Doli Armaanon Ki 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmi tells Anirudh to let Samrat go. He has realized his crimes, now leave him on his own. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya asks her what she is saying. Urmi says Ishaan wanted this. He wanted Samrat to realize his crimes. Anirudh leaves Samrat’s collar. Samrat is in a disbelief. Urmi walks towards him and says that Ishaan wanted him to realize his crimes, so he can never do such thing again with any other woman. She forgives him for every single mistake that he did. Samrat falls on his knees and cries loud. Urmi continues Samrat changed, but while trying to change him, Ishaan had to die. She wishes he could see this. She asks him to go far away from them and never show his face to them. Samrat folds his hands to Ishaan’s photo, Urmi, and everyone else there and leaves in guilt and grief.


is in her room. She sees Ishaan and her memorable time in front of her and gets happy and then sad when she realizes he’s not there. She recalls days from they got married, to days when Ishaan was happy with their upcoming child, to the day he died. Bhare Naina song plays…

Anirudh looks at the photo which Ishaan gifted him and cries. Urmi comes and returns 1 crore rupees to him that Tani gave to Samrat. He asks how she got it. She says they had filed police complaint against James and when arresting him, police found that money. She further says she wanted to tell him this before, but Ishaan stopped her saying first let Samrat realize his mistakes. Tani comes there and apologizes to Urmi. She says she never listened to her and Ishaan. She asks for forgiveness. Urmi hugs her and smiles at her.

Samrat is at a sea. He recalls how Ishaan saved his life, how Urmi forgave him for everything, how all blamed him and said he won’t find place even in hell. He continues walking towards water while recalling all this.

Urmi is sitting with everyone in the hall. Damini comes with bags and puts there. Anirudh asks her what she is upto. Damini says Urmi won’t live in that house anymore. Everyone is shocked. Anirudh asks her has she lost it? Damini tells him that he better stay quiet. She told him not to get Ishaan married to her, but he still did and always favored Urmi and today he saw the results of it. Anirudh says the house belongs to Urmi as well, she is Ishaan’s wife. Damini says she’s not a wife, she’s a killer. Urmi is very shocked and sad. Shashi interrupts and asks Damini what she’s doing. Damini asks her what she is still doing there. She tells her to pack her bags as well and leave. They kept her there as a gust for very long now. Tani also tries to stop Damini, but in vein.

Precap: Urmi and family read something in newspaper and are shocked. Tani asks what they read. She takes the newspaper and is shocked as well. She says, Samrat Singh Rathore….

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. why is damini carrying on like a jackass doesn’t she realize that urmi is still carrying ishaans child in her why is she putting her out of the house it is not urmi to blame but her crazy ass daughter tani

    1. She never loved Urmi.It was a hypocritical love .She used this moment to try and get rid of Urmi not considering that she is baring her grand child.All this is hatred.

  2. is tani who married samrat and bring him into their home blame her if you want to blame someone not urmi

  3. fan of the show

    It would be perfectly fitting if everyone else in the house also packed up and left, in a show of support for Urmi. Leave Damn-mini on her own and see how she fares. Maybe get her to see the strength there is in unity.

    1. fan of the show

      At least Urmi still has the hotel. She could put them all up for a while

    2. fan of the show

      When there are high emotions in play, illogical logic can take over.

      1. This is why decisions should not be made when emotions are sky high.Yon cannot think in such a way to make reasonable decisions.

    3. fan of the show

      Take away all the servants too.

      1. If the servants and everyone move out then Urmi.s triumph over wickedness will not be effective but as you said Fan—-Poetic Justice–.

    4. fan of the show

      I think they call it poetic justice.

      1. fan of the show

        A result or occurrence that seems proper because someone who has done bad things to other people is being harmed or punished

        Generally, the purpose of poetic justice in literature is to adhere by the universal code of morality i.e. the virtue triumphs vice. The idea of justice in literary texts manifests the moral principle that virtue deserves a reward and vices earn punishment.

        In addition, the readers often identify themselves with the good characters. They feel emotionally attached to them and feel for them when they suffer at the hands of the wicked characters. Naturally, the readers desire for a compensation for the good characters and equally wish the bad characters be penalized for their evilness. Thus, poetic justice offers contentment to them.

      2. I personally do not believe in poetic justice.I am not a tit for tat person.I believe in trying other methods to bring about fruitfulness to the situation.

    5. This is reasonable common sense to do this to show Damini that everyone does not live and think as her.

  4. If writers want to kill samrat then y they killed Ishaan.but anyhow samart we love ur acting because of which we watch serial.we miss u nd also urmi nd ishaan

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, khushi, right.

  5. 😡 :-O 😎

  6. fan of the show
    1. Fan this was wonderful.Iread it. Thank you for your research to educate othjers.

  7. Did the rat drown??

    1. fan of the show

      Spoilers say yes, suicide by drowning.. We’ll find out today, I think, because they were reading in the newspaper about the rat, in shock.

  8. fan of the show

    I did not like the way they hung the flowers on Ishaan’s picture – it made him look like he had a big fuzzy beard.

    1. I am so sorry that I cannot see the show but only rely on reading but what can I say I am still in the game.

  9. Fan of the show I am so surprised you are now elaborating on poetic justice. Why should everyone abandon Damini, I thought you support others staying with her so she can change. You have always seen as vengeful people those who thought Samrat should have punished severely before now for his crimes. If that had taken place he and Ishaan would have been alive, while the process of change takes its course. Everyone would have been happier at the end of it all. Change is process. Samrat can’t suddenly become a good person because Ishaan died. He has killed before worst of all is own child and it didn’t change, why will he only change now. Let us be realistic, and stop portray extra fiction.He needed to be cut off from society and put in a reformation center. Let’s be consistent.

