Doli Armaanon Ki 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

It starts with Shaurya pulling Diya and catching her in his arms. She gets shocked seeing him there. He says if he didn’t come, then don’t know what would have happened to her. Those wires that she was going to cut have current in them. He shouts at her for taking over the story in spite of him saying no. She argues back. They are then leaving from there. Shaurya asks her to go in his car, but she says she has her scooty and leaves on that. One person eyes Diya and says she keeps interfering in their business and they will need to do something about her.

They are in their office now and continues arguing about this. Diya says she had all the clues about that case and that’s why she took over. If he didn’t come there, then she would have somehow returned here with the

truth. He says she’s stupid. If he didn’t come, then she would have been in hospital right now. Diya blames Cheeku for this as he told everything to Shaurya. At the end of their argument, Shaurya asks her to leave his cabin or shall he leave. Diya pushes the chairs and leave. Shaurya shouts that he will take money from her salary.

Back home, Damini brings tea for Ishaani and fills her ears against Urmi that she’s the reason Ishaani doesn’t have her father today. She couldn’t see how good human being Ishaan was who never spoke against his mother, etc etc. Ishaani gets into her talks and says that’s why she hates Urmi and doesn’t like seeing her face. She hates everything about her. Damini says she hates everything about her as well. When she sees her face, she sees her dead son. She wanted to throw Urmi out of the house that time only, but stayed quiet after thinking about Ishaani. But she cares about Shaurya only, she sees Shaurya everywhere and he too is his mother’s son only. He always favors Urmi. Ishaani says no, there’s no fault of him. He’s very nice. He loves her a lot. Damini says but he’s still an outsider. He lives in the house like he’s heir of the house, but actually she’s the heir. She’s Ishaan’s child. Ishaani takes Shaurya’s side and says this house is his too. She is proud of him. Damini says she is proud of him as well, but for her, Ishaani is everything. Ishaani hugs her. Damini thinks don’t know what magic Shaurya has done on Ishaani.

Diya is mad and is packing her stuff. She says she doesn’t want to work in place where there’s no appreciation. Do work and then take others orders. Cheeku asks whose orders does she take. Most of the times, she does what she wants. Cheeku asks her she will leave the office for one story? She says look at their boss, he’s so khadus. She doesn’t want to work with him. Once she leaves, he will know her importance. Cheeku asks she gave resignation letter, right? She puts it in his hand and asks him to give to Shaurya. She leaves with her belongings. Cheeku says strange girl she is and Shaurya too. Shaurya comes and asks what happened. Cheeku says she left. Shaurya says, so? It’s her every day drama. Cheeku says but this time she gave resignation letter. Shaurya says there must be many of those. He doesn’t need to see them.

At home, Anirudh tells Shaurya to consider his manager’s son for internship at Awaaz. Shaurya says he said, so it will be done. Shaurya is leaving. Just then Ishaani stops him to check her designs and choose the best one. Shaurya says he needs to go and asks her to email, but she says no. Shaurya chooses 1 design. Ishaani says she also liked the same one. Damini comes with coffee for Ishaani. Shaurya says he wanted one too. Ishaani gives hers to him saying she will drink later, she’s at home only. Shaurya says no as Damini brought for her, but she and Anirudh tell him to drink. Shaurya drinks it. Damini doesn’t like it. Ishaani asks her if she can make another for her. She says sure. Urmi comes and asks Shaurya if he can drop her. He says sure and they leave saying bye to everyone. Ishaani doesn’t respond to Urmi. Their phone rings. Sandhya picks it up. They ask for Urmi. Sandhya says she just left and ask them to try her cell or office number. Anirudh asks what happened. Sandhya says, police have arrested some girls. NGO asked them to hand over girls to them, but they are not listening, so NGO people wanted to talk to her.

Diya is in market. Some goons stop her and ask her to back out from the hit and run case. This time they are leaving her with warning, but next time, it may become her hit and run case. Diya takes this as a challenge and decides to take this case in her hand only.

Precap: Diya reminds Shaurya that he had said once she can ask for whatever gift she wants when she solved some case in past. Shaurya says ya.. She asks him to let her handle this hit and run case and that will be her gift.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Seems like the focus has now moved from Urmi to Shaurya and we shall be witnessing his love story and we might get a triangle with Cheekoo,,,As for Damini, she has assumed the role of the full fledged villain as she did in Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan…willing to go to every extent to harm Urmi. So far…nothing special I would say!

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, Shaurya was announced as the new lead. What kind of special are you looking for?

      1. I know you feel the need to defend the serial with all your strength but it would be good if you heard and accepted the opinion of others too- You have accepted the leap and we are happy for you- we haven’t so please bear with us too. The show started on a special theme about how an innocent girl could overcome all the challenges of a bad marital life and build a life of her own as well as find happiness…and now the plot has moved to a love triangle and a scheming saas v/s sweet bahu as we see in other serials! Whilst before Urmi was shown as strong – now she has become weak and bearing Ishaanis nonsense.

      2. fan of the show

        What kind of special are you looking for?

      3. fan of the show

        I don’t think Urmi is weak. I think it’s a mistake to assume that a person who is slow to anger is weak. In fact, they are stronger than most people whose ego reacts and retaliates before they take time to really size up the situation and respond accordingly. It shows a greater sense of maturity and control.

