Doli Armaanon Ki 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While the whole family performs the final rituals of vidaai with tani, samrat is frustrated thinking that he would have to act fast or he shall soon be sent out. He pretends to have a fainting spell, and falls flat on the sofa. All are shocked, and tani is extremely worried, but samrat thinks that he would deliberately not get up, so that he doesnt have to go. Anirudh gets genuinely tensed, but urmi pretends that this is a drama. urmi too pretends to be tensed and signals ishaan to do something. Ishaan raises a false alarm, of a lizard on samrat’s face, and he springs up in scare. She says that there’s no lizard, and tani thanks the lord. ishan says that he knows his childhood friend, and he knows he is scared of lizard which

brought him back to senses. urmi says that its good he regained his senses, so that they can start with the Vidaai rituals, and asks him to come down. samrat is in a world of torture, as there’s no way out.

Ishaan gets the car ready that shall leave them to the airpot, and samrat keeps every step, with a heavy heart. tani too leaves happily. Urmi smirks at samrat, who is angered. ishaan asks samrat to come along. Tani performs the vidaai rituals. Urmi comes beside samrat, asking how he feels, as it isnt 24hours still, and he has already pakced up. She congratulates him on hie new life and new wife. He asks her not to get too happy, as he is leaving, but wont leave her, and before holi, he shall return again, to spoil her holi, and poison her life. Urmi isnt unfazed, while samrat challenges her. They finally leave.

In the evening, Damini is reminded by sandhya of the Pagphera ritual, when urmi comes tonight. She again taunts damini of her ill luck, about her son’s readymade wife, and her readymade grandson. She taunts damini, and she gets enraged. Anirudh comes and asks them to hurry, and damini resignedly agrees. ishaan and urmi enter with shaurya, and damini performs the ritual, along with anirudh. Damini puts a brave face as she performs the puja, and then allows them to come inside. Sandhya thinks that damini’s status has been reduced to that of a helpless woman. Finally, they are welcomed inside. Shaurya is given much love and affection by everyone. Ujala takes shaurya to show him his room.

Inside, all sit down, and have a light banter. Anirudh presents them flight tickets for their honeymoon. They both are baffled. He excitedly gives them, while they are tensed amongst themselves. Sandhya taunts them. Damini doesnt say anything.

In the room, urmi is tensed, as to how they shall explain to their parents that they wont go to the honeymoon. She wonders what reason they shall give on not going to the honeymoon. He asks her not to be tensed, and asks her to have faith in him, that he shall manage. He says that anirudh shall not know the real reason too. Before they can discuss any further, shaurya comes in gloating about his wonderful room. They all start bantering happily with shaurya. Ishaan gets emotional, when in the happiness, shaurya refers to him as PAPA. he is thoroughly overwhelmed with emotions, and urmi gets emotional too. Shaurya senses the awkwardness as he asks if he can call his his father. Ishaan emotionally complies yes. He and urmi eye each other, as shaurya hugs them.

Downstairs, sandhya tries to point out the fact that tomorrow is Shivratri, and the new bride has no tension, as she is busy packing for the honeymoon. Ishaan and urmi down the stairs hear this and are tensed. The maid says that all arrangements have been done by urmi only, and she herself asked her to go and ask damini if there’s anything else that remains to be done. Sandhya’s husband is satisfied. Anirudh praises urmi. Damini sends the maid off. Anirudh asks them both to sit. Urmi signals him to speak. Anirudh asks why does he look tensed. ishaan says that they have decided that they wont go on their honeymoon as yet. this shocks everyone. Ishaan gives the excuse of work pressure, but anirudh points out the importance of quality time. Ishaan says that urmi’s restaurant too got neglected due to this. Damini and sandhya are baffled. Ishaan thanks anirudh for the gesture, while anirudh says that he is okay as long as urmi isnt upset with it. She happily says that she isnt upset at all. Damini wondres that something is definitely wrong, and why arent they going to the honeymoon.

Scene 2:
Location: Bhopal
On the road, samrat stops to purchase water, keeping tani in the car, and makes a call to shashi. samrat tells his mother, to get all the arrangements. Shashi starts giving excuse of such short notice. he silences her and asks her not to mess with anything. He says that he would reach in the next 4,5 hours. She tries to get him happy, saying that she would manage everything. He asks her not to dare have any troubles. She complies. Samrat vents out his frustration.

Finally, samrat reaches home, and tani is over excited. he laments at his condition. Samrat finally walks up the stairs with tani. She is very excited, to meet his parents. Finally shashi welcomes them, and is over excited as samrat told her to act. She is shocked that samrat never touched her feet, but did today and asked his wife also to do the same. she happily hugs tani. He asks her to control her overacting. He asks where’s diwaker and shashi hollers for diwaker and kanchan. Some other couple come. Samrat thinks that diwaker is okay but the fake kanchan is nice, as he leeringly eyes her. He hugs diwaker put of pretentious care and affection. He is about to hug the bhabhi, but she flinches as he comes closer. As they all go inside, Samrat drags shashi out, asking how did she get a bengali bhabhi. She says that this is the maximum that she could manage. He asks her to get the stuff inside. Shashi is angry at him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
As ishaan comes inside, he finds urmi dazed and tired, sleeping in her chair. He asks her to go and sleep. But she wakes up, and continues working. Damini is passing by, when she overhears, ishaan asking her not to overexert herself, and rest, or else she shall be sick. She asks him to wait some more time before everyone is asleep, so as to safely move out, and sleep in another room. damini is baffled as to what they mean. Ishaan hesitates and says that if people get to know then it would be very unsettling. Damini is shocked, as she overhears from outside, that urmi tells ishaan inside, as to how long they shall be able to hide the truth, that they maybe married, but they havent consummated their marriage, nor do they live like a married couple. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Samrat convinces shashi and the fake couple, that they have to torture tani so much, that she would rush away from here as easily as she came. The bengali fake bhabhi is unconvinced about the motive behind all this, but samrat shuts her up. Shashi thinks on her own, that he might convince all that they need, but she shall always be nice to tani, and keep herself in the good book of tani, so that she might benefit.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. There was no update yesterday I expected that this serial would be the first to be updated today but no! It’s the last. What can possibly be the reason of these dumb act.

    1. Rimjhim

      dear, the serials are today going on for 45 minutes and not the usual 30 minutes, and it got over at 11:30 ,hence the delay. Enjoy reading….!!!!!

      1. Dude no update yesterday
        What happened yesterday that u were not able to update even after 24 hours

  3. @ Rimjhim thanks a lot and sorry that I got impatient.

  4. come on writers speed this serial up it is getting tooooooooo boring it is about time samrat ass be thrown in jail do the do


  6. Guys kal kya hua tha

  7. C’mon writers this isn’t the dark ages and even then husband and wife slept in the same bed, that some bulls**** going on between Urmi and Ishan even if they don’t consummate their marriage, what is wrong if they slept in the same bed i understand Ishan had promise Urmi he wouldn’t force her until she’s ready but why he has to go to another room?!

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