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Doli Armaanon Ki 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya and diya discuss as to how Jaamdaar could stoop solow, to ruin diya’s life so bitterly. diya, passing by overherars this and stops to hear more. He feels guilty that due to the fact that diya covered his son’s case for him, she had to face such a tragedy. Urmi assures him that he shouldnt blame himself, as she only got the truth for the newspaper and nothing else, and she is no way deserving of what happened to her. they are tensed that they stand without any solid evidence or testimony to support diya;s accusation against the rapists and stand the risk of the case slipping out of their hands tomorrow. Shaurya says that he wont let that happen at any cost, as he would ensure that diya gets her well deserved justice. He

begins to leav, when she calls him from beghind and tells him that he has been a good son, and she feels proud to be his mother, for the way he has matured in this case, and how her upbringing has been so good. he says that he would do anything that he has to get diya justice now. Diya hears this tensedly.

The next morning, shaurya comes down with a heavy head and asks for coffee from rani, and anirudh finds him stressed. he asks him if he didnt sleep well. he says that he didnt. just then, urmi comes down distressed, saying that she cant trace diya anywhere as she has seen everywhere. they are tensed. Damini casually comments that she must be out with someone, as she has a tendencey and a past record of going out without telling anyonel. They eye her angrily. She then continues to comment that she hopes that diya isnt dead. Shaurya finally speaks up and asks her to not say such things. From the balcony, Sandhya asks shaurya to switch the Tv on as diya is giving a statement. they hear diya’s statements, as she identifies herself, and then says that she was gangraped, but instead of getting her ra[ists punished, she has to see them being out on bail, just because she doesnt have any evidence to prove that they committed the heinous crime. she says that she has been a victim of this inhuman torture, just like miliions of women in the country, who face this but are silenced by the pressures of the society and hence noone wants to come out of the closet about this. she says that they all must be boggled as to why is she calling this press conference and adds that the reason is that she has noone to turn to now, as her final hearing is tomorrow, and if she doesnt produce any evdience tomorrow, then she shall be denies justice even after being the victim of such a grave crime. She says that what happened with her, wasnt a tragedy but a planned conspiracy, that the famous business tycoon did to avange for what she did to his son, by putting him behind bars for what crime he had committed. she says that being a journalist and tv reporter she has always taken the onus, of bringing the truth to the audience for all these years, but today she has to get to teh truth, and she demands for their help in achieving it, as she says that if they have anything that they think can help with her case, then she gives a number they can contact her on. She says that if her steps stop tomorrow in the court, she would turn back to see if the nation suppports her or not, as she is the nations’s daughter, looking at them for a win, without having any witness or evidence. she says that if she loses tomorrow, then it would be the loss of every child of India, and that they should get rid of evils like Jaamdaar, who defame India. She continues with her statements, and the media instantly gets to coveraging it. It generates mass support and movement, as diya reaches out to the common man. Shaurya, urmi and anirudh watch as the media covers many different kinds of people and opinions. As diya comes outside the house, jaamdaar too arrives in his car. he gets out and stops her. jaamdaar asks how dare she go public against him. she asks if he got so scared that he had to come here and that she is out for justice. he says that she isnt strong enough to support the nation, as she had just one witness and thats gone too, and hence her defeat tomorrow is certain too. He tells her that she is finished. She says that its good that he got her rid of Karan. he says that he feel pity for her, as her story is over. she says that its just started, as she would now fight for justice, thats a right for women, which is denied to them, and people like them consider it their birthright, and after that, lowlifes like her shall think a thousand times before doing anything like this. he taunts her if the penal code shall actually pay attention to one of the thousand cases like hers. She says that it would create a difference, as the nation is with her. He says that all are cowards as noone stands against him. she says that she is out along with his evil intentions. he asks her to shush. she says that this is what she has to see, whether she gets justice, as they both are here. he gets enraged, and almost raises his hand to slap her. she asks what is he waiting for and instigates him to slap, as if she as much as gets a scratch, then he shall be behind bars to join his son. he says that he is warning her, as she is being unpractically gutsy. she says that she wants to see his daring in every girl. he says that within 24 hours she would be over. she says that its enough to bare the truth. He says it wont happen. She reminds him of Mahabharat, where truth prevailed over, and asks him to wait and watch in her case too. he is in a rage. she moves past him and walks inside.

