Doli Armaanon Ki 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s and Karan’s residence
Anirudh asks urmi, while they sit in the drawing room, if she is all set for the court’s hearing tomorrow. She says that it wont do much help, since diya has decided to take back the case. Anirudh is shocked, and then urmi explains everything, as to why diya decdied on this. Damini pretends to be outraged, that after she had to bear diya for all this time, and the way she disrupted their family, and for all that urmi and shaurya did for her, diya became utterl selfish in the end, and put their efforts and hard work in vain, by easily agreeing that she wont fight anymore, and asks what happened to the revplution that she planned to bring in the society by getting jutsice. urmi says that its complicated as diya isnt happy

with this decision too. Damini however continues to poke. urmi suddenly realises that shaurya isnt seen anywhere and wonders where he went.

Meanwhile shaurya comes to karan’s house, to verify his statements, whether his mother is hospitalised and finds it locked. he wonders whether karan was saying the truth, and his mother indeed is serious. he comes t the car, and apssing woman asks if he is looking around for someone. He immediately talks about karan’s mother and she says that they must have just gone around somewhere and then says that this is generally the time she goes to the temple. shaurya smiles and then asks which temple, and gets the address. he then calls up diya and tells her that if she wants to meet karan’s mother, then she should meet him at the said temple, where he would be waiting. diya is worried and immediately complies and rushes out.

Scene 2:
Location: Akash’s residence
Ishaani is escorted inside, and asks to sit by the poolside as per Akash’s instructions while he joins her shortly, and after that the butler goes inside. She anxiously waits. Akash meanwhile comes to her from the pool, and comments that she is looking hot. she starts blushing. he asks her to stop, and wait for him, while he comes. He comes out of the pool, draoes a towel, while she blushingly looks away. he goes to get changed. just then, simran enters, akash’s designer and greets ishaani, knowing her by name. Dressed in a bathrobe, Akash comes and introduces simran, his designer and ishaani. he starts praising ishaani, as being talented and hardworking, and says that she deserves a break, and should get a chance to work. simran is excited and hires her. ishaani thanks him. he says that its okay, and instead of being flattered, he instead flatters her, saying that he loves women, and talent is the icing on the cake. He shakes hands with her and congratulates her. simran too congratulates her and asks her to join tomorrow. she complies and then leaves, starry eyed. Simran and akash eye her.

Scene 3:
Location: At the temple
Diya arrives at the temple, asking how is karan’s mother and shaurya asks her to just wait and watch. diya is shocked to find karan’s mother, descendng down the steps, having offered the prayers. she overwhelmingly is about to rush out to her, when he stops her, asking her how is karan’s mother here if she had a fatal heart attack. He asks her to now understand the lies that karan told her. she is outraged.

Scene 4
Location: Shaurya’s residence
Diya confronts karan about his lie. He defiantly says that he did lie, but only to get her, as she had left him with no other option. he says that he tried to convince her but when she remained adamant, he had no other option but to concoct this lie, to get her to buckle to what she wants. He says that he loves her and didnt want to lose her, and hence after his mother agreed with much difficulty, he didnt want her adamancy to spoil it for their love. She says that those who love dont lie. Shaurya thinks that had they not needed karan for diya’s case, he would have taught karan a lesson. karan asks her not to be emotional. She says that her entire identity stands as a crisis. he asks her to let go of this arrogance and take back this case. she asks how can he suggest it, as she cant forget what happened to her, all her life, ans id dying inside. she says that tragedy ruined her, her family, her life, her work and her very existence. She says that she is being identified as the raped girl, from what she was before, a happy go lucky girl with aims and aspirations, and asks what was her fault in all this. she asks why should a woman suffer always, and this time she wont, as if she does today, thousands of girls shall be silenced like her. she says that now she is stuck on her resolve, and shall get them punished, at any cost. Karan eyes her tensedly. Diya says that since he has come along with her so far, then a little more steps, as they are this close to victroy. she stands wiping her tears determinedly. Shaurya wonders why is karan wanting her to take back the case all of a sudden, and marry diya, and understands that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Scene 5:
Location: The sponsor’s residence
When karan shares this news with his sponsor, he gets angry. karan is worried of his reaction, and vehemently says that he tried everything in his power to convince her, but in vain. he says that it seems impossible now, as diya is very arrogant and shall stop at nothing now. The sponsor meanwhile is firing bullets in the air, and finally, he draws it at karan, who is shit scared asking him to calm down.

