Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
shaurya is apalled at the callounsness with which diya’s mother burnt the only solid evidence of diya’s case. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
ishaani is called by damini and told that anirudh has selected another guy as a prospective groom for her. ishaani asks damini to talk to him to stop this. she says that he wont listen to her, and that ishaani should herself tell him that she isnt interested rigth now. ishaani begins to speak, but quietens when she finds urmi coming down the stairs. Just then, shaurya enters. urmi asks if he got the clothes. shaurya tells urmi what happened, and she is shocked, as to how diya’s parents can not want justice for their child. She wonders how is

this possible, and how could she not understand. Ishaani smirks and taunts her as to how could urmi go wrong in diya’s prediction about her family and be wrong for once. Shaurya asks what happened now, and why is she talking like that. He asks what happened now. She tells how unceremoniously urmi sent her out of diya’s room. urmi immediately apologises and clarifies, but ishaani again taunts that she isnt the godly person sent for the benefit of the world. she again stands up against urmi, saying that just like she neglected her own daughter for the world, years back, she did the same to her father, due to which she snatched her father from her. Shaurya asks ishaani to let it be, as urmi has apologised for her misunderstanding. damini continues to instigate ishaani by telling shaurya as to how he is siding with his mother only, even though ishaani is right. she says that they may have brought diya on their won will, but in its wake, they forgot about ishaani completely, and asks them to do whatever they want, but why are they ignoring ishaani. urmi says that it isnt like that. ishaani shuts her up, while damini continues to add fuel to the fire. She finally takes ishaani away. She doesnt even listen to shaurya calling her. he and urmi are tensed.

Later, Shaurya goes to diya’s room, and finds her staring aimlessl;y out the window. he comes to her, and controlling his emotions, he pretends to be cheerful, and says hi. she wipes her tears and asks whats the matter. he says that he just came to checl on her, and if she is okay. ashe asks about her parents, and if they are fine. He says yes. She asks if their anger has subsided, and that her father must have asked for her. he lies not to upset her, fumbling at the lies. she says that this means he didnt ask, and that he is lying. she asks him about the clothes then. he gets tensed, and then tells that her mother kept them away. Diya is apalled, to hear from shaurya, about the burnt clothes, and says that this means they arent left with any evidence to present or strengthen their case, and hence wont be able to fight the case. Shaurya is tensed, but assures that they shall definitely fight the case, even though it might be a little difficult, but they would find their way to victory, and that she should keep her spirits up. just then, he gets the inspector’s call, saying that he needs to bring diya to the police station rigthaway, as some goons have been nabbed, and she should identify straightaway if the rapist is amongst them. Shaurya hears intently. diya eyes him anxiously. he hears something, and thanks him. he is determiend, while diya is baffled.

Scene 3:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Nupur comes to her room, stealthily sneaking in alcohol, and mxies it with coke, to be able to disguise it nicely. She lustily begins to take the first sip, when asha comes hollering for her. nupur gets frustrated. she composes herself, when asha asks her to come down to help her in making food. nupur tries to get away, but asha insists and pesters on, first with her rant then with her emotional blackmail, while nupur gets irritated and ginally gives in to her request, even though she boils with rage from inside. She gets an idea, and gives asha the lacerated coke with alcohol, and pumps her up and she drinks almost half the bottle. Nupur is amused, while asha starts going dizzy. She asks why is she feeling so dizzy, and by that time, much to nupur’s amusement, she doses off. Nupur finishes the rest in peace.

