Doli Armaanon Ki 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All sadly look at Urmi. Samrat walks out. He recalls how Ishaan died while saving him. He asks himself what he did in regretful manner.

Next day, Shashi is in kitchen. Samrat comes there and asks why she’s not talking with him. Shashi ignores him. He tells her to talk to him else he will go crazy. He hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t killed Ishaan. He died while saving his life. Shashi tells him to shut and asks him to ask his soul who killed Ishaan and he will only get one answer. She leaves and joins everyone outside for Ishaan’s prayer. Samrat comes behind her as well.

Family members and guests talk about Ishaan. How happy he was that day because of his parents anniversary. He was such a good human being who was always calm and cared about everyone. The guests

then ask how all that happened. Sandhya says he died while saving Samrat. The guests say they read in newspaper that there was fire and area was also quiet. All these talks strike Damini and she gets up and asks Urmi to tell what happened exactly. She had gone to get cake then how she met Ishaan and what Samrat was doing with them. Anirudh tells Damini this is not time to talk about all this. Damini tells him she has lost her son and it’s a mother standing there, not his wife. She tells Urmi to tell her before she loses her mind. Urmi stands quietly and in grief. Damini continues asking and Samrat, from behind, shouts saying tell them Urmi. He comes forward and says, tell them that I called you there by tricking you. I tried to kill you and despite that Ishaan saved his life. Everyone is shocked. Tani asks him what he’s saying. Samrat says he has been lying all his life and today first time he’s saying the truth. Yes he wanted to kill them both because they found out about his crimes. He starts telling everyone about getting trapped by James’ wife and then James blackmailing him. Tani can’t believe and asks how he can get so low. Samrat says this is not all, he’s much more low person than she thinks. He confesses everything one by one. That he wanted to separate Urmi and Ishaan from day. He married Tani only for that and just because he could live a rich life. He even confesses about using his own son to bother Urmi. Urmi’s mum asks him what kind of person he is. When Urmi was with him, he never kept her happy and when she was happy with Ishaan, he took away his life. He won’t even get place in hell. Damini steps up and slaps Samrat. Samrat asks her to slap him more, till he dies. He deserves all that. He confesses that Urmi’s mum is right. In his marriage, he never gave any happiness to Urmi. He beat her, treated like an animal, slept with other girls and Urmi, like a Goddess, never said anything and continued tolerating and continued maintaining relationship. And he also killed his God-like friend. He kneels down to Urmi and says he deserves punishment by her. Urmi stands still. Anirudh grabs Samrat’s collar and asks him what he thought, he will confess everything and they will let him go? He took away their dearest son and he will get toughest punishment for it. He pulls him. Urmi speaks up, stop papa.

Precap: Urmi says to let Samrat go. He has realized his mistake. Sandhya asks her what she is saying. Urmi says because Ishaan wanted this. She tells Samrat, Ishaan wanted you to realize your crimes. I forgive you for all your crimes. Anirudh leaves his collar. Samrat looks on emotionally / in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. He realized it atlast,thank god,but exited to see what is the new twist in it

  2. fan of the show

    I predict the fans are not going to like Urmi’s forgiveness, even though the rat confessed. They will be angry that he is still escaping a fitting punishment.

    1. I dnt think so

    2. When one is able to forgive the worst offender that person has freed themself of any weight of hatred.Urmi has shown that she is the better person.This is why Samrat will not be able to live anymore because of the tortures he is receiving in his own soul.Samrat cannot stand that fire which is burning his heart and soul out.This is what hell is about .

      1. Dhanna Sarjoo

        True Rosey..

      2. fan of the show

        Sounds like a fitting punishment to me. As they say, God’s hand is very big. Or what goes around comes around. So you shouldn’t worry about getting justice = karma will take care of you or destroy you. Choice is ours.

    3. I don’t like it! He confessed, now everything is fine. He gets away with it just like we always does. No, I’m not happy.

  3. What is the new twist

  4. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Forgiving a person s for yourself to move on.

  5. Suddenly i felt sory for samrat because of the confession about his crime…1st time he said the thruth…look of his regretful face…his sincerely tear….n i want to look he in protagonist character…but at the same time….y the writer took ishaan away??y u not let ishaan n urmi live as a happy family

    1. fan of the show

      I cannot admit to feeling sorry for the rat. Seconds before his admission he was still defending himself to his mother. The later admission lost some of its punch for me because he was still appealing to his mother, the one who always had sided with him before on every occasion, and in many of those occasions he was dead wrong. He was in shock when he could no longer get her support. I believed Shashi’s disgust, did not believe the rat’s confession. It seemed to me more out of desperaton than change of heart.

