Doli Armaanon Ki 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
A scared ishaani asks who is talking. The guy says that he is the guy from the posters, and asks if that shall help them be caught anywhich way. She is shocked and tensed. Leeringly, he asks her to remember the nightmare that they put her through, or forgot, as they definitely cant. he says that if its becoming hazy, they can meet again, for reliving old memories. She is tensed at the lewd behaviour. Shaurya and damini tensedly ask who is it. karan enters just then too. When shaurya speaks in the phone, the guy cancels the call. Ishaan is dazed and they all ask her why is she so scared. urmi is shocked too. She drinks the water. While tears stream down ishaani’s cheeks they are all very tensed and worried. she sits down in a state of shock,

after having received the call. shaurya asks her to tell who was it. she says that it were the same goons. he asks who. she stammers out of scare and shock, and hesitatingly tells them, and then tells everything. they are shocked. She says that it was the same person who had done wrong with diya. Diya hears this from the balcony and is shocked. they ask ishaani to speak up. She says that he said that they havent had enough and shall come again. she is highly scared and traumatised at the phone call. urmi along with others are shocked and apalled. he says that its okay. damini says that its not okay, as her worst fears of threatening calls are coming true, and that the threats are coming for ishaani now, due to diya. Shaurya says that the threats were for diya. damini asks what if ishaani is the next target, and asks how is he so engrossed, that he can forget about his sister, ishaani for the sake of that girl, diya. shaurya protests that he cares for his sister. Damini says that if he is so concerned, then diya should be out of the house, and it isnt her concern, where she stays, whether she goes to hell, or better yet dies even. they are outraged at her callousness. Anirudh asks how can she be so cruel to diya, and where would she go in such a time, where it isnt safe for her at all. urmi asks her to think about it. sandhya says that diya too is someone’s daughter, just like theirs. Damini says that diya isnt her daughter, and she only cares for ishaani, and she doesnt care where diya goes. She points out to karan, that he being the fiancee, its his responsibility to take care of diya. karan is in a fix. karan is shocked, and says that he cant take diya, as his mother wont allow. damini asks him to go and convince then, as she doesnt care, if diya is in his house or on the roads, but she wont stay here. Diya steps down saying that she is right, as she wouldnt want anything to happen to the house or ishaani due to her, and that she shall leave. damini snidely thanks her. Karan asks whats she saying, and where would she go. Diya comes to him, and begs him to take her, while he is irritated, saying that she shall convince and beg his mother to take her anyhow. she then turns to ishaani, asking her not to be afraid as nothing would happen to her. she assures that they have supported her immensely and she cant become the reason for their problems. uirmi comes and asks her to stop, and then is again adamant, that diya wont go anywhere, as her going out, after the threats isnt safe at all. diya says that she cant stay here and pose a threat to ishaani. anirudh finally stands up and speaks that she wont go anywhere, and shaurya is right. He says that for humanitarian sake, and for the safety and security of diya, she is welcome to stay here as long as she wants. damini taunts and claps them for their selfless service to diya, and asks what about ishaani. Anirudh says that he cares for everyone, and till he is here, nothing would happen to anyone, as he too loves ishaani as much as she does. he says that he shall arrange for police protection, and that noone needs to be scared as they cant stop living, due to some petty goons. He asks diya not to go anywhere, as she neednt be scared and she can stay here always. karan is immensely relieved. He asks diya not to be bothered by anyone, and asks if she trusts him. She breaks into tears and complies. He assures her that all would be right. He then turns to ishaani and gets on composing and assuring her too, who is visibly traumatised. He cites her as his brave girl, and asks how can she be weak, when her grandpa is there. damini eyes urmi and diya angrily.

