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In night time, Tauji comes to Urmi saying he’s shocked with Samrat’s behavior and the amount of ego he has. He is not even regretted for what he’s done, and until one doesn’t realize his mistake, it’s not possible to change him. Samrat is getting impossible, he has made himself complicated with his ego. Tauji further says he doesn’t know what they possibly can do. Urmi tells him not to do anything. Sometimes, certain things say a lot without saying anything which their mind hear and understand too. Whatever happened lately has hurt her from inside, she feels like everything is stopped. She went through so much and did so much to save her relationship, but now her inner voice says, enough now. May be this relationship isn’t worth of giving emotions and efforts.

Tauji asks her what’s she saying. If she also gives up, then how they will keep this house happy. She says everything looks so broken now, and she doesn’t feel like bringing everything together again. Now she will just do her duty, that’s all. Tauji puts his hand on her head. She gets a call from Annu and goes on side. Tauji feels if she also gives up, then this relationship will die. This relationship needs to stay alive to keep happiness in this house.

Annu apologizes to Urmi for not coming, but had she came, then she wouldn’t have been able to control herself. Urmi tells her its okay and she will handle everything there herself. Annu’s auto stops on a signal and someone sits beside her. It turns out to be the guy whom she refused. He asks her why she refused him, but she says she has already said there was no reason. He keeps asking her. She tells him to leave else she will get off the auto. He gets off.

In morning, Samrat is on dining table with his family. His mum tells him to go to temple. He asks Urmi to give sauce, but Urmi tells a servant to give it to him. Samrat’s brother comes and informs everyone that he got the job. All are happy for him. His wife asks him to bring sweets when he returns. He says he will go now and get it. Samrat asks Urmi where his juice is. Urmi again tells the servant to bring it which Samrat doesn’t like it. Phone rings. Urmi picks up and it’s for Samrat. Urmi tells Samrat’s sis to tell him. Samrat loses his patience and gets mad at Urmi asking her if she can’t see him there. can’t she say him directly. She stares at him. He asks what she’s staring at. Urmi leaves from there. Samrat talks on the phone and it’s from his office. He gets mad on the phone saying he’s coming. Amrit tries to stop him saying to rest after so much has happened lately, but he says it’s his office. why wouldn’t he go. He asks Amrit to come along if he wants, else stay at home. Amrit leaves with him.

At Urmi’s house, her family is complaining about her bhabhi to her mum. Annu tells her to take her daughter to her home, only she can handle her. Her mum asks her to let her talk. All family members leave from there. Urmi’s bhabhi tells her mother that she didn’t do anything wrong. Only she had told her children come from God, so thats why she went to temple and brought child. And the maun vrat, she was doing only for this family’s happiness. Her mum tries to put sense into her.

Samrat and Amrit reach to the office. Samrat recalls how police dragged him out from there. They enter and staff start gossiping. One person looks at Samrat. He gets mad and asks him what he’s staring at. Samrat hears others gossiping and gets mad at them as well. Amrit cools him down and asks him not to work today and instead go to a hotel where he’ll do all the arrangements. Samrat agrees and leaves.

He’s driving car faster and faster remembering his insults. A truck comes in front of his car and he stops. He receives a call from Amrit who tells him about the arrangements in hotel. Samrat tells him to give all calculations of last 2 days. Suddenly a car comes towards him and hits him and runs away. Amrit tries to talk to Samrat, but no reply.

Precap: Someone calls and informs Samrat’s dad about Samrat’s accident. His dad gets shocked and asks hospital name. Urmi wonders what happened while Samrat’s mum gets worried.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Samrat should enter anger management rehab

  2. Oh noooo not just rehabilitation he needs to get his head checked,and i think the warning urmi gave him about not recorgnising himself when he comes out of jail will help too he needs to be sent back

  3. I wish they could bring Ishaan back instead of a reconciliation between Urmi and Samraat who is an absolutely horrid person

  4. Samrat can die for all I care, the beast!!

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