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Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In party, Ishaani’s friends eye on Shaurya and say he’s so handsome. Ishaani asks them to stop eying him. He’s the best and he deserves someone of his standard. Ishaani’s friends ask her what’s the party for? Ishaani says first let her grand dad come. Just then Anirudh comes along with Urmi. Ishaani stares at her. Her friends ask her to tell now. Shaurya comes to Ishani and asks her to tell them now. Ishaani tells everyone that she got selected for Paris Institute. All cheer for her.

Meanwhile, Diya tries to stop printing of newspaper which will have Jhamdar hit and run case false story. But printing staff says it’s boss order to print them and they can’t listen to anyone except him. Diya calls him, but Shaurya has put his phone on side.


of Ishaani’s friends asks Shauya how he’s feeling. Shaurya says he’s proud of Ishaani. Her friend then asks Damini. She says for her only Ishaani’s happiness matter. Whether it’s by staying with them, or in achieving her dream in Paris. Ishaani goes to her and says how she will be able to go if she says like this. Ishaani’s friend then asks Urmi. Urmi says, not her. Shaurya and Anirudh tell her to say how she’s feeling. Urmi starts that she always knew Ishaani would go in fashion world and she knew she would pass this exam. She’s very proud and happy for her. Ishaani gets angry. She claps and says so she’s an astrologer. She knows everything and she will know what will happen next as well. She steps back and tears her invitation letter. Everyone is shocked. Ishaani screams that she’s not going anywhere now. She rudely asks her friends to leave saying party is over. Urmi and all go to her, but she doesn’t let Urmi touch her.

Cheeku sees Diya and asks what she is doing there. Diya tells him Rakesh’s truth. Cheeku tells her not to start again. Shaurya is already mad and he will get more mad. Diya says she has proof. Cheeku asks what proof. She shows him recording between Rakesh and Jhamdar. Cheeku is shocked. He says so Rakesh got bribed. Diya says they need to stop printing, it’s about Awaaz reputation. She asks Cheeku to try calling Shaurya, but his phone is switched off now. Diya and Cheeku request the printing staff not to print, but they say what if Shaurya gets mad at them. Who will take responsibility? Diya says she is taking responsibility for whatever happens.

Other hand, Rakesh finds out that someone forwarded his conversation with Jhamdar. He remembers that he left his phone when going to restroom and Diya was there. He says Diya already had doubt on him and now she must be confirmed. She calls Jhamdar and tells him about it.

Later, when Diya is going home on her bike. Jhamdar’s car comes from behind and hit it. Diya’s bike slides and she falls unconscious. Jhamdar’s men take her phone and throw it away. Jhamdar then signs a truck driver to run over her. Jhamdar leaves with his men as truck approaches Diya.

Precap: Anirudh asks Ishaani what was the need to insult Urmi in front of everyone? Ishaani says she knows it very well how much she hates her, then why did she come to party? Who invited her? Urmi is very hurt.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. What nonsense? ?….first it was samrat then damini and now ishani also…..too bad writers just too bad…..urmi’s suffering is too much. …how much more is she goin 2 endure from her ugly daughter

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe they will show us later in the story why these relationships developed the way they did.

      1. I think they are setting the stage for what will be brought to the table later on.Also this may showcase what hatred for some one can lead the other party to do.Unless Damini give up her hateful ways all her evil tricks will fall back on her.Let us watch and see where this is taking us to.

    2. fan of the show

      . I think Shaurya should tell Ishani how mean Damini is.

  2. ishaani is such a beautiful girl it is a pity she had to inherit samrath ways because it sure is not urmi or ishaans her grandmother damani has transformed that girl into a monster how could she hate her own mother like that and what I cannot understand is from small growing up who took care of her not her mother well then how did damini got hold of her soul and not one person in the household could have let ishaani know that damini was lying and that urmi was not to be blamed for ishaans death even shauyra he too is acting weird he was such a quiet child and a mother boy urmi loved him to death he too could straighten ishaani out ishaani is very rude to her mother and her actions are uncalled for I hope when she has child she could feel the same pain she is putting urmi through and urmi should not have allowed it the urmi we knew so why is she staying so quiet and taking all that abuse from damini and ishaani tis is not making sense writers you have turned the serial doli armaano ki into a war zone now

    1. fan of the show

      I think the writers are simply developing the new story with enough going on to keep up the interest in the show. Even those who say the show is useless now keep watching each day to see what useless thing will happen next. lol

      1. It may be useless to some but productive to others.

  3. samrath is not ishaanis father but she sure is evil like him she is a grown person and suppose to be intelligent so why then is she treating her mother like thrash come on writers you can do better than that

    1. fan of the show

      Show me the home where there are no problems.

