Doli Armaanon Ki 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
After her medical checkup, urmi tells diya to get back home asap, and try and retrieve her clothes, as if she can, it would be immensely helpful. they are reminded of her family’s hostility and anger towards diya’s decision to go public, but diya says that they are her family, and are angry maybe, but they shall come around definitely. they decide to be with her, when she geos to the house. They leave the hospital. As they step outside, they are suddenly jolted by loads of reporters and camera flashes, that directly ask diya questionsd about her ganagrape. she is horrified, and shocked, taken offguard, and is distraught and apalled. the reporters throng her with questions, while she turns away. shaurya and urmi cover up for her, and asks the reporters

to have some sense of respect and humanity to be sensitive to the victim. urmi says that they have filed an FIr, and they should go to the police station for all the info. they also talk to diya about the fiancee who is absconding since then. They rush from there, but the reporters keep having a mayday at this media byte.

Scene 2:
Location: Awaz’s office
Chiku handles the office and the newspaper’s dealings in shaurya’s absence, when a reporter comes and asks chiku if he hears the latest news about diya. He is shocked and tensed at the same time, and asks what he means. Chiku is shocked to know that diya has been gangraped. The employees start talking. Chiku rubbishes it off as nonsense, or a cheap publicity stunt, saying that this cant happen. chiku gets a call, as people start asking about their employee’s diya’s gangrape. He is too stunned to react.

Scene 3:
Location: Diya’s residence
Diya’s family is ready to move out asap. They are all packing and arranging stuff, trying to find if they can leave tonight only, if possible. As diya along with shaurya and urmi enters, her brother stops her right there. diya goes to her mother, but her father stops her right there. She is tensed, as she addresses him as father, but he says that he is dead to her, and reminds what they had warned, and ask her to go just like she went. Diya asks whats she saying. urmi asks how can they do this to their own daughter. Nirmasla says that she insulted and humiliated. urmi says that diya isnt at fault, and is just fighting for justice. Nirmala asks them to stop this lecture, and blames shaurya and urmi, for instigating diya against her own family. diya asks her not to taalk like this to urmi. urmi again tries to advise them to suuport their daughter, and not think about the society as she wont be able to do this without them. devesh says that she has always done what she wanted, but they wont put with her nonsense anymore. He hollers at her to get out. They are all tensed. diya goes to devesh, but her father says that its no use now. He says that they have ended all relations with her, and that she is dead to them, and infact she should have died that night, as they would have done the customary rights of the death and then moved on. urmi and shaurya are shocked. Her father asks them all to get lost. As diya’s family behaves hostile, Diya breaks down asking rather begging them to aloow her inside, as they are her family, and where else would she go. Her father says that she should have thought of that, before walking out hand in hand with someone, despite them telling her not to, and that now she should go and stay there itself. devesh asks her to leave and never show her face again. Diya screams distraught. They slam the door shut on her face. shaurya and urmi are angry but support diya.

Scene 4:
Location: Karan’s residence
Karan is practising his poetic, romantic lines, when his mother comes in concerned about diya. She asks him to go and meet once, but he isnt interested. She says that if he has decided then he should have the guts to stand by it, and that he should either return the ring, or else she shall go and do so. He callously says that she is more concerned for them, rather than her son’s acting career. karan asks his mother to return their engagement ring, while taking off his own too, pointing that the one they gave was solid gold, and hence she should get it back. His mother is ashamed of his son’s callousness and indifference. he asks her not to waste his time, and let him learn the script and get lost. His mother notices the news on the channel, where karan too learns about the reporters take on it.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Anirudh and his family are shocked to hear the same news, and are ouraged as to how could this have happened to her, as they all recognise diya. Anirudh goes to place a call, when the maid announces that urmi has come. Later, as urmi steps inside the house, while the entire family waits, Anirudh asks whats all this, thats being shown in the news. urmi turns around and anirudh follows his gaze, to find shaurya coming in with diya. They are shocked to see diya’s condition, while she stands with her head hung low, held by shaurya firmly. Anirudh is apalled. his family is unable to believe this. anirudh makes her sit down. Damini asks diya is she is okay. Ishaani asks the maid to get water for everyone. shaurya gets to know from anirudh that diya wasnt named. He is angry at the dirty journalism. ishaani expresses her grief at what happened with diya, and then gives her water. she asks the maid to bring tea. Damini tries to ask how this happened. anirudh too hesitatingly says that this cant be undone, but with time, all shall be right. He asks urmi if the police complaint has been filed. urmi gives him the entire update, and tells why the complaint got delayed. damini asks why diya’s family wasnt there. Shaurya tells them about diya’s family’s reaction towards all this. urmi’s family is shocked to know this, as shaurya explains why they deserted diya in this time. anirudh however stands by diya. Damini asks shaurya if he forced diya to complain. He says that this was entirely diya’s decision and he merely supprted her. They applaud shaurya and urmi, and solicit their support for her. Damini asks urmi why is she taking her around like this, in such a condition, as she should be in her house, resting, which she needs the most. shaurya explains how diya’s family didnt allow her to get inside the house. Anirudh comforts diya that they too shall come along. urmi explains what happened after they went to the house, from the hospital. they are all shocked. Hence, urmi says that they got diya here with them only. Damini asks what she means. urmi says that from this day forth, diya shall stay here. damini and ishaani are taken aback, as they dont like it. the screen freezes on damini’s shocked face.

