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Doli Armaanon Ki 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Damini doesn’t listen to anyone and grabs Urmi’s hand to throw her out of the house. Anirudh finally shows his power and tells Damini it’s his order that Urmi won’t go anywhere. This house was hers and will always be. She’s Ishaan’s wife and how she can forget that she’s pregnant with their grandchild. She still doesn’t listen. He warns her to leave her else he might raise his hand at her. He separates Damini’s hand from Urmi’s. Damini leaves. Everyone is happy. Anirudh tells Urmi that as long as he’s there nothing will happen to her. She gets emotional and hugs him.

Later in their room, Anirudh asks Damini what’s wrong with her. Doesn’t she see Urmi’s sorrow? She asks he can only see Urmi’s sorrow, but

what about her grief? She has lost her only son. He says Ishaan was his son as well, Urmi’s husband, Tani’s only brother. They all are equally sad about it. Tani comes in and tells Damini it’s not Urmi’s fault..whatever wrong happened, it was because of her. Had she not married Samrat, then nothing like this would have happened. If she wants to give any punishment, then she deserves it, not Urmi. Anirudh tells her whatever had to happen has happened now. It’s a difficult time and they all have to overcome with it together. Tani tells Damini not to keep anything against Urmi in her mind and punish her if she wants. Damini asks her so she will leave her as well like Ishaan did? Tani hugs her. Damini still blames Urmi for Ishaan’s death in her mind and decides to keep Urmi’s child away from her as well.

Next morning, all are in the hall while Urmi is near Ishaan’s photo. Anirudh notices it and asks her to make coffee for him. Just then he opens the newspaper and is shocked. Urmi and others read one after one and they are also shocked. Tani asks them what’s in the news. Why they all are shocked. No one tells her anything. She grabs the newspaper and reads it herself that Samrat Singh Rathore committed suicide. She’s also shocked. Shashi comes there and says it had to happen. How would he be able to survive with all that guilt. He just took too much time to realize that.

Tani is alone now. She recalls good time that she had with Samrat, his confession, and cries.

20 years later (or end of the show for those who do not wish to continue post-leap)

New Urmi comes to Ishaan’s photo and talks with him that he left her 20 years ago and she had his memories only. She knows he liked to see her moving on and that is what she did. She moved on with his memories and their children, Shaurya and Ishaani. He wanted Ishaani to be just like Urmi and she’s very much like her. Only in one thing, she has gone on Ishaan which is his stubbornness. She’s also very stubborn. Once she decides to do anything, she makes sure she does it. In spite of saying no, she went to Lonawala because she wanted to go. And Shaurya..he has become a successful person like Ishaan. He’s winning an award for some newspaper and that’s where Urmi got ready to go now.

At the award function, Shaurya’s newspaper is declared to receive an award. Shaurya, being the owner, goes on the stage to receive it. All family members cheer for him and his face is shown.

Precap: Shaurya is annoyed with a female reporter. He tells Urmi that he told her not to cover some story, but she still did. Urmi asks is that because she’s a girl? He says she covers every story like it’s her last story. Does anyone work like that? She will create such a mess that he will get tired fixing it.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. I didn’t see Damn-mini in the award ceremony…

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, I noticed that, too. I was imagining what might have happened to her. Maybe Ishaan’s parents split up over Urmi.

    2. fan of the show

      I’m just glad Urmi managed to stay in that house for the next 20 years. I thought Damn-mini would become the new villain and give Urmi such a hard time that she would end up leaving the house.

    3. fan of the show

      I wonder if she had anything to do with Urmi’s plastic surgery.

  2. fan of the show

    OK. Now we begin our next chapter. Shaurya is having trouble already in episode 1, and Ishaani is stubborn, so we can expect that additional tension will come from her. All the proper ingredients to start a new story.

  3. to tell the truth this last storyline was a mess and it could have been so good with such a proper ending and that is because we all knew that urmi Ishaan and samrat was leaving the show so why carry it on with these major actors out of it all these writers had to do was let urmi and Ishaan expose samrat for the cruel beast he was and throw his ass in jail after he tried to set urmi on fire and then let Ishaan urmi shauyra and ishaami live happily together with their new found family and end the serial right there instead of this twenty year leap minus the three major actors I have to say writers you all really know how to write shit nobody wants to really watch doli armaano ki after all this sadness took place

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t think it is the regular practice to end a serial just because some of the actors change. Plus, they may not have had another show ready to fill the spot on the schedule, and were forced into rewriting the transition without enough time to develop the story as fully as they did up to that point. Under the circumstances, I think they did alright. I have no complaints.

      1. fan of the show

        I guess when you want to end a story your way, you have to be the creator…

      2. fan of the show

        I don’t agree that the writing is shit just because I would have done it differently. That’s kinda harsh.