      4. If Urmi was so strong and level headed,she would have left Ishaan’s house and got a place of her own where she would raised her kids and given them her and Ishaan’s values- They would see their grandparents whenever they wanted but she would have showed her ability to stand on her two feet and be successful on her own- This was what I expected from her

        I appreciate your philosophical approach of letting the story unfold but after having built viewers expectations by showing Urmi so bold and strong, the leap is showing a very diluted plot with Urmi being meek and accepting to be treated in a bad way by her own child

      5. fan of the show

        Yes, Urmi was bold and strong with the rat. But I don’t remember her being bold and strong with anyone else. Do you? It was inner strength she portrayed at every turn. She wanted to teach him a lesson. With others she was rather humble and unassuming.

      6. fan of the show

        Maybe they will show in flashbacks how it all went down after Ishan died and Damini tried to throw Urmi out.

  2. who is diya in the serial and who is playing this role.

    1. Me too- Diya is someone who works for Shaurya’s newspaper and looks like she will be paired with him
      Am not watching as well but I heard that the new Urmi looks in fact older than her mother in law and could have been paired with Anirudh! LOOOOOOL!

      1. fan of the show

        I think Urmi looks appropriate, but they didn’t age Damini so they look too close in age.

      2. fan of the show

        The new Urmi is the one they are using for the picture representing the show – with her arms crossed in the blue sari. She doesn’t really look that old.

    2. fan of the show

      Yah, it’s hard to tell who’s who from just the writeups. Diya is the reporter on Shaurya’s newspaper staff that is giving him a headache by being headstong arrogant and unable to follow directions.

  3. I stopped watching tis Drama
    Ishaan is nit longer in it!

  4. even im not watching this serial as i miss ishan and samrat both in this series its a total waste of time now

  5. im just seeing the updates and replying accordingly.

  6. u stupids dnt u knw who is playng da character of shourya waste of u guys itz betr dat u die didnt u c damini’s eyebrows(r u blind????) da new urmi’s face luks ok nd also nice whn compard wid damini bcoz her eyebrows r nt properly shapd i dnt feel lyk seein her face mch of course i accept da fact dat she luks nice bt stil den nd i dnt knw wht da hel dis makeup guys r dng?

    1. fan of the show

      The makeup guys are making her look like a villain. Those eyebrows are scary.

  7. fan of the show

    Conflicts have been set up already in just two and a half shows for the rest of the story:

    Shaurya vs Diya
    Damini vs her husband, Urmi, and Shaurya
    Ishani vs Urmi
    some problem with NGO and Urmi over arrested girls

    It’s amazing the writers could get so much going in just 20 minutes at a time.

  8. da new shaurya luks da cutest of al evn more cute dan ishaan(da person for whm u guys r dyng 4)didnt u c hs phot frame hangng on da wal wid a flower garland on it(as i said b4 dat u guys r really blind)if u observe properly he luks lyk a vry grt villian his face cuts r lyk dat in it C PROPERLY ND KNW UR SIGHT nd da new character dat is shourya is none othr dan KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR!!!!!!!!A PERFECTIONIST

    1. fan of the show

      So you’re a big fan. So you think he will make this show really Great?

    2. fan of the show

      Maybe the fans who are missing Ishan are not so much missing his cute face, but more missing his role as the perfect husband who was really really kind and nice, who understood his wife Urmi, who did many many things to surprise her with happiness, who gave Urmi a lot of love, and was patient with her when they disagreed, who was dedicated and committed to her alone, who helped her at every troubling obstacle, who loved her son unconditionally…. what’s not to love?

      1. Any woman would fall for such a guy.

  9. im not willing to die haha but i miss ishan and samrat the serial was interesting with their presence.

    1. fan of the show

      There’s a show that’s popular in the US called NCIS. Many of the fans were unhappy when an actor who had been with the show for years was replaced with a new character. But all the complaints gradually died away as the replacement established their own character in the story. Of course that took more than two and a half shows but time by time the transition took place.

  10. i have nothing to do with damini and her face just miss ishan and samrat they were making the series interesting no doubt kunal karan kapoor is a nice actor but samrat used to make the series interesting.

  11. the girl one who plays diya is neha sargam.. she did a negative role in IPKKNDEBP…

  12. the girl who is playing ishani was in the serial laut aao trisha who played the role of trisha .

  13. fan of the show

    The goons who conrfont Diya in the marketplace are the ones who saw her trying to scale the wall and cut the wires that surrounded the mansion where she was trying to get in and get a story.

    1. She is sure brave.

  14. thankyou so much do for letting me know neha sargam is playing diya in the serial ammu

  15. yes perfect husband ishan its true thats why we miss ishan and samrat becoz of his interesting character forcing us to watch the series

  16. could anyone enlighten me as to who is Gloria Keillor because is am the keen observer being referred to as that person I am just informing sorry not the same person

    1. No one needs to enlighten you because you know who she is.

  17. fan of the show

    It will be interesting to see if Urmi can win over Ishani.

    1. I will love that to happen.

  18. fan of the show

    Wow – can you believe it’s lready July. Two full moons this year in July.

    1. You are such are good updater even the moons we know.Bless.

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