Doli Armaanon Ki 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
Shaurya stops diya by her hand, and asks damini why she cant be here. she responds that if he is so insistent that she speaks it blatantly then so be it. Damini clarifies that diya has been raped, and hence a soiled girl has no place in any pious rituals in a pious place. She says that she has no place here. shaurya asks how can a rape soil a girl, and whats the connection, and whats diya’s fault and why cant she step. He points out her hypocrisy, that she would talk like this as an educated and wise lady. she asks him to think now then, as she is adamant, as this is her house, and only that shall happen what she wants. urmi asks why the discrimination. damini says since she feels like it. She says that urmi can take her to any temple,

but not hers. She says that if she still has issues, then she would forget that urmi is ishaani’s mother, and shaurya is ishaani’s brother. Anirudh hollers at her, while she shuts him with her hand. urmi reminds her that everyone is same in the eyes of the lord. Damini angrily says that if she is so hurt and disturbed, then she should herself take diya and leave this place, they are all tensed.

In her room, diya is haunted by damini’s stinging words. urmi comes and finds her like this and rushes to her comforst. Diya controls her tears, while she caresses her, asking her not to cry, as she needs to be strong, and that she might understand what she had top go through downstairs, but she has to ignore such thinking and mentalities of the society and she needs to change that itself. diya asks if she has become such a lowlife, that people dont bear to be with her, and whats her fault. Urmi says that she isnt at fault at all, and she has to stop thinking like that, and she needs to fight this system, and change the thinking of the society. She says that all people ridicule this, but noone wants to get in the mirk and change it. she says that young people like her and their strength shall revolutionise the system, and reminds of the atrocities that she had to face when she had decided to divorce samrat and end their marriage, when even family had deserted her. She gets emotional, and that she has scared and terrified too, but she has always had belief in herself, and with the trust and hope that if she fights for the right, she would win. diya hears intently. Urmi says that when noone was with her, an unknown family supported her, as she tells them about sushma and her husband, who stood by her in everything. She then tells diya that god too helps those who want to help themselves with their new thinking. She says that had she not been supported then, she might have crumbled. she says that diya needs to be strong, as a weak person cant do this. She says that even if her family isnt, she and shaurya are, and they have the faith, that she would win this. diya hugs her and she reciprocates back.

As shaurya comes down the stairs, he is about to walk out, when he asks ishaani whats she doing, and she says that she is busy doing designs. he asks her to make something for him too. she eagerly accepts. the police comes and says that they need to make a sketch of the culprits, because of which urmi had called them here. Shaurya asks ishaani to go upstairs for sometime. he wraps up her designs, while she says that diya can go to the police station and do this too. Shaurya in a stern voice, asks her not to argue and do whats told. She grumbles, and takes her designs and goes up. damini watches all this. urmi comes down with diya. damini is happy that the brother-sister relationship is strained now. The sketching artist asks diya to explain whatever she remembers. urmi asks her to do so. she finally starts speaking, while urmi and shaurya sit by her side, and the artist begins to draw as per diya’s instructions. Finally the sketch is complete. he shows it to the police, who sees and then shows it to Diya, who notices the similarity as she remembers the nightmare, and is visibly traumatised. the police asks her if they can finalise it, or she wants to make some changes. diya complies. Damini is eager. Shaurya too takes a look at them. the police says that they shall put these posters all over the city and soon they shall nab the goons. shaurya thanks them. the police leaves with the artist. urmi comforts diya.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
As chiku gets dressed, nupur dresses herself up and gets breakfast for him, to impress him. but he gets irritated, and asks whats he doing here. he is amused to know that she got him breakfast. she says that she was happy that he stood for her yesterday and hence wanted to do soemthing nice for him. He says that he doesnt eat all this. She asks what he means. he says that his workout doesnt allow him to eat oily foods. She asks him to do so, out of her concern. but he is adamant. then he finds her sad, and says that he shall take the juice. she is about to take it when he does it himself, his hand grazing past hers, and she revels and basks in the touch. he drinks the jucie. just then, her phone rings bringing her back to her reality. chiku leaves. She gets a customer’s call, who is shocked to know that she has left prostitution. he taunts if she became a maid, or found a heroic savious. chiku passes by her. She says that indeed its something like that. Chiku iks frustrated as she eys him. She cancels the call, and again starts eyeing chiku with dreamy eyes. Chiku leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Outside shaurya’s house, while he is speaking on the phone, he finds that karan has just come. he cancels the call, and hurriedly goes to him.He tells karan that its good he came, as they were waiting for him. karan asks why. shaurya taunts that its naagpanchami, and he is the perfect person to be revered today, since they dont find snakes easily these days. he leaves. karan reminds him that humour should be in a limit. Shaurya turns and says that he is the one who he himself has to bear. karan asks him not to bear then and tell diya, and end it all. Shaurya asks if he even realises what a lowlife he is, as he has no shame at all, for hurting her feelings and sentiments at all. karan says that he and diya should be regretful. Shaurya says that he is filled with regret to think what diya shall go through, when she knows his truth. karan says that its diya’s problem, and she shall handle it, why is he bothered. shaurya turns around and is shocked, as he calls out diya’s name. karan who has his back turned towards the entrance of the door, is very scared thinking that diya must have seen his true face today. He is shit scared, and instantly starts thinking of plausible explanations that could explain the soup he landed himself in, due to the gloating and careless bantering. He turns around but finds noone, and the door empty. he starts stammering asking where’s diya. Shaurya breaks into amused laughter, seeing the colour drain down karan’s face at the mention and prospect of diya being behind him, and knowing his reality finally. he goes inside, while karan fumes in frustration.

