Doli Armaanon Ki 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan helps urmi sit down, and is jubiliant, while she is tensed for james arrival in the house. he asks her to focus in herself, rather than rogues like him, as he doesnt want his son to even have a mention of such names. He says that he wants a child just like her. She smiles. They romance and then thank each other, for this wonderful addition to their lives.

Samrat enters the room, highly upset, thinking about ways to get 1 crore for james. Tani reprimands him for not even bothering to mention or find out why her mood is upset. He is frustrated but puts a smiling face and asks whats the matter. she cribs that he didnt notice that she was upset, as urmi is going to be a mother. He asks whats the problem. before she can elaborate, rani

comes and says that anirudh has called for all of them downstairs immediately. They resignedly rush down.

Downstairs, anirudh has lots of toys, for the baby, and ishaan and urmi lovingly adore them. He jubiliantly exclaims that he is so happy, that he plans to have a special room for the child, that he shall design. all comply. burt damini surprises them sayiung that she has an issue. all are amused, that she being a grandmother should have a say in the decor of the room too. all smile, while tani and shashi, along with samrat fume. tani finally yanks damini and asks how can she be so double faced, and partial. They ask her to watch her tongue, but she slams them shut, saying that damini has been persistently asking and making her adopt contraceptive methods, while she is so happy that urmi is becoming a mother. Damini tries to say that its because she is too small, but tani says that its all a lie. they try to reprimand and make tani understand but she is beyond reprieve, as she continues to holler accusations against urmi and damini. She stands shocked. Shashi and samrat too take their turns in instigating tani all the more. With a huff, all three leave from there, while all others are tensed, about tani’s overreaction.

Later, in the night, ishaan comes out of the bathroom, and finds urmi tensed, and when he asks he finds that she is again tensed for james. she is sure that samrat wont be able to arrange the money, and that james would come aned expose him in front of tani, and finish his game once and for all. He asks her to take care of hsrelf, and not think about james. she says that nothing shall happen to her, when he is here. She says that as it is, soon everything shall be alright, when samrat is out of the house and tani’s life too.

Meanwhile, Samrat comes to tani, and faces her curtly, with paper in his hands. She asks whats the matterr, and what are these papers. She gets to know that its divorce papers and is shocked. He says that now their relation is over. She asks if he has gone mad, and asks how could he sign it. he says that he has now lost all hope, as she doesnt have faith in him now. she asks what has she done. he says that he is waiting for good news, and that she is taking pill, without his knowledge, and this indicates her distrust on him. he pretends to be super angry at her. he says that he is tensed, as he doesnt have anyone’s support, and feels that the cause of his life are lost now. Tani says that she cant give him a divorce. he asks why. she says that she is shocked that her mother could do this, and knows that noone loves her except him. samrat thinks that his acting is working, and that this is the right time to strike the iron. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: The next mrning, samrat sees that the drawing room is getting prepared, and when he enquires about it, he gets to know that ishaan’s high profile client, Mr and Mrs. Vikram Singhania are expected. remembering kiran, he immediately gets unnerved, and spills his coffee, that attaracts everyone’s attention, boggled by his reaction. he hastily tries to get out, saying that he remembered a work, but just then, he hears them being announced as they come in. he braces himself, and turns around to find that it isnt kiran beside Vikram. He goes through his meetings wioth krian, and wonders how is this possible, as this isnt kiran, standing beside vikram. he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. AmandaS

    First and foremost, thank you Rimjhim for coming back. I don’t know what happened that made you leave us but I hope it was not bad.

  2. aakash

    M like wow now its on track
    I guess that james nd kiran wouild be husband wife or crime partners
    Who have trapped samrat in his own games very badly .

  3. nadiramoha

    Love it now rhat he will gwt exposed by james and urmi will win and samrat will be flushed down the toilet

  4. AmandaS

    So, Kiran is not Vikrams’ wife. She duped Samrat! Yay!! This leap is coming in too fast, still want to see Samrat paying for his deeds.

      • AmandaS

        He needs to lose something important to him. He needs to know it is because of his bad deeds that he lost that thing. Unfortunately I don’t know what’s important to him. Now he’s being threatened only but he still has the comfy life with his wife who believes him. He needs to lose. Remember the last time ‘he lost because of Urmi’ that’s what he says. Now, he needs to know he’s solely responsible and can’t shift the blame to anyone else.

