Doli Armaanon Ki 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Award Ceremoney
Shaurya makes his presence on the stage, while all cheerfully applaud him. Urmi gets highly emotional seeing him. he is handed the trophy, but he rejects it back, boggling his family, especially urmi. shaurya then takes the mike, and tells about the inception of Awaz News Channel, and how the reason behind its growth and the success is urmi’s principles and ideologies, that brought AWAZ to thiss pedestal. he says that he would like to receive this trophy from his mother, urmi Ishaant Sinha. His family loves the idea, while urmi is overwhelmed with emotions. She comes upto the stage, and as shaurya wished, urmi hands shaurya the trophy, congratulating him, and then points out how along with ishaan, one more person’s work has landed such a

huge success, and mentions for Diya tiwari’s presence on the stage, without whom the news channel and its stupendous success is incomplete. They all wait for Diya Tiwari’s arrival, but she doesnt.

Later, all congratulate shaurya for his success. Cheeku attends to a phone call tensedly. urmi asks about cheeku’s work, and shaurya says that he is learning fast, and would cope well soon. she is happy as gaurav was tensed for cheeku’s career. urmi asks why did diya not come. he says that she is highly unpredictable and reckless. she says that she is highly deserving and passionate. He agrees, but asks her not to praise her in front of her, as she then becomes gloating about her work. Cheeku comes and tells that diya took over the high profile case that some other correspondent was handed. Shaurya gets angry, while cheeku says that he shall check and asks him to relax. sdhaurya is angry but urmi asks him to let her do it. he says that its complicated and risky. urmi asks if its because she is a girl. he says that it isnt, as its impulsive and rash, as she goes to extremes trying to cover a story, and this being a high profile case, the stakes are higher. He says that he just wants her to be safe, and she assures him that diya would be fine. he leaves hastily to check on diya, when cheeku comes and tells that she isnt picking his phone. he says that he knows where diya must have gone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While urmi serves everyone sweets, all are happy that shaurya got this prestigious award. Alok points out that shaurya has urmi and ishaan’s principles reflected in him. urmi asks about damini and knows that she is in the room, waiting for ishaani. They talk about ishaani, and alok announces her arrival, just as she walks in, drenched. urmi comes in asking her to hurriedly change, but she jerks her hand away. She asks urmi not to do the drama of loving her. she says that if she feels that this drama shall make her a mother, then it wont happen. anirudh reprimands her for talking like this to her mother. She says that urmi isnt, as had she been, she wouldnt have taken away her father from her, as a mother does more than just giving birth to her child. urmi stands hurt. Anirudh asks her not to exaggerate, and stop blaming urmi for the past. Damini comes from above, in the balcony, asking who are they shushing. She steps down, saying that she is right, as any child cant forget that she didnt get the shadows of her father for one day, and only her mother is solely responsible for that, and such a mother cant be forgiven by any child. Anirudh is angry, and asks damini to stop punishing urmi for a mistake for 20 years, the one that she didn even commit. he asks her to let go. she asks why shouldnt she,. as she is merely stating the truth. he is distraught. ishaan rushes to damini, while urmi stands dejected, while damini continues saying that if ishaani doesnt have a father today, its due to urmi only. they find ishaani sneezing, and damini immediately asks her to go and change, while she gets tea for her. urmi turns her eyes away.

In his room, anirudh hears urmi talking about the pain that ishaani puts her through, after so many years, and how much she hates her for being the reason for her father’s death. she is in tears. Anirudh points out that ishaani isnt at fault, but damini’s wrong ideals and bringing up. He says that ishaani speaks damini’s words, and that her loss and her grief comes out in such a disastrous form, without realising that she is spoiling her granddaughter’s life. He asks her to have faith as one day she would understand. but she is resentful that ishaani has grown now, and would only hate her more with her senses. urmi says that even damini admits that she is at fault for ishaan’s death. Anirudh says that he tried too, but failed. he says that he cant see her pain now, and asks her to have faith in God, and his goodness. He says that time shall solve everything, and with time, ishaan’s bitterness shall end, and asks urmi to remain happy. urmi stands tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Outside a mansion, a girl supposedely Diya, gets up on one of the walls, and then tries to cut the wire mesh with pliers, when shaurya searching for her in his car, sees her and immediately stops and rushes to her, stopping her from doing so. She lands in his arms, while he glances at her angrily. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Damini continues to instigate ishaani, about missing her father every single second of her life, and how urmi is responsible for it solely. She says that urmi finished it all even before it started, as ishaani didnt get the chance for even a second’s interaction with her fatherr. Ishaani is convinced and disgusted at urmi. ishaan comments that this is the reason she hates urmi, and cant stand her, her face or her voice even. damini is sadistically satisfied.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Damini is acting like a b*t*h

    1. fan of the show

      Don’t insult female dogs… lol

  2. Program must pppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzllz end for gods sake

    1. fan of the show

      Yes. For instructions on how to change the channel, please see owner’s manual.