      3. fan of the show

        Unless I’m an expert literary critic or something, or someone who knows what they are talking about.

    2. fan of the show

      As for nobody wanting to watch, there so many comments here from so many people, you could be mistaken about that.

    3. Keen observer –your name suggests that you are very observant ,am I not right.Well then you will have observed that the story needs to be continued to show us that Urmi got freed from her victim and although she lost her husband she will be able to move on to a better level in her life.Why should she keep sitting in squalor and make herself miserable.Thae writers will want to show case what happens to a woman after such abuses in her luife,Therefore let us wait a little before we start bashing the other actors and see what they bring to the screen. Okay–Think about it.

  4. I don’t think they should of changed show so far apart it cud of ended happily without the key people leaving …. Damm

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe, because realistically, since the show is to expose domestic violence it was more realistic to portray that there are many cases of it that do not end happily ever after – they are being consistent and on subject, and showing the ugly endings of an ugly problem.,

      1. Yes Fan there you go.Right on spot.

  5. guys guys guys have patience. may b da writers hv sumthing u .n guess wat?? ishaani could b urmi herself. n y r u 4gtng sumbody else 2 gt pregnant by samrat.kanchan’s sis.rem guys???may b dat child wil b samrat again …….

    1. This is the end of DAK for me- no interest in second part with new actors- they should have ended the show and started another one

      1. fan of the show

        So what are you going to do with your time instead?

    2. fan of the show

      It would be an intereting twist if this child met up with Shaurya.

      1. Fan this just caught my attention– Suppose theydid meet and not knowing they are related and become friends ,then start dating before finding out who they are.Now this sometimes happen when chidren are born out of wedlock and was not told who their relatives are until further into the relationship.Only a thought.

  6. Oh i waz expecting begining of new lovestory between urmi and samrat…but now samrat has committed suicide lets see how far ds serial vl go…

    1. I’m glad Samrat’s gone away from Urmi for good.

      1. fan of the show

        No, they’re going to the same dance show! lol

  7. rahila how could you ever think of saying something like that a new love story with urmi and sam the rat did you not watch this serial from the beginning? well girl the amount of wicked things samrat did to urmi and shauyra urmi should have passed him out already love story my foot samrat was a beast in human form did you not hear what his own mother told him that there wasn’t ever a place for him in hell and for a mother to say that you can just imagine and she too use to harass urmiso that speaks for itself

    1. fan of the show

      I think it was Urmi’s mother not the rat’s who cursed the rat and told him there was no place for him even in hell. She also put up with a lot from him as she watched her daughter’s life and happiness ruined, and had to bend to the pressure of the rest of Urmi’s family not wanting to let Urmi stay with them after her divorce, which really broke her mom’s heart.

      It was so good to see Urmi moving on in her life and becoming a strong independent woman even after her only ally was her brother Gaurav, and he could only give emotional support, bas. All through that time she never complained about what happened to her or blamed anyone for what happened. She continued to give love and service to everyone around her, and won over many people who were not nice to her. Anazing and inspiring person,

      1. Greatly said.People should look at this aspect of the show and see what will happen from henceforth.It could be a positive story again .

  8. Hmmmmmm……..i can’t imagin how this new serial of doli armanon ki would be like……..well, i never can tell,it could be more interesting…………….

  9. truth is that I love dishaan so much that I wont be able to see this show after he left.. Ishaan pls come back. he wasn’t to die.. pls pls pls.. lets us sign a petition and make Ishaan come back. pls will you do that for me ??

    1. fan of the show

      Did you see the new guy for Shaurya. He’s not that bad to look at….

    1. ur right trusha i agree with you ishan shud come back to the serial.

  10. Good! Samrat died..hmm who ll be next villian?lets c

  11. i want both ishaan and samrat to be back in the show they are the pillars of the show please let them come back to the show without samrat and ishaan the show is not upto the mark plz bring both of them back please its a request to the production house i hope you guys read our comments…..

    1. fan of the show

      Hi Radha, I think in Mohit Malik’s case, (rat) he would come back if they let him. In Vibhav Roy’s case (Ishaan) he doesn’t want to play an aged character – he wants to remain forever young,

  12. I love Ishaan, Urmi and I woun’t say I love Samrat, but his baddy role was a master-piece. I totally miss these 3 guys. I hope in the near future, they come back as someone’s child, or a lost twin during child-birth. I want Ishaan back – missing him so very much.
    According to an article that I read, Samrat was supposed to be the adult version of Shaurya. Ishaan was supposed to remain as dad in an older version & he refused.
    Whatever, plz bring Ishaan and Samrat back as friends in good terms in some way, plz plz plz, writers.

    1. fan of the show

      I would have liked to see Mohit Malik in a positive role as Shaurya, just to see more of his amazing talent. And also so that he is not hereafter type-cast as a villain all the time.

