Doli Armaanon Ki 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband are tensed and disturbed when they find out what samrat is planning to do. Urmi however sees through samrat’s plan, and tells them that this is his vicious new move, to try and scare her to get back in his life, and have what he is trying so desperately, but she isnt falling in the trap. Sushma and her husband are shocked as to what lengths a man like samrat can drop down too. They onder whether he wpuld ever realise that he is deteriorating by the day.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat gets a cheque from the bank, of 50 lakhs, and is overjoyed along with the family. Mandira and Shaurya decide to irritate samrat. Shaurya takes the cheque and makes samrat run behind him, until

they finally reach the terrace. As samrat thinks that he is about to win, shaurya throws the cheque much to his horror, down the roof, and in the gutter. Samrat gets angry when he finds his improtant, expensive cheque, crushed and crumpled and turned into a dirty paper, and starts venting out his frustration for shaurya. Samrat gets angry at shashi too, for not being able to control a small kid. samrat is frustrated, and threatens shaurya to never repeat something like this again. Shaurya tells samrat that if he so fed up, then they should think about giving him back to urmi. all are shocked. Shashi tells samrat that he was intentionally doing all this to scare him, and irritate him so much so, that they send him back to urmi. Samrat is shocked. Samrat shockingly asks shaurya that he was playing these games all along with him. Samrat is about to hit shaurya, when aditi and the other ladies stop him, and ask mandira to take shaurya away, while samrat is frustrated that he is trying to be oversmart. Rudra and others are tensed.

Upstairs, mandira and shaurya are scared that their plan didnt quiet work well. They are sad and tensed. Shaurya is upset.

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Scene 3:
Location: On the road
urmi takes an appointment with a laywre who agrees to take her case. she thanks him and moves out. On the road, Urmi waits for the auto, when she finds granny and gaurav passing by, in the car. she hollers at them, and gaurav stops. Granny reminds him of his promise to devi, and asks him to keep driving. Gaurav resignedly agrees. He drives off, while urmi is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
All are concerned, as to when devi shall start responding. Granny starts lamenting that she cant see her son like this. Saroj and gaurav shut her up, and she again gets to blaming them, that this is how they used to shut devi and turned him to paralysis. granny blames them all, and urmi. She starts crying, while gaurav says that he agrees that devi is angry for urmi, but urmi has no crime to be blamed for. Granny says that they just care for urmi, and not for devi. Asha continues with her nonsense, while granny is frustrated. they hush asha up, but she is determined in her mind, to try out her own way to get devi out of the paralysis.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As samrat is talking to somneone on the phone, he is super happy to find that urmi is coming inside the house, and thinks that the second marriage worked like a charm, and that she must have been so tensed since yesterday. He comes and starts taunting her that she finally did return. Urmi tries to speak, but he shuts her down. samrat says that he knows what she wants to say, and starts saying that now she is trying to salvage the situation. urmi eyes him sternly. samrat says that he doesnt want to listen to her say sorry, but she would have to come in this torturous jail for him to be able to bear her and sustain the relation. Urmi tries to speak, but he again shuts her. samrat says that such historic statements need witnesses, and decides to call everyone, for her confession. urmi stands resignedly, shocked that a man could be full of such ego and machoism. All the family gathers and eye her tensedly. Shashi is shocked too. samrat says evilly that she had to come, just as he suspected, to beg him to take her back, and forgive her, and not do this grave injustice to her and her son. he says that he wont forgive her, but this house shall be her captivity. He asks her to go ahead with her confession, as its enjoyable to hear apology out this egoist woman. He asks urmi to speak. She then calls the lawyer to come in, surprising samrat and the family. samrat smirkingly asks if she wants to apologise through the lawyer. He asks the lawyer to say whats to be done. the lawyer says thgat samrat has received a notice from the court. As he takes it, samrat is shocked. Kanchan asks samrat to tell them too what the paper says. samrat is stunned as he is handed with divorce papers by urmi’s lawyers. All others are shocked too. the screen freezes on samrat’s shocked face.

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  1. It was great fun to watch samrat’s reaction when he saw urmi. Can’t wait to see Ishaan coming to support urmi. Iam sure Ishaan always had feelings for urmi which is a mixture of sympathy and care but I don’t want Ishaan to love urmi. That will make the message of this serial rather weak. Urmi should succeed due to her own efforts & prove to samrat that she is not incapable of living alone without a life partner. All the best to urmi & shaurya. By the way I forgot to mention, instead of abhaas’ death in APHG, I’d have loved to see Devi die in DAK.

    1. how rough sandy devi is a chodu but we shouldnt say such things

    2. omg…I so agree with Sandy! Why did Abhaas have to die? I also feel that Ishaan should come back, shock Samrat in taking Urmi’s case and win victoriously! Then of course…he should marry Urmi’s sister.

    3. Totally agreed!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yyyyyeeeessssss!

    1. Finally Samrat gets what’s coming to him. I hope he acts up in front of the lawyer.

    2. Yup, he did. Perfect. Now lawyer will understand Urmi’s case.

  3. Iam not rough sidharth bt I don’t know the meaning of chodu. By the way do u know that devi is more cruel than samrat ? I pray to God that don’t ever give such a dad to any girl in this whole world. If u r supporting hom then I think u also think against women, am I right sidharth ?

  4. Yea lol ur right sandy :p hahahaha

  5. I support sandy coz If it was a reality drama so anyone would wish that this parlatic attack should be give to a cruel man…Ekta should of have given it to samrat lol

  6. Hello anyone online

  7. Thnx neha for supporting me & sidharth don’t feel bad I don’t mean to hurt u. These are all just imaginary stories why should we argue in the name of those that even don’t exist????

  8. I know this day will come. Same at will end up with nobody to marry again. Urmi well take custody of shaurya for proper upbringing. Kudos urmi (neha)

  9. Whats the precap?

  10. Sandy these imaginary stories are All based on reality most of these situations happen in the real world but they are never talked about (great job DAK for brining real issues to the small screen

  11. I totally agree with you Meme you have alot of men who are control freaks…they like to dominate everything women do, also an the other hand you have women who are like that

  12. Meme I understand that these stories are based on reality. I only meant to say that we should not argue for those imaginary characters. Instead we should discuss the reality that is exposed by them.

  13. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  14. I just dont care what happen to devi..what I want is samrat should regret with what he did to urmi and urmi should not give any chance to samrat.

  15. Where’s the rest of the story? The suspense is killing me. In your face, Samrat!!

  16. Urmi, give that (Sam) rat a divorce posthaste!!

  17. The expression on urmi face when she looked a smarat gloat was the best I have seen. She also looked the most beautiful with that look on her face since the serial began.

    1. Yah, I think she’s one of the best actors in this serial. She has such a range of expressions.

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