Doli Armaanon Ki 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
samrat and damini are amused at urmi’s plight and how they brilliantly spoiled their honeymoon, by the pretext of shaurya’s ill health, pretending to be concerned and terribly distraught. Samrat and damini are super happy with the success of their new plan. he applauds damini for her wonderful plan. damini says that its due to Baba, that shaurya suddenly got sick. she says that baba has said that ishaan and urmi shall never unite, and so shall be. they eye each other evilly. samrat says that he is happy to have found a partner in her, and hopes that they are successful in their mission.

The next morning, while at the breakfast table, tani forcibly feeds samrat extra, as its his first day at office. samrat thinks that he

might be going, but wonders whats his work profile, and decides to find out. he asks Alok about it, and the cabin and the infrastructure. Anirudh asks him to know directly. samrat says that he is sure he would get a personal cabin, but just wants to be sure. Anirudh assures him that he shall, and talks about business. Samrat says that he shall take tani’s car to office, and she asks why. he says that he doesnt have one now. she says that she has to go out, and cant give it. She asks him to go with anirudh and alok only. he resignedly complies. They are all surprised to find urmi and ishaan coming in distraughtedly, asking how is shaurya. damini says that shaurya is sleeping in the room. urmi rushes to his room. Anirudh asks how he got to know. Ishaan says that damini told urmi. Anirudh says that he is better and everything is fine, and is upset that damini called them. He asks her why did she call, even after he told her not to. She says that she just had a normal conversation. He begins to reprimand her, but ishaan steps in saying it isnt a big deal. sandhya understands that damini was behind it. Anirudh is tensed. samrat however is very happy.

While shaurya is asleep, urmi cries and says that she is right here and asks him to get well soon now, as she would be extremely tensed otherwise. ishaan comes and attends to him too. he finds that shaurya is better and he shall be better. urmi says that the meds arent working. He asks her to control herself and not be tensed. damini and sandhya come, and finds them both tensed. Ishaan asks urmi not to be tensed. Sandhya asks her if she didnt trust them with her child, as they too are mothers. urmi vehemently gives an explanation. ishaan asks her not to and asks sandhya not to talk like this. he asks damini what the doctor said. They said that his samples have been sent for tests, and the reports shall be there by the evening. they are very tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Anirudh’s office
samrat ogles at th huge office and lavish business spread and atarts having evil dreams of owning it all. Anirudh discusses samrat’s duty delegation with alok. he shows samrat the personal cabin, and samrat expresses that he is thrilled. he asks what project he wants him on. anirudh asks him to learn work first, and then they shall decide what field to delgate him. samrat glaots about himself, while anirudh taunts him with an anecdote, saying that he shall know it for himself. samrat is angered inside, but he plays his polished self. Anirudh says that alok handles his accounts, and remembers that he has an urgent meeting. He asks samrat to familiarise himself with the projects in the meanwhile. They both leave for the meeting. Samrat fumes, while sitting on his chair, eyeing his office.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
damini gets samrat’s call, and she takes it casually, without letting anyone know that its samrat. He asks her to find out if they consummated their marriage. She is tensed. she agrees and cancels. ishaan notices that she is tensed, and asks her whats the matter. she expresses how sad she is that they couldnt enjoy their honeymoon at all, and then indirectly gets it out of them, that they didnt get any alone time in the hotel room, to be able to consummate their marriage. she is overjoyed inside, but maintains a tensed face. ishaan gets the doctor’s call, saying that the checkup reports have come. he asks if everything is okay. he asks ishaan to come to the doctor. He agrees. urmi asks whats the matter. he says. they both are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Urmi and ishaan are impatient and wait anxiously and nervously, waiting to know whats wrong with shaurya, while the doctor studies the reports. The doctor says that there’s problem, and that they have a cure these days for all kinds of problems. urmi says that shaurya just suffered from minor fever and asks what more could it be. he asks them to be patient. ishaan asks the doctor to tell clearly whats the matter, as they are tensed, and would like to know the truth. the doctor says that he has bone marrow cancer. urmi and ishaan are shell shocked. The screen freezes on urmi’s face.

Precap: the doctor advises them that the treatment for shaurya’s bone marrow cancer, is by the bone marrow of his sibling. he asks them to plan the baby soon, as soon as possible. ishaan clarifies that he isnt shaurya’s biological father and if her and his child shal have the same effect. The doctor denies and says that the mother and the father have to be the same. urmi is shocked and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


    • Majesty

      Am sure the doctor has been paid by Damini to give that report and even if the report is true, they can use IVF to have a baby so Urmi does not have to actually sleep with Samraat again

      • biba

        Exactly.. d writers r abusing the audience intelligence. Unless ofcos if the turnout of event sed d stuff dat the witchcraft guy gave damini was the cause of shurya’s ilness, since she placed it in his room.

  1. AmandaS

    Went to the DAK – Zeetv facebook page and vented out my anger & frustration. I don’t know if it’ll help. But, I think that’s a better forum since it’s set up by the channel.

