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Doli Armaanon Ki 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s, akash kumar’s and karan’s residence
Urmi comes to diya, in her room, to ask about her. diya says that she wants to talk about something. But first urmi tells her that she spoke to a good advocate who told her that they have an upper hand advanteg in this case, due to having a first hand eye witness of the incident, and she is fairly sure that she shall win the case in the next hearing. diya remembers karan’s condition to marry and tries to talk. but just then, damini storms in with the maid, who has botched up the sweets for tomorrow’s celebration, by making it too sweet, taunting urmi that she should also pay attention to what happens inside the house too. urmi tells the maid to go while she just comes. but damini asks her to

hurry, and leaves. She turns to diya and asks what she wanted to talk about, and diya thinks that being function tomorrow, she shouldnt upset the mood, and refrains frm talking. urmi leaves.

The next morning, gaurav comes wih asha and chiku, to celebrate rakhi. They do the honours. All wait for ishaani, who takeas her own time to dress up. Damini surely thinks that she shall make this rakhi celebration utterly interesting and dramatic once diya comes down. She waits for diya to come. finally ishaani comes down, looking gorgeous. shaurya teases ishaani, and she asks his gift. He says that he already gave it, by taking him to Akash kumar’s interview. She conveniently forgets it. He is angry. anirudh asks her to be fair. ishaani agrees saying that shaurya doesnt have to, but chiku does. he asks her to tie the rakhi first. she complies and then collects the gift. They all enjoy amused and happy. Damini meanwhile wonders why hasnt diya come down yet. Shaurya surprises diya with a gift. finally diys descends down, and greets everyone. Gaurav asks how is she, and she says that she is okay. damini asks how is this possible, as today is rakhi, and diya must be missing her brother, and that this too is her family, and asks her not to be upset, as she can tie Rakhi to Chiku. Urmi and anirudh are tensed as to what is she upto. But others like the idea and ask diya to go on. she complies, and chiku gives her the shagun. damini gets up and says that diya should finish by tying the other rakhi too. All are boggled. Damini says that one more brother is left. urmi asks which brother. damini says that the true brother, who has supported diya tremendously in these testing times, and thats shaurya, as if she is chiku’s sister, then she is chiku’s brother, shaurya’s sister too. Urmi is shocked. anrudh is frustrated with damini’s behaviour. damini asks what possible problem can be there. but just then, ishaani says that shaurya is just her brother and noone else can tie rakhi. damini asks her to relax, and let diya tie. Shaurya too asks her to chill, as he too has space only for ishaani. Damini says that since everyone has decided on the relation, they should clarify whats the relation between diya and shaurya then, and asks urmi tauntingly, that she has an answer to everything. urmi says that it isnt important that a relation has a name, and sometimes many relations are such that do many things for people, and the bigest relation is humanity. all are tensed, while diya is upset. Damini fumes angrily.

In her room, while ishaani is relaxing, damini comes and asks whats wrong with her, and why she intervened to stop diya from tying the rakhi to shaurya. ishaani asks whats wrong with her, as diya and shaurya are just friends. damini says that they would have have known for sure then. Just then, ishaani’s phone rings, and she finds that its Akash Kumar on the line, who asks her to come to the offce at eleven, if she isnt busy. she is all gaga and in a state of starstruck bliss. he says that he has had a talk with the designer and she too is coming tomorrow. he says that since she had been promised by him, hence decided to call her himself. she is over the moon, as she tells this to damini and gets engrossed in preparing for her tomorrow’s meeting.

