Doli Armaanon Ki 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s restaurant
Asha keeps ranting of her grief about Gaurav’s betrayal and infidelity to urmi, while she desperately asks her to calm down and have some trust on gaurav, as that shall bind the relation together. Asha retorts that she too had trusted samrat, then what she got, and reminds her of his infidelity and places gaurav in the same shoes. She says that urmi had left but she doesnt even have that choice, since she is illiterate. urmi says that she is wrongly comparing. She says that she remembers samrat but not ishaan, and asks how can she compare gaurav to samrat, and points out all the atrocities that gaurav didnt put her through, and she keeps denying it all. urmi asks her not to compare samrat to gaurav. Asha then smiles finally. urmi is tensed

still. They both walk on the road, where asha spots gaurav’s car and understands that he is around and gets excited. they notice him at the saree store. But then they find that he is seeing the secretary, choosing sarees. asha is apalled while urmi is boggled as to whats going on. urmi herself is shocked to see this. Asha confirms her worst fears, and asks urmi if she shall still defend her brother. Urmi stands speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s restaurant
Seeing tani nin the room, damini and sandhya get on with their preplanned motive. They ask if she is busy. tani says that she is just reading a magazine. damini says that they are cleaning all wardrobes, and putting napthalene balls. tani says that it isnt needed but they insist. she complies and gets to reading the magazine, while opening her almirah. they then ask her to open samrat’s wardrobe too. tani says that he doesnt like it, if anyone touches his stuff. damini however insist on cleanliness, and tani opens his wardrobe too, taking the keys from undder his pillow. They put napthalene balls, and then find that his locker is locked. tani asks if this can be avoided, as he keeps his personal stuff there. tani again says samrat wont like it. they keep insisting, saying that its for cleanliness only. tani finally gives in. Sandhya asks her to divert tani, while she takes the imprint. damini then gives the balls to tani, asking her to put it hserself in samrat’ wardrobe. sandhya gets the work done, and then they both walk out feeling victorious that they shall now have accesss to samrat’s locker. They are overjoyed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
samrat puts kiran at ease in his car, as he gives her a lift after the workout. He points out how their lives are incomplete, and how they have to find happiness in something or the other in life. She is tensed. He indirectly tries to point out, how being with her, makes him happy, but that doesnt mean he doesnt love his life, but just trying to pull himself out of the grief, through a reason. he asks her to keep searching for a reason to live on happily. Just then, he gets tani’s call, and gets tensed. she asks how can he take her car vwithout asking her first. He fumbles while she reprimands him. he fumbles again, while she asks him to come home straightaway. he asks if he can take sometime. He apologises. She says that its not a problem. He then helps her out, and gets her stuff too, and then again profusely apologises, while she keeps maintaining that its okay. he gets in and drives off. inside, he is frustrated and angry at tani’s dictatorship, as he drives back home.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is highly worried and tensed about gaurav’s behaviour, when ishaan walks in, and she says that she wanted to see him. he asks why isnt her phone going through, detailing that gaurav was trying her phone. she resigendly asks why was he calling her. He says that its gaurav and asha’s anniversary tomorrow, and he wanted to gift a saree, and hence wanted her opinion. She understands the huge misunderstanding. She clarifies it to ishaan, and explains the entire matter. Ishaan says that he doesnt believe this, and asks how could she mistrust gaurav. She says that she believed what she saw, aftewr being fed with asha’s insecurities. she apologises to herself, and then he asks her to call asha too and clarify. he says that asha must have been severely angry at gaurav by now. She thinks about doing it and then stops, saying that they have to get rid of this issue altogether. ishaan is boggled. She says that they shall have to find a solid way to remove these doubts and insecurities, and they shall have to strengthen their relationship, by only love, eliminating all misunderstandings. She looks at ishaan and smiels. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Samrat gets a distraught kiran’s call, asking him if he can come rightaway to meet her as she got into another fight with her husband and is feeling very lonely. he is tensed but complies neverthelss, saying that he shall meet and pick her up at Lokhandwala Circle. urmi hears this from a distance and is boggled. samrat rushes down to ask tani for her car keys for an emergency. She asks whats the matter. He says that a friend from Jhansi, has met with an accident. urmi comes and points out that he was just talking to someone saying that he shall pick up at lokhandwala circle, and asks where exactly is he going. samrat is shocked and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samrat, mother, Tani is so lame!!!! As for Gaurav an his wife??? Looking at tat Secretary waring such short skirts I think he mite b havin an affair (father like son) !!! Wit Secretary an his wife is correct. Dark horse that Gaurav.

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, short skirts may be an attempt to distract men, but why is it that women’s dress must be “appropriate” – why can’t they wear whatever they like?

      Because of men acting like panting dogs. So, if women don’t want doggy responses, then they should not dress to attract it. This means women get blamed for what they wear, not the men for what they think and act out. Another injustice.

      So women’s dress is ruled by men’s reactions to it. They can’t wear whatever they like, because it attracts unfavorable behaviour.

    2. fan of the show

      Some men even require women to cover up EVERYTHING. Even their eyes – they must peer out from behind a little screen sewn into their clothes. Don’t you think that’s totally unjust, that men get to decide what women should wear? (Maybe women should insist on something that gives men an electrical jolt every time they have a lustful thought.)

  2. I remembered in the beginning Gaurav did not love Asha .Asha knows this and is very insecure about herself and she feels limited in certain aspects of her life,therefore these things when done by her husband ,if she does not understand what the truth is Asha will blow it out of proportion.Tani is the right woman for Samrat.She will have him in subjection.I cannot wait to see this.Samrat is so full of it that he thinks he is playing a game but that game will be his downfall.Urmi knows him well and is keeping an eye on him all the time.This other lady may also be a set up to bring him down.Who knows if is the lawyer’s plan.Anyway what ever it is Samrat must come down from that pedestal.He is too evil and abusive with all the add on on his behind that he is tagging along with.The Rat must be caught with the cheese in his mouth.

