Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Shashi talks to damini, bantering about english magazines, when sandhya comes back having filled the form with urmi, and is still tensed about it. urmi encourages her. sandhya talks about the bful ladies who had come there too, and that she just filled out the form for urmi’s sake. shashi again begins to taunt sandhya, while urmi asks her to stop. But shashi continues on. She finds damini gazing her steely, and composes herself. urmi asks her to stay quiet if she cant encourage. sandhya says that this shall happen there too. urmi and damini ask her not to be negative and that everything would work out. She is still tensed. urmi asks her to do exactly as she says, and if she tried hard, she shall win it definitely. shashi smirks. She notices

samrat coming insaide, with a sullen face. She gets excited, while damini and urmi are tensed. shashi offers for an oil massage, and samrat vents out his frustration of Riya at her too. He says that he has gone mad, and leaves fos his room. damini and urmi aree amused. Shashi composes her stance in front of other ladies, but wonders inside whats the matter.

In his room, samrat is still unable to believe that he was befooled so easily and by such a huge magnitude. He is in a rage, frustrated with his helplessness. He feels as if he has been molested by them. shashi comes inside, and says that he didnt do right in insulting her like that, downstairs in front of people, when she was caring for him, and how she couldnt face them later, feeling like an idiot. He says that she can go to hell, and that he is an idiot. She is tensed at his ire, and asks him to elaborate. Samrat talks about the way he was befooled, by the fraud couple, to shashi, who is shocked to hear this. She then reprimands him that she always told him so, and asks him to go to the police. He says that he shall be thrown out of the house, if he does that. urmi hears all this from outside and is satisfied, that finally samrat got what he deserved, in getting back, hat he did to others.

Meanwhile, urmi gets busy helping sandhya practise and perfect herself and her persnality for the competition, making her walk in heels, wencouraging her, everytime she feels she is losing hope, which keeps sandhya going. She makes him jog and get in shape too, assisting her all the way, controlling her dietary habits and giving her just fruits and salad, instead of oily food, to maintain her figure. Sandhya complies. Then she learns to do power yoga from urmi. She then gets on her verbal discourse too, helps her to learn to dance. sandhya thanks urmi profusely.

The next morning, sandhya is extra cheeful in wishing everyone, and then surprises everyone by asking for the newspaper, if anirudh is done, and replies in english. ishaan, urmi and anirudh are pleased, while others are surprised too. She talks about how urmi got her into this wonderful habit. shashi sulks. Sandhya then says that she shall have oats, instead of the oily breakfast. tani asks her to relent just once, but she sticks to her resolve. Shashi taunts on her skin complexion, while she too properly retaliates back. anirudh praises her, while she gives the credit to urmi. samrat taunts that urmi is becoming the problem solver. ishaan and urmi taunt samrat that urmi can solve his problem, and asks how long has his business progressed, and when shall his theme restaurant open. He is speechless and flabbergasted, for an answer. Shashi is tensed too. samrat says that it shall take time. ishaan says of course it shall as the money was taken from Tani. Distracting them, Urmi reminds samrat of the friend of his who had an accident, when coming to mumbai, from Jhansi, and how she met him the other day. Samrat gets irritated, as he doesnt remember, and later does, wondering why she is talking about it. she says that the friend praised samrat galore, had it not been for him, he would have been dead. Tani says that she always knew, and urmi herself was doubting samrat unnecessarily. urmi immediately apologises to tani, and asks to be forgiven, and tells smarat that his friend’s revelation was an eye opener. samrat eyes her curtly, as she too stares at him. Shashi is boggled as to what is she upto.

On the roof, Samrat later wonders that there definitely is some motive behind urmi’s drama, as to why she brought up a friend of samrat out of the blue, and then remembers one by one all the points that got them together and wonders if urmi and james know each other, and if this is so, then she would be knowing everything about him. he is shocked at the repurcussions. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi, in front of samrat intentionally, pretends to be upset and brings the box of jewellery that shashi had given her to keep safe, saying that she cant keep it anymore, as she is always scared that it shall be lost, and he would feel guilty. shashi is tensed as to what to answer in front of samrat. samrat asks whats in this box. She says that it contains some of his father’s valuable possessions and memories. He asks her callously to open it, so that he also may see, getting inquisitive as to what was shashi upto. When they open the box, it actually contains some of rudra’s possessions. Shashi is alarmed to find her jewellery gone, while relieved too that she didnt fall flat on her nose, in front of samrat. Later, Shashi goes to urmi and says that she should return her the jewellery rigthaway or it wont be good. Urmi says that she knows why she kept the jewellery with her. She says that she knows everything. Shashi is tensed. samrat, hearing from a distance, wonders whats it, that urmi knows.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think it is about time that urmi shuts her mouth because I would not by pass it by samrath that he might try to harm urmi and her unborn child she urmi should just act on what she is doing and stop taunting samrat because and angry man is an evil murdering man so urmi cool it down a bit and stop stirring up the hornets nest just let what you are doing happen and when samrat is exposed then you will have your poetic justice

  2. Nly gorella killer u watch .. no one watches this serial

  3. Mind your business Urmi….focus on Ishaan, Shaurya and your unborn time,….Samrat will be his own downfall.

    1. Child not time ….wow lol

  4. I don’t what will become of Dok after Urmi (Neha Marda) leave this show and Samrat(Mohit Malik) will play Shaurya how ridiculous is that these writers don’t what to write so they should just end this show, i only watch this show because of Neha after a lead character leave a show it seems it always lost all substance

  5. Ok, so Samrat lost his stupid wife’s money and he’s angry that someone duped and he didn’t see it coming. What’s next? He hasn’t lost anything important to him yet except for the money that’s not his. When is this punishment coming or intensifying?

    1. fan of the show

      It’s supposed to wrpa up by Friday. New era to start Monday. Not long to go.

  6. Chris turnbull

    How is it that samrat will play his son, will definitely miss Neha Marda aka Urmi.

  7. What is going to happen to Urmi’s pregnancy if she is leaving.Samrat’s punishment is moreand worse than going to prison.He will be so tormented that he will regret he had ever started this.This will only happen if he has decided to change genuinely.Sashi will soon realize what a wonderful daughter in law she had.It seems to me Damini is coming down from her sycamore tree and believing that her daughter in law is a gem of a person and Samrat is a wicked rat and will die as a semp.

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