Doli Armaanon Ki 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the Hospital
As Tiwari ji serves urmi soup, she is tensed for shuarya, and he assures her that shaurya isnt fed and nicely tucked in, at the neighbour’s place. ishaan is shocked at samrat’s insinuations and presumptions about him being the father. tiwari asks him not to be tensed, and to go and have dinner. Ishaan laments as to how smarat can think so negative and low level. He goes to urmi, and apologises that he cant change things, but he never wanted bad for her, and he didnt know anything about her situation. He says that he never presumed that anything like this could happen, as he only wnatde to help her, and do some good, but things didnt turn out. she asks him not to blame himself, as he isnt at fault, as if it wasnt him, samreat would have

maligned her with anyone else, and that he thought what he could, as anyone linked with her, is his enemy, and hence asks him not to blame himself. Tiwari ji also agrees, and points out how samrat linked her with amrit too, and points out how hollow samrat’s thinking is. urmi too complies, and says that samrat can go to any length to convert his doubts into belief, and he wouldnt think twice before doing something like this. she is apalled. Tiwari says that doubts cant be cleared and sometimes prove fatal. Tiwari, in his anger and frustration, tells urmi, to go right ahead and tell samrat that he killed his own child, inhis fit of rage. But ishaan stops her and says that she wont say or do anything like that, and they would wait till samrat brings it up in court, as if he believes that this child isnt his, he would surely bring it up in the court, and point out what a characterless woman urmi is, and how that made her neglect her duties as a mother, and then tilt the court in their favour, at which time, she shall tell everyone that its his child, and then everyone will know how brutally samrat killed his own child. urmi is baffled and tensed at the same time. ishaan says that they shall prove, what a merciless, violent and lik an animal. Tiwari asks how would it be proved that the killed child is Samrat’s. Ishaan says that he would prove it, and it should be left on him.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Samrat pleads to niranjan, saying that he would give him any money, but he cant refuse to fight the case. Niranjan says that samrat cant put a price tag on him, as he isnt sellable. Samrat asks him not to think bad, and starts gloating his ego, by saying that only he has the calibre to fight ishaan, who’s fighting urmi’s case. niranjan says that he cant make him dance to his tunes, and he wont fight at all. samrat asks him not to do this. Samrat says that he made a mistake. Niranjan tries to point out the severity, and how he destroyed the evidence that would have made them a final and sure winner. Samrat says that he is apologetic. Niranjan points out how urmi’s illegitimate child was their ticket to victory, and how his rash and callous behaviour, costed them dearly. Samrat remembers the hospital records, that have ishaan sinha’s name as a husband. He points it to niranjan, and says that he would get it for hi, as a proof of urmi;s extra marital affair. he asks niranjan to promise that he wont leave the case. niranjan thinks on it, and says that he has a bet, that till this case isnt closed, he would do everything by his permission and advise, and asks him to control his temper, anyhow. Niranjan again points out how important winning is for him. Samrat promises that there wont be any mistake. Niranjan also points out that he doesnt know urmi’s character but he knows his very well, and asks him to refarin from girls, and adultery till he says so. samrat is tensed, as this is one habit that he cant get rid of. He asks samrat to live the life of a saint, till the time the case isnt done, and asks him not to philander around, as if this gets out, then he, his case and niranjan’s reputation shall be tarnished, and urmi would win easily. samrat smiles and says that he wont do it, till the time they dont win the case, and swears on celebacy. niranjan complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
While urmi is resting, shaurya takes extra care, while urmi remembers samrat’s threats, and gets overwhelmed with emotions, caressing him. she prays that there’s the hearing tomrrow, and samrat is fully ready for the hearing and she doesnt have any preparations for the hearing tomorrow, regarding custody. Ishaan comes and finds them both tensed. shaurya asks urmi if she is scared. Urmi is tensed to hear him say this. ishaan comes to them, and then enquires about urmi’s health, giving her a juice. she denies, and he says that its necessary for her to recover, and shaurya too advises her to take it. She complies, and shaurya starts lamenting, that ishaan might also turn out to be a bad cook just like tiwariji. ishaan and shaurya play, while urmilovingly watches. Tiwari watches them enjoying like a happy family, from a distance.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As radha gets ready after her bath, she is reminded of samrat’s interactions with her, and starts shyly smiling to herself. radha thinks that this didnt happen in village, but when she sees samrat, she starts tickling with excitement, and when she sees him, her heart pounds high and heavy, and even when she runs away, she wants to be with him, despite kanchan getting angry at her for being close to samrat. Samrat finds radha lost in his thoughts. Samrat overhears radha, gloating to herself, as to how samrat isnt the monster that everybody claims he is, and are scared unnecessarily, and that he is very sweet and takes care of everyone, including her too, as he stopped her from working, and gets everyone whatever they want. He thinks that kanchan has no clues, that her own sister is getting airs, and that the bait is itself walking to the predator. He starts gloating that its rightly said, that when god closes one door, he opens another, and eyes radha lustily. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As the court hearing begins, the judge asks samrat to identify his lawyer, and Niranjan stands up. He then turns to urmi, and asks her the same, and asks her to identify her lawyer. Samrat and niranjan smile, as urmi stands speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Interesting episode.