  3. see what I mean another bad individual damaini causing trouble to tell the truth this serial should have also ended when Ishaan died and the leap of twenty years was made it makes no sense carrying on this serial all the interesting characters have died so what is the use this new story line is total shit

    1. fan of the show

      Why do you post such hateful comments.

    2. Why d hell u ain’t stop watching these soaps….. Every god day u post negative comments…. Damn u…..

    3. Keen observer come down a notch a little bit and step back and reminisce about how the show started and what went on in the whole show and you will realize that the show is heading to the righjt direction.It may not be as you want it but the story is not the words you call it.I always argue about when something is not good but this is taking us some where if you wait for the story to mature.Research and see what happens to a child when the mother is stressed out and is disturbed. Research it and you may think differently.

  4. all these serials are portraying is pure hate and resentment in the public eye and that is not the message we want to send across in the world today there is so much hate out there already please writers for the sake of the children make these serials worthy of watching

    1. fan of the show

      Give the world your own positive message. That will be a good place to start.

      1. Oh yes positive thinking breathes positive behaviors.Negative thinking breathes negativityto the minds of human beings.

  5. Just end this series because the most good characters are out….. Surely its boring now

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi’s character is portraying that in spite of the rat, in spite of his mother, in spite of her father, in spite of her father’s mother, in spite of her second mother in law, in spite of her mother in law’s sister, in spite of her own daughter, in spite of being kidnapped, in spite of being beaten, in spite of being humiliated, in spite of being unloved, in spite of being shot, in spite of being in fires, in spite of being cheated on, etc. etc. etc. she still came through it all as a noble human being with a really big and generous heart. She is the most good character and she is not out.

      1. I do not believe that some people understands that .Therefore it was good for you to re-iterate those facts again.Great.

  6. fan of the show

    It gives me a knot in my stomach to see that Damn-mini has ruined Ishani. I had a hunch that she could not be turned around to being a nice person.

    1. I am so sorry I cannot see the show for myself but anyways I hope it last until I get back home.Damini is angry because Karma has returned a nasty hand to her.This is just revenge of the wicked.She is not realizing that whilst trying to hurt Urmi through her daughter she may lose her only grandchild.I think Her husband may throw her out when he finds out what she is doing.Urmi should remove that child from there for a while and take her to her mother’s house for a change of environment.

      1. fan of the show

        rosey, did you ever try reading the update, then watching the show on the internet? If you know the story, line you don’t have to know Hindi.

      2. The computer I am using does not give me the oportunity to watch the shows because of how it is installed.This is not my personal comp.

  7. I have stopped watching the show- and I just checked the update to see what is happening- I can see that Damini is now assuming the negative role-I agree with the other comments- if they had ended the show prior to the leap, it would have been more powerful and would have had a bigger impact! Now dragging it, is diluting the plott

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi is still the protagonist. I think Damini might be the antagonist. Good vs. evil.

  8. yesterday i watched the serial but now its no use watching this series highly disappointed from the producers,directors and the script writers now onwards i will just see the updates online about the serial if it becomes interesting later on i will start watching it again please bring samrat,ishan back to the serial its a humble request please….

  9. Ishaani is the return of Samrat, the serial will drag till she realize her mistakes and she will keep taunting Urmi. Its bored to see where Urmi is only person gets pain always. The director should have end the serial when the main characters left. I have stopped watching too and just read the written updates online.

  10. it is a strange thing the truth offends if the shoe fits wear it LOL

    1. fan of the show

      Start the day with inspiration.

      Live all day with positivity.

      End the day with gratitude.


      1. f many of us could do this the world will be a better place. lol,

  11. like I said before and will continue to say these serials are portraying way tooooooooo much hate and resentment and I am sure there are others who were brought up with good morals and values who would agree with what I say please for the sake of the children if not for you take a hard look and see what message all these serials are sending they all have the same message pure evil and that is why there is also good to over ride it thanks to that

    1. fan of the show

      Is there any other way to portray domestic violence and bring it to the awareness of the public? If you think they should change the subject and purpose of the show, then that’s another whole story. It should continue until the problem gets some action by concerned people.

