Doli Armaanon Ki 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Samrat’s mother telling Samrat that Urmi hided from everyone that she met tauji in temple and insulted him.

Samrat gets furious and calls everyone. Samrat asks Urmi to wash tauji’s feet and drink that water.

Urmi insisted that she has not made any mistake but Samrat refuse to listen.

Tauji says when she does not realise her mistake punishment is no.point.

Mandira asks her grandmother why she made complain to Samrat and tells her that she is very bad.

Tauji sees Urmi crying in front of God and thinks that if Urmi is actually right he will look into depth and change hervdays.

Precap: Samrat shouts on Urmi when She tries to make him understand not to tear notebook.

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  1. Pravisha

    this is wrong, so the diector of this soapie is showing all men that they can treat women however they want, its ridiculous, please change and make samrat realize how wrong he is , or make Ishaan come back and take Urmi away

  2. gagan

    Omg. Same discusting thing everyday. Everyday I think something will change but still crap about samrat. I miss episode s now but still same

  3. naseera khan

    please change the characters attitude or get rid of Samrat he is teaching men in society that it is fine too ill treat there wives please change the set immediately it is becoming very boring

  4. Ramila

    This series is sending out the wrong message.. When will Urmi rise and stand up for her rights .. Samrat is a chauvenist… he needs to be cut to size… Urmi teach him a lesson… we are tired of your weak personality…

  5. this series is making pple not to believe in the power of GOD.pple like samrat , uncle and her mther should not exist.

  6. naina202

    Urmi should divorce and go with her son !!! He is so violent !!
    The makers had planned to bring back Ishaan !! I hope the track will come soon 🙂

  7. Naaz Bandali

    it is getting monotonous. Everytime Samrat gets away in mistreatng Urmi. I do not understand why Urmi’s family is not acting toughh especially Urmi’s father. I think he has been taken away by Samrat’s wealth. Hope Tauji will realize this and side with Urmi. By the way what happened to Trisha. Please write a longer update

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