Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
After the doctor is gone, urmi looks away. Gaurav asks urmi whats the doctor talking about. She stays silent. saroj and other members of urmi’s family too try to get her to talk, but she and ishaan both stay silent. ishaan’s family is mortified and tensed too. Devi insists them to speak, hurriedly. tani says that she shall say. gaurav asks them whats this course of treatment that the doctor is talking about, and what do urmi and ishaan have to plan together, and start implementation. Urmi and Ishaan hold each other. Tani points out crudely that urmi and samrat shall have to sleep together, to sire a child, shaurya’s sibling, whose bone marrow transplant shall happen to shaurya. All are shocked, and struck into silence. tani angrily says that

it wont happen at any cost, as she wont let it happen. She says that she wont even let anyone touch samrat, leave alone establishing physical intimacy. Ishaan and urmi stand shocked. urmi then breaks down, while both the familes are dead worried.

Later, urmi sits by shaurya’s bed, while saroj comments what strange examination is the lord taking, as to save shaurya’s life, such a big step has to be taken. granny asks whats she thinking, and that this isnt possible, as killing oneself cant save another’s life. Saroj says that they dont have another choice. Granny and saroj discuss what are the boundaries of respect and self disgust. Granny asks if urmi shall be able to live after this. Saroj says that this is to be done for shaurya. Granny says that she shouldnt put ideas in urmi’s head, and urmi has found a family after a long time, and she cant let it go in vain. saroj gets frustrated that this means shaurya shall be dead. granny asks her to leave it on the lord. saroj is defiant, while granny says that this cant be. urmi hears all this. granny asks what if samrat hadnt been here, or had married someone else, what would they have done. Granny reminds that even if urmi can agree to this, killing herself, samrat and tani wont agree.

Scene 2:
Location: Restaurant
Tani and samrat come to a restaurant. He pretends to be tensed. She asks why is he wearing glasses inside. samrat takes them off, and shows that he is in tears, saying that he doesnt know what to do, and is in disgusting moral dilemma. He is frustrated while she is tensed. he apologises for just giving her pain and tension. She agrees and says that she is bearing all this for him only. She says that they should go for a movie, and he declines. Once he refuses for movie, she starts going berserk, asking if he is thinking of shaurya or urmi. he asks her to behave and not overreact. She asks why is he refusing then. he gives an excuse of it not being a good idea. she agrees and says that then they can go back to jhansi. he starts coughing startled and shocked. She says that she wants to live in peace, so that urmi doesnt bother him. he asks if she doesnt trust him. She asks him not to get her emotional. he tries to convince that he cant betray her at any cost, and asks how can he leave shaurya in this time of death, and that only he can burn his son’s funeral pyre. she gets convinced, but still eyes him tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini comes and finds urmi by shaurya’s bedside, with him asleep, on the doctor’s injection. she asks urmi if she thought of anything. urmi denies. damini says that she knows what she is going through, and in such a matter, its very difficult to reach and arrive at a decision, but she has to ventually, for the sake of shaurya, as she cant even imagine the pain she goes though, when she sees shaurya like this. She pretends to be shocked and horrified, that she hopes it isnt too late for shaurya. urmi says that she wont let it happen. damini asks her to face the truth and not run away, and they dont have much time. urmi gets berserk, and says that she would have to take this decision, for shaurya, and being a mother in law, she knows ishaan would be hurt by urmi’s decision, but as a mother, she is telling her that she should do whatever it takes, to save her child, by all means, and not hesitate. She says that if anything happens tomorrow, she wont be able to forgive herself. urmi is dazed and shocked.