Downstairs, Diya wonders how wrong damini assumed about her. she says that the reason all of this is happening is because she has stayed here too long, and maybe now its time, for her to talk about karan with urmi and shaurya. shaurya comes in asking where is she lost, and asks what did she want to say. diya hesitates. urmi asks her to speak, up along with shaurya. Diya tells them what karan told her, that he agrees to marry her. damini comes jubiliantly saying that this is a wonderful news. she asks diya why is she so upset, and if she wants to marry someone else. urmi asks the reason of her tension. Diya talks about karan’s condition to marry. shaurya and urmi are shocked. He says that marriage arent on bets. urmi asks how can she even consider this and fall weak now. she says that now that they are so close to victory and she wants to buckle under pressure.
She reminds diya that she was gangraped, and even after that, she decided to use her own identity, so as to set an example. She says that she is fighting for the society, herself and for everyone, to set an example. she asks how could she waiver in her decision just due to karan’s condition. she asks her to stop compromising as millions of women have, and asks her now not to fall weak. diya is extremely upset. damini taunts that she gave a wonderful lecture, and asks who is she to decide whats right and wrong, and what gave her the license to decide decisions in others’ life, intervening in everyone’s life. She says that karan isnt wrong, as noone wants their bahu to be in the news for fighting a rape case, as people want to keep the women’s respect intact in the indian society. shaurya asks if karan’s mother herself told this to her. She denies. he asks what did she tell karan. Diya says that she said she would think and decide. karan comes in saying that she did get sometime from him. He says that he wants to marry her, and doesnt want to be implicated in court hearings forever, and that they should move on and start afresh. damini totally agrees. he asks diya to take back her complaint, and then they can get married. Shaurya asks if he can get his mother here so that they can convince her. diya too asks karan to do that, as they are this close to victory. He asks whats bigger than marriage, as his mother has agreed with much problems, and now they want to get her here and bother her more. urmi asks whats the problem, if she comes here and they talk to her, as they are really close to victory and cant step back now. Karan tells them that its enough now. diya asks him to mind his language. He asks how can she fight with him, for people who arent even related to her. Diya says that noone was there with her, when family and even he had deserted her, they were there by her side, and that the right is by the heart not due to relations, and hence they are her people. karan asks her to explain clearly if she shall go to the police station, as she shall have to decide if its him or the case. Diya says that first he had placed the condition and now he is giving the solution too. Diya says that she has decided what she wants to do, and that he should go away from here. karan is shocked, as she says that she wont take this case back. karan leaves angrily.

Later in the night, diya sits with shaurya and urmi, she gets Karan’s call. he asks diya how can she be so selfish, that to bring happiness into her life, she can manage to douse the life of others. Karan emotionally blackmails, that due to her decision, his mother is at the death bed, and had a fatal heart attack, due to her, her decision, her case and her arrogance. He asks her how can she do this. She asks whats he saying. he says that to give punishment to her rapists, she punished his mother too. she says that she shall just come to see his mother. He says that he cant let her see his mother, as she shall die then. He tells her that if anything happens to his mother, neither he nor the lord, shall ever spare or forgive her. He cancels the call. Diya is extremely upset and apalled. they ask her what happened. She tells them everything and then blurts that she shall take back the case. She says that she doesnt want to cause anyone any kind of trouble or probable death to anyone, due to her motives. she says that she doesnt need anything, no justice, or punishment to the culprit. she begins to break down on her resolve, and urmi and shaurya are shocked and horrified. The screen freezes on diya’s distraught face.

Precap: While karan takes his place in the witness box, Nigam comes to him and asks him to identify if these people, the rapists were the people who he got into a scuffle with that night, who then went on to rape diya. karan hesitates, while diya waits for him to testify. Karan says that the goons he had fought, he isnt very sure if it were the same people. urmi and diya are unable to believe his statement. Nigam asks what does he mean, and if the goons werent his clients then who were they. He says that he doesnt know but its definitely not these people. urmi, shaurya and diya are apalled and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. The world has become filled with money and greedy people. Very disappointed with the karan’s behaviour.

  2. Too bad!!! That is why world is in mess and lot of troubles because of people who is so greedy for money. but too bad for you Karan too as truth won’t be hidden

  3. Karan’s character is a total low life, what did anyone expect from him. He has no humanity…just as bad as the rapist.

  4. you know something just the mere thought that karan could run away and leave his so called fiancé to the hands of three rapists without even looking back to help her well that speaks for itself what type of individual he is I would not even say human being because that he is not I wonder if he had a sister and he was walking with her and that had happened if he would have done the same RUN well the only way to describe karan is that he is another SAMRATH SINGH RATHOD loves himself and cares about no one imagine he is even lying about his mothers health what next karan you are so transparent I urmi and shauyra could do something about your behavior towards diya lowlife is putting it mild to describe karan for me he is definitely evil incarnate and what goes around comes around he will get it in his ass one day LOL

  5. Karan’s callow.sordid behavior somehow makes it impossible for me to believe that he does not know any one of these goons.I believe that he is so callous that he will sell out his own mother to gain wealth and fortune.

  6. I do not believe that Diya is still opening up her heart to this man named Kara. I think Damini is solely behind this drama as she is bent on not having Diya in that family.Damini will do any thing to bring her point to the forefront and show that she has more power an authority over every one in that house. She is just a controlling machine.

  7. I meant KARAN and not KARA

  8. Ishaani is beginning to open her heart and soul and eyes to what is going on around her brother,Diya and herself where Damini is concerned.Ishaani is questioning certain behaviors that is showing up from Damini’s behavior.Very soon Ishaani will figure out what a bad,devious.wicked minded person her grand mother is. When this happens she will find out what Damini was doing to her to hate Urmi and Shaurya.

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