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Doli Armaanon Ki 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Outside the court room
Outside the court, diya asks karan how could he brand her as mentally insane, in the court, when he supposedly loves her. karan shoves her away with a jerk, saying that she isnt left worthy to be loved anymore, after her rape. she is outraged and slaps him tight on the face. karan is shocked. urmi, shaurya and anirudh are apalled. he again points out how she is a used commodity now, and is useless to him, and that he had presented her with the offer of marriage, which would have been a profitable deal for her too, along with him, but she had to choose the righteous and justified path. she asks that this means he never had any intention of marrying her, and the entire love was just a farce. he mocks her and she slaps him yet again. He gets angry

and is about to slap her back, when shaurya holds his hand midway, askng him not to even think about it. karan taunst shaurya too. urmi tries to speak in between saying that they shall find a way to the prove the facts. karan insults her and asks her to stay shut as he has had enough of her lecture. Then she asks him to atleast think about his moral character. he taunts her that he doesnt need to hear about character from a characterless woman. diya and shaurya are shocked. karan walks past them, and then drives off in his car. diya and urmi are angry. shaurya is surprised as it suddenly strikes him that he used to come on a bike, then how did karan manage a car so soon.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya sits by diya’s side, as she sits apalled, that karan never loved her and was only there with her for his selfish motives. He complies. She asks if its possible that he is under some kind of pressure to behave like that. he denies. She asks how did he know beforehand about karan’s true face. shaurya narrates everything. She says that she cant believe this at all, as she loved him immensely, and he never reciprocated truly. he asks her to man up and not shed tears for that person, who doesnt deserve it at all. he asks her to move on and look ahead now.She asks why he didnt tell about karan before. he says that he didnt want her to go through another tragic shock, after her rape, and hence didnt reveal it, but he surely didnt want her to find out this way. He asks her to hope for the best, as its good she got to know about karan. She is disturbed still.

Scene 3:
Location: Karan’s residence
While karan’s mother comes to know what her son did, by media coverage, she is ashamed. urmi and shaurya along with diya come to their house. karan’s mother is highly apologetic of what he did. Diya is distraught. shaurya asks her if she noticed any changesrecently. She sys that he has been shopping too much recently. urmi asks if she knows who he meets. she expresses her helplessness in denial. She apologises that she couldnt help them much. urmi signals shaurya. Shaurya tells karan’s mother that there’s something that she can do. she is interested.

In the evning, he asks her if she understood what she has to do. she complies. then the doorbell rings. Shaurya sets up the recorder indiscreetly beside the flower vases to record karan’s confession. They both hide. She opens the door to find karan standing. As karan tries to enter his house, his mother slaps him tight across his face and says that he cant enter in her house. He casually asks what happened to her. She asks if he isnt ashamed that he gave the wrong testimony for diya, when he should have stood by her side. he says that he hugely benefitted from this whole scenario. Diya and shaurya, hiding inside, listen intently. He continues shamelessly, about his deal with her, and that he is happy that she didnt say yes. He says that he has got a better deal. she asks what possible motive could he have had to do this to diya, and shaming her as being his mother, aking if this is why he gave wrong testimony. He whispers into her ear, that he had a huge gain in this. Karan says that he got huge money, to do what he did. his mother is surprised. Diya and shaurya are outraged. She asks him who is giving him this money, but he doesnt spill the truth. She asks him to name the person and he becomes adamant that he shall not. he tries to enter but she doesnt let him. She asks him to get lost, as she doesnt need a son like him. he shamelessly asks her to rot in loneliness then. she slams the door shut. Diya and shaurya come out fromhiding, when she apologises that she couldnt get the name out. Shaurya thanks her for what she did, and then says that he knows what to do now. Shaurya calls up karan, who approaches towards his car. karan taunts him, for still pursuing him. he too taunts him back saying that he runs free even after being an accomplice in a crime. Shaurya says that when bad time comes, then he along with his sponsor shall be behind bars. but karan shoves off his threats. Shaurya asks him to think before speaking, as every conversation of his is being tapped, and then cancels the call. diya asks if this is true. shaurya says that he lied. He than greets karan’s mother and they both leave.

In the car, Karan is extremely tensed and furious at shaurya. He drives amd shaurya notes the number, and then follows him, assuming that he would go straight to the sponsor, in their car.