meanwhile, ishaan gets a call fro, the doctor in new york, and hurriedly picks it up. The doctor too gives the same choice. Ishaan asks him to please suggest another option, as he can do everything he means. But the doctor says that only this is possible, and they should try it asap, since they dont have much time. he is disappointed and dejected. he collapses on the sofa, wondering what to do next. he stares into the moon, aimlessly, and urmi comes from behind, distraught herself, and calls out to him, asking if he called for her. He complies. Ishaan says that they got back the reports of the oncologists abroad. urmi hurriedly asks whats the matter, and if they assured him that their son shall be saved. he says that the doctor assured him. She asks what did they say. Ishaan says that they too suggested the same treatment that they have been told earlier, and that they dont have another choice or much time, and that she would have to sire another child. She is shocked. ishaan tells her that to save shaurya, she would have to give birth to samrat’s child, or else shaurya wont survive. urmi hears this in shock, and coallpses on the floor, much to ishaan’s horror. He asks her not to give up, and handle and compose herself, as she would have to this for thir shaurya, howsoever torturous this might be, as they cant let anything happen to shaurya. urmi hugs him in despair, screaming incoherently. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Damini meanwhile instigates samrat, that if he sires a child with urmi, then ishaan and urmi shall forever be separate. He appreciates her mind, inwardly thinking that she is handing him what he wants on a platter. She assures him that he should go then rightaway. He says that in order to help, tani would forever throw him out. She says that she wont let tani find out. He is excited. She thinks that urmi shall be out of ishaan’s life, and here from tani’s life, samrat and smiles evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OMG what kind of a lame-ass serial is this…!!!
    chalo maan liya ki tumko saala aur kahin se bonemaro nahi millega bus usske sibling se hi mil sakta hai…

    toh iss baat pe itna bada bawal kyon macha rahe ho kamino…you don’t have to have s*x to conceive…VICKY DONOR NAHI DEKHI KYA..!!

    1. Right rutu..

  2. i agree with u ruth but samrat is ka liya ready nahi hoga
    kuch bhi, bakwass scene kata hai
    ishan aur urmi li love story ko agay badna hinahi darahai hai

  3. Ri888..vicky donor wala trick sahi option hai..!!! Plz boar mat karo yar …plz

  4. I am usually a proud defender of this show….BUT it has really taken an idiotic turn. I refuse to watch until it starts to make sense again. I hope they don’t prolong this storyline too long because I would even stop reading the online written updates so I won’t even know that they changed the crappy storyline to start back watching. Writers I am so annoyed with you, just took my fav show and made it unrealistic crap!!!

    1. fan of the show

      It just shows how good the writer is that everyone hates samRat so much… think about it.

      1. That’s the good writing he has then. The show should have been called Samrat, the villain.

      2. fan of the show

        No one ever knows what will happen after the newly married daughter leaves from the wedding ceremony. (Doli Armaanon Ki) They pray that she’ll be lucky and have love in her life, but many are not surprised to learn that their daughter is getting abused. Some in-laws consider it a privilege to abuse the “OUTSIDER”.

  5. I have stopped watching this show. It’s really stupid now. Aur kitne complications daloge. Thoda to dimag use karo.

  6. honestly its not a fair decision…..y did d story continue like this???? Was going so well……damn u spoilt it!!!!

  7. yeh log kahin se ek surrogate ko nahi utha sakte hain kya..??.. ya koi test tube baby ka process nahi use kar sakte hain kya…. usse kisi ko kisi ke saath sone ki zaroorat bhi nahi…. makers sabhi viewers ko bewkoof bana rahe hain ya bewkoof samajhne ki galti kar rahe hain….

  8. Good evening to all my internet friends, I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy and blessed Easter Holidays.LOL

    1. Thanks. Happy Easter holiday

    2. Thanks,same to you ♥

  9. These writers are joking.I cannot believe that Damini will connive with Samrat to continue abusing Urmi emotionally like that.Damini is forgetting that she is not hurting her son’s life but also wrecking his marriage for life.I think the writers should now let her husband take another woman and sees how she will like it.Damini as a woman has no remorse and as a mother ,she is like a dog who eats back his own young pups.This woman does not know what she does ,is going to affect her daughter in the future and eventually it will wreck her own life all because of her selfish ways.Another thing in these stories the writers always put women to fight against another woman and then destroys them.The women are always portrayed as abusing their own women in this country.You will hardly see a script with men doing this foolishness.This is because these writers have no kind of respect for their women if not they will not be writing these stigmatized garbage and things that are not factual and also degrading.Urmi should take her child a go to New York for a better evaluation.I hate to write this but Damini and Samarat are like two hard lumps of shit that blocking the anal canal from performing its natural course of nature.That is who and what they are portrayed as.

