Doli Armaanon Ki 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi court
ishaan comes to the court, searching for urmi’s lawyer and then gets to know the fraud that urmi’s lawyer pulled on her. He is tensed and shocked. He wonders if urmi knows that her lawyer is a fraud, and that she doesnt have a lawyer tomorrow for her hearing.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The inspector comes with the jeweller,
Aditi is super tensed when the investigation begins. Samrat asks the jeweller to investigate amongst these family members, and he says that itsnone of them. Aditi is highly tensed. Finally, Aditi shows him amrit’s pic in the mobile, and the jeweller is shocked, and says that this indeed was the man. All are shocked,as to whose pic is aditi showing. Samrat snatches the

phone, and is shocked to find that its amrit. the inspector asks who is it. Samrat is tensed to answer. The inspector assures that they shall find him, and asks him to send all the details. The police leaves. all look at aditi reprimandingly. Samrat asks her how she knows amrit could be behind this. aditi breaks down saying that she gave the jewellery to amrit. She breaks down saying that she made a huge mistake. Shashi asks the reason. Aditi tells what amrit did to her, saying that she didnt know about his betrayal. Samrat is super frustrated as to why she kept contact with amrit, and she breaks down saying that she is pregnant with his child. All are shocked. Shashi says that she went herself for her abortion. Aditi says that she didnt get an abortion as she didnt want to lose it, and that she thought she would settle again, and hence carried her child. she says that she didnt know he would do this. He slaps her tight, and shefalls on the floor, screaming incoherently. All are tensed. Aditi begs for forgiveness. Samrat asks her to get out of her house, right this minute. Aditi screams for forgiveness, while all are shocked at what she is doing. Samrat takes her by the hand, and is about to throw her out, when aditi begs for desperation. But samrat tells shashi that she would be thrown out too, if she sides with aditi. shashi refrains. Samrat throws her out, while she begs about her condition. samrat says that from this moment on, she is dead for all of them. He slams the door shut on her face, while she keeps beating the door profusely.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
While urmi is working on her case ishaan comes and she is surprised. She asks if he wants anything. He says that she should remember that her first hearing is tomorrow, and her lawyer turned out to be a fraud. He says that at the last minute, no lawyer shall fight her case. she says that she knows. He again speaks that the first hearing is tomorrow, and that she doesnt have a lawyer. she says that she has decided to fight her own case, for the sake of her child. ishaan asks if she is mad, and thinks that this is easy, as it isnt an easy legal procedure. She says that she knows this can be done. Ishaan says that she would be defeated in a minute, by samrat’s lawyer. she says that she is aware, but she cant risk anything for her child. He says that the court works on assertions and not emotions, but urmi asks him not to scare her, as she knows its going to be difficult, but she would leave no stone unturned, to get her child’s custody. He asks why is she taking it lightly. she says that she isnt as its a matter of life and death. He asks her to let him handle the case, as this is what he does. She cuts him short, saying that she doesnt want anymore insinuations by him fighting for her, and she would handle herself, and asks him not to be bothered. She leaves, while he stands tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Jhansi Court
Tiwari asks her to think again, at her descision of nopt keeping a lawyer. urmi says that she did keep one, but its not her fault, he turned out to be a fraud. Tiwari ji asks her to forget the past, and get ishaan as a lawyer. urmi says that she knows she is very scared, as she doesnt know how she would manage, and that she has left everything on the lord, as whatever shall happen will be for the good. Tiwari ji gives her water to calm down. urmi drinks water. Niranjan comes with samrat, and Samrat shows him, urmi and niranjan comments that she is a beauty, and keeping the case aside, he would comment, that if he didnt keep her, its his loss, as he wasnt able to identify the true worth of her beauty, and didnt manage to care for her. samrat waives off his comment, saying that her beauty is only superficial, as he has ruined her enough long back. They have a hearty laugh. They both come to urmi. Samrat taunts urmi, as to where is Ishaan, her lover, her lawyer. Niranjan too asks about her lawyer. samrat starts taunting that it must be ishaan, as she saved every penny, as her lover is her lawyer. samrat asks her to come ahead with her lawyer, as niranjan wants to meet ishaan. Urmi says that noone is fighting for her, not even ishaan. niranjan tauntingly asks who shall fight then, and she says that she herself shall fight for the case. Samrat and niranjan are shocked, but then break into a guffaw. samrat says that he is an idiot to get niranjan to fight, and niranjan too is amused. they both taunt urmi, while she asks them to get lost if their rubbish is over. samrat asks niranjan to get sweets, as this is a sure win. Niranjan also tells urmi, that she would be out in the first innings itself. Samrat says that ishaan is strategically not coming, as then the world shall kow of their illicit and illegitimate affair. niranjan starts discussing party venues for the celebration in the evening, for fighting the case. they storm inside, teasing urmi.

As the court hearing begins, the judge asks samrat to identify his lawyer, and Niranjan stands up. He then turns to urmi, and asks her the same, and asks her to identify her lawyer. Samrat and niranjan smile, as urmi stands speechless. ishaant comes in saying, that he is handling her case. urmi is shocked, while samrat and niranjan are tensed. He apologises for the delay and says that he shall fight the case. The screen freezes on ishaan’s, samrat’s and urmi’s face.

Precap: Niranjan says that the child ishaan is talking about, is in fact samrat’s five year old child, shaurya whose custody samrat is demanding. urmi is tensed. He points out that the child on a maximum priority needs development and a good upbringing, and samrat, with his well off means can provide for that. samrat sits smiling, whil urmi and ishaan are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Urmi will win hands down otherwise ths story going to the dogs

  2. Sid don’t count on it,this is Indian series good things don’t happen easily.

  3. I cannot understand why ishann and urmi are tensed and he ishan suppose to be an A class lawyer common the way they are tensed it is best urmi fight her case for herself with the amount of ill treatment urmi encountered with samrath that case should be a win win for her especially that last stunt he pulled off in the elevator chloroforming her and injection her with a drug to lose the baby I do not know since when he became a doctor I say that samrath is really crazy he will kill for his own gain I say again throw his ass in jail and throw away the key.

  4. i will laugh my heart out the day Samrat will be exposed

  5. In no court of law on this part of this free world can any man behave like this to a woman and is free.Money or no money no one is above the law, not even to taunt some one in court.this script is bolongne to the highest.

    1. fan of the show

      This is happening outside the court of law right up to this point, and yes, sorry to say, it happens all the time outside of court.The fact that you may not have seen it does not mean that it does not happen. Do you read the papers at all?

  6. Its not that easy but Samrat will loose the case eventually.

  7. Yes Samrat will fall flat on his face so the last laugh is on him. Let’s hope the writers doesn’t drag this on. I wonder if Aditi will move in with Urmi and serve as a witness to further destroy Samrat.

  8. It’s an Indian serial and these writer’s only have evil thoughts…so of course samrat will win. They will wait and give only one day when the serial is about to end to have anything good happen for urmi. They don’t even know how to write a story with any goodness in it.

    1. fan of the show

      So I guess you don’t see the point of publicizing on tv all the injustices that are going on outside the tv studio? The point of how easily we judge divorced women without knowing how much they have endured? The point of how little help there really is for women who are in desparate trouble?
      What could be gooder than that?

  9. It’s a serial, a play after all said & done.

  10. fan of the show

    I wonder how the error of Ishan’s name on Urmi’s hospital record will hold up in court.

  11. Not valid since he didn’t write his name nor was he aware of his name written in this manner

  12. I like this serial & forum. Now the court is in session, as such everything is debatable even here!! Me likey!!

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