Scene 4:
Location: The sponsor’s residence
karan arrives at the sponsor’s house, and diya and shaurya too in their car come, determined to find out where he went. They rush after him maintaining a safe distance. the same fellow comes, but they arent unable to see his face, due to him being in shadows. Kaeran says that he had to tell him. He says that he could have talked on phone, and refrain from being here, till the case is over. karan says that he cant talk about this on phone. shaurya wonders who is this, and that they cant see it. Diya prays to the godfdess, that just like she comes everytime evil crosses its limit, she asks her to do something miraculous, so that this fellow’s face comes in front. A sudden lightning, reflects on the sponsor’s face, and diya and shaurya as they recognise him as Jaamdaar. they both come clapping in front of karan and jaamdaar, who are shocked to see them both. shaurya comments how poorly they paid. karan asks how they reached here, and shaurya says that he got them here. karan vehemently denies. shaurya says that he sent him here instead, and then taunts jaamdaar that he relied on a bad player. Diya asks how could she play such a dirty game on her life. he says that he did, after what she did wwith his son, as he wont forgive her. She says that even the lord wont forgive him. shaurya reminds him that they shall win, as he stands by diya as a rock, and shall determinedly win this case. They begin to leave. he asks them to wait and tells that they are fortunate that his BP is normal, or else he shall have taught them a lesson today. he reminds them of their last hearing the next day. he tells diya and shaurya that they shall lose, as jamdaar has never seen loss in his life, and whoever has tried to defeat him, has been ruined completely. She says that the wrong people regret, and she hasnt, does not, and never will regret as she is right. Shauray too says that they shall win, as they are right. jaamdaar asks him to pray to the lord then, to fight with him. They are tensed. the screen freezes on Jaamdaar’s face.

Precap: While all are ready for the final hearing, damini discourages them all saying that diya has no chances to win the case, as jaamdaar is a very big and influential person and there’s no way he would lose the case. All are tensed. Diya stands upto her and says that the biggest influence is that of God, who shall be by their side since they are right. just then the doorbell rings and rani opens the door. A person comes in saying that he wants to meet Diya Tiwari. they are boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. please let it be a witness to testify for diya boy am I sorry for karans ass now LOL boy you choose the wrong side to support you ass is grass now because you automatically become an accomplice to a crime for the love of money is the root of all evil now you shall loose everything even your life I always knew you were samraths son in a past life or better yet samrath reincarnated whatever you are going down for your evil ways how could you do this to the woman you claim to love knowing and seeing because you were there when she encountered those three rapists and you know first hand what it was like for her trying to escape their clutches come on karan even your mother is ashamed of what she produced a worthless son like you that is why you gonna rot in jail for the rest of your life wayaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Karan is such a characterless person that it does not surprise me with his behavior.He has lost all dignity for a human being and I do hope all young girls take this as a lesson and an example to see how some men will profess love to you but behind this is total dishonesty.Lesson learnt from this episode is that not every thing that glitters is pure gold.Young women do not take men by face value only.Men do not take women by face value also .

  3. Karan is is more a used comodity than Diya be cause he is being used to sell his dignity for some dollars which will soon be finished but he can never regain his dignity in that society when every begin to find out what a blunt dagger he is.

  4. I am so happy to see that Diya has put all other things to the back for now and has this strong beliefe that no matter what God is going to relieve her from this problem she is facing and God will do it for her.He gives justice to all who deserves it.No matter how people may look at circumstances in life good always reigns over evil.Victory may not come as fast as we want but in due time good wins.Diya the battle is yours and victory will also be yours.

  5. Damini,Karan,Jamadar and all perpetrators of evil will soon have their trial for evil when that time comes.I think the writers should turn a page and give Damini some good fire and see how she will handle it. This sure will be a good part of the story.Bring Samrat the bull dog back and turn up the heat with him and Damini.This will go down real good.

  6. fan of the show

    Finally ! they are using technology to their advantage. They have karan on tape, and hopefully also jahmdar. Unless the bad guys do them physical harm, the hearing should finally deal with the truth, and jahmdar’s blood pressure will hit the ceiling – maybe he’ll croak. Surely the lawyer and karan will be in big trouble for losing the battle.

    1. Fan–when we look at the whole serial it has give women great and responsible tools to be better persons in that country.They should embrace it with the knowledge of knowing how to handle abuse of all types .As you said let his blood pressure soar high whilst going to jail.When he and Karan be taught a lesson of how degrading rape could be. The jailers in there should teach them that lesson so that their grade in the lesson will be an :A:.

  7. fan of the show

    I wonder what women’s issue the serial will cover next – maybe the focus wil shift to the fate of pr*stitutes (Gaurav;s daughter) and the troubles they go through.

    1. I believe that this should be the next issue or the issue of a bad grandmother and mother in law.

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