Doli Armaanon Ki 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Annu’s residence and Ishaan’s Office in New York
As ishaan and annu catch up, she is put on hold, and she overhears Ishaan talking business with his colleagues, andhowhe is one of the most sought after lawyers in new york. She is impressed. he promises that he would catch up after sometime, as he is held in business dealings right now. She is super excited at having had interaction with ishaan after so long, and plans as to how to woo ishaani over this time.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat impatiently asks aditi to hurry with the ritual of bhaiya dooj, so that he can go to work. He mocks the festival, citing that its a sister’s way to get hold of the brother’s money. She is hurt. Rudra asks samrat to

understand the value of this bond, and the festival, but he pays no heed. Diwaker gives money as a gift, and then she starts on samrat. She remembers amriut’s adsvise asking her to tell samrat today that she is pregnant, and that she should ask him and their son, as a gift from samrat. She is shocked when samrat comments that she has gone fat recently, and should check her wieght, as she wont find another suitpor like this, for her second marriage, as he doesnt plan on keeping her here all the time. She decides not to tell him today. He leaves, for office after giving some money to shaurya to give it to Mandira, when she does the ritual with him. She also does the ritual, and then promises to shaurya that soon she shall come up with an idea, that would throw him out of the house. He gets excited.

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Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Devi sits by the corner-stone of the temple, thinking about what has his life turned into, and how samrat also has started insulting him now. As he moves on the road, he is oblivious of Samrat, ahead on the road, discussing with clients about purchasing a possible plot here, but having his reservations for the community around here. Devi sees him and comes to him, but he totally ignores her, pretending not to recognise him. He is hurt at such an insult. Samrat tells devi that he is a spineless man, who is taken around for a ride, by every passing person, and points out how incapable he was in doing the one thing that he asked of him, and that was to get urmi back. He also insults devi in front of other people, saying how he is dominated by almost everyone in the family. Samrat then gets in his car. As his car walks past, it skirts dirt and mud on devi’s face to add embarassment to insult. Samrat’s words of calling devi an impotent man, keep ringing in his ears, as he faces the crowd gathered to watch the drama.

Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
As all wait excitedly for Urmi’s arrival, they are happy to see her finally coming. She greets everyone and then performs the ritual of Bhaiya Dooj. gaurav gives her some money and urmi finally takes it, after much insistence from the family. After that is done, all sit down and ask urmi what shall she do now. urmi says that with the recent torture that samrat has started on shaurya, by forcibly taking him away, she is left with one option, and thats to divorce him legally, to get shaurya’s custody. All are shocked. Devi, styanding in the doorway hearing this is shocked, and vents out his entire frustration of his insult to his daughter. He tells her that he is dead for her, and dead as Devi Shankar. Saroj tries to ask him to calm down, as he collapses having had a stroke. All rush to him, and rush him to the hospital

Scene 5:
Location: In the hospital
As urmi and her family waits outside, the doctor comes out and says that he had a partial paralytic attack, and he is okay now, but he shouldnmt be exposed to any kind of stressful environment or any stressing news. All are tensed. Annu gets ishaan’s call. Ishaan asks how is everything now. anu tells about her father’s paralytic attack. He asks what happened. Anu says that samrat is responsible for everything. Annu tells him that Samrat has ruined urmi’s life. She is asked to explain everything clearly. Annu tells ishaan that urmi left Samrat, forever, and that she bore everything, and then relates what happened. He is shocked. Anu relates urmi’s plight and torment. the screen freezes on Ishaan’s tensed face, as he cancels the call.

Precap: Samrat comes to his room, to find shashi struggling to keep up with his son. He asks shaurya whats the matter, and he mischievously says that shashi is fed up of him. Samrat says that he shall not have to worry about that, as he plans to get him a brand new mother. Samrat shocks shaurya, with this news, while shashi too is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Yay ishaan to the rescue

  2. I am fed up with samrath now lay him up in a hospital for some months and let urmi get back her son shauyra so that they can be together again. and what the hell is wrong with urmis father when will he learn after all the wrong that samrath is doing to him he is still against his daughter what it is samrath has done to him did he give him something to smell and he ate it instead that man would not wake up and smell the coffee. samrath is treating him like shit and he is still dotish over him instead of trying to help his daughter urmi. devi know the beast samrath is instead of teaming up with his daughter urmi to get back at samrath he is still against urmi for taking a stance in her life. devi got a stroke that’s one down now it is samraths turn to get what is coming to him and shut up his big mouth once and for all.

  3. This serial is tasteless it shows women being weak, if ishaan comes to the rescue than again its a man helping a woman to get what is rightfully hers why cant it just be a woman standing up for herself

    1. by doing what?

  4. Who is ishaan??

    1. ishaan was best friend of Samrat ..but he is very nice guy… he was in India at the time of samrat and urmi’s marriage ….after fight with samrat , he went USA …. and since then Annu loved a lot him……but ishaan did not have the feelings like this for Annu…

  5. I have a feeling that Ishsaan has feelings for Urmi. I hope another twist won’t be that ishsaan decides to marry urmi while he’s helping her and Anu gets heartbroken again. Hopefully everything goes well. I just want to see Urmi happy again!!!

    1. absolutely right…i have also great feeling that Ishaan feels for urmi instead of Annu….. and Annu is going to heartbroken… lets see what happen…… ? but i want to see ishan with Annu…

  6. Devi will never learn. He can learn a lot from his daughter. I hope Urmi finds happiness with someone else and gets her son back.

  7. Does this actually happen in India?

    1. I think there are situations like this worldwide, especially for countries where women are generally undervalued (as compared to men).

  8. It will be nice if she go back and put a “good horn” on him.

    1. Trini? lol

  9. surin you have to be trinidadian am sure…lol she should really put down ah good horn on samrat

    1. My thoughts exactly….I wish I knew who were my other Trinis on these sites lol

  10. Everyone who keeps asking “does this really happen” has certainly not lived life as yet, this happens in every country. There are men who dry to belittle women and keep them down. This serial is the only serial that shows an eyesight to reality. Hope Samarth gets what he deserves soon… btw great acting by Urmi, Samrath and Shaurya

  11. i think this serial is a waste of time allwaz makin woman luk weak and incapaeable of doing anythin
    samrat is a no good waste of time a show wjo needs to be taught a harsh lesson lifes doesnot revolve around him and as for amrit hes a scoundrel greedy bat and as for shasi she a nag who deserves to shocked

  12. old ishaan (sidharth arora ) was much better than new one…plz came back old ishaan ..

  13. Hopefully Ishaan will take up Urmi’s case and file for divorce. Samrat won’t be able to influence nor ruin Ishaan’s career then! And Ishaan is not afraid of Samrat, thankfully.

    1. Yes he will….saw it on some other updates.

  14. Let ishaan comes in to take fuu charge to reduce same at to a nobody.

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