      • fan of the show

        His comfy life?
        His looks?
        His eyesight?
        His speech?
        His freedom?
        His mobility?
        His life?

  5. come on writers this serial is going to slow and it is like you are fighting for a new script everytime please this serial needs to come to an end toooooooooooo may shitty storylines that just is not making sense and toooooooo much straying from the real problems in the story and going unto petty happenings in the story the serial needs to end and please do not let anything happen to urmi in the process let the show have a happy ending urmi Ishaan shauyra and the new baby urmi is carrying

    • fan of the show

      Gloria, Gloria, G;oria, you should be happy now – the rat’s getting his payback since the last couple of weeks. It is coming to a break not an end. There will be a 20-year leap forward next month, and Urmi and Ishaan will be out of it, and the rat is playing Shaurya at age 28, It will seem like a whole new show. Cheer up a little.

  6. this serial is so transparent I could have told that kiran and james were together because from the instance she was raped and did not report it to the police because of samrats suggestion I knew something was fishy lets see what happens now that this is in the open

    • fan of the show

      I never believed she was actually raped – I thought it was just to put pressure on the rat, another form of emotional blackmail, which he himself used on others throughout the whole story.

  7. unknown.

    Urmi must have a girl.
    Who agrees with me??

    Kiran is with James and I just want samrat to be exposed.
    I think Damini will start liking Urmi. yay!!!!!

    • rudra

      I do?, wanna c how Ishaan gonna care that lil baby gal. Hope none mess up with Urmi’ pregnancy this time.. thanks to james for keeping the Rat hooked n held his brain wit 1crore blackmail.

  8. raeesah

    I jst knew that this was gonna happen. Anyways isn’t this story is from the english hollywood movie,”Derailed”. Lol I was wondering where the fake kiran fitted in the story. But I’m sure she is with james although I could be wrong. Only time will tell…;)

    • fan of the show

      Unless there are more than one Vikram Singhanias who are wealthy business men, Kiran was lying to the rat all the way through, starting at the gym, carrying over to the hotel, and now when she says she can’t help the rat, and still loves her husband. Maybe she and James were hired by Damini, cuz James knows Damini.

  9. rudra

    Why does Urmi reacts bluntly wen Ishaan showers wit all love care affection concern, she manages wit jus a formal smile, it wud b much better if they make script involving impressive emotions where Urmi return the same kinda love towards Ishaan, why dont they show scenes frm past making her mental comparison of how Samrat treated her to that of Ishaan, writers shd make it vry clear dat the title serves its purpose finally,lik Urmi getting al she deserves n desires. The way Ishaan caress her is so feather light, he handles her lik tender doll, the respect he shows proves him to be a perfect Gentleman.

    • fan of the show

      I would guess that before marriage, she was all starry-eyed and hoping to be happy ever after, and got badly betrayed when her husband was rat the jerk, who had no respect, no love, a little lust, and lots of chauvinistic egotistic bombastic behavior.

      After beating her badly, it took a lot of tiime before she could even stand to be with him again because while he was recovering from getting badly beaten himself, he fooled her into thinking he loved her whie he was using her to serve him hand and foot while he regained the ability to walk, That’s when she got pregnant with her second child, which he later murdered.

      So, after six years it finally came out that Ishaan wanted to marry her, which she resisted, I think out of fear for her past horrible experiences. I think it wasn’t until her mother told her she should forget her past and let things happen between them that she finally slept with Ishaan, and got pregnant again.

      So that’s my theory why she is still so slow to respond to affection.

  10. fan of the show

    So what’s with the rat and divorce? Does he want Tani to let him go forever? Does he want to take Tani with him and try to run and hide from James? Is he just trying to get her support for him a lot stronger? Is it to blackmail her into giving him the money James wants? What’s up?

  11. Jacobzuma

    I think kiran and james are a rogue couple who thrive on trapping rats like samraat, when Tani was attacking damini about tricking her into not falling pregnant, that’s when ishan and urmi shudve exposed samraat the bush rat in front of Tani about his infidelities and about giving shaurya, his own son scheduled painkillers which is meant for adults only, so imagine what he’ll end up doing to tani’s baby for his own monetary gains

  12. ragini

    when people have to do something they wont.they sit for subh muhorath vch wil b dn samrat’s time

    so act wisely

  13. soraya

    urmi mist show lots of love for ishaan now .please let urmi and ishaan and shuriya have a good respectable life .

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