Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Goa hotel
Samrat comes out dressed in jeans and urmi smiles, seeing his in such clothes. Samrat says that he is properly dressed for the beach that they are going to visit. Urmi is still smiling, when ishaan calls up samrat to come down, and he leaves asking urmi to come down too. Downstairs, samrat and ishaan negotiate on the bike rates and finally come to a deal. samrat is shocked to find urmi coming down dressed in indian attire, and says that he didnt expect this from her. He comments on what an item he has got, who doesnt have any sense. He starts taunting in her name, while ishaan is hurt at such comments. As urmi comes down dressed in a traditional ethnic suit, samrat gets furious, after having taunted her for dressing as if she’s going to

a marriage, referring her as av cartoon and her clothes being so out of place, as he and ishaan have booke bikes to start their surf tour for goa. Urmi says that mother had sent her with these clothes tp wear. samrat says that she has a logic for everything and shows her the surrounds, wheer noone would be seen dressed up like this. ishaan intervenes and asks urmi if she has any simple clothes. urmi asks what does he mean. He says that he means something less glamourous. urmi angrily says that she doesnt have anything else other than suits. ishaan offers to go for shopping for urmi, and asks samrat to find a solution, instead of being angry at the problem. samrat says that she doesnt even deserve to be outside Jhansi. He reprimands her for dressing up like this in goa, saying that she doesnt have any sense at all. urmi is distraught and hurt. ishaan too is shocked and tries to stop him, when samrat stops her from sitting behind him, saying that he doesnt want to create a drama of himself, in goa, by making her the pillion driver and rides off without her, leaving urmi stranded. Ishaan is shocked at his behaviour, while samrat says that he wont argue any further about this. urmi stands tears splotched. urmi tells samrat that he should have told her earlier, then this wouldnt have happened, as in jhansi, these clothes were alright. but samrat again goes onto taunt her. He rides off without her. She asks for a ride from ishaan and he readily agrees. they both drive off. As samrat is riding ahead, urmi is sad and disappointed sitting behind ishaan, driving through goa, while samrat seems unfazed.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
Shashi gets samrat’s call and wonders how to pick it up here. she decides to ignore it. Just then, a girl comes to her, married, asking if she’s been waiting for too long, addressing her as Maa. shashi hugs her and asks her about her health, and expresses her concern for the same. they sit down at the stairs of the temple. Shashi gives her some sweets and some money, for her worik. Shashi asks about her husband’s work if he has got any finally. The girl says that he did try some work, but it got flop after some time. shashi says that this cant go on like this, and she cant see her being tortured like this, but he would have to start it somehow. She asks how would samrat react if she got to know about this. The girl gets angry saying that she feels like she is being treated like a beggar. Shashi says that the condition that she is going through right now, is worse than the fact that she would have married the person that samrat wanted. She says that she’s very happy with him, even if they are in financial crisis, and angrily gives away the money. but shashi asks her to keep it saying, that she doesnt like staying like this, as she’s her daughter after all. as she goes on a rant of the motional turmoil that she goes through seeing her like this, the girl too gets teary eyed. shashi composes herself and cheers her up too, and feeds her sweets.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
Devishankar asks gaurav to calm down and not scold annu for this when she returns. the entire family gets tensed when annu returns. Anu comes and asks why are they all silent. gaurav says that they had to collect eher due to her low level behaviour. devishankar asks him to calm down, but gaurav asks annu what is she upto these days. she doesnt seem to understand and asks whats he talking about. he shows her the diary and she is shocked to see it. all stand tensed, as annu is confronted by gaurav. anu in turn, lashes at saroj, for checking her books and diary. gaurav says that this is what it has led to. Anu is tensed and scared. gaurav demands for her phoen, while she doesnt give in. Gaurav tries to forcibly take it, but his father stops him asking him to calm down as anu would herself tell them. He and saroj ask her calmly whats happening. anu is scared. Buaji and gaurav too ask her. Granny compares her to urmi, for whom there wasnt any complain. Rashmi tries to get her to confide. But anu doesnt relent. the family stops gaurav from hitting her. they send her off to the room. After she leaves, buaji asks gaurav to calm down, as she needs to be dealt with concern and care, and she would confide in her. They are all tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Goa
Samrat, ishaan and urmi come to a market, to buy urmi some appropriate clothes. While urmi is surfing through the markets, a foreign couple approach samrat for a pic. he complies, but the foreigner says that they want a picture with the pretty indian lady, referring to urmi. Samrat is surprised at first, and then tells urmi about it. samrat makes a joke out of it too, saying that even such people like weird things. Urmi is surprised and hur too. Ishaan stands tensed. But samrat gives in finally. Urmi thanks them for the compliment. Urmi chats up with the foreigners, in english sending samrat is surprise as ishaan looks on smilingly. He is tensed, when they ask samrat only to click the picture. The screen freezes on samrat’s surprised face.

Precap: Ishaan tries to tell samrat, that urmi is already winning over hearts. Samrat says that even monkeys and mad men, and wierd things garner attention easily. ishaan is surprised while urmi stands hurt. Samrat lashes out at urmi too, saying that the first chance she gets, she starts chatting up with people, and asks if she would have to be taught, who or who not to talk to. urmi is tensed at his behaviour.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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