Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
Ishaan and urmi are distraught in their rooms, unable to bear the moral and mental dilemma that they have been placed in. She gets emotional seeing both shaurya and ishaan’s pic together, seeing how she shall do injustice to one, by trying to do a favour to the other. She clutches at the pic, while ishaan is collapsed on the bed, unable to bear the immense pain.

The next morning, ishaan is tensed, as gaurav comes to meet him in the hotel, and asks why did he call him early in the moirning. he says that he had something imp to talk, and tells about the New york oncologists’ statements. gaurav listens tensed. He says that they have decided to follow the doctor’s orders. gaurav is shocked, while ishaan says that they dont have

a choice. gaurav is exasperated, and says that this choice isnt easy. he says that he knows but he loves shaurya equally like urmi, and if he has no other choice, he wont sit and watch him die helplessly. gaurav says that he is tensed for him and urmi. ishaan says that he shall stand by urmi in whatever situation and their relation shall not be affected. gaurav says that he is tensed for his family. ishaan says that they arent doing this out of will, but have to. gaurav thanks him profusely for being so open hearted, and how he is sacrificing his relation with urmi, for the sake of shaurya. ishaan says that he cant see the mother-son relationship going in vain, when he has so many lovers. He says that he told him this, since he is urmi’s elder brother, and hopes that gaurav stands by them in this decision. gaurav says that ishaan stood by urmi through thick and thin, then their support isnt even needed, and that urmi is lucky. Ishaan says that he is lucky to have got urmi, as he doesnt want anything more than urmi and shaurya. gaurav asks what about samrat. ishaan says that remains to be done, and shall do so now.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While urmi and sandhya are laying out the table, ishaan comes in and damini asks where he was early morning, and he says that he had some work. He says that he has something important to talk to them all, and asks urmi to join too. she complies. tani begins to leave, while ishaan asks her to stay. Tani rebukes back saying that he has no interest in his talks. anirudh asks her to be polite and sit. tani resignedly asks him to speak. ishaan talks about how they have lost all hope. he says that after knowing all this, he has decided that urmi shall do what needs to be done and he stands by her. All are shocked and taken aback, while urmi stands distraught. tani comes and asks how can he ask her to give her husband away to his wife. She then jerks urmi asking what a devil she is, that she has managed to trap her husband into agreeing to something so disgusting. he asks her to control herself. tani again starts to jerk her, while anirudh asks her to shut up, and behave civil. tani says that urmi isnt being civil. He asks her to understand urmi’s helplessness, that has made her to compromise her self respect. Ishaan requests her to understand, but she keeps talking crude, denying them this right. sandhya agrees with ishaan, and asks tani not to overreact, trying to point out, that they arent new to each other, and they have already established physical relations before. tani asks her to shut up. samrat asks her to shut up finally. Damini is boggled. He asks them all to shut up, as noone is bothered what the father wants and that he shall decide. Tani rushes to samrat, asking him to remember his promise. Samrat is tensed, and jerks her hand away. he then goes to urmi and says that shaurya is his child, his life, and wants him to be alive but for this, if he shall have to sacrifice this marriage, that isnt possible, and cant shy away from responsibility, as its a sin in adultery. Tani is relieved, while samrat says that this cant be, whether shaurya is alive or not. He tells tani that he wont betray her at any cost. urmi is baffled. He asks how dare they think, that they can decide anything and he concedes. samrat says that shaurya’s destiny is written already and he shall have to face it, and asks them not to even think about it again. All are tensed. samrat takes tani and leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Gaurav tells them of urmi’s decision. Granny ios berserk asking how can they even think of this happening, and also encourage urmi in doing so. Gaurav says that they too are apalled too at ishaan’s condition but its their decision, and he shall stand by urmi in thick and thin. Granny says that then for this generosity, its all the more urmi’s responsibility to reciprocate and not do this. she decides to talk to urmi and convince her otherwise, but they repeatedly request her to put the phone down, and she silently complies. Granny angrily fumes.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Damini calls for samrat, who thinks that she is here concerned for tani. But he is surprised to find that she is instead asking him to sire a child with urmi. meanwhile instigates samrat, that if he sires a child with urmi, then ishaan and urmi shall forever be separate. He appreciates her mind, inwardly thinking that she is handing him what he wants on a platter. She assures him that he should go then rightaway. He says that in order to help, tani would forever throw him out, and asks if she shall be able to convince him. She says that . She says that she wont let tani find out. He is excited but again pretends that he cant take this big a risk, and he cant risk his marriage with tani. she promises that she wont let his marriage break with tani. they make a deal on this, that samrat shall break his marriage, and she shall save tani’s marriage. She thinks that urmi shall be out of ishaan’s life, and here from tani’s life, samrat and smiles evilly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Samrat takes full pleasure in teasing urmi, that just like to get god’s blessings, sacrifices have to be done and the lord has to be worshipped. He says that she too shall have to do the same, in order to appeasde him, into giving her what she wants. He says that if she is able to please and amuse him, then he might get happy at her, and give her his blessing, or else she shall have to happily see the death of her loving son. He says that if she isnt able to,then what happens otherwise is that she shall be deemed as a woman who ate her own happiness. urmi is shocked and distraught, as she listens dumbfoundedly to samrat.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Absolute rubbish.!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      No, not complete rubbish, just a way to show how dreams of happiness keep getting crushed, and that you should just develop the strength to handle any challenge life throws at you if you don’t want to spend your whole life crying.