      1. This lesson with Samrat and his mother should be taken as a warning to mothers who encourage their sons to abuse women.His mother never gave him a good advice and I remembered his father once told her that she will regret what she is doing by siding with Samrat to do evil.Therefore he has to be shocked when she denied him this time of his life.She is the one that helped Samrat to walk down the road of evil.Iam not sorry for him but I symphatize with himfor being such a rogue who kept walking blindly down a road of no return.Lesson learnt—-Mothers do not encourage your sons to do wrong.

  6. Actually spoilers reveal that samrat will commit suicide and promos have also unveiled that Neha Marda is also quitting the show much like mohit malik and vibhav Roy. She will be replaced by manasi salvi. The rest of the story explores the rest of urmi’s life and therefore will take a leap.

    1. fan of the show

      Tani leaving too.

      1. What are they doing with the show.This is about four persons leaving the show.Any way I am hoping to see what is new .

      2. fan of the show

        I don’t think they had much choice. Many of the spoilers said that the actors who are leaving did not want to portray a character that has aged 20 years.

        I can imagine that that would require an extensive makeup job for every shoot. That could get extremely tedious. It doesn’t surprise me at all that so many actors saw this as a good time to jump ship.

    2. I think u should bring back umi husband in the show

      1. And don’t let the actor leave the show please

  7. it is good samrat confessed all his crimes now Ishaan soul can rest in peace because that is what he and urmi was trying to make samrat do anyway I would like to see urmi make a baby boy that looks like Ishaan or baby girl and call her ishaani but I am sorry to see that Ishaan would not be around to see his child he wanted that sooooooo much that is why I am annoyed with those writers because they could have replaced Ishaan with another actor the same way they are replacing urmi why do they always have to kill of the characters

  8. RIP Ishaan and Samrat? Fan, Rosey, Keen Observer, I’m looking forward to seeing your comments in the 20 years leap. Thank you Rimjhim, Niki and Stubborn ?

    1. fan of the show

      How about your thoughts? Won’t you share them with us?

      1. I’d prefer to be an observer, but I sent comments once or twice <3.

    2. fan of the show

      C’mon Adie – stretch out of your comfort zone a little. You discover things about yourself you never knew.

      1. Someone like Samrat will never changed, his past behavior will be reflected in his future behavior. He will have no regrets whatsoever, when he will have the opportunity to do good deed in the future, he will harm other people again. This character should die…

      2. fan of the show

        That wasn’t so hard, was it… Thanks, now we’re looking forward to your comments, too.

        I sort of agree – I don’t think the confession was a change of heart – and his old tendencies are so ingrained that death may seen to him a much easier option.

    3. Thank you Adie E.

  9. if samrat confess his crime then why are u taking the story another turn and why are you changin urm.s character is there any story to tell what that lady do who is changing urmi.s character is.t better if samrat confess his crime to be forgiven and the serial to end instead of changing urmi.s character good byy doli armanon ki

  10. They should end DAK – the 3 main leads and Tani have left the show- we liked the way the characters were portrayed by the actors and without them , no DAK

    1. fan of the show

      Once I watched Shakespeare in a summer open air theater, and at the beginning there were just a bunch of actors on stage carrying a bunch of big trunks of stuff. They transformed themselves into the characters for the play as they spoke about the times the play was written in, and set the story for us. We didn’t mind that the persons who were standing before us at first disappeared into the characters.

      Many people watch Shakespeare many many times with different actors for the same characters and enjoy it just as much every time. The brain gets used to it pretty quickly. I don’t think this show’s fans watched it for the actors, as much as they watched it for the story. Very good actors disappear into the characters they portray, and the mind follows the story not the characters.

      1. Amen—–Use your brain power and as you say the the mind follows the story.—Well done.-This is the game plan of writers.

  11. I agree wz aisha

  12. Samrat n urmi shud get married

    1. fan of the show


      1. fan of the show

        Like licking your own vomit. Nice.

      2. Aso a huge imagination.

  13. Hey guys can anybody tell me the name of that song which was played in yester epi at ishaan’s last rituals and any link to download that song

  14. Samrat ne bechari Urmi ke life ko hell bana diya. Ishaan Urmi ko kitna pyaar karta tha. Ishaan, Urmi, Shwariya nd his family kitna happy tha. Lekin Samrat ne sab kuch badal diya. Ab Urmi ka kya hoga pata nahi! Nd Urmi ka new baby vi hai. Ishaan mar gaya lekin Samrat ko uski galati ka ahesas de kar gaya. We all miss Ishaan. Ab to Shawriya bada ho jayega. Samrat nd Tani ka kya hoga pata nahi! I am waiting for later episode. Plzzzz God Urmi ki life ko aur complecated maat banana. Urmi bohot accha hai. Love u Urmi di………. <3

    1. fan of the show

      Will you keep watching if Urmi’s life is not complicated? Will you wonder every day what new happiness she finds tomorrow? If she is happy and everything is going fine (very unrealistic) will you want to watch every day?