Precap: Damini asks how can diya stay here. urmi asks where shall diya stay then. damini says that this is her house, and not her volunteering NGO, that she gets anyone. damini points out that if diya stays here, then that would have repurcussions on ishaani too. She asks what if ishaani is insulted because of this, and who would want to marry ishaani after that. All are tensed including urmi. Diya looks at urmi, ditraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow so amazing episod love it though it’s sad episode

    1. fan of the show

      Story is good – Urmi and Shaurya good – Diya good – Damini good villain – Anirudh good

  2. Well done for showing us the reality of what woman hav to go thru wen they ar raped, police treat them as if the ar the guilty party, show no sympathy towards the rape victim. How horrid even the nurses hav no respect an they ar woman ??? Yes, so ther4 woman think twice about reporting rape cases, what injustice, the police who ar suppose to serve an protect !!!!!!!!! Ar letting their own ppl down. Unbelievable??????? Diya doing a great job , pls be strong and show ur strength, and bring those rapist to book, ppl like them shud hav their p*nis cut off !!!!!! So they never able to rape another woman again!!!!! It shud also teach other men to think twice before doing the disgusting deed!!!!!!!!!!! THAT wud my solution to the rape problem in India an all ova the world , mayb in 2025 our future generation will be more intelligent to impose this ruling LOL

  3. where are all the real human beings these days and I mean those with a conscience and empathy for others my gosh it is pure hate and they acting normal wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. So nice of urmi n shaurya to take in diya but i think they need to get karan n ask him about sat nite 2 since he was there n set it up

  5. A very good episode – reality I should say. Love it.

  6. Dhanna Sarjoo

    This is really how it is in India when a woman a raped.. but people should realise that it s not the woman fault, she didn’t asked to be raped.. the law in India should stricker what this s concerned. The rapers needs to be punished.

  7. Damini can only be classed as a monster roaming and lurking looking of someway to hurt someone. Anirudh being the gentlemen he is should put her in her place in no uncertain terms. WITCH

    1. fan of the show

      Anirudh should repeat what he said before in private to Damini again. Urmi is bahu, house belongs to her.

      1. fan of the show

        So is there no chance to get the clothes Diya wore? Search the trash or something?

      2. Damini is so closed minded that I cannot describe her in real life.Sometimes these self absorbed women behaves that they are so pure when they get married to a man who has wealth that they become so repugnant like a bug repellant. It makes one cannot stand their behavior.They sometimes forget who they were before they become what they are now .This is the behavior of Damini.Urmi really has a right to stand up firmly and let her know that Diya will remain or she leaves and if Ishaani wants to leave she also can walk. Foolish woman.with no qualifying brains. Just useless.

      3. Did they give any information that the mother threw her things out in the trash? If they did even though it is found in the trash among other things it will be cross contaminated.If there is blood on the clothing it may be tested but if it is for body fluid then it may be ruined by contamination.Can she not identify any of the rapist or find the vehicle.then they may fing hair or something to show as evidence. This is sad.

      4. fan of the show

        No, there is no further info on what happened to Diya’s clothing – her relatives would not let her stay in the house – they insulted her, re-disowned her, threw her out, and told her to never come back. BUT they are leaving the house soon, so she may be able to get back in and find her stuff.

  8. Is rape a infectious disease inthat if Diya stays at the house it will affect Ishaani from getting married.This is absurd.Ishaani is already a disease by herself from the self infectious absurdity that was infected by her own grandmother—Damini.Her behavior is so repugnant to her mother that in my culture no man will want to marry any woman who is so nasty to her mother.

  9. Women have to understand that the reality today is that women are breaking out of the shackles of cultural discrimination and coming out in large numbers from middle class living to work as professionals in diverse areas of the work places.What is portrayed sometimes in these serials are not realistic about how women of India are.They do have women with greta educational skills and holding great and good jobs especially when they migrate to different countries.I work with many of such women.

  10. Women and all those who stand up agaist violence in the homes and rapecases—-Let us remember Nirbhya—the gang raped victim in Delhi and what she was trying to do for women.Her dreams was shattered.She was trying to pursue happiness and carve a life of rights and dignity for herself and her family.What happened to heris not one case but many cases and is evidence now for all women and to all young girls.Say no to violence onwomen.Invest in women’s groups who are working on issues of violence against women.Invest in educating youths is schools and colleges on gender violence.Let them be more sensitve to issues against women.In this serial —-D O K –We havw seen Diya is a victim and an innocent victim as Nirbhya.Diya was only trying to be a break away of cultural abuse and with love for her family trying to earn her honest daily bread when she was victimised by these rapists and then is been castigated by her own society which consists of her parents,brother and close friends and relatives.In real life this could happen to any one of us including our family and relatives.

  11. Ishani should understand diya’s condition and help her.Though she is arrogant once she solved the NGO problem related to call girls .hope she will understand.or will she behave like a monster?as damni does

    1. fan of the show

      I think If Ishani favors the idea of hosting Diya, Damini will poison her mind against it, even though Ishani showed kindness to Diya when Diya first entered the house. Damini wants to make Ishani hate Shaurya so that Ishani does not agree to let Shaurya share his grandfather’s property, and I think she will use Diya to do this.

  12. fan of the show

    I wonder how Damini would behave had it been Ishani who was gang raped. She was very crass, callous, and insensitive to Diya.

    1. When we look at Damini’s behavior towards Urmi we can clearly say that she would have be glad as a revenge towards Urmi. If she had that great love for her grand daughter the she was not going to abuse her in that way to get back at the mother.Damini is not a person of compassion and love . She is hateful and will do any thing to destroy some one.

  13. so sweet of anirudh! sorry for diya and those selfish damini and ishani who r sooo insensitive coz as urmi said diya will stay there for sure

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