Later, in the night, they are all tensed that there hasnt been any development and no calls have come so far for diya’s evidentiary support.Sandhya says that she wishes and prays fervently that diya’s attempt doesnt go in vain. Damini taunts them that they are idiots, to have the hope that something shall happen. damini discourages them all saying that diya has no chances to win the case, as jaamdaar is a very big and influential person and there’s no way he would lose the case. All are tensed. Diya stands upto her and says that the biggest influence is that of God, who shall be by their side since they are right. She says that she is sure that the goddess wont disappoint her, and a miracle shall surely happen. just then the doorbell rings and rani opens the door. they are puzzled. A person comes in saying that he wants to meet Diya Tiwari. they are boggled. rani lets them in. The person tells diya that in the case tomorrow, his help might come handy in winning or losing the case. they rush to him, and shaurya asks whats he trying to say. He calls his mother and when she walks in, diya identifies her as her family doctor. they exchange greetings. she asks diya how is she. damini sits tensedly. the doctor says that after watching her conference, she couldnt stop herself from coming here. Diya asks if she knows something. the doctor says that she treated diya after she came in. Urmi asks why didnt she force for medical examination, after knowing that she was gangraped. the doctor says that she tried to insist, but her parents were dead against it, and then she didnt want unnecessary hassles. urmi asks if she knows that due to her negligence, her license could be cancelled. She says that therefore, without the knowledge of diya’s parents, she got diya’s medical examination done. they are shocked, while diya is overwhelmed. the doctor says that she stayed quiet, but did get the examination done. urmi says that she must be having reports too to confirm the same. the doctor gets them from the bag and gives them to urmi. shaurya and diya are pleasantly surprised and thrilled to have the evidence. He asks urmi if this is what they need. they are emotionally overwhelmed as urmi complies. they thank the doctor profusely, while she adds that she shall come to the court too to witness for her tomorrow. diya thanks her. urmi is assured that their hopes shall soar high tomorrow, and diya shall get her well deserved justice.

The next morning, all are ready for the final hearing of the case. Sandhya wishes Diya all the best, and says that she is sure that she shall win today, as the lord is with her today. diya thanks her. As they are about to leave, damini stops her, while they are boggled, to see her with an arti thali. She asks diya if she shall go like this only. anirudh and others are shocked at this sudden change of behaviour, and comment on this turnover. damini says that she too has prayed that diya wins the case. anirudh and urmi eye damini tensedly. She says that if she wins, then diya shall move out of the tragedy and its horrific nightmares, and the suffocation of the case, and then can move on in her life, and also move out of her house, so that they too can move on with their lives. she says that once she lives, they can live too. Anirudh and urmi are tensed. diya feels mortified. Damini asks about shaurya taunting him, as her saviour and her lifetime companion. urmi tersely replies that he has already gone to pick up the doctor. she asks diya to come along and they leave. the screen freezes on Damini’s fuming face.

Precap: As diya comes back, damini confronts her with her friends of the society, as they have a get together and asks each of them tauntingly if they would ghet their sons married to Diya.they all look down upon diya with disgust, saying that they would never dream of doing so, even if their sons were handicapped and challenged, they wouldnt dream of it, as they shall get better options that a used girl. diya is apalled and distraught. damini comments to her that she is not left marriageable after what happened to her. Urmi comes to her, and confronts damini, saying that she, urmi Ishaan Sinha, declares that diya shall be her daughter in law. She says that she has decided that she shall get diya and shaurya married, shocking both of them, while damini is in a rage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. good for damini she too damn wicked one day I would really like anirudh to leave her ass stranded and get some one else how nice will it be urmi and anirudh could team up with each other and get married I am sure Ishaan will smile where ever he is right now because more or less both urmi and anirudh have the same kind of disposition and they are both kind and caring individuals but damini is an old wicked evil witch who deserves to be with someone like jaamdaar they seem to be two of a kind writers for once let urmi be happy she has been through so much sadness and unhappiness in her life we all know about the abuse of samrath and his family both mentally and physically so now it should be urmis time to be truly happy again after her happiness with Ishaan was so short lived think about it writers

  2. fan of the show

    Can’t tell from precap whether Urmi/Diya won or not. Looks like the next antagonist will be damini. What a loser. I hope something doesn’t happen to Ishani just so fate can teach damini a lesson.

    1. I think we may see that in the next episode next week.Damini is just a wicked woman and as you say for Urmi’s sake I do not which this on Ishaani.

  3. What Diya did at that conference was the best thing any rape victim could do.Put all shame aside and face the world then this action will give her that power to spread the word of rape and a hope to win against all the odds she faced.

  4. Urmi you are the match for Damini.Right by marrying Diya to Shaurya. I am quite certain that Damini will create problems with that wedding.Let us remember what she did to Urmi inorder to stop the marriagr to her son.Urmi should be super careful with that woman.

  5. Wonderful diya shaurya, urmi and anurad I love u guys

  6. wow..i’m glad that Urmi has decided to marry off Shaurya and Diya…even though it was obviously going to happen but the way Urmi came out of the blue was intriguing. i think Damini needs a life lesson that will stop her from being so cruel. she needs someone to put her in her place and i got a good feeling it will be Urmi or Ishaani.

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