Doli Armaanon Ki 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the resort
Samrat fires a pistol at urmi’s stomach, and she she is stunned. Urmi falls in the pool, and blood splashes all over underneath her body, as it colours the entire pool red, while samrat watches in shock, venom and rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat comes back nervously and hastily and heads straight for his room. He is flushed with high tension and a surge of emotions. He finds Radha coming out from the bathroom, after having taken a bath. He asks her angily whats she doing here. She fumbles and tries to speak. kanchan comes in asking what happened. She is shocked to find radha like that. Samrat asks kanchan to ask her. kanchan asks radha, and she tells her that since there as no water in the bathroom

downstairs, shashi asked her to bathe here. kanchan asks why didnt she use her bathroon. Just then, the towel falls off on the floor, and samrat is unable to take his eyes off the beauty of Radha, as her wet hair splashes across the face. Radha says that mandira was there in her room. kanchan asks why did she have to come here, and finds samrat ogling lustily at her. She sends radha off, but samrat asks her to calm down, as he got tensed seeing radha for the first time. He keeps eyeing her till she leaves, getting evil, lusty ideas. Kanchan is tensed.

Downstairs, kanchan reprimands radha for trying to get around samrat and his room, while radha is shit scared. she starts crying, while kanchan vents out her anger and asks her to calm down. radha says that she wont do this again, and starts walking to her room, tensedly and disturbed. Kanchan thinks that she cant even tell radha what a beast samrat is, and how he was lustily eyeing her, and that he would leave no chance unleft to ruin her and her self respect. She is highly tensed for radha.

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Just then, mukti comes in rushedly saying that the police has come, asking for samrat. kanchan is shocked. The inspector who had once arrested samrat, comes inside, and shashi, rudra and kanchan are tensed. The police says that they are looking for samrat. rudra asks what happened. samrat comes outside, and he remembers the insult initially by this inspector. shashi asks what did he do now. samrat comes down happily, unperturbed, asking how come he came here. He asks if he would need any snacks. the inspector says that he would get him snacks, but in the police station. All are shocked. samrat says that he has turned over a new leaf. The police says that he too thought the same, but thinks that he took a wrong turn instead. samrat asks whats he means. The inspector says that he would talk in the police station itself. samrat says that he wont go anywhere. The inspector says that he would see that samrat goes. rudra asks how can that be. The inspector says that he would take samrat forcibly if he has to. samrat says that he would go just to satisfy him, and asks shashi not to worry. The inspctor comments that atleast he learnt manners. samrat says that this reflects that he has changed. They all leave. Shashi, rudra and kanchan are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Amrit’s residence
Aditi thinks that the jewellery must hev been embezzelled by the jeweller who amrit lent it to. She knocks on the door, and after a couple of times, a stranger opens the door. she finds the room empty and is shocked. She asks where’s amrit, and is told that he emptied the room, and asks about her relation. She asks where he went. The landlord says he left today early morning only, when he called up last night, saying that he needs to urgently leave out of town, and hence handed over the keys today, having emptied the oom already. She is shocked, and distraught. She says that he cant do anything likle this. She is asked to call, but finds his number switched off. she is devastated. He comments that amrit was a strange man, and its good that he got rid of him. Aditi is apalled as she walks out, remembering their last telephonic call, and how he betrayed her.

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Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her hsuband thank the lord as to how, ishaan, urmi and her child are all safe, and point out as to how good the lord is to keep them, all safe and sound. But they are tensed that if Samrat repeats a rash behaviour like this again.

Scene 5:
Location: Police station
Samrat arrives once again, and the inspector asks him to come inside. Samrat tries to sweet talk, but the inspector comments him to come inside. as samrat comes, he is shocked to find urmi and ishaan, hurt and wounded yet alive. He asks whats the matter, and urmi asks if he is shocked to find her alive. He is desperately unable to believe it, and then tries to compose himself, asking why would he be shocked, to see them eher. ishaan too asks whats the matter, and why is he so shocked. Samrat maintains his calm and composure, and then points out that he got surprised to see urmi here in the police station, and that too with ishaan, who he openly had an affair with. He tries to talk casually asking how they got hurt and that he should have been informed even if they arent on talking terms now. the inspector asks him to stop this drama and says that they both filed a complaint against him, for an attempt to murder, and filed a case for Section 307. The inspector reprimands him for his deeds. Samrat tries to innocently prove his non-guilty behaviour. The inspector reprimands him that he would teach him a solid lesson this time. Samrat is shocked. he keeps saying that now he has changed, and why would he harm her, as she left him long back. Ishaan asks him to understand and deal with it, that urmi left him, and asks him to stop the drama, and instead be thankful to urmi, who hasnt told everything as to what samrat out her through, and even took back her police complaint. Samrat gets frustrated and asks him to stay out of this. samrat tries to point out how his own best friend betaryed him, and took his wife. samrat says that he is innocent, and that he is trapped by both of them, as they have an illicit relation. urmi asks him to shut up, as he has shown enough lowlife behaviour already. The inspector tells samrat that now he would get what he deserves. Samrat asks what proof they have that he shot at them or tried to get them killed. The inspector asks what proof he has, that he didnt shoot. Samrat says that he has total proof, that he didnt kill anyone, as he wasnt in jhansi, and was in Mumbai for the past two days, and has arrived today morning only. Urmi and ishaan are shocked. Urmi asks samrat how can he lie. The inspector asks samrat for his proof, that he wasnt here. urmi and ishaan wait for his response. The screen freezes on samrat’s face.

Precap: While samrat is tensed and frustrated, shashi comes to instigate him, asking him did he focus on killing urmi, as he should have rather aimed at killing the child, since the killing of a child in the womb has not legal provision of a complaint or a case, as children keep being conceived and dying in the womb, but there’s nothing to be done officially about it. Samrat finally starts to see sense behins shashi’s instigative idea.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What is this funny shitty episode…Ridiculous.

  2. I cannot believe the writer of this story, who in this day and age acts like a psychopath and the police allows him to go back home. If Samrat doesnt hang for this behaviour of his they should shut the show down cause its getting irritating to watch this crap.

    1. fan of the show

      Inspector did not let SamRat go home yet….
      but there are many times law enforcement is different for rich and poweful…..yes, it is “shitty” and yes it is “crap”
      this is totaly realistic in its portrayal of society everywhere

  3. In total agreeance with Victoria! A mother in law like that should also be hanged!

  4. This show is just teaching people to keep comiting crimes and other ilegal act ,and pls zee tv should stop the show

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t persnally know anybody who thinks committing crimes is ok because they saw it ina soap opera.

  5. I just love Urmi and Samrat the way they act is wow oh man beautiful.I love the two of you

  6. But why can’t Urmi just tell the (Sam)rat he’s the father of her unborn child?? Now he will attempt to kill her & the child again!!

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, but would he believe her? I doubt it. The hospital would not tell him how many months along she was.The idea that it’s Ishaan’s was just his assumption and justification for his hatred and jealousy.

  7. Shashi is Evil women no wonderso is same like her ..hate boyh.of dem

  8. oh no ican;not believe that samrat can do such adisgusting thing he is such fifthy man if the inspector did not put behind the bar samrat I don’t understand what is going on if samrat didn’t punish his deed it will be worse

  9. fan of the show

    They didn’t show the pool turning all red in the version aired here – just that Urmi fell in.

  10. boring like always

  11. He is getting away with everything but is normal in Indian serials villains usually have their way for the totality of a serial.

  12. This serial is just full of studip dramas.i just hate it infact all da serials.

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