      1. fan of the show

        And action should be more than bashiing the show online. End the violence. Help those who are stuck in it. Do something good with your energies.

      2. This was beautifully said.Let us all especially as women try hard to change the face of abuse by bringing the awareness to the public.Thisis what we should try to comment on to bring it to the open as the writers are trying to do.Please let us be more positive about it.

  12. oh oh sam the rat is back in ishaani ? didn’t, notice

  13. yes its true ishani is samrats female version haha

  14. just end it when there is no samrat……..

    1. fan of the show

      Yes, the rat was THE BEST bad guy. But not the only bad guy. There are plenty of baddies to take his place.

  15. yes without samrat the serial is empty i request the producer to end this serial or bring samrat back to the show.

  16. Have youll ever noticed that evil always that evil wins ans good always looses

    1. fan of the show

      Good and evil have been in battle for eons and eons. It is never ending. Make your self less evil and more good. Then good wins. Urmi won over all the evils she had in her life. She won, rat lost. She’s living, he’s dead. He has gone from living dead to dead dead.

      1. We must not forget that good and evil will war agaist each other until the world is ready to be taken back.Lucifer was created good until he was thrown out and he became evil.Urmi won all the trials she faced during that time and she will win again.

  17. yes its true it alwez happens even your right

  18. the serial went to the wrong pace i did not like the way ishan died as well as samrat and urmi left the show

  19. the serial went to the wrong pace with ishan urmi and samrat quitting the show

  20. Name frm ishaan + character of samrat = ishaani.i wonder how ishaan nd urmi got such a daughter…thank god shaurya is gng well 🙂

    1. fan of the show

      Because Damn-mini spoiled her by filling her ears with hatred for Urmi. She wants Urmi to lose Ishani like she lost Ishan. It’s just pure and evil revenge. Anirudh doesn’t get it.

  21. You are right fan of the show becoze remember damn-mini said she will destroy urmi ‘s children.Damini should be destroyed just like how sam – rat committed suicide..hahaha haha

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe Urmi will have to save Damini from death or something worse and Damini will turn grateful. Maybe pigs will fly and the earth will be full of good [eople.

  22. The older Shauraya is looking gorgeous,, as I knw her being Gunjun’s mother I like her persona, I’m looking fwd to seeing this new serial of Doli Armaano Ki!!!! All the Best!!!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      He;s a good actor so far = but he speaks too quickly. Can’t keep up with his dialogue.

  23. Omg,n Lol under which stone did they find this Ishaani????? U can see she is Naani’s granddaughter, so I see tat she is going to be the new Villian in this program!!!! She also looks a lot like Damini, pretty girl!!!okay looking fwd to the drama unfolding!!!!!! How can Damini brainwash a child to adult in such a way that she can’t stand her mother??? Not in reality!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      I wonder if Shaurya has tried to explain to Ishani the their mother is innocent.

      1. They may do that later into the show.

  24. fan of the show

    I noticed they put new Urmi on the pisture for this show – but the version they show us on TV still has the old two couples as the picture for the show.

  25. fan of the show

    I guess we’re not going to get today’s update anytime today. New show, same old problem.

    1. fan of the show

      Just think if we only get the update the day after, then when in comes the same day it will be early! And we’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy!

      1. fan of the show

        Just reset your expectations. LOL

  26. naf positive message yes that is why I am starting with you something is wrong with your ability to reason as far as I see

  27. thought I should let you know don’t. insult female dogs that is a true hateful comment so before find fault with others take the mote of your eye first because as far as I see only you could make hateful comments and it is ok bold

    1. Keen observer —understand the statement—one person said that Damini is a B—-.The other said do not insult a female dog.This is not hateful but a honest correction.If a female dog is like Damini then this dog is really wicked and bad and needs to be put away.Come on now.

  28. commentators remember these serials are just shows in this world they could never be realistic/surreal no way so cool yourselves down LOL

    1. This show is about things that happening in the real world.Abuse of all types do happen in this real world.I deal with these cases evryday of my life.Abuse is real.This serial may be a fiction but the gist of the story happens in real life and therefore it will be realistic to persons who are in this sad position.

  29. I really miss Samrat and Urmi……. they were the highlight of the soapie…….. now I hate to watch cos all the new characters are so boring………. bring Samrat back……..please

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