  2. writers what shit is this you mean you want to put back urmi with that murdering b*t*h samrath you mean you could not find some other minor ailment for shauyra why you writers want to break up urmi and Ishaan end the blasted serial now if you do not know what to write again but please do not separate urmi and Ishaan samrath is out in the world doing what he does best EVIL instead of being in a jail cell stooping down 24 7 with fifty inmates backing him all the time this is what he deserves not a woman and if I was urmi I will not what to carry samrats seed inside me that man is way tooooooooooooooooooooo evil so writers think up of another strategy

  3. fari

    Wtfh…please end this serial…its realy getting very stupid. ..writers have no sstory line left anymore. …its the most hideous soapie of all time…..

  4. alesha

    And just when I thought there was some hope for ishaan and urmi….I was just falling in love with chemistry that urmi and ishaan share on screen and then…. Booooom!!!!!….. I totally give up on this show now! Dam samrat

  5. noobodyelse

    Crap, crap and more crap. Heaven help us here. Please release us, the viewers from the clutches of these imbecile writers. Why isn’t SamRAT stricken with an incurable disease, say leprosy, get deformed and suffer. God please put a hand and inspire Zee to end this rubbish of a show now….

    • Di

      I agree. Let the darn rat be struck with an incurable illness or disease & die. This is absolute hogwash!! Darn it!! What nonsense! Urmi to make another baby with who?? The thought of it makes me wanna puke!!! URGH!

  6. Di


  7. Indi

    This is really a dumb twist. If Samrat was still in jail, would Urmi go to jail to be with him? Di, I love your “oh the aggravation” comment. I needed that laugh, since the show is not making me laugh at all these days!

  8. Kt

    If this happens I sm done watching this show. That Damini is behind this nonsense. Cannot stand this woman hope Sanrat hurts her.

  9. Princess's


  10. babygirl

    This is really a bunch of crap I can see how this is possible I’m dont watching this show this is a bunch of crap

  11. Pauline

    Writers, in case you all don’t know, there’s also such a thing as getting a second opinion!!! I’m sure, the writers won’t portray as dumb idiots!!! For God’s sake, Portray samrat n damini as idiots!!!

  12. rudra

    I feel better reading all ur comments, who share exactly wt i think too,FRUSTRATED!!! v shd post this page’s link to official zee tv DAK fb page, atleast aft reading al this, the writers may put in some effort to make the show better. If viwers views r least important and they want to put oly their crap thoughts in this show then wts the purpose of making it, for whom they making it?? to hell with the writers, SADISTS!!!

  13. anueradha

    the viewers have already given up on watching this drama. Producers!! You do not have any professionalism in drafting a script that encourage the public to continue watching. Get some knowledge on drafting scripts by watching western tele drama’s!! No wonder India is far behind U.S

    • fan of the show

      I was surprised to see so many comments – it means lots of people are watching, right? So even though there are threats that say they’ll boycott the show, the more ridiculous it gets, the more comments people make.

  14. rudra

    Rubbish!! Now what Urmi ll hav to beg frm SamRAT for a baby to save Shaurya, he ll inturn want her to divorce Ishaan, Urmi wit no second thoughts ll sign any paper SamRAT gives as she alwys ignores Ishaan and his unconditional love, to the extreme she ll hire Ishaan for drafting divorce papers, Ishaan asusual hav to wear a Saint mask and say Wtever gives u happiness. SamRAT may ask for whole Sinha properties and Urmi ll serve as maid to earn her living dat too under filthy SamRAT, alwys being humiliated. No wonder writers may hav planned lik this r even worse! Extremely annoyed! Jus now Ishaan and Urmi has started living their life,not evn started jus planned, Why the writers are so cruel and inflicting pessimism in the show?

  15. Does anyone know a platform where you can tell the channel about views on the show? I’m not sure where the production house or channel read this page, I’d like to go where I know they’ll read. Thanks

  16. ROHIT


  17. rudra

    Why Damini worries oly abt her son being marrried to a Divorcee? then wt abt Tani? SamRat is as exactly as Urmi let alone he is a criminal minded leech who tried to kill his own kid. Is that she don want Tani’s life to be happy? if divorcee thing is the point then she shd do black magic to tani n SamRAT’s life too,oh c’mon Writers be sensible!!

    • fan of the show

      It’s only the tip of the iceberg of the standard for women that men do not have to live up to. A woman must be pure, not a man. A woman must be unmarried, not a man. A woman must bring dowry, not a man. A woman must be paid less for the same work than a man. A woman must hold the family together, not the man. The women must cook and clean, not the men. It’s her place – that’s the excuse.

  18. Shiny

    I’m from medical field and knows that unrelated person also can donate and is the best match. I realised that the script writer is a lady Ms. Pearl grey. I’m thinking being a lady she doesn’t have brains. I posted my comments on FB on their site that they can try ishaan’s group nd if matches it can go smoothly. This script writer is also unmarried nd maybe the reason why she doesn’t want to show gud things

  19. fan of the show

    Second opinion is a great idea, so they won’t think of it. They still don’t suspect Damini, so they will fall into the trap.

  20. sharmi

    As they say technology has come so far, it’s call invitro…no sleeping with anyone. Use Urmi’s & Samrat’s to inject it in Tani…she loves Samrat that much she can carry his baby to save his son…

  21. Why are they making this child go through this nonsense?Samrat is the one who has the bone marrow cancer because the cancer that he has in his mind is spreading.Samrat does not even care about his one child.

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