Doli Armaanon Ki 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat takes full pleasure in teasing urmi, that just like to get god’s blessings, sacrifices have to be done and the lord has to be worshipped. He says that she too shall have to do the same, in order to appeasde him, into giving her what she wants. He says that if she is able to please and amuse him, then he might get happy at her, and give her his blessing, or else she shall have to happily see the death of her loving son. He says that if she isnt able to,then what happens otherwise is that she shall be deemed as a woman who ate her own happiness. urmi is shocked and distraught, as she listens dumbfoundedly to samrat. she asks what she has to do, and he answers that she would have to fulfill the slightests whims of his, and tke care

of his every need, or him to agree into giving what she wants. he taunts and asks if she agrees. samrat is amused at urmi’s plight, and places it on her face, that he is overjoyed to see her like this. He asks her to get prepped up for her big day starting tomorrow, and make all efforts possible to appease him. she doesnt say a word and begins to leave, when samrat asks her to stop. He says that this deal or any other word, shouldnt be known to tani. she is boggled, as she turns around to face him. he asks if she wants the work to be done, and shaurya be saved, then she shouldnt allow tani to find out. He dismisses her off, and she leaves resignedly. he smiles evilly.

Damini meanwhile continuously instigates tani, who is unconvinced that samrat would have the guts to betray her, and that urmi wont be able to convince him. damini still asks what if she manges to convince samrat. tani gets furious and says that then she shall throw samrat out of her life forever. damini thinks that this is exactly what she wants to happen and wanted to hear from her. she leaves while tani is super tensed. Then she goes to ishaan, who is nervously pacing around in the room. ishaan says that he has no clue what samrat must be telling urmi, and how disgusted he is by the way samrat behaves with urmi, so callous, when urmi is apalled thinking of shaurya. she says that he is indeed brave to be able to take this decision. ishaan says that he isnt noble, but they dont have a choice, as if he had, he wouldnt have let samrat touch urmi even. she says that she knows, and bares out what he has to do, in bare, stinging words. She says that she is shocked and proud of his decision. he says that they shall do whatever it takes to save shaurya, as he is most important to them. He says that he is tensed wondering if samrat shall agree. damini says that he shall, and then covers saying that he is his son after all. just then, urmi comes in recalling samrat’s words, and remembering what his proposal is, and gets tensed, while ishaan eagerly asks what was samrat’s decision and what did he say. She sees damini and says that samrat said that he shall decide and then say about his decision. damini is confused, as she had expected samrat to say yes. Damini is angered as she leaves the room. She then confronts samrat asking why did he deny. He says that he didnt do anything. She asks him the reason. He however enjoys it, saying that he is doing what she wants. He says that she is being selfish, and that he cant let urmi come away so easily, and says tht he shall enjoy to the fullest. he is super happy at the way urmi shall be at his service now. damini says that samrat is rightly oppurtunist as urmi blames him to be, saying that she is praising him. he too says that she indeed is selfish too. She smirks him, thinking that he is enjoying his own son’s illness, as when he finds out that he is ruining his own happinexs, then she shall see his reaction. meanwhile, ishaan is terribly worried to find out what samrat told urmi. urmi is then asked to elaborate in detail. He is disgusted at samrat’s stance, as to how a father could do this. he assures urmi that they shall cross this difficult time together and save shaurya and move afresh. she hugs him.

the next morning, at the breakfast table, ishaan comes and asks urmi for his coffee. urmi comes with ishaan’s coffee. samrat intentionally says that he too feels like making coffee right now. Damini asks him to finish his breakfast and then the maid shall make it. But urmi serves him instead of ishaan. sandhya points out that she is giving ishaan’s rightful coffee to samrat. Ishaan howevere asks her not to mind, as he is in a hurry. ishaan asks her to give him a quick breakfast please. she leaves. samrat then says that he suddenly feels like eating Daal Kachori made by hr. sandhya points out that it shall take time. damini asks her to give ishaa first and then she can give to samrat, and samrat taunts that she can definitely do so. urmi is tensed. Ishaan asks her to attend to samrat, as he shall take some takeaway, and then asks her not to bother. she apologises, while he asks her not to worry about him. urmi is frustrated with samrat but doesnt show.

Later, all continue to praise urmi’s cooking as she prepares what samrat wanted. Tani comes down and sandhya gets an idea, and asks her to come and taste thge kachori that urmi made for him. tani is furious and angered, while urmi stands tensedly. Sandhya leaves, while tani comes angrily, and asks samrat how can he enjoy this so nicely and easily. he is boggled, and says that he had no clue that urmi had made this, and had he known, he wouldnt have even tasted it. urmi is disgusted as she eyes him with his charade. he says that urmi is going to all lengths to please samrat, and then throwing the plates away, takes samrat away, saying that this characterless woman can do anything to sleep with him. They leave, while urmi is tensed. She then puts on a brave face, and comes extra cheerful to shaurya, that she has made his favourite soup, after drinking which, he shall have his meds and then sleep. he asks if he can ask a question. She complies. Shaurya asks urmi if he is going to die. She is shocked as she hears this, and asks why is he saying this, as nothing would happen to him. He asks her to spill the truth and if he is going to die. She hugs him and says that nothing shall happen to him, as he is just a little sick, and asks him not to think all this. She asks who told this all. he hesitatingly says that samrat came and told this. she is bewildered and furious.