Scene 6:
Location: Court room
Nigam asks for Karan to be called in the witness box. While karan takes his place in the witness box, Nigam comes to him and asks him how much he loves diya. Karan asks what question is this. urmi says that this is irrelevant. Nigam says that it is relevant. The judge overrules the objection and asks him to get to the point. He grills karan so much so, that he confesses to him, that he might even kill someone for diya’s sake. Nigam says that if he can kill someone for diya’s love, he can definitely implicate innocent people, if pressurised by diya. urmi says that this isnt an accusation but a fact. nigam says that this isnt proven yet. The judge overrules urmi’s objection and nigam continues. urmi says that if karan has given testimony then why again. but nigam insists one more time. Nigam is allowed by the judge. He goes to karan and asks him to identify if these people, the rapists were the people who he got into a scuffle with that night, who then went on to rape diya. urmi stands up and says that karan has testified many a times, then why again. Nigam says that if he testifies one more time, then whats urmi’s problem, since karan has always said the truth, and this time too he shall say it. the judge again overrules and asks urmi to settle down and let the interrogation be. Nigam continues and asks him to not let innocent people be implicated and convicted. karan hesitates, while diya waits for him to testify. Karan says that the goons he had fought, he isnt very sure if it were the same people. urmi and diya are unable to believe his statement. Nigam asks what does he mean, and if the goons werent his clients then who were they. He says that he doesnt know but its definitely not these people. urmi, shaurya and diya are apalled and shocked. urmi asks whats he saying, and diys asks why is he lying, and begs him to say the truth. They along with shaurya ask karan to speak the truth, while he says that he is doing so. urmi points out when he has always said the truth, then why is he refraining now. She gives the example of Krishna standing by draupadi when she was taken advantage of, and asks him to man up. karan says that he isnt godly. urmi asks him to be human first and testify the truth. Nigam says that she is trying to bring mythological facts to mislead karan. She says that infact he is trying to distract the case. she asks karan to say the truth and not lie. Nigam says that he had been lying all this time, due to their pressure and has today spoken the truth. She asks whats the guarantee that he is saying the truth now, if they dont believe the earlier statements. the judge tells karan that misleading the court by varying statements is a crime and he can face legal implications. karan apologises with folded hands, and says that till now he was lying and today he spoke the truth, as he cant lie anymore, and continues the charade with urmi too. urmi and diya are shocked, while shaurya thinks that he knew this would happen. the judge asks him to clearly speak up. karan says that these people arent the rapists. Karan says that since the time diya has been raped, she has been mentally disturbed, and has not been the normal self that she is, and has developed psychological problems. Diya stands up in disgust and screams at him. shaurya composes her. urmi is apalled. Anirudh is furious. karan asks the judge to look at diya to find how distraught she is, and for her sake, he had to take their names, but not anymore. urmi asks and begs him not to lie, as diya would break down, and asks karan not to become like them. Karan tells the judge that these are the things that forced him to lie in the first place. Diya screams why is he saving the rapists. Karan says that diya is so mentally imbalanced that she finds her rapists in everyone, and tomorrow might accuse him too. She asks and breaks incoherently whats he saying. he continues with his pretense that he held her ground for so long, but not anymore. Shaurya says that karan is lying. nigam asks them to stop the drama. urmi says that they are doing so, as overnight karan cant change his statement like this. Karan continues with the pretense, and asks urmi to let the innocent be scot free. nigam says that they are trying to pressurise him yet again, and since there is no case, he asks the judge to acquit the accused. urmi asks the judge not to, as this would make the people lose their faith on the indian judicial System. nigam says that they dont have any evidence and their eye witness too turned against them. urmi pleads and asks for one chance. The judge says that prosecution doesnt have evidence nor any strong facts, but considering the severity of the case, he shall hear it one more time. The judge says that having finalised the date for the last hearing of the case, the court releases the accused, on bail, due to lack of supportive evidentiary facts. He adjourns the case. Diya is apalled, while urmi and aanirudh are angry. the screen freezes on diya’s apalled face.

