reclining on the mattress, while he throws a pair of anklets at her, asking her to dance and sing to appease hm. she is shocked. But then she finally complies to his wishes, and killing her self respect, she begins to dance on lecherous songs. He fully enjoys her traumatic plight.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please stop this please

    1. Majak bana rakha hai is s show ka.

  2. Boriiiiiing it’s high time to end this showwwww
    Are this writters fools or they take us as fools

  3. I always liked these soaps but this 1 is taking it too far.what shit they portraying for women

  4. This show has gone to the dogs and its really disgusting what Urmi has to do for that demon Samrat. I am done watching this show!

  5. Really this is disgusting….plz writers put some sense in ur self…useless

  6. Enough is enough! In our world of today where women are getting abused in the streets as well as in their homes, where domestic violence is on the rise, it is very irresponsible to show such behaviour and even condone it somehow!!!! The CVs are sending a very bad message!!!! As if a woman cannot escape from violence, she cannot succeed, she cannot build a new life for herself without her past catching up with her….This is a very very bad and negative message!

  7. Stop this nonscens.we want unite ishan and urmi romance

  8. Kalpana Deepak

    Very Dirty show pls stop this

  9. Maybe shaurya isn’t sick and its damani donig bribiny the doc bcuz they can be bought easily

  10. I really do not care what anyone says that this is fictional, but I cannot continue to view this abuse going on.This makes the inner soul crawl .I have a strong stand on abuse whether it is a man,woman,child or animal.My profession makes me want to shut down this track.Why are they making Urmi looks like a tramp.This is total disrespect for all women ,for all mothers , for all wives and even husbands.It is not about women alone but the disrespect that is shown to humble husbands and fathers with children.Samrat is a pimp and he does not care about no one except his own egoistic self.Damini has lost her- self in joining and encouraging him to do such an indecent,immoral act.Damini you are not fit to be called a mother.How can you help that man to indulge in this and he is your son in law.You could have helped Urmi to find another way.It surprise me that Ishaan and Urmi are not doing research on their own as two intelligent people.I wish the writers could change the script to something better and show some morals and compassion on Urmi who is helpless at this time.I am a mother and I deal with this type of abuse daily with people and this is not just a script but something that is happening throughout the world.Please writers do not take this abuse to another level.Enough is enough.Some one out there might be in an abusive situation and believes this is how life should be.Think responsibly.This will be my last comment and viewing on this topic until this track has changed.I will return when this track is changed.

  11. I know urmi loves her son and do not want him to die but that is up to god and not samrat urmi has lost faith and hope how could she give in to samrats demands knowing that he samrat is a snake evil incarnate and all the wrong he has done do you urmi really think that samrat will do as you say come on samrath never loved shauyra so why now he is dying do you think he would save him no way girl he is just trying to intimidate you and make you pay for all you have put him through when he lost everything and his ass was thrown in jail to tell the truth ishaa is a lawyer and I always thought urmi was smarter than that not to fall in samrats trap again we all know that samrat the snake will use and abuse urmi for his own gains and then throw her aside after getting revenge on her and then he would refuse to even help shauyra because that beast do not care if shauyra lives or dies urmi I beg of you do not comply to samraths wishes and dirty wants shauyra is a child and if he knows what you are going to do with samrat he would tell you he would rather die and not to do it so urmi where is your faith there is only one person who can save shauyra and that is god put your trust in him like the saying goes it is better to place you faith and trust in the lord than confidence in a man so urmi I know you are hurting and you feel like your world is caving in but stop being weak and be strong as you use to be when you brought samrat down and god is going to work in your favour this message is a message to all

  12. the worst episode ever,,,,,,, bt 1 thing i wonder of this indian soups is that they are all similar nd are so disgusting i dont know whether all indian families are living that hell life by doing magic to get someone’s love or to kill someone..becouse the producers are giving example of there community…shit

  13. urmi and that way you get to keep dignity and hold you head up high

  14. this serial has really gone to the dogs now its about time they end this show have lost interest in watching this crap daily

  15. Why the evils always succeed almost in all Indian series. I don’t really get it. The Doli Armaanoki for samrat to sleep with his ex wife in order to save the life of their son shaurya is unacceptable in culture, brief, custom, tradion or even religion. Please the director should think something gud but not tarnish the image of Indians. Sleeping with another man’s wife is sin all over the world. I am completely disappointed with the director of this series.

  16. I’m starting to hate this show. Testing my intelligence.

  17. It’s coming to àn end…,

  18. I’m incourage to all stop watching or writing don’t burn ur energy all the Indian episode are same basic abusing each other I’m stop watching for aweek already please try to control your self so sick of India suck!!

  19. why cant urmi get other baby by surrogacy or artificial insemination what old type of rubbish is shown omg……..

  20. Come one guys, this is the 21st century and they say urmi needs to do this disgusting thing to have another baby with samrat.if you don’t change thus story, then you guys are gonna lose alot of viewers.And urmi was once a strong woman who fought for rights.And ishan is a lawyer who studied in New York. But they are now so helpless that they have to beg for samrat’s mercy.

  21. if that is a male writter maybe he did it to his second wife.

  22. May I just say what a relief to find somebody
    that actually understands what they’re talking about over the internet.
    You definitely realize how to bring an issue to
    light and make it important. More people really need to check this out and understand this side of your story.
    I can’t believe you are not more popular because you most certainly
    possess the gift.

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