Doli Armaanon Ki 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat patiently waits for tani to go to sleep, but she complains of a stomach ache, and keeps her awake all night. Shashi too impatiently waits in her room, to wait They are determined to run away soon. then samrat signals, to shashi, when she comes to ask when are they leaving, and asks her to go away for sometime. but when tani keeps him awake all night, he is thoroughly frustrated.

The next morning, while sandhya is super happy at winning the competition, ishaan is busy arranging for the party. urmi serves everyone coffee. anirudh finds damini tensed and asks whats the matter. She says that she is worried for tani. Just then, tani comes down screaming as to why anirudh blocked all her credit cards and cheque books, so that she cant

withdraw a single penny. Anirudh tells her the reason. ishaan and urmi also question tani, if they or she even knows the theme of this restaurant, that samrat is building. Tani stands up for samrat saying tht they always target him. But urmi says that samrat lied and asks samrat if she should tell them. He starts to fumble. Shashi helps him out by intentionally spilling hot tea on tani, and asking samrat to take her for a chasnge. She complies. Urmi is amused at shashi and samrat’s plight. Anirudh asks urmi where he actually spent the money, and urmi says that they shouldnt ponder over the past but see that tani isnt this reckless again.

Later, samrat, tensed that their running away plan failed last night, rushes to urmi, to talk to him. She ignores him. He says that he is talking about what he did. she asks why does he think that she would care a damn for him. He asks her to understand how tani would kill him. she is amused and says that he deserves so. He comes to her side, and then tries and coaxes her to keep her mouth shut. She asks him to behave till he stays in the house then. he is super tensed.

In the evening party, Sandhya tells everyone of her win, and how the party is in her honour. She says that this one competition changed her life, and that she is full of positive energy now. She thanks and gives urmi credit for the same now. All appreciate and applaud urmi. She then calls damini, and says that today is a nice chance. She gets overwhelmed and starts speaking, as to how her journey in accepting urmi as a bahu has been, and how she finally realised that Ishaan got the best life partner in her. urmi is overwhelmed to hear this, and goes on and hugs her. Suddenly lights go off, and then the presentation prepared by ishaan starts, giving a detailed praisal of urmi, by ishaan. He thanks her from the bottom of his heart and then continues to say that he promises that he shall be the best father of the world, and that he would be with their child, through everything with her. All are amused. Urmi’s eyes well up with tears. He promises that he shall give her all the happiness in the world and shall always be there for her. Urmi hugs him. they all congratulate and compliment their love. Meanwhile, Samrat and shashi stealthily try to sneak outside the house, whn they are surprised to see urmi standing in froont of them blocking their way. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Samrat asks and requests urmi to let them go, with the promise that he would never return in tani’s life to ruin her. urmi smirks and tells him, that if he goes now, then unlike her, this time around, the police shall nab them and get them back to the house. samrat and shashi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Great summary, Rimjhim. Have a nice weekend.

  2. great episode it is about time samrat and his mother shastri pay for their crimes good going urmi you should have been a detective LOL samrat is the lowest form of a man that anyone can imagine

  3. Sammy your days are numbered look how after destroying urmis life she came out on top and you are a thief and in the gutter where you belong down to your father could not stand your behavior that he died he said no way he is sticking around to see the wrath of you samrat

  4. one thing I must say samrat you deserve an academy award your ruthless character in the serial was superb so now I guess the serial is coming to an end keep up the good work also urmi your character was excellent so keep up the good work also I guess an academy award is fitting for you too love you urmi

  5. I so luv samrat,hes asuperb actor…m ganna miss him if this serial ends

  6. Samrat is a devil.i hate his character.

  7. fan of the show

    The serial is supposed to continue with samrat playig shaurya after 20 years leap forward. urmi and ishaan leaving the show.

    1. I’ll stop before that happens. Samrat as Shaurya…… NOOOOOOO

  8. fan of the show

    Now the show can cover what happens to children who were the vicitims of domestic violence, when they grow up.

  9. Todays update

  10. Missing the updater doesn’t update on time ????

  11. Bravo Urmi ??????
    Bad luck Samrat ????

  12. Y no update of 8 June till now?

  13. Latest update pls

  14. 8 June update plz

  15. No update? Or has the show ended?

  16. fan of the show

    No, not ended. Just no update, as is becoming usual.

    1. fan of the show

      I wrote another letter to [email protected]. I tried using Contact Us above, but it would not let me past the captcha code.