Ishaan comes down tired, and damini asks if he had breakfast. he complies, and then finds urmi angrily pacing in the hall. They wonder urmi screams at him, and then rushes to the rooftop to meet him. When she finds samrat, she slaps him tight across the face, knocking the winds out of his lungs. Ishaan and damini are surprised. Samrat is shocked. The screen freezes on urmi’s angry face.

Precap: Ishaan tries to salvage the situation, asking samrat not to hurt urmi or shaurya, as they are already going through a lot, and he can vent out whatever frustration he has, to him, rather than direct it at urmi. Samrat glares angrily. ishaan helplessly tells him that he hopes that he would forget what just happened here, and then not let it adversely affect his decision regarding saving shaurya or any other detail associated with it. samrat smirks at him evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hmmm,very very very boring and annoying

  2. Disgusting……the writers have lost the plot!!!!

  3. Samrat you are so shameless.Your own biological son that you lied to every one that you loved so much is so ill and you are having fun with it.Damini you are so cunning therefore I would like to see if you will be able to out smart Samrat.Urmi should not have just slapped him but knock his backside out with a golf racket.He is so low.I do not know who makes him believe that he is a God.Urmi do not go to bed with this snake to spoil your character.Some thing else may work out.

  4. what a beast samrat is why these writers are torturing urmi and shauyra like this these writers minds are soooooooooo sick and twisted that they only write these dirty scripts look at what samrat is telling urmi that is not nice and his own son he is taunting and frightening like this I tell you samrat is sooooooooooo evil he deserves to be in hell Ishaan please find another way to save shauyra please do not let samrat come near urmi far less to touch her writers it is about time that samrat pay for his evil deeds this is proposterous

  5. This is bullshit,even if Urmi has to save her son by giving birth to another child of the same father,why dont they use another way?this is science n technology world,she doesnt have to sleep with that burstard Samrat while her family has money.

  6. Ok the writers need to rethink their story line, this is going and above beyond to degrade women, is this the way men degrade women in India? It seems the writers are enjoying this, as the viewers we are not.
    Yes, a mother would do anything to save her child’s life but this is to much to bear. Sorry you all need to find a new story line such as Ishan mother paying of the doctors to say Shaurya is terminally ill just to separate Urmi from Ishan but to have Urmi degrade her moral to sleep with Samart to have a sibling to save Shaurya is not something appeasing to the viewers. We the people who resides North America and not from the India culture would really think men from Indis is awful. Just saying !!!!

    1. Tottally agree with this ,I am also from North America

  7. this is a idiotic scene i think this is not fair cuz urmi wentv through enough trouble and that now shea happy wid ishaan n luves him thy bring this idiotuic twist

  8. fan of the show

    The way it’s going, samRat’s free ticket with Tani is about to go poof. Then he surely will not impregnate Urmi, just out of anger and frustration. Tani will throw him out, and Damini will be glad he’s out of Tani’s life, and will see how badly he must have treated Urmi, and it may change her mind about Urmi.

    1. Exactly–The combination is fall apart soon and his fangs will really be shown.Perfectly truth.Evil will not last all the time.

  9. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This story is now very disgusting. Where are the writer’s morals. There is something called aritifical insemination. How can you ask husband to take is wife to another man to have s*x for the sake of their son’s health.Utterly disgusting !.Will stop looking at this show!

  11. 100% in agreement with Anne.

  12. Pepole please, stop wasting your time on these comments, ,the writers dont give a shit about what we think…

  13. Good grief…sickening

  14. Dis is getting very disgusting n samrat n damani need to be taught a lesson

  15. These writers are sick, sick, sick and twisted!! With in vitro fertilization there is no need for them to sleep together! Everyone knows that! PLEASE stop this nonsense!

  16. Thank god I have stopped watching this show. I haven’t even been reading the updates but I just did and wish I didn’t. It was never one of my favourite shows from the beginning as there was too much crap done against women. Just a brief break when Samrat was in jail and they did a leap does not warrant Urmi to be a strong woman figure. It’s the most backward, caveman type of shows that I have ever seen. There is not substance to this BS. In this day and age, no woman needs to stoop that low to save her child…there are so many treatments/options. These dumb writers/directors need to get with the program or go back to sensible writing school.

  17. Ok, guys writers I tink r not dumb. Dis is jus 1 of dos twist wia dey’l say someone was behind mekin shurya sick with bornemarrow jus to Mek dem sleep 2geda n den dat’l b d end of urmi n ishans relationship, also to end samrat n tani’s relationship. N hu benefits frm it “damini”. Jus ma tot. Cos technology has gone far now to ignore the fact dat bornemarrow transplant can be done tru other means. N don’t 4get the doctor frm new York dint examine shurya. He jus studied what he was being send. Dias definitely some1 behind it.

  18. I hope urmi gets a donor and don’t need disgusting samrat

  19. theres this episode I remember that urmi can use a just suprise that urmi or ishaan who are so educated could not take a second opinion of a medical doctor or do some research.and also is there not what we call couple privacy and secretes in most india serials.well hoping its a mounted story to show tani how low samrat can be.

  20. Last day I am watching this show. Actually I only watched a part, its to inhumane for anyone to withstand it’s like the ISIS….

  21. Make him mastu…,,….. And the a good licking for him.

  22. Radha had a child for him…. Come on producer, pep it up.

  23. I hate Samrat & Tani but Urmi is calling these insults upon herself. Or, more like the writer is.

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