  10. stupid twist!!!!! am done

  11. Please writers end this crap…..

  12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. No comment!!

  13. OMG so the doctor in America is just as stupid as the one in India lol i thought America would have been the best choice since they have so many cancer research hospitals…these writers are really taking us the viewers for a ride and not in a good way, i feel so stupid watching this knowing it’s all misleading information. I will not be watching this crap anymore until i see some changes

  14. come on doctors you are talking shit there is a medical procedure called artificial insemination so what bullshit you writers talking that urmi must let a beast like samrat with no feelings whatsoever lay upon her and have s*x no way this serial has tooooooooooooooo much flaws writers go back to your scripts and change them but please keep big long face murderer samrat away from urmi and to know even shauyra do not want him to touch him come on samrat you like money so sell the sperm bank your sperms and Ishaan and urmi will pay for it you wicked b*t*h of a husband

  15. fan of the show

    I bet the call from NY was NOT from NY at all. The doctor who gave the referral was part of the game, and so the referral was also bogus. I suspect everyone – even Anirudh gave in to agree to this marriage in a matter of about 2 minutes, it could have been him as well.

    I wonder if Ishaan will leave home if he finds out how conniving his mother and sister and sister-in-law are.

  16. I hope it’s fake and urmi finds out in time and save herself from that lump of sh__ _ t ,samrat

  17. In case Sam passed away tho kya karenge something stupid and from abroad no one will say like that .change the idiotic drama.

  18. Urmi is the brilliant one pls don’t destroy the females character.

  19. Oh god writers don’t let Urmi do this let her find out before she gives up her dignity to that monster..

  20. Bullshit

  21. I know that India has brilliant doctors. Some of them are working here in america so writer please dont insult them with your foolishness. Respect your doctors cause we do. Dont portray them as being backward. Maybe you should talk to one of your medical student even he or she will point out your foolishness. HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION??????? Oh!! my!!! my!!!! you should ask a doctor his opinion before continuing this story line it will give you a fair idea how to proceed with your story. All the best!!!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      If it’s really samRat doing all this, he probably bribed them to say stupid things to play along with him in his plans to torture Urmi and try to break up her marriage. It’s not the writer’s fault that samRat is so stupid and doesn’t know all the latest on artificial insemination etc. It’s probably just samRat doing his evil deeds, not that the doctors are stupid.

  22. Inshan you are the best husband in the world in dreams or reality love your role

    1. He really is.

  23. bharat patel

    In fact Shorya should be re-examined by another doctor wit all fresh blood test and other test and then they should be able to diagnosis the correct problem of illness. Here some one has played mischief with blood and other test and the same reports are if shown to other doctor then there is no point to have second opinion. All this is a plot created by Samrat and hence this report should not be relied upon. Story writer assumes that viewers are fool and hence not showing correct solution.

  24. The serial looks worst just dominating women for such abusing urmi struggles in her life and now she happy but the man who marries her first who teases and just using urmi

  25. I kindly request all women should not watch this stupid serial

    1. fan of the show

      Or maybe instead of not watching, we should help and support those who have been abused (women, men and/or children) instead of shunning them, or shutting them out of society, or worse, abusing them ourselves. The serial is not stupid, and we can learn from it.

  26. bakwas…..they think v accpt all d crap they shw us?????????????????????chi
    shame on them
    science and tech has grwn and neccesarily not what they thght shld only hapen
    use brains vch u dnt ,may b u might get some gud ideas…


  27. Everyone that I know have basically made the same comment about this show . I cannot believe that Ishan as an professional lawyer cannot see through the scheming of Samrat and his mother. I hope the truth is revealed and he takes Urmi and leaves the house. I hope Narajan helps Urmi to bring Samrat down and omprison him.

  28. I think that radha should be reintroduced with a child of samarat or Diwakar could supply the sperm for it to be done by artificial insemination. Writer I am more creative than you. Or is it possible that diwarka and his wife could conceive… A boy will definitely be an xy giving an increased Chance.

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