  17. @Fan, would you summarized it for us. The majority of us in this forum do not speak Hindi, but we love the show. There are some important dialogs in yesterday’s (8/6/15) episode that we missed?

  18. Someone update 8 nd 9 June episode plz

  19. Updaters r crap thy r habituated of not updating the episodes

  20. What happened y no updates?
    Is this any type of stunt to create craze????? ?

  21. Hey

    I can update for the 8th of June. South Africa is one day behind so my episode today (the 9th of June) was yesterday’s one.
    How can I post the update. But it will be short .

    1. Judy add it here as a comment but date it today. Thanks Nikita

      1. You’re welcome… Sorry for the late update

  22. what is happening with this serial we are not getting any updates since the 5th june 2015 what is wrong would somebody do something about the situation

  23. Doli Arrmaanon Ki 8th June 2015 (I’m sorry in advance for the horrible update)

    The episode starts of with Samrat and Shaashi shocked to see Urmi. Urmi says she knew they would want to flee. Samrat argues why is she stopping them from leaving. He is confused and says Urmi wanted him to leave Tani and the family but is now stopping him…. Urmi says she knows him and he will continue to do bad deeds wherever he goes and she wants to punish him here (or something like that)
    Samrat says he doesn’t care and will leave. Urmi says she knows she won’t be able to find him bu the police will find him. Samrat and Shaashi are scared. Samrat is stammering why would the police want to find him. Urmi mentions the death of the driver that was meant to kill James. She says the police are still investigating the case. She also shows a video of Samrat and James talking about the killing of that person (how James shot him and Samrat buried the body). Now Samrat is tensed and is decides to listen to Urmi. She wants him to follow she every command (Shaashi also listens to Urmi)

    In Urmi and Ishaan bedroom, Ishan argues why should they not expose Samrat, Urmi says she wants to change him as should he leave, he would still do bad deeds. Ishan is happy Urmi is not more on the part of revenge and is happy about the decision now.

    The next morning Urmi is taking a glass of juice to Ishan in the room and sees Samrat coming down the stairs. She gives Samrat the glass and tells him to give it to Ishan. At first he argues but then remembers. Urmi uses the excuse Rani isn’t there and wants to take the glass while she makes Ishan breakfast. Tani is angry with Urmi making Samrat take the glass. She commands not to go. Shaashi tries to calm Tani down, saying its a small thing and Urmi has chores but Tani is not listening. Urmi comes back and ask Samrat why didn’t he leave. Tani asks Urmi why is she doing this and commands Samrat not to go. Urmi in a smile and her sweet calm voice ask Samrat if he will go. Samrat after a few seconds says he will go and calms Tani down.

    Upstairs in the bedroom, Ishan is so shocked and happy to see Samrat bring him juice and jokes if it is poisoned. Samrat isn’t happy. Urmi eventually comes into the room. She says some people need a different way to learn a lesson so she will treat him the way he treats others. (She reminds of the time when Shaurya was sick and Urmi was helpless and the way Samrat treated her -give the coffee meant for Ishan to him and make something for him) Urmi says she won’t forgive him for that as now he is helpless.

    Later in the lounge, the family is buying jewellery from man (I don’t know what to call him). Damini wants Urmi to buy something. She eventually agrees. Tani also wants to buy something and asks (her father doesn’t reply but Ishan replies yes) While putting on the bangle she looks at her ring and decides to have it polished. (This is the same ring Samrat took and made a fake) Samrat and Shaashi argues and says they will get it polished. Tani agrees. Urmi notices there is something wrong with the ring. So she says she wants a similar ring to that one. Damini agrees and the man asks for ring to see the design. Samrat argues but Tani agrees. The man asks if Urmi wants a gold ring. Damini replies of course. The man takes another look and asks if they want real diamonds or these fake one…… Everyone is shocked. Ishan’s father says the diamonds are real, he bought the ring from Dubai, its worth 1 million. The man says its fake, its worth less than 10 000.

    Tani says she lost the ring and later Samrat found it. Everyone ask Samrat why did he give Tani a fake ring….. Samrat is tensed and silent. And the episode ends….

    Precap: Samrat blames Shaashi (his mother) for stealing the ring

  24. I’m sorry if there is a word missing in the sentence. I have a habit of typing too fast and leaving some words out

  25. Nikita, you did a great and detailed summary. We appreciated your effort?

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