Inside, while ishaani is busy on the phone, while damini reprimands her for her carelessness in eating. she serves ishaani juice. Just then, the landline rings, as all sit down to eat. The same rapist, who unfortunately diya couldnt recognise at the verification, calls up at urmi’s place. ishaani takes the phone, and asks who is speaking, and what does he want to talk. He leeringly says that he wants to talk to her, addressing her as darling, and not just talk, but do many more things with her. She is disgusted and boggled, while all others wonder who is she talking to. Anirudh and damini get tensed. the screen freezes on ishaani’s scared face.

Precap: While tears stream down ishaani’s cheeks they are all very tensed and worried. she sits down in a state of shock, after having received the call. shaurya asks her to tell who was it. she says that it were the same goons. he asks who. she stammers out of scare and shock, and hesitatingly tells them. She says that it was the same person who had done wrong with diya. Diya hears this from the balcony and is shocked. they ask ishaani to speak up. She says that he said that they havent had enough and shall come again. she is highly scared and traumatised at the phone call. urmi along with others are shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i think it’s another cheap plan of damni and ishani to gt rid of diya urmi and shaurya…shame shame

    1. fan of the show

      But how did he know Ishani would answer the phone?

      I think the rapist thought he reached Diya. But now Ishani knows how it feels to be harassed by some goon and it’s not her fault. Maybe she will be more sympathetic to Diya. Or even help Diya. That would be a beautiful twist in the story. It’s good Urmi told Diya about her troubles in the past. If Diya and Ishani become friends, Diya will tell Ishani those stories and maybe open her eyes to how strong her mother really is.

  2. I want to ask one question why didn’t this serial end when urmi samrath and Ishaan left the show this serial is not interesting anymore come on writers same old nonsense you do not know what to write again imagine a script like this unbelievable nonsense an innocent girl you put in the hand of three rapists not one but three what type of sick thinking you writers possess come one we can do without this storyline end the damn serial please

    1. fan of the show

      Let the daily bashing go on! Do you feel better now that you got it out of your system again?

      1. fan of the show

        Do you watch every day so that you can continue to bash it every day? If you thought it should end why are you still watching? is it so hard to use the remote and just change the channel? Or are you so curious that you can’t help yourself watch this show that is no longer interesting, is the same old nonsense, which the writers do not know how to write, is unbelievable nonsense, is sick thinking, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc,,,,,,,,,,, It doesn’t even make any sense. Your negative comments are soooooooooooooooooo predictable. Why do you choose to be so negative?Is there something else bothering you?

  3. as far as I see these serials only encouraging wrong doings and evil thinking wrong messages are being conveyed and the rapists will feel what they are doing is right now imagine one of rapist has the home number and calling up the victim what crap for crying out loud

    1. fan of the show

      Right…. After terrorizing their victims the rapists CERTAINLY NEVER EVER continue to harass them. Did you say once you used to be a counselor? Hard to believe….

      1. This is what I question. Some people think that viewers are fools.

    2. fan of the show

      You may need to change your name again. The problem you face is exppressd in your first five words…as far as i see…. A keen observer would have seen that this serial is bringing awareness to a very nasty social problem, not that it is teaching people to do wrong things. Wake up and learn something.

      1. Amen—my friend—that is why you are the greatest FAN OF THE SHOW>—-observant indeed.

    3. Did you ever follow one of these case s thoroughly?If so as a claimed counsellor and psychologist you will know that this serial is not encouraging or conveying any wrong messages.All these things are in line with a case like this because thie what the writers write are consistent with reality.