      Urmi is symply symbolic of all the problems people have, all rolled into one character. It’s not that the writers hate Urmi, she is just the vehicle to get the point across. There are probably many instances of children abusing their parents in this whole wide world – maybe even we are guilty of this at some time in our lives.

      1. Ah Ha .This is the clue .All homes have problems.Some are bigger than some but there are problems to be solved.There are many teenagers who are rebellious at this time and stage of their lives untilthey have reached the age of maturity to understand the difference.Many mothers are going through this phase of their life with this abuse bychildren .Children whose parents are single,and there is no father in the house tend to have this problem.When there is no good examples of grand parents or eelder brothers and sisters ,these behaviors show themselves and these children get into trouble and sometimes run away from home.As you said Urmi is only used to bring this point to the public to showcase what happens in homes as hers with all these types of abuse.All those who are mothers need to keepwatching to see the extent a child will go to abuse their parent to have their own way .

  4. absolutely right the serial shud have been better instead of a leap ishan shud have been alive and even samrat becomes a good guy staying with his wife tani shud have bought some twist in the show when four of them staying together the story shud have been smooth urmis doli armaano ki she is never getting her armaans and wishes fulfilled this shud not have happened with her.

    1. fan of the show

      I can’t help thinking of what Urmi did to the rat when he pushed her to her limits. Maybe she will reach the same point with her daughter and/or Damn-mini. The daughter is so stupid to hurt herself to get back at Urmi (tearing up the invitation letter) – it’s going to take some kind of a big shock to wake her up.

      1. Urmi’s daughter willsoon realize what her grandma is doing to her and then she will retaliate.Damini will share the brutal end when the time is right.When a child realizes that she was pawned into something against her parent eventually this child will be heartbroken and hates the offender for life.Grandma will get her pay day soon.

  5. bring old characters back to the show fan of the show can u do something on this

    1. fan of the show


  6. pataa nahi kyu show ko bigaar diyaa

  7. haan yaar faltu me bigad diya serial ko this was unexpected the serial is not at all worthwatching at all they made this serial useless

  8. this was one of my favourite serials highly disappointed still a hope the serial will be better and interesting one day samrat will come with a blow and force me to watch this series once again hehehehehe

  9. Hai guys i am back

  10. you are welcome to the update section

  11. This show is one of my best educational show.I will contonue to follow the story to the end because in my mind and how I view this serial it has done a lot for abuse in the homes.

    1. P.S—- I am sorry the word is continue and not contonue—error made.

  12. I am begining to hate dis show…

    1. fan of the show


  13. fan of the show

    I think Diya should have just held the story,. not the whole newspaper. She’s very boxy.

    1. s a dangerous fan of the show

      She also should have made more copies of the phone recordings. She also should not have been going home alone late at night. I hope she and Shaurya will not be a couple. She’s a dangerous loose cannon.

      1. fan of the show

        I wondered where the cursor jumped to when I was typing the last sentence….could not find it in the comment section. lol

      2. fan of the show

        She should also have tried Shaurya’s land line. She gets so emotional she can’t think.

  14. fan of the show

    How can a parent be so loyal as to save his son from persecution (Jahmdar) but at the same so cruel to hurt/kill someone else’s child (Diya)? Bumping annoying people off should not be an option.

    1. fan of the show

      Jhamdar and Damn-mini – what a couple.

    2. These types of people are selfish and just think about their own and to hwll with others.

  15. fan of the show

    So how will the story save Diya who is about two feet from being run over. A sudden flat tire? Shaurya miraculously jumps in front of the truck and stops it? Wonderwoman Diya suddenly regains consciousness and rolls out of the way just in time? lol

    1. Shaurya is just a good guy. His mother brought him up with good traits.

  16. Is ishani mad or what …. I really donno what’s happening in this serial

  17. Ishani needs a cut tail!!! I’m just saying…talk to your parents like that? I am 33 yrs, and I am sure if I put God out my thoughts and get on like that with my mother…is one good slap (maybe followed by plenty other slaps lol). And I know it is just an actress change, but they may this Urmi so stupid, Young Urmi was a good mother, Samrat try to turn Shaurya against her unsuccessfully, how the hell after Urmi takes care of that child by herself, she allows that child to disrespect her in front of people! Urmi was a strong character =, hence the reason she was my fav character on Zee TV period, but now…..she just reminds me of all the other protangonists that let anybody do them anything with no consequences…..smh

  18. they are taking the story till hell whats happening time waste

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