  3. Samrat have to win

  4. I think kiran is one of the urmi n ishaan plan to make him down..but as usual..when samrat almost caught..he must be the made to trapped him….i want to c him totally down if can…impatience mood..

  5. come on writers you are jumping from one script to the next as usual we can do without samrath wining all the time with his manipulation and lies with women it is about time samrat pay for his evil deeds writers it is about time you get rid of samrath once and for all this storyline that you are creating with samrath and the young girl from the gyn is total shit other storyline have not ended yet you jump to another one making samrath look like a macho man this we do not need end this damn serial urmi and Ishaan have gotten married shauyra is well so now the serial could end happy by letting tani find out what samrath is up toooooo and let damini find the paper she signed and destroy it and as for samraths mother send her packing back to Jhansi and let the police take samrath and throw his ass in jail and this would be a good way to end this serial

  6. I know trust is very important in a relationship but why Gaurav take is secretary Saree shopping for his wife when he could simply take Urmi plus Urmi knows what Asha like…Asha maybe innocent but she has a point from you love your spouse, partner etc jealousy is a must even God himself say he’s a jealous God so what do you expect from a feeble human being like us, look what the secretary is wearing to those short mini skirt like she is trying to attract Gaurav maybe he’s innocent in all this but it isn’t a good look going out with your secretary like that cause if i should see my spouse in a store like that what could he possible explain to me

  7. Oh i miss out the part where Gaurav was trying to get through to Urmi didn’t see it

    1. fan of the show

      So Gaurav is “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” He’s bad for taking advice from his secretary, or he’s bad for gifting his wife something she may not like on their anniversary.

      However, since he knows his wife is a dingbat, and that she’s already suspicious (when he was out late getting medicine) he should not put himself in a compromising situation – he could have made sure to have a third party present, or he could have risked getting her something that she did not like. There are many choices that could have avoided the misunderstanding.

  8. I do not worry about samrat he is and ass hole.i just want urmi and ishaan to start a family.

    1. fan of the show

      I would not want to bring chidtren into the family until there is a less stressful environment for them to grow in. Would you want to see new children exposed to inter-family bickering, revenge, misbehavior? Won’t they learn that that’s what family likfe is about? Nope, not me, I wouldn’t do it.

  9. Love Urmi & Ishaan Samrat is handsome but not a nice role at all

  10. fan of the show

    It’s good there is a story line about doubting your spouse because now both possibilities are being exposed: doubting a faithful partner, (Asha and Gaurav) and not doubting an unfaithful partner (Tani and sam the rat.) Both are illustrating a couple of forms of domestic violence that exist and eventually lead to disharmony and breakup of the marriage.

    1. thank you” this is exactly how to watch a show. some may find this serial boring, but they are portraying trust and mistrust between partners

    2. There are certain boundaries a boss should not cross with his secretary or even workers.When a man or a woman is married and you carry the load of headship you have to draw a line when coming to work place relationship.Gaurav is married therefore he should not be out shopping with his secretary for his wife.He could have asked her to go and get it all by herself or ask Urmi to go with him or even his mother.You never know who is looking and what the human mind can transfer.

  11. fan of the show

    It’s also good that they are portraying how lowlifes (sam the rat) prey upon women – including married women – and consider them fair game for another notch on their s*xual-conquest-belt. Women should beware of men who start being overly friendly and sympathetic, looking for s*xual favors.

    1. Fan—This is why a woman should never discuss her marital problems with a man and a man with a woman except this is through legal interventions.When one put himself/herself out there to expose their problems to someone especially to an unknown person you are heading for trouble.All your weakness is exposed and could be used to con you.This is what you called insensitive manipulation.This is what Samrat is doing.He is using reverse psychology.

  12. fan of the show

    It’s also good they are showing through Damani and Sandhya and the mothball ruse, how people in your own household try to sabotage you through deception, theft, connivance, and heartlessness. It’s showing not be stupidly allowing (Tani) others to manipulate you into doing things you are not comfortable doing (allowing them into someone else’s or even your own private space and showing off where you keep your keys).

    1. This behavior does not happen in India alone because I have dealt with people who have gone through this same type of sabotage and deception with their own siblings.My chain of thought is whilst those two were busy trying to damage Urmi did they not thought the table was going to turn sometime around.Lesson learned is when you are pointing a finger at some one remember one is pointing back at you..Do not encourage evil.

      1. fan of the show

        Right. Three fingers are pointing back at you.

  13. fan of the show

    There are lots of good lessons in this serial. Now that Urmi is determined to help Asha stop suspecting Gaurav, I’m sure they will make some kind of lesson about that, especially if it backfires.

    1. Yes Fan—For those who was following this show for a long time and with a deep sense of passion will understand or learn that there are many lessons learned especially abuse.Asha ,I believe will start her usual acting but I love her still.

  14. trust is very crucial in marriage

    1. Very important or you can kiss your marriage or relationship goodbye.

  15. Never looked at this current storyline in the different ways discussed above. I do have to admit if you’re looking this way there’s scope to the story. Let’s be honest, we all want to see romance btn Ishaan & Urmi but they can’t be romancing everytime they’re on-screen, something else needs to happen. Also, it looks like they’re not being fast enough with getting Samrat caught but they have to build up this story too – what happen for him to end up in this situation. So, good going to the team.

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