      A person’s character gets built up by how they face the challenges. If Urmi gets no new challenges, she won’t continue to grow. Same with us, don’t you think?

      1. Challenges is what make you or break you in this world.Inorder to be the best you must war against the challenges of life.Real life is not a soap pera that runs smoothly.Life is a stage and every person within are actors.

  15. Samrat has seen love like never before. He never loved neither did he receive love. It was shown quite plainly when everyone was crying for Ishaan. You could actually see the question on Samrat’s face. A question with no words. Except maybe a statement. Is this possible? Can people really love like this? Is this love? Samrat was most certainly confused. And forgiveness from Urmi? Now Samrat has received some punishment. This is definitely hell for him. The writers did a wonderful job.

    1. fan of the show

      Not only the writers – also Mohit Malik – the range of expressions in this episode was amazing. How do they do it? Do they have some extra facial muscles nobody else has? Do they have to practice in front of the mirror? Try looking SCARED, REMORSEFUL, TORTURED, SHOCKED, BEGGING FOR MERCY, ANGRY, ASHAMED. Are your expressions convincing? It’s not that easy as Mohit makes it look.

      In interviews Mohit says he relishes his part because it challenges him, and he does not want to leave his show. But he was forced to because his tv station did not want him appearing on another tv station.

      I hope his dancing skills get as polished as his acting skills. I can’t imagine him in a dancing competition dancing like he did on the roof for Urmi without laughing out loud.

      1. fan of the show

        Maybe this will be good for Mohit to leave all this intensity for a while (been playing this since December 2013) and just enjoy himself. I bet he will be just as intense in his dancing – no soft and tender ballet for Mohit !

      2. This is why there are acting schools.Also there are people who has the natural ability .which is a gift to do what Samrat does.Not everyone has those skills.He is a natural actor who puts himself innto the part he acts.One has to be able to transform themself to the character they have to portray.This is total devotion and dedication.Isaw him danced once with Urmi on another preview of a show and both himself and Urmi are good dancers.. I will love to see them dancing.

    2. fan of the show

      Interesting that you picked that up. I missed it. Thanks,

  16. I just want the character Ishaan back, is all.

    1. Already miss him.

  17. I’m so sad that I’ll never see Ishaan again (the perfect husband that every woman dreams of). He probably left the show for a good reason. “Lots of hugs and kisses to Ishaan”. As for Samrat – he’s a dog, if Urmi or Anirudh forgives him, he must die of guilt/remorse. I hope he shoots or stabs himself to death (good riddance loser).
    I woun’t be watching the show anymore, what is there to watch, without Ishaan and Samrat. I was hoping Samrat would reform and be good to his friend Ishaan.

    1. fan of the show

      I think they will come up with a new villain, because that’s what makes every drama interesting. The good guys and the bad guys. Not only in cop shows, but in dramas, in comedies, in cartoons, in soaps, in mysteries, it’s the good guys vs. the bad guys.

  18. radha banuarilal

    I feel this drama is kind of not logic serial. From earlier part the relationship is never take correct place. I really dont understand where is real life people remarried in such way.

  19. True…u right radha

  20. Ishaan dies now like what the heck, no use watching this film anymore

    1. fan of the show

      Many people rebound from the grief of a lost loved one by loving those who remain even more. Don’t give up on the show yet. Give it a chance before you make your decision. It has been good up to this point. It could be good afterward, too.

    2. fan of the show

      I think Urmi can be happy, from now on, that once in her life she loved and was loved, unconditionally and sweetly. That alone will give her and her soul joy forever. It doesn’t fade away after separation.

      1. This is the beauty of true and honest love.

  21. Samrat is going to commit suicide next week

    1. fan of the show

      So they say in the spoilers – just walks into the sea without looking back… bye bye rat…. We won’t forget you very soon. You were tops in rat-hood. That may be an insult to rats….

      1. Fan ,if someone can walk into an ocean without looking back to take his own life this person has gone out of control.Samrat drowning did not make it easy for him but his tormented life was worse than a gun shot to his head.It is not that easy to walk out into the deep and kill yourself.He was mentally unstable and lost all control of his own body.soul and mind.

  22. My poor urimi . zee written are gone Dom now days . fist asad and zoya and now ishaan.

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