Doli Armaanon Ki 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
After happily finishing the breakfast and doing the formality of asking diya to eat too, he retires to the washroom. He locks the door from inside. From the bathroom, karan calls up someone and tells them to arrange all reporters within 45 minutes at diya’s house, as thats when he shows up with her. He thinks that the whole town shall see his face on every channel. He says that he should be able to extract some benefit out of this tragedy. He says that soon he shall be loaded with serial and film offers, once he is on every news channel.

Downstairs, sandhya discusses that its good that karan decided to stand by diya in such times, as she needs him the most. Damini comments whats the use now, as he ducked when he was needed, or this

wouldnt have happened. Shaurya and urmi listen resignedly. She also accuses diya of being reckless in daring to roam at night, as a person’s respect is in their hands, and she was careless enough to risk it, by roaming at night. shaurya and urmi instantly spring to her defense asking why and how was this diya’s fault, and her going out at night, doesnt mean she is liable to rape. damini says whats the need to be out at night, in such times, as thats inviting trouble. urmi asks how’s that. shaurya too tells that even in board daylight, where news of as young as 3 year old girls being raped, hog the limelights, and confronts damini as to how is it their fault then. Chiku too grees with them. But urmi and shaurya ask him to stay clear from talking to diya directly about this stuff, as she is still traumatised. Just then, sandhya finds diya coming down with karan. shaurya and urmi are tensed for her, and rush to her. Damini wonders what new drama is going to unfold now. Urmi asks diya to go and rest and she should have told them if she needed anything. diya stays quiet. shaurya too asks why isnt she resting. Karan tells that they are going to meet diya’s family. They are surprised. urmi says that they have already had a chat and they are beyond any consideration. karan says that their talking might change them. urmi says that the news has spread and hence its not nice for diya to step outside. karam says that they have together decided that they shall try and make her family understand, as she cant stay here forevere. damini understands, and says that diya is her family’s responsibility, and not theirs, and commends karan for his efforts and encourages them. shaurya and urmi ask diya if she wants to go. diya complies. karan and damini smirk happily. Urmi asks shaurya too to go with them. urmi asks her to try once more, but if they dont comply, she should return back without anmy hesitation, extending full support. Damini is tensed. sandhya too voices urmi’s opinion. She sends them, while shaurya leaves to get his car. karan leaves with diya.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Asha finds nupur having spoiled all veggies in the name of cutting them for food preparation. nupur is unfazed and continues to irritate asha, who tries to give her advice and learning, that bering able to make good food, shall land her good points in her in-laws’ house. Nupur gets excited and decides to definitely make a try. Asha teacehs her and asks her to practise. Nupur complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Outside diya’s residence
In the car, karan adjusts his hair and face wondering that soon he shall become famous. shaurya eyes himm tensedly, boggled as to why he is smiling. he gets out and doesnt find any reporters and wonders where’s everyone. he gets diya out, and shaurya comes out too. he asks karan to hurry up, as he lingers around. shaurya suddenyl finds reporters thronging them, from all ends. Shaurya tries to refrain the reporters. while karan enjoys the limelight, diya hdies her face. the reporters continues to blast them with questions. karan gives a media byte, saying that he is diya’s fiancee, and they should irect questions to him, as diya isnt in a state and they should respect that. shaurya asks karan whats he saying. the reporters get alert and then karan involves himself in interaction with them. Shaurya takes diya inside, and makes her step inside the car, while karan keeps giving interviews and media bytes. shaurya frustratedly asks karan to come along, and is super irritated at the way he boasts about himself. karan smiles for the cameras, while shaurya confronts and accusingly asks how the media knew that diya would be here. karan says that the news has spread so much that the media is bound to knw. karan says that for justice media shall have to be involved. diya is ostracised, while shaurya is furious at karan.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaurya’s residence and office
Chiku confirms from one of the reporters who confirms that it was karan, who placed the call from his number, who informed the reporters about diya’s whereabouts. Chiku calls up shaurya, after confirming, that karan called up the reporters at diya’s place, and reprimands karan as to what and how could he do this. shaurya is in a rage.

Downstairs, Ishaani asks the maid for boiled eggs. rani apologises that she forgot to make, as she was getting food ready for diya, who has to take meds on time. ishaani asks how she dared to do that. the maid says that she was going to give diya the food, and then she shall get ishaani’s food ready. Urmi comes and silently takes the eggs out to get them to boil. damini watches the drama, and then comes to add fuel to the fire, angry at the maid asking her who gives her salary, ishaani’s family or diya’s. ishaani asks how could she remember diya’s food but not hers, as she knows she needs boiled eggs after gym. urmi asks them not to be angry as she would get diya food, while the maid prepares her food. Ishaani asks urmi to stay out of it. urmi leaves. Damini comes and reprimands the maid, that ishaani is hungry right now, and hollers her to leave, while she makes an omelette for her. Ishaani thanks damini. Once rani leaves, damini contineus to instigatee ishaani against diya, that her needs are compromised, due to urmi and shaurya, as they themselves are a burden, and now they got diya too. She says that this house is hers and she is being done injustice. Ishaani says that this is due to urmi. Damini says that its due to shaurya, too, and she has to say it, even when he is the apple of her eyes. She says that she wont be able to bear such injustice. Ishaani seems convinced, while damini eyes if it had effect.

