Doli Armaanon Ki 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A brief synopsis today:

Urmi and shaurya face a hard time from damini about diya staying there, but sandhya and anirudh support her. Damini asks how can diya stay here. urmi asks where shall diya stay then. damini says that this is her house, and not her volunteering NGO, that she gets anyone. damini points out that if diya stays here, then that would have repurcussions on ishaani too. She asks what if ishaani is insulted because of this, and who would want to marry ishaani after that. All are tensed including urmi. Diya looks at urmi, ditraught. Just then, karan comes andf assures that he shall come and take her in some days, but his mother doesnt approve, anmd he shall take sometime to get her around, to accepting diya after the incident. he leaves. shairua is at unrest and leaves after him to confront him. he gives shaurya the same sob story and then leaves. shaurya isnt convinced.

inside urmi takes diya to her room, and then gives her all the warmth and love that she can get.

Later, chiku comes and asks shaurya and urmi why wasnt he told before. Damini hears all this. they discuss whats the next plan and how get diya out of this tragic nightmare. she is snubbed asusual by damini regarding diya’s stay. she is furious when she gets to know that karan’s here too. urmi sends for diya and karan’s breakfast up in the room.

Upstairs, karan pretends that he is so guilty that he cant save diya from this. diya asks him not to blame himself. Rani coems with food. karan keeps assuring her that they shall go together and talk with diya’s parents. the screen frezes on his face.

Precap: From the bathroom, karan calls up someone and tells them to arrange all reporters within 45 minutes at diya’s house, as thats when he shows up with her. He thinks that the whole town shall see his face on every channel. He says that he should be able to extract some benefit out of this tragedy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Karan is a low life I swear

    1. U r absolutely right.he is not only a backless worm but also a heartless creature!!!!!!!!!!!hate u………..hope shaurya will rip him to pieces when he knows his publicity plans;-);-);-);-);-);-)

  2. Karan stoops so low. I haven’t seen such a creature. Very much worried abt diya’s wrong thinking tht karan I’d good

  3. Pathetic, Heartless, Egotistical, Bastard & Publicity Hungry Karan!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes! Karan is all of this and some.He is a money hungry,spineless worm.Whensomeone loves money and has that great love for it ,they will constantly look for ways to obtain more money and they do not care who get trampled on during the process.

  4. Karan is the Worrest I wish diya sees his real face some how before any further complication in her situation I hate him more than hated samrat

  5. Somebody tell me why Karan is allowed to stay there!?!??! Steups

  6. Stop this show yaar..if there is no story then they ll take leaps that’s y they killed ishaan… Bakwaas hey ye

  7. Another samrat

  8. fan of the show

    What a great story.

    Every test in our life makes us better or bitter,
    Every problem comes to make us or break us.
    The choice is ours whether we become a victor or a victim.

    1. Yes right fan of the show.

    2. Great words.

    3. Exactly ,the choice is ours to rise above victimisation.

  9. Please enough of woman abuse – stop this nonsense right now.

    1. Is the abuse of women is called nonsense now?

    2. Right, farida, there hundreds of thousands of people who want to stop abuse of women right now.

    3. Even we all want to stop the nonsenses who abuse women.

  10. we all know that karan is the worse how on earth he could leave diya to the hands of those three goons karan is so obsessed with his acting career I would not be surprise that he set up the who gang rape thing in order to get media attention any way he is not related to diya but what about her own flesh and blood her parents who did not supported and who close the door in her face and throw her out into the streets what type of behavior is this parents like that I surely would disown because they don’t deserve a daughter like diya

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