Doli Armaanon Ki 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaan tells Urmi that he can’t believe Samrat said no. Shaurya is his own son and he has no concern at all. Damini enters and asks him what they did. They are closing door for themselves. Ishaan asks what does that mean. She says they know very well that they have only one option and they had to handle it such way. Ishaan says they requested to him, what more they can do. Damini says a wife cannot share her husband and they know how Tani is. They should talk to Samrat alone and he will surely agree as Shaurya is his son. She suggests them to talk to him and make him agree fast as Shaurya doesn’t have much time.

Samrat comes to Shaurya and scares the hell out of him by saying his life is in his hands. From what he has done in past, he shouldn’t be saving him. He has

done a lot against him with Urmi. He teases him singing song whether he should save him or let him die and laughs.

Damini tells Anirudh if Samrat agrees for a kid with Urmi, then she will have Ishaan marry someone else. Anirudh gets angry saying their priority is Shaurya’s life and for that if Urmi gets ready, then Ishaan will definitely support her and he will support them as well. Damini says Ishaan was a fool from start, but now even Anirudh has lost his sense. She questions him what they will answer to society, their relatives, when they will ask whose child it is. Will they say that mother is Urmi, but father is not Ishaan? She makes it clear to Anirudh that if Urmi gets pregnant with Samrat’s child, then she will have Ishaan married someone else and no one will change this decision of hers. Anirudh is speechless.

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Samrat is playing videogame. Urmi and Ishaan come to him. He asks them to wait till he finishes game. After while he asks them what’s the matter. Ishaan says they came to talk something important. Samrat says, wow Mr and Mrs Ishaan came to talk to Samrat Singh Rathore. He asks him to go ahead. Ishaan requests him not to take any decision in rush and risk Shaurya’s life. It’s very important that Shaurya’s sibling born soon and then they do bone transplant. Samrat starts laughing like mad. He says today should be a historic day. A husband has come with his wife and is requesting another man to sleep with his wife and make her pregnant. He asks Ishaan what he is.. is he husband of Urmi or her pimp? Urmi is getting mad. Ishaan asks her to control. Urmi tells Samrat, it’s a mother standing in front of him who is begging her child’s life. Samrat tells her that’s how one doesn’t beg. One begs looking down and in proper tone. Urmi looks down and away. Samrat says good and continues teasing Urmi that she used to say she’s self sufficient, independent woman. How she needs him today? He was poison for her and today she’s begging him. She helps other women and today she’s asking him for help. She tells him to think about Shaurya. He’s his father. Samrat stands up in anger and asks what father? His father died 6 years ago when they broke all relation with him. He doesn’t take him as father either. Samrat further says that Urmi tried to wipe his name from Shaurya’s blood and married her lover despite husband being alive and today she’s saying to fulfill his father’s duty? Ishaan comes in between and requests Samrat not to bring past in this matter. It’s about Shaurya’s life. Samrat shuts him and says it’s a matter between him and Urmi and he doesn’t Ishaan there. He won’t talk till he’s there. Urmi tries to stop Ishaan, but he leaves.

Damini comes to Tani and creates doubt in her mind that what if Samrat changes his decision in future as in end Shaurya is his blood.

Samrat resumes talk with Urmi. He says so the point is that she wants to sleep with him. Urmi doesn’t say anything. He tells her not to feel ashamed, he is her ex-husband and he understands Ishaan might not be able to keep her happy. He then laughs and says he forgot he only didn’t let them consummate. He takes more advantage of Urmi’s situation and talks more rubbish. He further says he has slept with many women, different kind of, but he has never slept with someone else’s wife with her husband’s approval. He laughs and says it’s like something adventurous and he would love to experience that. He always used to think what kind of husbands are those who send their wives to sleep with other men. Today he understood, they are like Ishaan. Urmi again gets mad, but controls. Samrat says, they can’t be called men. Urmi asks him if he’s done or got more to say. He says her life will be over if he starts talking. Urmi joins her hands and tells him to take his revenge with her later, right now doesn’t he want Shaurya to get saved? He says no, he doesn’t care. Urmi gets shocked. She tells him he’s his blood.. can’t he agree for him? Samrat says, never for him. But he might agree for Urmi.

He puts a condition in front of Urmi. Like how you have to make sacrifices to get God’s blessings, she will have to please him and make him happy. If she succeeds, then she will get what she wants. Otherwise her son’s destiny, her failure, and everything will give her award of eating her own happiness. World will say, this woman married her lover leaving her husband and couldn’t save her son’s life. And this makes it utmost important for Urmi to save her son, and hence keeping Samrat happy.

Precap: Urmi asks him what she will have to do. He says not much, just think about his needs all the time. Before he says, his wishes should be fulfilled. Just understand that he’s her pati parmeshvar (husband/God) and she’s his daasi (wife/servant).

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Episodes are an insult to viewers intelligence. Hate this storyline with Urmi having to stoop so low to be with Samrat when there is so much advancement In this era. What kind of of a lawyer is Ishaan or his father to begin with to not think of the other ways to give Shaurya a sibling? I hope everything blows up in Damini’s face. Hate this character

  2. writer director u all GO TO HELL..stupidity overloaded..this 8s disgusting u know?jz a stupid minded u all..go to hell..