Scene 4:
Location: Karan’s residence
karan’s mother coems in to find him with a face pack, seeing his own media byte, saying that his face has been stressed, due to the diya incident. His mother again starts reprimanding him, for being so cruel and heartless, to think about whats diya going through right now. She says that he meets her wharever he wants. She asks him why doesnt he let her do the same. he says that she is just like she was, just much worse now, as her face is disfigured now. She says that she wants to enquire about her health. He then casually blurts out that he made her the villain. She is outraged, as to how bad diya must be feeling. He says that he had no other option, as he doesnt want to have diya tied to his neck all his life, and that he is with diya only till the media hype and publicity and after that, he wont even look at her. she says that he has crossed all limits of callousness and brutality. But he is unfazed and says that she should be proud that he is famous now. He then asks for some money for a new shirt, as the same one isnt beckoning on him, to pursue his acting career. She asks him to go to hell. He gets angry at her too. She leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: Police Station
The police lines up all the goons. The final person, who’s one of them, tries to hide his face, out of scare and tension. Shaurya and diya arrive. the police asks her to come and identify. She is worried. Shaurya asks her not to be scared and identify them clearly. She starts seeing one by one, all the men and starts to deny. The police continue the trial. Then when a person pulls up a bald guy in front of her, she is reminded of the bald guy who was one of the rapists, and slightly resembles him. She is scared at the nightmarish recollection of the incident, and is shaken. The goon leeringly asks her to go on and identify if he was one of them, as he would love to touch her. the police too asks her to be fearless and identiy. She is scared and tensed, but says that he isnt. then she retreats back a step. the screen freezes on her and the rapist’s face.

Precap: Diya is then brought face to face with one of them, who also leeringly asks her to go and identify him as one of the rapists. shaurya asks her not to be scared while the police too asks her to be calm and recognise. she is too apalled and distraught. the actual rapist though continues to hide his face in fear and tension, and looks away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. karan is such a chepester

  2. So boring episode

  3. I don’t like ishanni at the moment, she is a rotten child and has no love for her mother. Stupezzz if it was her who got raped she would want her mother then.

    Just Glad that diya has shaurya and urmi by her side and i know that she will prosper.

  4. in life there are many ups and downs and many wrong turns and rights but in the end thing eventually falls into place so this is definitely a down turn in diyas life but she will survive she seems to be a strong person and with urmi and shauyra at her side who needs that evil mother father brother and that full of himself so called boyfriend away with all of them may they get what is coming to them doomsday and diya your light is shining ahead so just follow it and you will come out on top the winner

  5. Waiting for the day when ISHAANI (stupid useless girl) can see through DAMINIS plan and motive for her own benefit

  6. fan of the show

    Here and there Ishani’s character has shown some humanity. We may see a big turnaround soon.

    1. fan of the show

      People who hate suffer such a loss when there is no longer anyone to hate…. then they find themselves.

    2. Do you not believe that she is acting out like a spoiled teenaget or young adult.I believe that she has sme love in her ,especially when she spoke to Diya after the rape.The problem is her grand mother who is trying to instill her hatred,envy and wicked ways on her.I hope that her turn around will be one of and affection to her mother and all those around her.

      1. fan of the show

        Yes, of course, she has been taught to hate. But at least she doesn’t feel hate to everyone. Only her mother, like she was taught. She also had a very kind and nice grandpa that showed her some good side of humanity.

  7. fan of the show

    They left us with a real cliff-hanger on this episode. Will Diya recognize the rapist, and what will she say if she does?

    1. My belief is that she will name him or if she does not do it now then they will do it again.Catching this goon is crucial so thathe will not go out and rape anyone again.

  8. Why did the police bring the victim face to face with the offender?I know normally when someone is raped ,the authority normally keepthe victim behind a screen but she can still see the offenders faces.They do not put the victim to have a face to face bantering with the criminal.This is intimidation and they have to protect the life of the victim and who ever arethe relatives.

  9. I wish Diya’s mother is like Karan’s mother.Did you notice how she tell him off’

  10. Damini needs to release herself of all this hate and envy because there is a punishment for all these negatives in ones life.So what is this punishment ?The answer is more envy,more jealousy, more hurtfulness.Think how painful these negative states of a person’s mind is.What greater deterent of being negative and spiteful can there be than the persistent experience of these feelings?If Damini continues tohurt herself with these emotions ,it is because she will insist on continually blaming Urmi or someother for her reactions.But when you calculate it no one is at fault for her bitterness.Urmi is merely the messenger showing her what she needs to learn about and heal within herself.Once she is able to own those positves she can change all negatives and will be able tolive a life without hate.

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