Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Shashi asks samrat to say sorry and get urmi back, and be the bigger person now. Samrat is furious when he gets to know urmi’s stance. His father comes and advises him the same too, as she too has a right to show that she is angry, as anger is there where there’s love and hence get urmi back, forgetting everything and moving on. Samrat turns to him and asks if he’s finished the lecture, and asks him to leave. he is hurt and tensed. Samrat doesnt let him speak and asks him to go and sleep. Shashi too takes him, leaving samrat alone with his rage. They both leave.

Samrat calls up urmi, and she is surprised to see his number. She finally receives the call and samrat asks if she’s waiting for him that he would

come and apologise and get her to his house once again. he asks her to forget this, as that wont ever happen and she would have to wait. He tells her that she would have to return back, in the same rush that she left it as she cant stay there forever, and would have to return. samrat tells her that the more she delays, she would have to face worse here, and that a married girl’s life is in her in laws’ place, and that she wont have anywhere else to go, and hence she would have to come. Urmi is hurt at his stance. She says that she regrest this, but knows this very well, in life, that she can have the least hope from him, and as far as home is concerned, then the house that the girl is born in, also belongs to her, and hence he should not live in the misundertsanding that she would come back, as she never wont. He getsd angry and says that they shall see how long she doesnt return. He cancels the phone. She too is disturbed.

the next morning, all are tensed at the breakfast table, seeing that urmi isnt eating. Buaji tries to cheer everyone up to initiate a conversation. Rashmi says that its a surprise whats being made. gaurav says that something of urmi’s liking must have been made. Saroj gets Gulab jamun for urmi. They all together try to cheer up urmi. she gives them to gaurav to taste it fgirst. rashmi goes and gets some for everyone. she is still lost, while saroj asks her to taste and say how is it made. She takes a bite, and then suddenly feels pukish and begins to have a vomitting sensdation. she rushes to the bathroom, while all are tensed. Granny however understands whats going on. She stops saroj, saying that there’s nothing to be tensed for, as urmi is expecting. all are surprisingly happy. they congratulate each otyher. saroj is happy but then gets tensed thinking of the future. She goes to urmi, and asks about heer health now. she gets water for urmi. urmi says that she doesnt know why she felt like that. Hesitatingly, Saroj surprises urmi by asking if there’s a good news in the offing. urmi vehemently denies, and asks how can she say this. Saroj says that she feels like that.

In his house, shashi’s husband hollers at her to rush along, while shashi is tensed if it would be right to get urmi by going to her house. His father tells her that samrat would never go, and hence they have to do this. Samrat’s parenst and diwakar are about to leave, when they find samrat coming in, with a big smile. He asks where are they going. his father says that they dont need to tell him everything about where are they going. Samreat says that he doesnt care as olong as its nothing related to him. His father asks him to let be, as they would come back and talk. As they begin to leave, samrat says that if they are goimng to get urmi, they should stop and not worsen the condition. Diwaker says that it cant get any worse. Samrat says that urmi would not be escorted back. His father asks if she would stay there only. He says that if she can go, she can come back too, but noone would go to get her. samrat says that she would come back herself. diwaker says that she wont come, as he has now started hitting her. samrat in a rage, says that its all about him and his wife and he shouldnt interfere. He says that he wants to see how long can she stay there, as when the rage cools down, then she would know her real worth and where she stands, and wont ever try it again, having learnt a lesson. They are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Training Acafrmy
As trisha steps out of the academy, she again finds the same guy waiting for her, and expresses her frustration at it. She snubs off his every move. He asks her to look ahead. She turns to find a coffee table set for her there, in the middle of the road, just like she had demanded, and askshow did sdhe like this gesture of his. She is speechless and says that he is totally mad. He says that he is trying desperately, as he doesnt know why he did it, he just did, and thats the initial signs of madness, and says that when he spends some time with her, he can feel her sorry and can also raise his respect for her. He says that she isnt being forced, as he just did what she told him to, and that her request was just a test for him, and if he has passed the test, then could he spend some time with her. she is moved and agrees. they have coffee. later, they get fortune cookies, when his opne says that Love is in the air. she sees it, and chooses to ignore it saying that she doesnt believe it. He says that he does. She gets tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
As all are waiting in the drawing room, to see urmi and saroj come back from the doctor, concocting their own stories, they find that she has returned. they all anxiously ask whats the news. both saroj and urmi stand tensed. Saroj confirms that urmi is indeed pregnant, and all are thrilled. but urmi is far from happy. Granny asks urmi to tread cautiously from now on. Devi comes to urmi and wiping his tears, blesses her to be happy always, and says that he would just pray for her. he makes her sit down, as they all gather around her. rashmi starts gloating about her successful match. buaji too is super excited. They are tensed when urmi breaks down into tears. They ask her why is she crying. She shocks them by saying that she doesnt want this baby, as she cant let that happen. they all get tensed. The screen freezes on Urmi’s sad face.

Precap: Samrat starts shouting and hollering at everyone in his residence, while they all are confused at his overexuberant display of enthusiasm and ask him the reason for it. He tells them that urmi is ezxpecting the heir to this family. they are all thrilled. His father suggests that now they shouldnt delay, and should immediately get urmi back to this house. samrat in his fit, says that he wont go, as she would now have to come herself, with this recent news, as she is nomore left with any other option.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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  1. Samrat !!! i hate you !! urmi and samrat don’t make a good couple…… ! I hope there will be a big twist by urmi divorcing samrat and marrying an other guy ! so that samrat will be jealous ahahahah 🙂

  2. Omg samrat is a royal jackass. Why are these writers beating down on urmi so much? We know women are strong but that doesn’t give anyone rights to test us everyday of our lives. I think urmi deserves to be happy. Not be stuck with a man who does not know her worth. And samrat doesn’t deserve a child as he needs to grow up.

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