Doli Armaanon Ki 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Shaurya imagines a dream sequence wherein he goes to diya, and then asks her if she still thinks of him as snobbish, and how she had commented his problems shall be solved if he falls in love, amd well he did. she is supremely happy, and asks who is the girl. He starts to say what hew feels like about her. she excitedly asks him to tell, and he responds that its her, shocking her. he bends down on one knee and proposes her. She is shocked. before she can answer, the honking in the traffic jam wakes him p, and he starts smiling, wondering how should he do it, and how shall she respond, and whether she shall say yes or no. he is nervous and excited at the same time.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Sumit comes with his parents

presenting the shagun. urmi asks how is this possible, as diya has just met sumit, and once things are finalised only then they can accept the shagun. Urmi tells them that diya has met sumit, but she hasnt made any decision for now, and once she makes up her mind, only then they can proceed further for marriage. shaurya listens tensedly. Damini asserts that diya shouldnt be pushed at all, and only if she agrees, should they decide on her marriage. diya enters and says that she agrees to the marriage surprising everyone. damini says that she wanted time, then why such a hasty decision, and asks if she lieks sumit. Diya is unable to answer, but then complies saying that she likes sumit. urmi and anirudh are shocked while shaurya is distraught as he comes with a red bouquet of roses inside. anirudh and urmi ask her to think again, as she shouldnt be hasty in her decision, and one day isnt enough, as its a question of her life. Diya remembers damini’s warning, and says that she has thought and then decided that sumit is a good life partner, after having met him. Shaurya drops the bouquet in despair, as he remembers having lost the chance. he shoves the roses aside, and then hides his tears. urmi noticves him and asks him to come inside. He puts up a brave face and then comes inside, calming his face. Urmi gives him the news that he has already heard. he tries to smile for diya’s sake. Sumit’s mother asks if they can perform the shagun ritual now. the bride and the groom sit together, as the priest performs the ritual, while sumit’s mother does the tika. shaurya hides his tears, while ishaani comments that they look very cute, as a made for each other couple. Damini comments that diya belongs to them now. sumit’s mother says that their priest has already decided on the muhurat too, which is after four days from now. Shaurya and urmi are shcoked. The priest says that the next muhurat is after 3 years. urmi and anirudh are tensed as to how they shall arrange everything in such a short span of time. damini says that they shall still manage the preparations, but wouldnt be able to send off the daughter in such a small time, and then looks at diya, who responds that she doesnt mind marrying in 4 days, as 3 years would be too long. urmi and anirudh are tensed but comply. shaurya is distraught.

In the night, Shaurya comes on the roof and finds diya there, and asks that she finally decided to marry. she looks at him tensedly and then turns away. he comes to her, and asks if she knows that she is very bful and unique, and if she wants, she can get anyone. She asks really. he complies. He says that he shall help her find a good guy, and asks why sumit, and if she didnt get anyone else. She says that sumit is nice. he asks how did she know in one meeting. she says that his mentality, his thinking is nice and he respects her, and anirudh has already clarified everything. he asks if thats enough. she says that he came even after knowing the truth about her. he asks her to look at him in the eye, and then she asks what shall she find. He asks to look for love, and asks if she sees lovbe in sumit’s eyes. She says that she has loved, but now would want a new definition of love. He says that he shall help her find the definition of love, and once she becomes friends, then lovers and then marry, she shall be very happy with shaurya. She rectifies him awkwardly as the name being sumit. he is taken aback. she says that people should marry them who loves them, as its the perfect formula. she says that she should go now, as its too late. he says that indeed its too late. She eyes him awkwardly. As her feet slips, he rushes to hold her in his arms, to keep her from falling, and a romantic yet awkward eyegaze follows. He caresses the hair off her face, as she lies shyly in his arms, with her gaze lowered. she composes herself and goes inside. He eyes her.

Inside, damini congratulates diya, on her marriage. diya tells her that she agreed due to her, and asks her not to hurt urmi now. she begins to go, but damini wrenches her hand and jerks her around, while she writhes in pain. Damini asks her to show this ego and attitude to someone else, as she wont bear it. Diya asks her to leave as her hand is hurting. damini says that she too was hurt when her husband slapped her before everyone. diya asks her to leave her hand. Damini asks her to leave the house first, as if she changes her mind, then many things shall change. Damini asks why does she seem so depressed and sad, lke a live dead body. she asks diya to keep smiling and dont walk around with a long, sulking face. She is distraught as she forces her facial muscles to smile. She says that she should remember that diya has so many lovers in the house, and if one of them as much as finds out that she is not happy, then.. Just then, urmi’s voice asking for damini, as she stands behind them, alarms damini. damini and diya are both tensed. Damini instantly changes her tone, and then caresses her face, and asks her to be happy, fogetting about the past and thinking about her happy life ahead. urmi says that damini is right and asks if she is happy. diya complies and leaves. Damini smiles evilly.