    1. Bravo Onemore! I support your argument…change is a process…Samrat cannot change suddenly to be a remorseful and good person.

    2. fan of the show

      Hi onemore, your comments are very interesting.

      On Damn-mini, I think after she banishes Urmi, there will be no one left capable of helping her realize her mistake (because they are all supporing her now because she’s being b*t*hy and demanding). All she has to do in future is keep scaring them all with more of the same. It won’t help her to let her have her way when she’s wrong ( just like Shashi did to the rat – it produces a monster). There were about three people who questioned her sanity for banishing Urmi, but they did not fight her and explain why she was wrong, and she also kicked one of those people out along with Urmi. Whereas leaving her on her own to figure out that getting rid of good people ruins your OWN support system, (i.e. cut off your nose to spite your face) might help her realize her mistake. I guess her change of heart against Urmi when Urmi got pregnant was only because she was happy for her son, not because she understood and accepted Urmi. My fiction, as you label it, was simply finding an alternative method of helping her change. I don’t see it as inconsistent, but thank you for your opinion.

      1. fan of the show

        On the rat, I agree with you and Adie E that lasting change does not happen in a few seconds. It suits the story to have him change for his last scene, but the change cannot be lasting or sincere especially for the rat, when a couple of minutes before the confession he was still denying that he killed Ishaan (to his mother in the kitchen).

        Almost anyone who has made lasting changes in their lives knows how hard it is to change, whether it’s a soft or hard addiction or just an annoying or unhealthy habit. That’s one of the reasons it takes so long for married couples to get used to each other, I think. No, bad habits and idiotic thinking do not change fast.

      2. fan of the show

        As for punishing the rat, he WAS punished in many ways – went to jail twice, had horrible anxiety and rotten attitude all the time (self-punishment), and was swindled by some other crooks. However, none of these punishments changed him, other than making him even more devious and determined to aggravate Urmi, who had exposed him in front of his family for making up stories about having an affair at the dance studio. And also for leaving him after she discovered him in the hotel with another woman, She should have left him after the first bout of beating and battering, but her family ordered her to drop the charges, and insisted that she go back to him and make it up, so the rat only spent overnight in jail that time.

        Yes he should have been punished, but NOBODY FILED THE NECESSARY CHARGES. He got away with everything. By intimidation, by lying, and with the help of other evil people who joined forces with him, and by playing on the fears of people who worried about their reputation in society more than they worried about the unlucky fate of their own loved ones.

        So who’s really at fault here? Everybody, including Urmi, who DID NOTHING for whatever reason they may have had.

        Today there was a story in the news that during a heated argument, the guy threw a 2-week old kitten against the wall. The girl called the police, and they came and arrested him for animal cruelty and aggravated assault, and took him away.

      3. fan of the show

        (Last rant on this). So, in real life those who can MUST DO WHAT IS NEEDED to stop those who are harming others. Don’t only get mad at the perpetrator, get mad at those who stand by and DO NOTHING. And if there is no law you can turn to for help, start working to get one made. Otherwise domestic violence will continue with a free hand.

      4. Fan you cannot cmment to please everyone because the minds of human beings sway on a perpendicular and can never agree on everything what you wrote.

      5. fan of the show

        Agreement is nice but gets boring. Disagreement is stimulating. Makes you think about what and how you think.

  10. fan of the show

    Spoiler in this page says the leap will happen today (June 26). And that the new Shaurya will be Kanal Karan Kapoor.

    He looks more like Ishaan’s son than the rat’s son. Other spoilers say his part will be the lead in the new track.

  11. writers I think you made a big out are you wrong side or what cant you not see that kunal karal Kapoor could more play the role of ishaans son than shauyra no way does he look anything like shaurya

    1. Observer the first Shaurya does not look as the second Saurya and the third Shaurya does not have to look as the second or looks like Samrat.After awhile we become acquainted to his face. Let us at the bright side of things ans hopes the leap will be interesting to us.

  12. I think you better make a change before the serial make the leap and if urmi make a girl she should look like karina Kapoor and should be called ishaani as urmi discussed with Ishaan before he died

    1. Observer I have to laugh at this one–You have already leap forward to determine the baby and who the baby should resemble.Please buy a mold and mold the baby to shape and form when born.—LOL

  13. I often used the term poetic justice I think each individual has a different meaning/concept of POETIC JUSTICE take for instance a person kills some one in a particular way and in time to come the same thing comes and happen to that person that is a twist of fate i.e. poetic justice in laymans term in modern literature it is often accompanied by an ironic twist of fate to the characters own conduct or behavior in psychology it all boils down to human behavior that it is the simplest way that I could explain poetic justice hope you understood

    1. Every one looks at poetic justice in different ways and it is according to what you perceive as justice therefore you do not have to explain it away.

  14. fan of the show

    No update yet, so I watched it on the net.

    Anirudh, Tani, Shashi, and I think Sandhya fought with Damini to save Urmi (yay!).

    And the rat did commit suicide at the beach (yay!)

    And Tani did take the blame for bringing the rat to their home (yay!)

    And the serial did leap forward 20 years showing Urmi (Manasi) and Shaurya (Kunal).

  15. fan of the show

    The new Urmi was sitting with Anirudh – it means they kept up their connection over the 20 years.

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