Doli Armaanon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All are tensed seeing samrat’s stance and urmi’s disappointed. Shashi asks urmi to send the cake, but urmi denies saying that wont be good, as they are waiting for her and not the cake. Samrat’s father agrees and is disturbed with samrat’s behaviour. Urmi gets annu’s call, who asks her to come over soon, as they all are waiting for her. urmi tells them that she would just come in some time. All are tensed to wonder what would happen now. In annu’s place, all compliment Devishankar for looking wonderful. They get down to bantering, about how they can misuse Trisha’s power

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s office
Urmi comes to samrat’s office, while he is busy with his work. She asks him to let her go for

some time. Samrat asks if she has lost her mind to come to the office to talk about this. Urmi tries to plead, but samrat says that the descision has been taken and there’s nothing to be done now. Urmi pleads again, while samrat asks why did she call trisha there then. samrat refuses to any of urmi’s pleadings. Urmi starts pleading rather begging, him to let her go even if for ten minutes, and promises that she wont even look at trisha, and would just meet everyone, who are waiting anxiously for her to come, and would feel very bad if she doesnt turn up. urmi breaks down inconsolably asking her again and again to please let her go and begins to cry inconsolably. Samrat is shocked to see such a breakdown. He asks her how can she be so childish about this, and says that she can go, but if she does, she shouldnt bother to return and should stay there only forever. she is shocked, while he maintains his stance. She says that she wont be able to lie, and he says that he would do it for her. She is shocked as he leaves his office.

Samrat calls up devishankar and wishes him. He is asked when are they coming. He says that he wont make excuses, but the truth is that they arent coming. Devi asks what happened and why. Samrat tells him the truth, about trisha, and how he refused urmi to go there because of her. He asks devi to enjoy his birthday. Devi is stunned as he cancels the phone. seeing him tensed, they all ask whats the matter. Devi says that they arent coming, and leaves in anger. Granny and all are tensed for him. They wonder whats wrong. saroj goes after him to find out. Buaji starts mumbling, as to why did they make them wait for so long. Anu says that urmi had told that they are coming. rashmi says that they must have had an urgent work. Trisha gets tensed too. Anu is tensed that they dont even have a cake now, along with urmi. trisha offers to go and get a cake for him. She is about to leave, when granny tells her where to shop from. anu offers to go, but trisha leaves alone.

Gaurav and saroj ask devi whats the matter. The phone rings and devi picks it up, to find urmi crying and wishing devi too at the same time. Both get emotional and start crying. he composes himself and asks her to stop crying. Urmi complies. He says that he knows she’s tensed that she couldnt come, but so what, they shall meet soon. He asks her not to be bothered for small things. He tries to console her that her love neednt be expressed, and its enough that he had a talk with her, and that they shall meet soon. urmi tells him about the cake. he asks her not to be bothered. She cancels the phone still crying. Devi is upset too. He is joined by everyone in the family. Granny tries to convince him, but he spills the truth in anger. They are shocked to know the reason why samrat didnt let urmi to come, as he blurts out that its trisha. All are shocked as devi tells everything. saroj says that she is their daughter too. rashmi again lashes back saying that samrat is right in not compromising, and that trisha irked her enough, and that now they should concentrate on samrat and urmi rather than trisha. Devi too affirms it. Gaurav however takes saroj’s and granny’s side, but rashmi tells them that trisha nd her parents are ruining the relationship that they have with urmi. Devishankar says that for a stranger, they arent able to be with their daughter, as trisha is whats standing between them and their daughter. He says that trish would continue to spoil their relation with urmi all the more. trisha overhears this and is tensed, and sad too. He tells saroj about urmi’s plight, but saroj still takes trisha’s side that she is innocent. Gaurav too says that this is dictatorship. garnny says that whatever it is, they should take care of samrat’s needs. rashmi too affirms this. Devi says that had saroj lsitened to him, this wouldnt have happened. saroj asks how could she have said this to her, who’s not at fault at all. Buaji too assures and affirms saroj;s opinion. rashmi continues to instigate. anu too takes trisha’s side. devi warns saroj that he wont tolerate distances between urmi and them at any cost, and its on her to explain in whatsoever manner she wants to do so to trisha. Devishankar tells saroj that now they shouldnt see that girl in this house, and he is very stern about that. saroj is tensed, while trisha, who’s overhearing, is shocked and saddened. The screen freezes on Trisha’s face.

Precap: Trisha calls up samrat, while he’s eating, that her opnion about him, prior to the marriage was absolutely correct, and that he is still a selfish and self centred person. After that, samrat tells urmi that they shall go to her parents home tonight, as he is in a mood to make them happy. He asks her to get dressed and prepare a beautfiul cake, while he gets some expensive gift, and they shall go to wish her father on his birthday. He says that he would forever remember this birthday, because of Samrat himself. Urmi is tensed but smiles.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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