    2. Utterly rubbish…. if the makers of the serial don’t have a story line better stop creating such useless storyline. After empowering the mail female lead with all good things.. this is useless…..

  2. Worst story real crap real shit

    1. fan of the show

      No worse than crappy language.

  3. These writers their minds are so filthy that’s why they write these disgusting script. Some will say it’s just entertainment but this is just too much look what Samrat put Urmi through and u ppl want Urmi to lay down with that monster again just stop with your misleading story it’s the only way to save Shaurya this is bulls***

    1. fan of the show

      Educated people KNOW this not the only way to save Shaurya, which is how the script shows that ignorance and emotionalism keeps you away from sensible solutions.

  4. urmi is a real ass hole that is why samrath doing her that every one knows that it can be done by the procedure artificial insemination and she would not have to sleep with that evil man samrath I am sure that shauyra knows he and all would say no he rather die than to let his mother go through that torment anyway writers come up with another method to save shauyras life because sleeping with samrath is out of the question for urmi and Ishaan think Ishaan give samrath what he loves most money and more money pay for his sperms so that urmi can be free from sleeping with him just the thought makes me sick what a stupid serial for these writer to come up with boy are they evil or what you writers eat think and sleep evil that is why you are only writing evil scripts frustrated viewer this man samrath should not even be out of jail he needs to go back to jail and do some full time bending let the other prisoners mash him up behind LOL

  5. This is so disgusting,nasty,sinful evil and barbaric.Who really is the writer of this script.There is no morals at all and poor examples for people to watch,There are so many bone marrow registries in America.Why are these writers doing this disgusting piece of crap and having a doctor lying and saying this is the only way and this is not so ,This is a set up to finish tarnish urmi ‘s character. I hope Ishaan stands by her as he said.Urmi should not do it at all.It is not a guarantee that she will get pregnant.Are these people God or they are playing gods.Total nonsense.

  6. I think there is another way instead of geting physicaly intimacy..they can have test tube baby ….or may be kanchans sister can help them out of this problem… as samrat n she were together 4 sumtime…. n of coursee dis serial is going out of track…bechari urmi aur kitne dukh likhe hai uske character me…better shut dis serial or make sumething intresting…

    1. fan of the showho

      I think the writer has successfully outraged many people by making them hate sam-the-Rat and feel sorry for Urmi-the-victim. I also think everyone should just cool their jets and watch how the writer develops the story. Those who want to kill somebody, and those who are using foul language to state their opinions are going a little over the edge of sanity and reality.

  7. The writer is obsessed with Urmi having a child with Samrat. She already faced the miscarriage of Samrat’s child (that Samrat killed) and now is going through this again? They don’t have time to find a match for Shaurya but they have time to wait 9 months to have a child? This story is only about making sure Urmi is in more and more pain and being degraded as a woman all the time. Not a moment of peace. Her and Ishaan haven’t even been together yet! Does this writer not like women? His wife should go sleep with another man and see if that will wake him up.

    1. u r right he is so dumb and unprofessional. He is still living in the past like narrow-minded people

    2. fan of the show

      I think it’s a femaile writer – read somewhere?

  8. fan of the show

    samRat’s sister has a child; Urmi’s brother has a child…. way back in the story

    1. fan of the show

      Those kids couuld be a match

  9. Havent these stupid writers ever heard of in vitro fertilization / artificial insemination jeeeezzzzz

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe the writer has heard of them but the characters in the STORY have not.

