Doli Armaanon Ki 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya lashes out terribly at ishaani, saying that she doesnt care about the environment in the house, and isnt she mature enough to understand that he wouldnt want to celebrate the birthday. Anirudh asks him why is he overreacting, as its just a small celebration. he lashes out saying that he doesnt want, as he is sick and frustrated of running after the police, and doesnt feel like celebrating. he says tht ishaani should understand this. Anirudh says that ishaani went to great lengths to orrganise this. Shaurya says so what, after what happened to diya, he doesnt need anything, Alok says that its understandable he is stressed, but he doesnt need to be angry like this. urmi asks him to calm down too and asks him to take a look at ishaani.

he finds ishaaani sulking and in tears. urmi says that they can enjoy a little. Shaurya calms down a little, and then apologises to her, saying that he vented out his frustration on her. She dumps the cake on the floor, in aggression, and leaves. Shaurya apologises, but she rushes to her room. Anirudh is upset. damini however evilly smiles. shaurya collapses on the floor disappointed. all are tensed.

The next morning, while ishaani and damini are in the drawing room, shaurya comes down and finds her still angry and ignoring him. He asks if she is still angry. she denies, but he pesters on. she asks him not to fight, while he tries to cheer her up, again apologising profusely, and ishaani finally gives in and they smile again. they shake hands. just then, urmi gets diya down, and Diya wishes him for his birthday. he immediately lets go of her hand, and turns to diya, shocking ishaani. ishaani eyes her stranded fingers, while shaurya gives attention to diya. ishaani gets irritated. urmi suggests that its a good time, and they should all go to shirdi. he complies, thinking it would be good for diya. he asks damini and ishaani to get ready. damini deneis to go. he turns to ishaani. ishaani says that she doesnt believe in worship and all. Shaurya says that he shall be there with her. but she asks him to carry on, as its his birthday and he should celebrate it the way he wants. He asks if she sure doesnt have other plans for him. she denies, and then he leaves. damini again instigates ishaani, that when she wanted to celebrate he didnt, but when diya wanted to, shaurya instantly agreed, and that this was what was her fear all along. Ishaani says that she is right, as shaurya has changed a lot. damini is relieved.

In the room, ishaani searcehs for her laptop charger frustratedly, while damini comes in saying that she shouldnt take out her frustration on things. Ishaani tells damini that diya isnt shaurya’s gf. damini says that diya isnt, then he cares so much, then what if she becomes the gf. Ishaani is frustrated. Anirudh hears this from behind the doors, while damini saying that shaurya isnt her blood brother too, as he is samrat’s son. she says that they dont love or care for her. She says that neither shaurya nor urmi loves her, and they both just enact to love. ishaani leaves in a huff. Anirudh comes in angrily, and hollers at her for being so callous, and becoming such a lowlife, while she listens least bothered. She shamelessly says that she has no shame, and she shall break this relation. She asks him not to react, as he forced her to do this. she says that she shall, as the property is ishaani and hers only. She tells him that the decision is his, if he includes shaurya in his will, then she shall continue like this, and if he doesnt, then she might think about her motives again. she leaves. Anirudh is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Chiku is looking for his hankey, when nupur comes in with it, saying that she got it. He takes it frustratedly, tauntingly saying thank you. She shyly says that in friendship, No Sorry No thankyou. She rushes out, while he is irritated. he gets one of his gf’s call, and nupur finds him talking lovingly, she gets irritated and asks jealously who was he talking to. he tells her unabashedly about his many affairs. Nupur is outraged, and decides to get asha. when she comes, nupur insists that she asks what her son is upto. Chiku gets frustrated, and finally nupur tells her that he has a gf. Nupur is shocked, that asha takes it very casually, much to chiku’s amusment. She begins that a girl and a boy can never be friends. Chiku gets frustrated and asks asha to take her out. she complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Shirdi and Karan’s residence
Shaurya gets a call from karan and he receives it no resignedly. Karan says that he had called and why isnt diya receiving the call, and where is she. shaurya says that she had aclled but he didnt pick up. he says that he wa sbusy in auditions. Shaurya says that its good, since he has had his media coverage from diya enough. karan asks him not to taunt, and asks where’s diya. when shaurya says that they have come to Shirdi, karan gets berserk, asking why wasnt he informed, as he too would have come then. He asks why wasnt he told. shaurya says that he doesnt have an information bureau for him, and besides why does he want to know. karan says that its his right. Shaurya asks what he wanted to know, as there’s no media coverage here. karan asks him not to cross limit and talk nonsense. Shaurya cancels the call. karan is angered.

As shaurya along with urmi and diya rest in a restaurant, shaurya and urmi assure that she would win and particularly after visiting the temple, as his blessings would open new doors for her. Shaurya asks them to wait in the car, while he just comes. they comply. urmi gets a call, and asks diya to sit inside, while she just comes. she complies. urmi goes to receive the call. Meanwhile, the same rapists arrive on a bike, and get down. While diya waits in the car, she hears some people humming the tune, the same song that the goons were singing that terrible night. They leeringly talk about how they need to find a new prey, and reminisce, as to how wonderful the last one was, talking about diya. she eys them in the rearview mirror, and is recounted of the nightmarish incident. she scaredly peeps out of the window, and finds that its the same people, at the tea stall. She is shocked, and immediately puts her head back inside. She is petrified. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Just then, Urmi comes inside and finds diya completely shaken and terrified. She hurriedly asks diya what happened. Diya points to those people, from the rearview, stammering and unable to speak up. urmi is tensed. shaurya too asks whats the matter, finding diya so scared. Finally Diya speaks up. shaurya asks where are they. She tries to say that the people are there beside the Paan stall. shaurya hurriedly looks outside.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I don’t get it, how come Damini keeps saying the house is hers. Isn’t her husband’s name on title also. I don’t condone violence but she needs one tight slap from her husband. Maybe he will knock some sense in her tattooed brain. These women as so modern now, they are acting grandmother part but show off their tattoos like it’s a proud brand or something.

    1. sharmi sampath

      i totally agree with what u said sharmi. we both think same as our names…

  2. Also, I saw the episode with where Diya had to go identify the culprits, don’t they normally have to do this with the criminals behind a one sided glass mirror to protect the victim. What kind of backward system does the India have. At least try showing these show with some reality or change they damn system.

    1. Well said Sharmi.

  3. This show deals with important issues but it’s so exhausting. Wanted to read the update but I couldn’t. Worse thing is, it’s not Diya that’s exhausting me, it’s Damini & Ishaani. They are such a turn off.

  4. Woow why is it taking so long tot find out who is going tot Marty diya

  5. I hate you Damini you always want to separate urmi and he daughter why it seems that you never be a math

  6. Boring yaar move on

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