Precap: Outside the court, diya asks karan how could he brand her as mentally insane, in the court, when he supposedly loves her. karan shoves her away with a jerk, saying that she isnt left worthy to be loved anymore, after her rape. she is outraged and slaps him tight on the face. karan is shocked. urmi, shaurya and anirudh are apalled. Later, as karan tries to enter his house, his mother slaps him tight across his face and says that he cant enter in her house. He casually asks what happened to her. She asks if he isnt ashamed that he gave the wrong testimony for diya, when he should have stood by her side. he says that he hugely benefitted from this whole scenario. Diya and shaurya, hiding inside, listen intently. she asks what possible motive could he have had to do this to diya, and shaming her as being his mother. He whispers into her ear, that he had a huge gain in this. Karan says that he got huge money, to do what he did. his mother is surprised. Diya and shaurya are outraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. if I had a son like karan I would be ashamed and so I would have had no choice but to disown him karan reminds me somewhat of samrath and that type of behavior it just goes he never loved diya his motive was to use her all the way for his own gain and as she was a reporter he knew that he could get media attention to help him in achieving his goal as a movie star but to say he loved diya no way and men like him is capable of any thing so diya count yourself lucky that he broke up with you he in fact did you a great favour so arushi move on with your life fight for what is right fight the fight for justice and keep your head up high always look everyone straight in the face without being ashamed of anything because what happened to you could happen to anyone and keeping quiet or letting anyone hush you up is not the answer stand for what is right and that is the truth and put these rapists ass away for good so other women would not have to endure what you went through GO DIYA GO

  2. Super diya and shaurya

  3. sorry I meant to say diya and not arushi

  4. fan of the show

    This episode is very good at creating frustration in the viewers, just like what happens in real cases, how justice is frustrated and thwarted by power and money. That’s powerful writing to be able to do that. Good job.

    1. On releasing the accused .Iam afraid that the accused will try to attack Diya again to shut her up or to make her scared and move away from that area.Shaurya should have taped the conversation that Karan had with his mom and used this for the court. This could cause the case to be over turned and Karan could be charged for perjury for deliberately misleading the court with his lies.Then he could be sent to jail for this.

  5. Karan’s behavior reminds me of Samrat.They both are vicious bulldogs and will destroy anyone and anything for fame and money.He deserved the tight slap that was given to him.

  6. Karan’s mother is a good example of a mother. She did not accept his disgusting betrayal to Diya and she sure dealt with him as any great mother will will do.

  7. fan of the show

    I just went back to the July 7th episode and found that the character Jahmdar is the one who is bribing karan. Jahmdar is the one whose son was arrested for the hit and run accident. I thought he was a new character and had some other angle on doing harm to Diya, but it’s the same guy.

    1. Thanks for the information.Then it could be him who is the one who hired the rapist.Just a thought.

  8. Karan is so annoying, please get rid of him, he is so ugly to be an actor in the first place and quite honestly doesn’t deserve to be on this show. please throw him out to save the show from losing its viewers..

  9. Karan is damn waste man..:) he messed diya big time which he should stand beside her, money make man changes.. He is so ugly and weird, I just hate him for what he done to diya:)

  10. Hey, Karan was ready for the casting couch to get a role, so why wouldn’t he sell Diya out. If he can sell himself, that’s not a big deal…

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