Doli Armaanon Ki 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 5th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Goa hotel
samrat tells ishaan that there’s just one qay to remove urmi’s hesitation and thats by making her consume alcohol. ishaan asks him not to do this, as she has never had a drink and this might create problems. samrat asks him not to worry as one drink wont be a problem, and if there is, then he being the husband would handle his wife. ishaan says that he doesnt agree to all this, but if he wants to, then he wont stop him. samrat gets a drink prepared, and goes to give it to urmi, while ishaan watcehs tensed, from a distance. urmi hesistates at first, but then thanks him for getting something to drink as she was very thirsty. He asks her to drink as she would feel fresh too. urmi complies. she senses a peculiar taste and asks whats it,

as it tastes strange. samrat says that this is goa’s speciality, and asks her to gulp it down in one go. She complies, while samrat watcehs ishaan smiling.

Under the influence of alcohol and totally inebriated, urmi starts dancing with foreigners. ishaan says that he is tensed for him. samrat says that he shouldnt bother for his wife, as she is just enjoying and he’s there for her. ishaan asks him to take care of her but samrat asks him to relax, while urmi keeps falling here and there, and samrat enjoys this new avatar of urmi, and asks him to chill. samrat too mingles with other girls, while one foreigner eyes urmi lustily. As he tries to get close to him, samrat gets enraged and begins to hit him like mad, asking how dare he cast his eyes and hands on his wife. ishaan is tensed to see this. He joins and asks samrat to stop, while he continues hitting that person. He takes samrat away from there, while urmi stands inebriated. samrat still continues venting out his frustration at that person, as he runs away from there.

in his room, samrat still thinks about the incident at the beach, while urmi sleeps having been intoxicated. Finally urmi wakes up, with a heavy head though, due to the hangover of the alcohol. as she gets up groggily, samrat comments that she got up too soon. urmi asks why didnt he wake her up. He says that people can be woken from sleep, not from unconscious state. Urmi is unable to understand this. urmi says that she feels weird, and she complains of having a splitting headache. She comes upto him and hugs him, and asks how did they come back. He says that she wasnt didnt come back, but was brought back as she was in no control. He says that she just needed a cause of samelessness, and once she got it, she lost her control and self resistance, and gave herself completely to fun. urmi wakes up startled. He asks if she remembers what she did last night, and how she was shamelessly having fun on the beach, without any self control. urmi remembers about the events uptil taking the drink. He continues that after that, she was dancing shamelessly with strangers on the beach. She asks him to be quiet. He says that being quiet wont shut the truth, and that she got the biggest scope of her life. Samrat tells her that she had no care in the world, that there were foreigners all around her, and lining her around the waits and she was enjoying it. urmi says that she doesnt believe this as its all wrong and a lie.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Devishankar reprimands saroj for being careless about her daughter. saroj says that she only found out about this, and how would she know whats going on in the daughter’s mind. Devishankar says that only this wont suffice, and that she should keep her girl in control, and blames it on her. saroj asks if there’s no responsibility of the father to decide the right and wrong path for children. saroj and devishankar get into a fight, where saroj asks him to stop the blame game, as he should know first, what all has he done in the past that led to their seperate beds. He raises his voice, and she asks him to silence up. saroj tells him that there’s much respect outside this door, and asks him to maintain it. Both are tensed. while saroj sleeps on the sofa, devishankar sits tensed on the bed.

In the morning, buaji asks why didnt she come down for breakfast. anu says that she would have been reprimanded downstairs. Buaji says that she gave them a reason to reprimand her. buaji says that she’s very young, and doesnt realise what consequences can this lead to, and hence parents are overconcerned when their children are at this age. she advises her against the vices of this teenage. Buaji asks her to have food. Anu says that she isnt hungry. Buaji tries to talk nicely, and get her to cheer up and have food. But she is tensed still. she asks anu tp spill out whatever she has in her heart, without bothering that she would tell anyone else. She says that she is on her side, and if she tells her who is that person, then she would be relieved that anu isnt in the wrong company or with the wrong man. Anu says that there’s nothing like it, and whatever it was, ended before it even began. She tells buaji that it was one sided, and he never reciprocated what she felt for him, and he has gone far away, and hence they shouldnt worry at all, as she wont do anything that would tarnish their reputation. buaji asks her not to mind all this, as whatever has happened is for the best. she hugs anu. saroj hears this from a distahnce and is tensed still.

Scene 3:
Location: Goa
samrat says that last night, he wasd embarassed due to the atmosphere that she created and she thinks that its all a lie. Urmi asks him to swear on it. He asks if he would have to give proof now of what he just said, and asks if he likes tainting her like this, and ishaan is also a proof witness of her behaviour last night. samrat says that there was no problem, as he had given her a vodka drink, so that she could relax and ennjoy, but she showed her true colours with just one drink, and gave invitation to all. urmi breaks down into crying saying that she doesnt remember anything at all and she wasnt conscious at all. samrat asks what kind of a woman she is, that she couldnt know that he was advancing towards her. He asks her that he isnt a fool, as he isnt going to believe her, as the truth is that she got astray while seeing the foreigners and thought that she could pass it off on alcohol. Urmi says that he is at fault for giving her alcohol, and then blaming her for all this. Samrat says that alcohol didnt just affect her and he had also consumed it, and asks her not to blame her shamelessness on the alcohol. Samrat reprimands and taunts urmi that she broke all records last night. urmi stands distraught and bewildered. He tells urmi that hadnt he stopped her, then she wouldnt have been here with him in this room, but with that foreigner in his room, waking up from her unconscious state. Urmi is shocked to hear this, while samrat leaves in anger. the screeen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: While samrat and ishaan are downstairs in the lobby, samrat eyes lady foreigners, and lustily is attracted to them. He reminds ishaan that he had come her for work and he shouldnt ignore it. ishaan offers to go, after having waved goodbye to urmi. Samrat asks him not to delay his work. Ishaan leaves. samrat smiles and joins the ladies. They ask him if he’s alone here. he replies back in affirmative saying that he is alone here.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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