Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Just main points –

Episode starts with gaurav and urmi having a chat abt some pr*stitute and he comes to know its no one other than the daughter born to him and Rashmi..he is sad…

Ishaani gets selected for some beauty course in Paris and all rejoice…

Dia meets her BF who asks her why she took lift from Shaurya when she can as well as come by auto…

At office Dia catches hold of some colleagues mobile and copies all imp data from his mobile…

Episode ends with fight between Dia and Karan as dia refuses to go on date with him as she is busy with her work…

PRECAP…Ishaani neglects Urmi at her function and Damini feels good..

Update Credit to: immira

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  4. fan of the show

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    1. fan of the show

      Scene 1
      Urmi shows Gaurav A lphoto of Rashmi, Gaurav’s first wife. She tells Gaurav how she got it. Gaurav is shocked. Then distraught. Then he wants to know where the girl is now. Urmi tells him she is at the women’s rehab center, and hopes she is alright. Gaurav is extremely troubled,

    2. fan of the show

      Scene 2
      There is a shot of the man and his bike directly in front of Shaurya’s car. As he takes off his helmet, Diya recognizes him and says his name – Karan. She gets out of the car to speak to him, and explains that her scooter broke and she is getting a lift from the boss. Shaurya gets out of the car and the two men introduce themselves to each other. Shaurya says he can see there is a connection between them, and then Diya and Karan hold hands. Sahurya says since she is now in good hands, he will leave. After he leaves, Karan asks Diya why his future wife was riding with her boss. Diya explains again that her scooter is broken and he was giving her a lift to an urgent appointment. He says you should have called me. She explains again that she’s getting late and tells him please let’s go, and they ride away together on his bike.

    3. fan of the show

      Scene 3

      Ishani runs downstairs and announces she was accepted at the Paris Institute of Fashion. They congratulate her and she thanks them and hugs them. She asks didn’t she tell them they would all be porud of her? Urmi congratulates her, but Ishani’s smile fades, she turns her face away, and grudgingly says Thank You. They all notice. She asks Anirudh for a party and he agrees. She says she wants it today, and he agrees again.

    4. fan of the show

      Scene 4

      Diya is working late at the office, analyzing the phone records her friend Puja got for her of her co-worker Rakesh, who is also in the office workiong late. She spots a number she doesn’t recognize and calls Puja and asks her to look it up for her. It is registered to the guy from the hit and run accident who has been watching and threateneing her. Now she knows Rakesh has been in direct contact with the bad guy.

  5. Spoilt brat Ishani. Godo show.

  6. fan of the show

    Scene 5

    Anirudh sees Urmi not ready for the party yet. She says she wants Ishani to enjoy the party and not get upset. Anirudh tells Urmi she has every right to come and enjoy Ishani’s happiness with everyone else. Urmi refuses again, but Anirudh insists and says he will see her at the party. He leaves with no further discussion, and Urmi looks worried and uncomfortable.

    1. fan of the show

      Scene 6

      Now that Diya knows Rikesh has spoken with the bad guy, she wonders if he recorded the calls. But Rakesh packs up his desk and gets ready to leave for the day. Diya is disappointed because she won’t get to sneak a look at his phone, but suddenly Rakesh decides to leave is bag and phone on the desk hit the men’s room before leaving. Diya grabs her chance – she runs to the mens room and locks it, then goes back to the phone. She finds that he recorded all the calls to that number, and quickly transfers them to her phone. By the time she is finished, Rakesh is banging on the door to be let out, and a guard has come. Diya unlocks the door and when Rakesh comes out, Diya yells at the guard for locking Rakesh in, and tells the guard to go from there. Rakesh leaves, and Diya hooks up an earpiece to her phone and starts listening. The calls reveal that the hit and run guy is trying to bribe Rikesh to avoid printing that his son was driving the car when the accident happened.

  7. fan of the show

    Scene 7

    As Diya listens to the calls, her friend Karan sneaks up on her and surprises her from behind. She panics until she sees it’s him. He has come with good news that his audition went well, and he wants to celebrate by taking her out to dinner and a movie. She tells him she has a lot of work and can’t go. He complains that she’s always too busy. She complains that he should have asked her first. He complains that does he have to ask her whenever he wants to do something together, and asks is work more important than he is? She begs him to understand this is a very important work and she can’t go. He asks one more time is it yes or no. She says no. He says fine and crumples up the tickets he bought and leveas in a huff. She begs him on his way out to please understand and don’t get take her wrong..

    1. fan of the show


      Urmi has changed her clothes and come to the party. Ishani spots her and is annoyed.

  8. thanks fan of the show, you are the best.

  9. Why always such bad manner and rude kid for these loving and sweet characters first was pari purvi and arJun’s daughter and now ishaani of urmi and ishaan daughter but last night she did some thing good for her mother’s NGO

  10. Thank you Fan, you are the best writer?

  11. Thanks u…,nice write up

  12. fan of the show

    Thanks everyone – don’t want you to miss so many important points in the story.

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    Thanks fun of the show for writing all the episode

  15. Sagal Hassan

    but what happened to the today episode

  16. thanks so much fan of the show for the updates.

  17. bring old characters back to the show.

  18. Thank u fan of the show. The update is really nice

  19. yes he is amazing giving amazing updates wow

  20. any updates are the old characters come back to the show hahahaha

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