Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
urmi comes to her room, to find it full of her pics, and ishaan staring lovingly at one of them. she is overwhelmed and amused and asks whats all this. he says that he did so, as he wants a daughter just like her, and hence she should only see herself. She remembers the stark contrast between samrat and ishaan, when samrat had pasted posters of himself for her, when she was expecting. she gets emotional. he says that he has another surprise planned. he presents her a music system with all of her favourite music to listen to. she is very pleased, while he romances. Again he is drawn back to samrat’s opposing views, and gets tensed. ishaan notices this and asks her whats the matter, and where was she lost and asks if she isnt happy to see

all this. she eyes him lovingly, and then caresses his face, while he is boggled. She hugs him, emotional, and he pats her back, while she says that she is extremely happy, as she never felt so special in her life, as she feels now. she thanks him proufsely. He thanks her too for making his life so special, and promsies that he shall make evry single day special for her, and give her all the happiness in the world, but there’s a small condition, that she has to smile always like this. she smiles.

Anirudh has made up his mind on something, which damini doesnt completely approve of, but he is adamant. Ishaan comes and anirudh says that he wants to add his name as a joint member, in everything that is in Tani’s name, and asks ishaan to get all the documents ready. damini says that tani shall be very angry if she gets to know this. but ishaan, being practical, sides with anirudh on this. Damini is tensed.

At the dining table, sandhya talks about ishaan’s renovation of the room, for urmi, so that tani and samrat hear. tani says that urmi is so lucky to have such a loving husband. ishaan says that he too is lucky to have a wife like urmi. samrat too says that he shall do the same if she gets pregnant. He says that damini should allow first atleast. she reminds him how he already took a compensation of 1 crore. In the verandah, Urmi thinks that shashi is always on samrat’s side in his mistakes, and thinks that now its her turn to face a lesson too. she calls out to her, and shashi is scared to see that she is carrying the same box that she had given to urmi, to save from samrat. she is boggled, why is she bringing it here. urmi comes sitting down saying, that she was looking for her. Urmi, in front of samrat intentionally, pretends to be upset and brings the box of jewellery that shashi had given her to keep safe, saying that she cant keep it anymore, as she is always scared that it shall be lost, and he would feel guilty. shashi is tensed as to what to answer in front of samrat. samrat asks whats in this box. She says that it contains some of his father’s valuable possessions and memories. tani says that she could have given it to her too. shashi fumbnles and says that she had come but since she was sleeping, hence she didnt want to disturb her, and gave it to urmi. tani too asks whats in the box, and asks to open it. but she ignores. urmi too asks her to open it and show, since tani is so lovingly demanding. Shashi tries to avoid. He asks her callously to open it, so that he also may see, getting inquisitive as to what was shashi upto. When they open the box, it actually contains some of rudra’s possessions. Shashi is alarmed to find her jewellery gone, and goes in a state opf shock, while samrat, urmi and tani ask whats the matter. she goes into a trance, but says that she got emotional seeing her husband’s possessions after such a long time, while relieved too that she didnt fall flat on her nose atleast, in front of samrat. he understands that there’s some problem, as he knows shashi better than this, and definitely urmi too is playing some game.

Later while urmi is working in the room, Shashi baregs and asks how come she resorted to fraud. she deliberately pretends to be ignorant. shashi blurts out that she took all the jewellery. Urmi again pretends to be ignorant, and says that since it contained her father’s belongings, she returned them. Shashi hollers at urmi and says that she should return her the jewellery rightaway or it wont be good. Urmi asks why she didnt say this in front of everyone, and instead call the police. Shashi finds that she cant do this, for samrat’s ire. urmi is amused at her plight. shashi then gets to pleading to return the jewellery, and begs for them to be returned. urmi eyes her sternly. she goes to the almirah, and then takes the jewellery and gives it to her, saying that she had no intention of stealing them. shashi begins to praise her. Urmi says that she knows why she kept the jewellery with her. She says that she knows everything, hence she neednt tell her anything, nor hide anything from her. Shashi is tensed. samrat, hearing from a distance, wonders whats it, that urmi knows.

While urmi is taking clothes off, samrat grabs her by the hand, asking her what game is she playing, and what does she know, and why shashi kept jewellery with her. she says that she knows. he says that she should tell him, everything, and she pretends to be casual, and says that she did meet the friend. he gets angry and asks her not to create a drama. she continues with her pretension. In his aggression, he blurts out, that since there is no friend, how would she meet him. She eyes him victoriously and amused, while he says that there was no accident that day. she continues with her fake story, while he asks her why si she doing this. she says that he has done and only he is doing. He asks what she means. Samrat asks urmi, confronting her on the roof, what does she know. She turns away and smiles and says that she knows everything. he asks what does she know and whats she talking about. To his shock, she then goes onto narrates everything, shaurya’s cancer, bribing the lab technician, his absconding night, kiran, james’ reality, 1 crore story, leaving him agape with shock, as he is rendered speechless, even how james and his wife trapped and befooled him. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: samrat gets berserk, and tells shashi how urmi knows everything, and what she said on the roof. He says that he would be ruined, if she tells tani, and others in the family. She says that she has an idea, and thats to apologise to urmi. samrat watches her in shock and disgust.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wonderful episode.Now rat will be exposed

  2. Good episode…I will miss this Urmi-Samrat saga :'(

  3. Its Nice epis but there is no interesting in the soap these days because same at is lame

  4. Its Nice epis but there is no interesting in the soap these days because samrat is lame

  5. writers let urmi expose samrat the snake for who he really is in front of the entire family and what he did to his own son shauyra lying about him having cancer and let them see that sam the rat would go to any extreme to get what he wants time to end this serial on a happy ending let tani and her family throw samrats ass out of the house with his mother also and let urmi Ishaan and shauyra with their new bouncing baby girl live happily ever after well tani put her in a mental institution for the help she needs because what she did in marrying samrath the murder she had to be out of her mind so in that case she needs serious help from an institution sorry tani but you look for that

  6. I hope Samrat doesn’t kill Urmi in his attempt to hide the truth from everyone.

    1. fan of the show

      My sisterand I were watching a movie one day when the heroine told the bad guy I know what you did and I’m gonna tell. So she got caught and tied up by the bad guy. In spite of being tied up she decided to spit in his face, whereupon he started to slap her. My sister’s commrnt: it’s wise not to spit on the one who’s got you tied up. It ruins your face, and he’s not the one you should be telling. Message – Urmi should have been quiet.

      1. That’s funny! And true.

  7. This is a good episode but I am wondering if this is good for Urmi.I think she should expose him to the whole family and let them know the whole truth before he does something to her.What if he tries to sabotage the baby or try to kidnap her.Samrat is a slicker.

    1. More like Samrat is sicker.

  8. Are we back to having no updates?

  9. Still no update today?

  10. No update yet huh ?!??

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