  4. What ever or who ever behind that call it was good lesson for ishaani and I hope she becomes mentally unstable because of the fear of being rape victim one day so she get to know who is her dear

  5. fan of the show i told you before stop monitoring other peoples comments i did law also and and as i recalled there is something called freedom of speech so again if you have a problem with me do not question my credentials but take it to the lord in prayer do not let my simple comment make you sooooooooooooo unhappy and miserable

    1. What law did tyou study? Please stop playing games and be real .

    2. fan of the show

      “freedom of speech” is for everybody, no?

      Perhaps you could extend that same freedom you claim for yourself to others too, especially those who disagree with you. Nobody is telling you to stop commenting. In fact, the censors who monitor comments have stopped neither of us, right? So if you want to continue negative comments, be ready to stand up for them rather than attacking those who disagree with you and ordering them to stop. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech.

      1. fan of the show

        Think about it.

  6. Sheeesh!!

  7. Damini is so hypocritical, pious that she believes that she is the most holiest person in the world.Who does she think she is by saying that Diya is not good enough to live there and not clean enough to enter the temple.As far as I know God is the same God of love, He loves the rape victims and he also loves those who are not rape the same way.Diya may be soiled illegally but there are many who are soiled by consent and still enters to call on their God ,therefore what difference does this make.Tradition is overbearing. sometimes.

  8. The artist is taking sketches inorder to knab the culprit and I am happy that Diya can help to assist the police.This is what is done in real life when the rapist runs away before he is caught.Sketches are a must even in murder cases it is done.This was a good move.

  9. I would like Karan to be exposed to the public for his asinine behaviortowards Diya.

  10. I will not be surprised if Damini with her wicked behaviors did not set up some goons to call Ishaani inorder to make this disgusting call.She could do this inorder to prove that because Diya stays there it is unsafe for Ishaani to live there.I do not put anything pass Damini because of her manipulative behavior.

  11. It is so sad to know that Nepur has learnd the same profession as her mother.—–prostitution–Is not this a tragedy for a mother to do prostitution and alcohol with heryoung daughter.According to the age she started to do this ,this could also be abuse and rape.These are the problems that are facing this world today and I applaud the writers to bring these issues of women and childre to the forefront.This will help women and children to coms forward a little more and state their cases.

    1. fan of the show

      Sometimes women see no other choice when it comes to providing for their children. That’s the tragedy of falling through the cracks of an unforgiving society – if nobody will hire a mother, she will do anything she can to feed her children. It may be wrong of her to expose her child to it, but in her mind it is better than letting the children starve.

  12. Ladies and gentlemen of this comment section what the writers are doing in this serial is to show women that there is a way to bring your problems to the forefront and do not sit and take this nonsense.Abuse in the family is real. Rape is real and the writers are not sick people with a sick mind.Take Diya as your example and try to look and your sister,your neices.your mothers,your wives,your sons and picture if this happens to one of them what will you do. This show is letting you know that there is help.Please do not look at this as negativity but aspositivity.There are NGO’s all over India and surrounding countries to give you help.This is not just a serial but is education for women who are in this abusive relationships and if there is a rape in the family.Also as women and parents who has young boys there are many who are molested every day and are ashame to say.Stop the deception and stop studying about society and expose these crime.

  13. Fan—-I would like to personally encourage to start a NGO in your community.Start teaching your people what is abuse and why should they take it seriously.Any positive advice from me give me a nodge. I am there.Think about it seriously.

    1. fan of the show

      Thanks for the vote of confidence – my neighborhood already has exceptional services.

  14. This is a lovely serial. Shaurya / Urmi (not real names) are the best in every serial they worked. I love seeing them. They are very natural – never overdoing their part. Amaing.

  15. fan of the show and rosey what you need to do is try reading all the other comments and not focus on my comments alone if there was a problem with my comment it surely would have been censored the only reason I answered you is because there are so many other comments that you do not have a problem and they are negative yet you keep hitting on my comment hence the reason it looks like you have a personal vendetta so that is why you need some help so you should take it to the lord in prayer another thing just keep in mind it is just a show do not get too caught up in it

    1. fan of the show

      I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

    2. I read all comments on DAK everyday after work as a way to relax. The problem is that you are too negative and keep repeating the same old words all the time.You need to go to the Lord for the negative things you speak from your lips.I will continue to give my views as long as I feel to.

  16. for all the viewers we have centres this is information for some of you we have the rape crises centre where you can get help to deal with your situation we also have hot lines etc so If you didn’t know this try the telephone directory or the operator for the numbers it might not be called NGO but it is the same thing with the same type of service provided

    1. fan of the show

      Yay! One in a row!

      1. fan of the show

        Keep i up ko. You’re doing great.

    2. Are you the counsellor and the lawyer and the psychologist for those rape centers.This will be a postive thing to do.Isn’t it.

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