  13. Keen Observer actually samrat had realized what he did in past…
    It was possible to give him positive role henceforth…

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, Rahila, the rat realized what he did, but many fans would not forgive him and thought he didn’t get a fitting punishment.

  14. Ok don’t worry Sam has committed suicide so ur so called urmi iz safe…:) 🙂

  15. Which actor has replaced shaurya????
    Pls can I know as I won’t be able to see the show for 1week

    1. fan of the show

      Kunal Karan Kapoor

      1. how is he looking

      2. fan of the show

        Very interesting – in the story above it says Urmi got thrown out of Ishaan’s house and went to live with her own family. But in the first scene after the leap, they showed the outside of Ishaan’s house, then Urmi in her bedroom. That made it look like she was still at Ishaan’s house.Oh well, we’ll find out soon, I guess.

  16. Who will watch the show without samrat…I know he was bad but his role was awesome and his dialogues was entertaining.frankly all 3 guys should be back…in another form..

    1. fan of the show

      That would be fun – come back so completely disguised that nobody figures it out for a while…

  17. @fan of the show. Don’t fool ur self seeing all the comments that a lot of people are still watching the show. Most of the people are reading the updates. I don’t want to be negative about the new characters, but what is left of doli armaanon ki without Urmi and Ishaan? Why not stop it with a happy ending without killing Ishaan? Could you writers couldn’t find an older version of Ishaan just like you find one for Urmi?

    1. fan of the show

      I guess the writers must not have written Ishaan into too many episodes ahead of what airs – because if they had intended that Ishaan was still going to be a major player in the story, they would not have killed him off because it would have meant rewriting too many episodes.

      I think one of the spoilers said that after looking at the scripts for the future, the Ishaan character hardly had any role at all, and would have been idle most of the time. So for the sake of the actor’s wishes to leave, the writers just wrote him out completely.

      The idea of Vibhav Roy coming back in some other character may have worked, if the production house had offered it.

    2. fan of the show

      Is there a way to watch the show’s ratings? I have seen something mentioned about TRP – is that ratings?

  18. nyc xpecting more

  19. no,no,no we don’t want new urmi the old was outstanding and with out samrat there is no show.

    1. fan of the show

      I guess in storyland, no one is unreplaceable….

  20. Ishaan n urmi were awesome together,with out them the serial will become boring so i will not watch this show from today

    1. fan of the show

      It’s interesting to watch people judging others before getting to know them, and judging stories before getting to see them.

      1. This is what I thought.Sometimes the minds of human beings are portrayed as they have dyslexia—–That means they do not adjust to changes properly. I think the story will be interesting as it grows.Let us just watch and wait.Let time tells.

  21. Ishan should cm back,then the show will be interesting

  22. I’m actually not too happy dat Isfahan and urmi ar out of d show, however we shd give it a chance , if u all followed pavitra rishta, when manav was changed we thought oh no!! Dis show is over, but coz of the awsome story line, we soon forgot d old manav, so DAK might be like dat. Fingers crosses

    1. So right .Manav in the new was awesome in Pavitra Rishta and the story continued with strength and was good. Let us view it with an open mind.

  23. I’m actually not too happy dat Isfahan and urmi ar out of d show, however we shd give it a chance , if u all followed pavitra rishta, when manav was changed we thought oh no!! Dis show is over, but coz of the awsome story line, we soon forgot d old manav, so DAK might be like dat. Fingers crossed

  24. I think samrat he’s deserve to be killed before committed the suicide.but apart from urmi being drag out of the hause she was suppouse to be given some share of her late husband

    1. Kassim .do you realize the plight of women when they lost their husbands.What does some motheres in laws do they chase the wife away without anything.How hopeless if we do not stand up a speak out against it.The words are abuse of women in different forms.

      1. fan of the show

        Right Rosey – nobody wanted Urmi when she was a divorcee, never mind a widow. Like all of sudden she is no longer a human being.

      2. fan of the show

        I guess that could be one of the reasons women try to hang in there being abused, is because society makes it extremely difficult to make it on your own, Which is why Urmi is so special – she did it against many odds, including being kidnapped and held for extortion money by the old couple.

  25. Mohan Bhatnagar

    Guys I don’t know if you guys don’t have any information about the actor who is playing shaurya…. kkk… He is one of the best actors Indian Television ever had… You can watch him in different kind of characters… Yudi of left right left… Negative role of angad Yadav in pratigya… Nd Mohan Bhatnagar from na bole tum… After ram Kapoor…. He is the best Indian Television actor

  26. fan of the show

    Read today’s spoiler for who will play Ishaani.

  27. Did the series go off air? And when will it resume? What happened to yesterday’s episode??

    1. fan of the show

      It’s a Monday to Friday, yesterday was Sunday.

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