Doli Armaanon Ki 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Mandira and shaurya concoct their new plan, and starts fighting for the remote, bickering at each other, while samrat walks in wih a heavy head, to relax after a long tiring day. He shuns them both out, asking to sleep or play, as they wish, but not disturb him, as he goes to sleep. samrat wakes up with a start, as his body falls on the bed filled with water. Mandira blames shaurya for this, and he apologises to samrat, while he is frustrated. They start fighting yet again, and samrat shuts them both, saying that he is fed up of them, and vents out his frustration at them, asking them to get lost. shaurya says that he would sleep with mandira, and that samrat should fend for himself. Samrat is irritated. Mandira is amused at samrat’s

plight, while samrat reprimands her too. He starts venting out how urmi turned him into such a naughty brat. He thinks that he would have to concoct another plan to get urmi back.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
As the entire family gets together, the doctor comes and tells them that their father is stable, and that they can meet him, but shouldnt give any kind of tension to him. Urmi is about to get in tensedly, when granny stops her asking what does she want now, to take his life, and asks why is she going in front of him, when the doctor clearly said that he shouldnt face stress, and that she is his biggest tension and asks to be left away. urmi asks saroj to make granny agree. saroj tells urmi that this is right, and it wont be right for her to meet devi. Saroj breaks into tears, while urmi thinks how could she too turn like this. Saroj says that nothing is more than life, and she too thinks that she should stay away. Urmi expresses her wish to see him just once. Granny says that she should stay away from them and the family. granny walks in angrily. saroj asks urmi to understand, as devi wont be happy to see her, and would be angry again, and what if loses his temper, seeing her, and asks her to understand for the sake of his life. Saroj folds her hand and apologises, and urmi is left stranded and shocked.

Inside, seeing a paralytic Devi, saroj, anu, gaurav and granny assure him that what he wants shall happen in this house, and nothing they shall do to hurt him, and that his will shall be their topmost priority. gaurav apologises for talking to him like that, and on Granny’s insistence, gaurav says that will happen what he wants for urmi, and if he wants that they shouldnt meet urmi, then so be it, and shall not keep any relation with her too. saroj and anu are distraught. gaurav says that he wont be able to bear anything wrong with him, and apologises profusely, and that he just wants them to be okay again. saroj too breaks down, promising not to meet urmi.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As urmi drives home in the auto, she remembers what happened at the house, and the hospital. she gets aditi’s call, and talks to shaurya, who assures her that everything is right, and then says that he wanted to talk to her. He asks her why is she crying. She manages to lie, but he says that he knows that she is crying, and assures her, that she neednt cry as he is completely okay and taken care by aditi. She asks him to remain so. Aditi is emotional too. shaurya tells her that when she can, she should come to take him. urmi says that she is going to keep him forever, hence its taking sometime, and soon she shall manage everything and get him to herself. She agrees not to cry, and tells him to gho to school, once his Diwali vacations are over. she asks him to take care of himself, and call again if he wants to talk. he complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat and sushma’s residence
The next morning, shashi has a hard time to get shaurya to agree to take a bath. She starts panting for breath, while he asks if she got fed up already. He says that she should then tell samrat that he should be sent back to urmi. She says that she doesnt want to commit suicide, and asks him to do so himself. Samrat hollers from downstairs, and shashi gets tensed and alert. Samrat comes to his room, to find shashi struggling to keep up with his son. He asks shaurya whats the matter, and he mischievously says that shashi is fed up of him. Samrat says that he shall not have to worry about that, as he plans to get him a brand new mother, who would take care of shaurya. Samrat shocks shaurya, with this news, while shashi too is boggled. She asks him if he would marry again, and she asks if he has any problem with it. He shows her the pics of prospective brides, and asks shaurya to search for a new mother. Shaurya says that he doesnt need a new mother. Samrat says that his old one isnt returning, and that samrat never falls short of girls, nor mothers for him. Samrat scarees him this his step-mother shall treat him very sternly. Shaurya says that he doesnt want anyone. He leaves. shashi isnt liking the girls that samrat selected. samrat gives her full freedom, to choose one, and she excitedly complies.

Meanwhile, Sushma and her husband try to compose urmi, asking her not to lose faith. when she remains sad, sushma asks if she is doubting her descision. urmi says no. Urmi says that she is just hurt that her own mother didnt let her meet her father. susham assures her that she was helpless in the situation, and that one day she shall realise what she did today. Her husband too assures urmi the same, that one day devi shall understand. Shaurya calls up urmi, asking when would she come. urmi assures him that she would come soon as promised. Shaurya tells urmi, that if she doesnt come soon, then samrat would get a new mother, and tells how he was asked to choose a new mother from the pics he had got. Urmi is shocked. Shaurya tells urmi that if another mother comes, he would be hit badly by her, and he is very scared. urmi tells him that she shall come asap, and take him from there. samrat, hiding behind the pillar, is amused, thinking that what he thought, did finally happen. The screen freezes on his evil and urmi’s tensed faces.

Precap: Samrat gets angry when he finds his improtant, expensive cheque, crushed and crumpled and turned into a paper aeroplane, and starts venting out his frustration for shaurya. Shaurya tells samrat that if he so fed up, then they should think about giving him back to urmi. Shashi tells samrat that he was intentionally doing all this to scare him, and irritate him so much so, that they send him back to urmi. Samrat is shocked. Samrat shockingly asks shaurya that he was playing these games all along with him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Kt

    Devi is an embarrassment for a father. What father wants their daughter to be abused because the husband has a certain status in society?

  2. I am fed up with samrath, his family urmi and her family this soap is going shitty that is all I have to say now I refuse to look at it for a while until some progress is made for urmi and her son and until samrath is punished for all his evil deeds.

  3. Indian serials only like evil storylines. Only like to do but evil things to characters never focus on happy storylines. They make the show happy for one day only and that’s usually when the serial is over.

  4. shayon

    Poor urmi…when will you see that light at the end of the tunnel anyway who needs family like that, especially your dad the world most disgusting father he’s cheap can be easily bought

  5. ayesha

    i totally agree with all the comments devi is jus like samrat he did da same to his wife so he doesnt
    give a care in the world self centered idiot money brain of a man he needs to be shocked into reality
    and dat samrat is a spineless dog he needs to be hanged out to dry

    iam alo fed with this serial running back and forth seriously playing with my dogs are more fun to watch
    to the producer wake up before the coffee runs dry on u

  6. Kristelle

    Is it bad that I did not feel one ounce of sympathy for Devi when I saw him in the hospital? I can’t believe the whole family agreed to stop communicating with Urmi. If I was Urmi, I was moving on from them at all! Urmi is going through one of the most traumatizing times in her life…which her grandmother and father making it worse for her instead of helping and supporting her like a family should….and instead whatever the circumstances, the rest of the family turns their back on Urmi?!?! I can understand that they not let her see him because it could worsen his condition, but to agree to cut relations with her!?!??! All of them ridiculous!!! I am glad Urmi has a new family if Susha and her husband. I do not even care if Devi never recovers…hmph.

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