Scene 5:
Location: Outside karan’s residence
Karan talks on the phone, while on his way to the gym, glaoting about how he needs to take proper care of his body, as soon he might land offers for acting. He also asks the friend, to watch the media byte in the evening, where he got much more footage than diya, and is hopeful that some producer or director shall spot him. he asks them to circulate the video on social networking websites too. shaurya who has come to meet karan and confront him, hears all this and is apalled. After cancelling the cll, karan turns around and finds shaurya staring at him. Shaurya asks karan how long he plans for this drama and that he called the media, to get his coverage on diya’s tragedy. karan asks why would he do that. shaurya says that he shall do it for publicity. karan says that he is accusing unnecessarily, and shaurya emphatically says that he is and tells him what chiku told him. He reprimands karan if he actually thought he would be able to befool him. shaurya asks how can he take advantage of diya’s innocence and her nightmarish tragedy. karan starts guffawing loudly. he smirks and accepts that he is doing it. karan callously asks whats wrong if the accident that happened with her, can be exploited for his personal gain. Shaurya is shocked at his insensitivity. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Karan callously claims that diya after having been raped, is a used commodity, and a thing is valued only as long as its new and untouched, and diya is no longer that, and no man, definitely not him, can be able to live with that, and even think about being with a girl like that. he callously says that she has been used, and is hence uselss now. shaurya’s blood boils with rage and he grabs karan by the collar. He asks him to watch what he is saying, as diya is the only reason, he is tolerating him so far.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Karan nonsense. Shaurya really hats off for ur support to diya. We have to surely appreciate such persons

  2. what did I say and I was right karan is using diyas incident as a means for media attention because he is obsessed at becoming and actor and he does not care who gets hurt in he process I hope all that he is trying to do for attention that he falls flat on his face while diya will rise to higher heights and put the past behind her and make it as a professional reporter and be there for others who have suffered the same injustice as she has so diya with the help of shauyra urmi and cheeku hang in there until that time comes

  3. I hate the indian mentality. A man is more of a low class sick male S**t for raping a helpless woman and should be castrated instead of saying a woman is used after being raped. A woman has more guts for surviving such incidents of the cowardly act of a man. The family outcasting their own daughter is just as much of a coward as those low life that commit such crimes. These show should have at least incorporate some of the true story of the girl that was rape on the bus. Her parents stood by her to the end…that’s what they need to start portraying, positive thinking and support for the survivor, not victimizing them.

    1. These men who do this do not care a damn about their mothers and sisters.If they had that love and respect for their mother especially they will not venture out to disrespect a woman.

  4. Heartless moron inhuman I hate u Karan ,damini and ishaani go to hell to gather u evils

  5. We’ve got another Samrat in the person of Karan.

  6. I hope this serial is an example to all those girls who has being raped. They should not only sit there doing nothing they should go out and seek justice for themselves. No matter if their families is against them

    1. This is a great example as you say for the youths so they will know that it is not their fault when this happens.They have the right to go out and meet friends whenever possible and not be victimized by anyone.

  7. For once, I want a show to show a man getting raped, and then see how the Indian audience reacts. It’s not like men don’t get raped. Why is it only they show women in these shows going through it? If men think it’s okay to rape a girl, what if he got raped by a girl. Would he still think women are pieces of s*** they can mess around with.

    1. Maya this is understandable.I do not know for India but I have seen written documents of men.and young boys being raped by women,Young boys are being molested by both male and female and they do feel violated like women but the stigma is not as great as when it is done to a woman. I do agree with you that the writers should do a show on men being raped and show the world how they feel then the men overthere will realize how difficult it is to live in a society like hteir’s.

  8. fan of the show

    How come Shaurya doesn’t clue Diya in? Because she’s still not ready?

    1. Yes she had a right to clue her but sooner or later when the media gets a wind of the story wether she is ready or clued up ,she will in no way ready to face the public.The reporters sometimes ask such personal questions that you feel very invasive.This is why some people do not giev public appearances until after a while or with the permissio of your lawyer and the lawyer will be ther also.

      1. fan of the show

        I mean clue her in about Karan?

    2. OK Fan I got it.Probably Urmi did not want to interfere being that this was going to be her would be husband.

  9. On reading the update Karan is not a human being.He is no better than Samrat.I do believe his publicity stunt will come back to bite him in the place where the sun doesnot shine.If Urmi will use that same game and reverse it on Karan his future could be doomed.Shaura should should now write up something on the front page of the media stating his involement in the rape.Write up negative things about him running away and leaving her in the hands of the goons.How he never called the police or reported it.There are so many things they can write about him that will back fire on his career that he is seeking on the back of his then intended wife.Come on now Urmi,Shaurya and Chicku bring him down by using reverse psychology.This will cripple him .

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