Doli Armaanon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Buaji relieves everyone by narrating what anu said. garnny refuses to belive anu whether she is lying. buaji asks her not to overthink, as she feels that anu is saying the truth. saroj hopes that everything would be alright and wonders how to deal with anu. garnny asks her to tighten the noose around anu, as she has roamed enough freely. All are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Goa Hotel
Ishaan finds urmi at his room door, asking for talking to him. While urmi is tensed and distraught, ishaan starts glaoting about how much samrat loves her, that he couldnt even bear anyone getting clsoe to her as happened last night. Urmi starts crying and ishaan gets tensed. He asks her to stop crying and insistently offers her water.

She complies and then tells that this has never happened before, that she completely forgot what happened last night. she tells what samrat said and how he insulted her, and asks to be told clearly what she did last night. he asks her to relax and says that she wasnt at fault, and tells what happened last night, and that samrat also didnt know that a drink would have led to all this. Ishaan says that samrat is venting out her frustration and anger, at what happened last night, and narrates the entire incident to urmi, who is shocked. urmi starts smiling when he says that samrat loves urmi very much and hence has a right to be angry, as that too is a form of love. He asks her to relax and enjoy Goa. Urmi thanks him.

Urmi goes to their room, to find samrat shaving and remembering ishaan’s words, she goes and hugs samrat, while he is still non compliant and resisting. She asks him if he loves her too much. he looks at her surprised but doesnt respond. She asks again. He asks what does it mean. She asks excitedly aagin. samrat asks what new mood has she gotten into. urmi says that she knows that he loves her very much. He asks how. She tells what ishaan told her. samrat taunts her and says that he wouldnt have let his wife be insulted and disrespected. urmi says that she knows that he loves her. hwe asks if she does too. She asks that it doesnt even need mention. he asks her if she knows what love means. she asks him to describe it. He says that loves means understanding and faith on the partner and asks if she understood it. she says that she understood him and knows him too and has faith on him more than herself, and all this combined together is love for him. He says that time would show what love she has for him, as he eyes her romantically. She asks samrat where are they going. samrat says that they are going to the beach. urmi says that they are going there everyday, and points out some other places to visit too. samrat taunts her for being a historian instead of a traveller. he says that he would arrange for a taxi for her if she feels like visiting.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi gives last minute advise to kanchan and rashmi, for the puja that kanchan has to perform. she is relieved that saroj too is going along with them. saroj says that she shouldnt bother as she has just fallen and hence should be completely relieved now that she is going. they all leave. kanchan seesz a black cat passing by and is about to raise a hue and cry but rashmi stops her and does some anti superstitious dote and asks kanchan to not mention it to anyone. Shashi see them off.

Scene 4:
Location: At the temple
After having done the Darshan, as they climb down, kanchan starts experiencing abdominal pain, and saroj asks her to sit down. but she keeps walking. kanchan starts getting dizzy at the pain, and collapses on the stairs. kanchan says that she isnt able to walk anymore. saroj asks her to atleast walk till the car so that they can rush to the hospital. But kanchan is in no condition. The lady asks what happened and if she is full term. saroj says that nine months havent completed yet, but it looks like the labour pains have started. The lady inspects her. the lady tells saroj that she is in labour, and wont be able to reach the hospital in time. saroj is shocked and tensed. the others tell her that the delivery would have to be done here. Saroj and rashmi are shocked. but the ladies say that they dont have much time left, and begin to assist saroj. Saroj tells the panditji, about the essential requierments for the delivery and he rushes to arrange for it. saroj sends rashmi to the pandit too to get some boiled water. The main lady takes over and starts instructing everyone around. Saroj tells kanchan that she is god’s home, and nothingw rong can happen to her. They arrange all the stuff, while the lady tells her to bear the pain. kanchan says that she feels that she would die. They push her through the pabour pains to keep up her strength to deliver the baby. With one final push, kanchan finally delivers, amidst much relief and happiness, a baby. saroj is overwhelmed with emotions. All thank the lord.

Scene 5:
Location: Goa hotel and samrat’s residence
Samrat gets shashi’s call and asks urmi to pick up. Shashi expresses her regret at having had a girl, instead of a boy, through kanchan. urmi is tensed for this, while shashi is disappointed that now she has to look after the child and kanchan. urmi asks shashi to congratulate kanchan, and is super happy. urmi tells samrat that she has a good news for him, and hugging him, tells him that he has become uncle and she aunt, as kanchan has delivered a girl. He too shows the same reaction as shashi, saying that if it had been a boy, then he would have taken the family’s respect and fame further. urmi tries to argue that even girls can do stuff. samrat says that girls can only bring insult for the family. As he leaves, urmi is shocked at his stance.

Downstairs, ishaan tells samrat that he has lost his phone. samrat says that he got distracted in Goa, and himself eyes the leggy lasses. While ishaan is tensed for his work having been impended due to the mobile having been lost, samrat has all his eyes on the foriegn girls. the manager says that he can arrange for ishaan to stay there, but he would have to make it an overnight stay. Samrat sees his chance and asks him to take this offer. Samrat eyes lady foreigners, and lustily is attracted to them. ishaan too complies. He reminds ishaan that he had come her for work and he shouldnt ignore it. ishaan offers to go, after having waved goodbye to urmi. Samrat asks him not to delay his work, as she is sleeping right now, and that he would tell them later. Ishaan leaves. samrat smiles and joins the ladies. samrat asks for some good place to hang out and party too. They ask him something in foreign language. he replies back in affirmative saying that he is alone here. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi calls the butlers and says that she wants to surprise her husband and wants to decorate the room. the butlert complies, and urmi gets super excited at having planned this surprise for samrat that would make him happy, while samrat is happily enjoying the company of forward girls, that he had been lusting for all the time.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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