In her room, diya remembers ishaani’s phone call and damini’s retaliation, and the discussion that ensued. just then, shaurya and chiku come in laughing and guffawing. Shaurya asks chiku to do it again for diya. They try and cheer her up. she resignedly asks what happened. Chiku says that he had a breakup. She tries to follow the link, as shaurya talks about chiku’s various hilarious breakup, where the gf took revenge by posting pics of chiku dressed as a girl. this causes diya to laugh, and they revel and enjoy seeing her happy after so long. shaurya gets emotional seeing her happy. Chiku is relieved too.

meanwhile, on the roof, urmi calls the police and asks if there are any developments, and then talks about the threat calls. She asks them to catch the culprits soon, and the police takes it on the ego of the police department, and assures her that soon they shall be nabbed. shaurya comes and urmi tells everything, adding that it feels they shall have to follow up. He takes this responsibility on himself, saying that they can also print the pictures in the newspaper, AWAZ. she asks about diya, and he talks about her laughing. they are both happy for her, and hope that everything is soon okay.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station and AWAZ’s office
Shaurya is prompt and diligent in his follow up with the police, about any whereabouts or leads in diya’s case. In the office, shaurya instructs the employees, that the sketch shall continue to be printed till; the goons are nabbed. he is highly thorough with his follow up from the newspaper and the police too. Many days pass. One evening, shaurya waits in the police station, while the inspector begins to get irritated with him and his pstering. He asks him not to be here so much, as his pestering wont help them catch the goons. Shaurya says that its been 23 days, and he is no closer to finding a single clue, and asks how long would they take. the inspector shamelessly says that they havtn been able to. shaurya asks how and what effort are they putting in. the inspector says that they are doing their work, but maybe they have left the town. he asks if he found a clue through the newspaper. shaurya says that its his effoert, but for the police, its their duty, and he is answerable to them for that. the police asks if he is reminding them their duty. shaurya says that he would remind him, if need be, and its due to this attitude, that the police is being degraded these days. he assures that the minute he gets any info, he shall tell him. Shaurya resignedly leaves, in a huff.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya comes inside, and finds the entire house in darkness. he hollers as to why the lights are off. He then starts shouting for urmi, ishaani asking where’s everyone, seemingly worried now, as noone responds back. Suddenly the lights go on, and all wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Ishaani gets a cake for him, and asks him to cut the cake. But since he is so frustrated, fr their safety, he screams at ishaani and asks her to shut up. Ishaani is hurt and boggled. All others are surprised too at this reaction. The screen freezes on shaurya’s angry face.

Precap: While diya waits in the car, she hears some people humming the tune, the same song that the goons were singing that terrible night. she scaredly peeps out of the window, and finds that its the same people, at the tea stall. She is shocked, and immediately puts her head back inside. She is petrified. Just then, Urmi comes inside and finds diya completely shaken and terrified. She hurriedly asks diya what happened. Diya points to those people, from the rearview, stammering and unable to speak up. urmi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    Maybe Shaurya’s anger and frustration will light the spark in Diya. However, you can be sure Damini will try to use this to drive a further wedge between Shaurya and Ishani if at all possible. It was great to see others shoot down the one person in that household who insists on being negative.

  2. fan of the show

    Interesting that just the lewd comments alone put Ishani in shock and grief, when Diya had it so much worse than that – it’s not like this is a trivial matter.

    1. One never knows the heat of the iron until you touch it and get burned.Now that Ishaani feels some of the pain that Diya felt then she as a young woman will know how it is to be defiled by just words spoken.I hope this is a lesson learnt and she could be more loyal to her brother and mother and any one around her except her grandma who is teaching her the wrong way of life.

  3. This hag damini irritates Me with her hateful tongue . shaurya is the best he will pacify ishaani after he realise he was being rude to ishaani

    1. Damini is a poor example of a mother,a grangmother and a mother in law.She needs intervention.Nasty old woman.

  4. Very nice episode. The tension is on and suspense too. A good story and very relevant. Shaurya and Urmi (screen names) are superb actors.

  5. come on you rapists come out from hiding and show you ugly faces it is just a matter of time before you get caught I hope when you are thrown in jail you get the same treatment which you gave to diya I hope you will be touching your toes all day long you know what I mean LOL that would definitely be poetic justice

  6. Anirudh is such a good father and a sympathetic loving man towards humanity.I admire him for that and not being a pawn in Damini wicked schemes.

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