  10. Do these writers live in mars? none of the ppl frm their own family told dis storyline sucks and disgusting? are they really deaf as viewers bash them for so long to change dis stupid track? all our yelling gone unnoticed frm the time they started dis cancer issue? Do they really like dis kinda drama as a viewer?if so wt kinda human beings are they, SADISTS, God save them! oh c’mon remove ur writer mask and see the annoying degrading disgusting cheap storyline u hav created, come back to senses,listen to viewers r atleast ur own conscience of wt crap u r doing and how to get back to an happy interesting track. its a common notion dat all of us wanna see fictional stories to be happy ending, some positivity in protagonists life and bad end to the evil minds but why everything is so upside down here?? U blo*dy writers dare to come for a live chat wit us, we’l teach u good morals and possibly buy u some brain. It could hav been a nice story aft the leap but u guys spoilt it

      1. what is very stupid Bobbie?

  11. Hey dump writer out of ur mine this show should remove ASAP nothing make scent this is 21 century all Indian show are stupid lately.

  12. Stupid writer why don’t u let sleep with your wife with samart

  13. crazy man.i think it just a trick of story I don’t think that director and writer was so stupid to do such this story and it just to make the fans became tension

    1. All the Indian episode are very similar each other which is director , writer and all actress

  14. Guys the only way to get noticed by their writers is we people stop watching this disgusting track and it reflects in their trps…

  15. fan of the show

    What if this whole track has been samRat’s or Damini’s dream?

    Anyway, she thinks she’s going to get rid of him by coaxing him to do this. She’s going to rat on the Rat.

    1. fan of the show

      She’s not counting on her son’s dedication to his marriage.

  16. I think it’s samrat plan all long i dnt think shaurya is sick at all… it’s either damini or samrat plan to separete urmi n ishaan, if urmi slept wit samrat i won’t watch again this disgusting show ever if dat is de case!!!!!

  17. Nasty and stink .what d hell Hindus are immoral .get some sense urmi for the first time d old granny saying something right God give shaurya to you he give illness to him and put you to the ultimate test .don’t play god and listen to man to save him .trust your ganapati .or Shiva or babah have faith .respect your husband .

  18. Stupid, wicked, ugly RAT!! URGH!!

  19. very disgustn series.i

  20. Aïssétou diakite

    Pour la première fois je vue une histoire si dégoûtante dans les séries indienne je passe que le écrivain deste les femmes si urmi fait rapport phisyque avec samrat je regardera plus parce que ça va devenir très dégoûtant est ce humilia pour des femme si vous arréte pas cette spectacle vous allé perdre beaucoup de fans

  21. Stupid show! Pls writer try n b realistic 4 once!

    1. fan of the show

      I think the show is very realistic. Don’t you know anybody who is basically a very good person but keeps having bad luck? I know a few. The writer just uses the imagination to invent new bad luck situations. It’s the formula for a drama – some character flaw that forces the character to face up to some difficulty. If there were no difficulties, if there were no examples of how to handle the dramas of life, what would be the point of watching? It wouldn’t be very realistic OR interesting. IMHO.

  22. I think Niranjan the lawyer will make a return. He will probably find out that Radha has had a child by Samrat and he’ll bring Radha and child to Mumbai. The child’s bone marrow will match Shaurya and both Urmi and Shaurya will be saved and Samrat’s marriage to Tani will end.
    What do you think? All doors for other options to Shaurya’s problem seems to be closing so as to push Urmi to the brink. Agni pariksha. Then comes Samrat’s past to ruin him and save Urmi. End of serial. Urmi, Ishan and Shaurya live happily ever after and who cares about Samrat anyway.

    1. fan of the show

      We could also find out that Shaurya isn’t sick – that someone’s been giving him a drug to make him look sick and the whole thing is just a bad lie,

      By now Urmi is so emotional that she can’t think straight. Unless she gets a grip, the situation won’t solve.

    2. Ohhh hell yaaa…..u r right!!! I totally forgot about radha and all those stuff!! I guess mostly now the story would go like that …they’ll show radha helping urmi…but they won’t show completely instead they would take a leap (Like they did when urmi got hurt when she was pregnant,but later after the leap urmi was all fine)and show shaurya is fit and fine and end it the way u told.
      But the show is really sucking to the core…its high time to end it!!

      1. fan of the show

        There a lot more societal issues this serial could expose. I think it’s doing a great job showing injustice to women and children, alienation of divorced women, spousal abuse and its consequences, dedication of committed spouses, inner strength of good people, in-laws treachery, ego and the evil is spawns, etc. etc. etc.

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