  2. Ishan will be urmis lawyer

  3. Sam the rat needs to learn that he killed his child. Time for Urmi to hold all the cards…enough of his reign.

  4. I shaman will b urmi’s new love,o! How I want them to be together. I wish he fathered shauriya, I had this strong feelings that the should be together since the beginning of the show and samrat falls head over heels for Trisha.

  5. Sorry that should be ishaan typing error.

  6. Samrat is a blo*dy dog. Go to hell stupid man. I don’t know why Indian men are so low and cheap. blo*dy dogs. Urmi is dumb samrat and his family are low cheap peoples. I wish samrat going to jail for the rest of his life . All the Indian serials are same. Shame on you Indian peoples!!!! Really I’m ashamed that I’m a Indian girl. Samrat go to hell go to die you blo*dy dog.

  7. I’m surprised why the policies can’t do anything to Samrat. Samrat is thinking and behaving like GOD, but he didn’t know that he is a Big Zero 0,0 zero point zero.

  8. Please stop this serial!!!!!
    what is this nonsense? A stupid Indian man killed a baby.
    Shame on you Indian peoples.
    Where is the policies now? Are they sleeping?
    Why they cannot arrested samrat and punished him for killing urmi’s baby….

    1. fan of the show

      Who repored it? Nobody! So why are you expecting police to do anything?

  9. please viewers remember this is only a soap control your feelings. samrath will pay for his evil deeds when the time comes have patience. urmi and ishann deserve each other they make a couple maybe they will hook up eventually and shauyna will have the dad he always wanted and urmi the husband she deserves.

    1. i agree with you !!! and i love this show ! this is the only show that show us reality of this chauvinistic world ! i love it 🙂

      1. fan of the show

        I agree. The writer has put every nasty and illegal thing men do into one character o that people undestand this type of person and don’t fall for it or miss the clues.
        They also putevery mistake women make into one chracter – Urmi – so that women in this situation don’t make the same mistakes.
        Instead of calling for elimination of the soap, we sould be calling for the elimination of the injustices this serial brings to light, don’t you think?

  10. Wt d crap.! Gues Radha knws samrat is married n y is she aftr him..disgusting

  11. Finally !!! Samrat will get to know that he killed his own baby !!!! Eager to see this episode 🙂

  12. I just hope that Radha is just faking her innoncence !!! I hope that she has grey shades ! she will teach samrat a lesson !

    1. fan of the show

      They brought her in for a reason – they’ll do something wth her character

  13. Naina that’s the direction these soaps have to start going in. It should be a ploy of inshan to get him some photos or some hidden agenda of the long awaited return of Trista.

  14. Imagination the producers need.

  15. I wonder how samrat killed the baby is it by hitten urmi or by administrating injection

    1. fan of the show

      Probably both

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