The next morning, while everyone sits, as the shopkeeper shows the sarees, for diya to choose from, and shaurya sits tensedly, urmi notices that diya looks lost. Damini is tensed. As urmi keeps trying sarees for diya, damini says that its the general nervousness of a bride, that diya is feeling, and then adds that she should remember what damini told her last night, and go on and select her stuff. urmi asks shaurya to select, while he comments that diya selected the guy, she can easily select the saree. He says that the one diya is donning is nice too. urmi smiles. chiku walks in excitedly asking whats going on. urmi tells that they are selecting saree for diya, as her marriage has been arranged and decided on, and they are shopping for the same. Chiku is excited while shaurya is tensed, that he might just spill something. Chiku comments that they had a talk yesterday and today the marriage got fixed too. All are boggled, while shaurya is surprised. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: damini tells sumit and his parents in their house, that she tried a lot for diya to leave, but she just didnt budge. she says that hence she planned for her marriage like this, so that she ultimately leaves. Sumit and his parents smile evilly. damini says that diya shall have to go from her house, either alive or dead. She says that now diya shall leave the house, dead, on four shoulders for her last journey.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this is shit. these writers are not creative at all they keep copying each others work

    1. fan of the show

      I thought they were going to ban those comments that use inappropriate language? We got our mouth washed out with soap if we used that word.

      1. I thought so myself.Can people not speak without saying profanities.

  2. Yuk plz stop this Damini ‘ s baseless hatred topic

    1. fan of the show

      We don’t like to watch it, so we should thank the show for making us alert and sensitive to how we treat family members in our own lives. They are not comfortable old shoes to be kicked around when we feel like it, they are the foundation of our support system. We may be very friendly to someone outside the home (our outside facade) and really nasty and moody with those who live at home. But is the hairdresser going to take us to the hospital in an emergency?

      1. I agree with that.Too much hypocrisy in the homes sometimes.

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Like i said yesterday. . These villian women are so much worse than binladin even.. OMG…… goons allover… my my my…

    1. fan of the show

      You have to admit, though, that this type of family politics exists, and gets even worse after rape.

      1. After rape a woman life is pure hell.She is looked upon with disgust although this is not her fault but a violation of some one’s personal life.Some families do support their loved ones but some others use this as a way to disown their loved ones.What a shame!

  4. I think Damini is the female of Damien the English verson of the evil son of Lucifer hehe…she sure can pull off being evil

  5. fan of the show

    It figures that the witch was behind all this. But how will Shaurya save her?

    1. fan of the show

      C’mon, Diya, get some help with this.

  6. to tell how these writers have sick minds and they enjoy violence in these serials imagine they did not have one goon rape diya but three and that is because they get off on this by thinking and dong sick things in these serials what type of people are they I suggest getting rid of them and get some professionals to write for these serials

    1. Keen observer why don’t you write your own script.I rherefore challenge you to do so and let us see how professional you can be as a writer and how healed your mind and thinking is.I challenge you in real.

  7. fan of the show

    If there’s no viilence, people complain it’s boring. If there’s violence people complain tha\ere’s violence. There’s no way to please everyone.

    1. Fan this is the honest truth that human beings are hard to please no matter what is done.

  8. why is Duya not speaking out and let Shaurya and Urmi knows what this woman is doing to her.

  9. OMG!!! i didnt expect the writers to be so melodramatic. how much more evil are they going to make damini? they should ban this show. stupid stories.

  10. farida uttan

    Rosey maybe you like people with sick minds – they may give you a thrill. To most woman this is pure abuse of womans privacy and rights.

    1. If you honestly understand what abuse is then you will know that inorder to bring the true story out they have to introduce things that will seem sick to you but because I work with this all the time and have seen and speak to people who has gone through this,I know that this is not sick.And yes I love people with sick minds because The Almighty made them all.What you may call sick ,through understanding of how you read something does not mean that it is sick.This is a story about abuse therefore all abusive infringement has to be taken ito consideration inorder to portray what is been written.

    2. Farida I also forget to mention that I do not need these types of things to give me a thrill and I know perhaps what you do not know about how abusive relationships work inside and around therefore this is not an abuse of a woman’s privacy more than the actual abuse and rape.Many women are being abused and rape every day and do not know how to come forward with it because of people who think it is written down is sick.I am proud as you say to have a sick mind because that is my cup of tea to deal with sick minds.

    3. fan of the show

      Did you take a po;?

    4. fan of the show

      Did you take a poll? Most women?

      You are perfectly welcome to express your Opinion. I don’t think it’s true, however.

      1. Sure Fan —there is nothing as most women ,.Only a few whose understandig is limited and restricted to one area of life.

  11. farida uttan I agree with you some individuals just like to see other suffer and that is why I say the writers have a sick way of thinking because you want to tell me not one of the serials they write could have good scripts that end well for instance in bhandan the girl and her family suffered a lot with no redress at all do dil bahey ek dore sey same thing qubool hai same thing jamai raja same thing jodha Akbar same thing doli armaano ki same thing satrangi sasural the same thing and I could go on and on imagine I have to say this it is bad enough if one goon rape you but no you allow three to gang rape diya that is surely thinking cruel and sick in the mind and now after arushi has gone through so much in her family life with that drunking stealing father of hers and wicked brother even in her married life she lost also to this vibha witch and now they want to kill arushi off so all in all vibha whether dead or alive wins no way like I said something is definitely wrong with these writers they do not know what to write and needs professional assistance so come on if you are really a z tv watcher you will see where I am coming from it is toooooooooooo frustrating

  12. fan of the show

    The soaps have a formula that is working for them, or the sponsors would not pay for 10 minutes out of every 30 to advertise. They are smart business men, not fools. The fools are the ones who don’t like the stories, yet keep on watching and complaining.

    1. Well said—Kudos to them .Keep making the dough.

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