  3. Urmi litrelly showed like a pr*stitute.rat if he comes in front of me I ll definitely slaughter him.this is our country INDIA. BHARATH ko koi bi insult nahin karenge karthe hain tho they ll insult their own parent esp their mother who gave birth to many ways are there. Don’t degrade the women.might be director love to do this in his real life with his wife like urmi.I thk darma jeethna chahiye. Not evil and adarma.

  4. Have these people gone mad.There r many other ways to get shourya’s sibling.
    They can use IVF(Test tube baby) along with serogesy.
    Totally sick people.

  5. Is urmi just acting to expose samrat or what???!!! If not then whatever this is, is cheap and disgusting!!

  6. Omg, is Urmi ever going to be happy? This soap should have ended when Urmi got custody of Shaurya!!! The writer of this story line needs to do some research. there is IVF, surrogate.One other thing is Shaurya can have a sibling but it is not 100 % compatibility.. so if this should happen then Urmi would have to keep sleeping with Samrat and make babies for him until the right one comes along?? bullcrap!!! people please do some research, this is getting more and more disgusting as the day goes by!! Please let there be break through for Urmi so she can get some happiness. Thank YOu.

  7. unafundisha nini jamii??? kuna elimu gani hapa inayopatikana? sielewi,!!

  8. most irritating episode. so demeaning to women. no respect at all for women. the writers must be male chauvinist pigs.

  9. Such a Shit Show…………

  10. END THIS SHOW NOW… AND stop making a mockery of CANCER and the people it effects. This is an insult to humanity & culture.
    This is not entertainment… this is barbaric!!!
    These writers are seriously sick & demented. They clearly are not GOD fearing people and have been engulfed by our current time of Kali Yuga!! #DISGUST

  11. where is the intelligence of these writers – what are u thinking of – this is utter BS and u know it – this is a typical insult to all suffers of Cancer…. how can u stoop so low – this is actually below the belt…. we are not living in the dark ages and dont make women like urmi believe that we are and that she cant go on the internet and look up this decease and the cures there is for it….. please writers – think of the other millions of ignorant people out there that actually thinks that the only way to cure an illness nowadays is by sleeping with ones ex spouse – a big big load of BS

  12. ths was making sense until this stupid plot twist….soundds like an iliterate wrote dis part of the script…go watch korean [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Have these people not heard of a test tube baby? They don’t need to sleep with each other to have a baby together… making It a very stupid story line

  14. Unable to watch the show anymore and now even the written updates make me want to puke!!! This is plain so disgusting!!! There are so many options available: Surrogacy, IVF, use of stem cells….Technology and Science has advanced unlike the writers’ minds which are still in the dark ages!!!!

  15. Wait a minute actually for bone marrow cancer u need not wait for patient’s sibling to be born …..I mean ..any one of the parent’s bone also na…even in balika vadhu….when jagdhish’s step child got bone marrow cancer …they treated it with the child’s biological father’s bone!! So why the hell they are waiting for another baby to be born???
    And if at all urmi gets pregnant with samrat’s child…then she and her child will get AIDS!
    Disgusting show!!!! :@

  16. I hate Samrat and I can’t watch this show anymore, so I just read the updates. Urmi, somehow you’ve called this humiliation upon yourself, this time around. You of all people know what Samrat is and you could have come up with a plan to make him agree to helping you in front of everyone, came up with solutions for this like IVF.

  17. This director is the worst can’t Umri have a happy life for once and stop making Samarat always win. Please find a better solution or pull the plug because it’s bullshit now.

  18. fan of the show

    I still think it’s just Damn-mini fomenting trouble in Ishaan’s marriag…, and with her husband,…and with her own daughter. She’s a real snake, and her insistence that it’s over for Urmi if she does this is because that’s her plan all along. She’s still mad that no one listened to her when she did not agree to the marriage, so like a three-year-old who didn’t get her way, she’s going to keep making it difficult for everyone until she gets what she wanted in the first place. I guess the producers will try to get another week out of this story line, and then Friday break it open. I hope they don’t prolong it forever like in kumum bhagya where they spent their marriage being kidnapped for a month. It must be tedious for the actors as well as the viewers.

  19. This programme is getting disgusting, shame on the directors and writers.

  20. Urmi is a victim of circumstances. She has lived difficult life with a husband like Samrat. Their son suffering from bone marrow cancer. Doctors here and abroad have one solution, remedy. It is not strange that Ishan has agreed Urmi to have a child, he wants see Urmi happy and her son recovering from terminal disease. He has been depicted as a man of understanding the pains and pangs of life. Such situations in life may be rarest of rare. Even if, such situations arise, no one may like to acknowledge it publicly. It is extremely difficult for any one to portray the character of Urmi. She deserves compliments. She has personified as a strong woman and loving mom, who is ready for any agnipariksha for her sake of her son. Every loving mother would normally be ready for any sacrifice but for society, hardly few have guts.
    It is a story developed differently. Worth watching to see the twists and turn of events. Keep guessing.

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, the story is brilliant for its twosts and turns. Given that a few of the fans would kill, send to jail, or otherwise revenge their predicament, Urmi does not. She needs a momentum of courage, though – every time she decides to be smart, a new emergency makes her drop it and go back to irrational emotionalsim. The lesson hasn’t hit hime with her yet,

  21. Real crap this show should end
    We living in a world where technology is so advance only this show is behind time.

  22. No comment!!

  23. Well done samrat

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