Doli Armaanon Ki 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: RBI office
Asha and urmi come to the bank, and find that its closed for public, but bank staff is working. they introduce themselves as gaurav’s family and are taken inside. They find its empty, and then go to gaurav’s cabin and find him happily chatting with the secretary while having lunch. She starts getting ideas. Urmi asks whats wrong in sitting and talking. Gaurav spots them and gets them inside. He introduces them to the secretary. Asha asks what happened to the meeting, and insinuates what kind of meeting happens at 2, during lunchtime. just then, other employees come in too for the meet. asha is boggled. gaurav says that they have lots of work pending, being year end, and hence decided to work, during lunch. Asha too taunts him to get to work

as its so imp. He asks them to sit, while urmi says that they have to go to shop. Outside, asha is still unconvinced, while urmi says that gaurav isnt like this. asha doesnt believe. urmi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Fitness centre
While samrat is working out, he again finds the same girl, in tears but still working out. When she gets down the treadmill, and walks out, samrat tags along. He says that he doesnt like her in tears, and asks if everything is sorted out. she ignores him and walks off. He piles on and says that he can always be there for her. She asks who is he and whats he trying to do. He says that she is taking him otherwise, and just because she is in problem, hence he came in. He says that she was crying. she asks him to stick to his affairs and not meddle in others’. she walks off. He says that she insulted him, and went off. He is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and restaurant
Anirudh praises urmi for a wonderful lassi. Then shashi too comes and sits. She says that they were neighbours back in Jhansi, and didnt know that they would be related like this. tani comes in saying that she was abroad then, and hence it didnt happen, and if she had met samrat, she would have married him sooner. Shashi says that she wishes that had happened too, as they wouldnt have had to go through all troubles. urmi is tensed but doesnt say anything. Shaurya comes excited at skating, and then falls down. Anirudh and urmi rush to him, while he gets up in notime. Shashi and tani are least affected. Anirudh doesnt like it. urmi is asked by damini to let shaurya become good on his own and not overpamper him. Anirudh sits sulkenly and then points out as to how unaffected she was that shaurya was hurt. she is speechless. Shashi says that she has maintained her distance due to urmi’s fear, as she snatched shaurya away. urmi is angry and says that she never tried to do so. Shashi fumbles, and says that she didnt want it though, and that she had warned. urmi asks her not to blindly lie. Shashi shuts her and asks her not to speak, as if she starts speaking, then there shall be old skeletons dug out of the closet. urmi asks her not to too, as she too remembers everything, and if she starts, then it would be difficult for her and her son to live. Shashi turns to tani, and she fires up against urmi, asking her to treat her mother in law with respect. Urmi points out that she is her mother in law, and hence she shouldnt try and become hers too. damini and sandhya are amused and enjoy. tani and shashi are tensed.

While he is working at the restaurant, ishaan gets tani’s call, complaining against urmi. He asks her to cool down. she keeps venting out her frustration as to how she mistreated shashi, quoting every stinging and barbed insults. He asks tani if he is sure, and she frustratedly asks if he doesnt believe her. he is very happy about it, and she is shocked. He says that there’s nothing wrong. she says that urmi is younger than shashi, and hence she should teart shashi with respect. he counterquestions and asks if she should talk to urmi with respect. tani is silenced. Ishaan says that urmi was right. She says that being blind in love, he always thinks that she is right. he says that he believes so since urmi is always right, and asks why is she complaining, as she too always feels samrat is right. she frustratedly cancels the call. He is super happy, that urmi is treating shashi with the due confidence.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
he says that now she shall get a return ticket. She asks him to cancel two tickets then. he doesnt want to listen, but she pesters and asks if he has any stamp papers signed by damini. he thinks that he never told shashi about the papers, then how she knows, and that mesn its completely true that damini wants him out. he then narrates everything. Shashi is shocked. Shashi tells samrat about how damini and sandhya were searching the papers, with the intention that once they find it, they would throw samrat the next minute. Samrat is furious that they are planning a controversy against him. She asks him to be over cautious. He smiels evilly, thinking that now he shall play too, and use her own pawn against her. He thinks that damini wont ever be able to find those papers for life, and he shall encash this weakness of hers whole life. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat emotionally blackmails the same girl, as they sit at the coffee shop, saying that he is married, but still a bachelor, since his wife is very sick. He says that she is dying of a terminal disease oblivious that tani and shashi are nearby only, chatting and shopping away. he continues with his overexaggeration of his plight, seeing that he is getting her attention, by saying that it was his dream to have a coffee like this with his wife.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Just waiting to see samrat and daminis fight

    1. fan of the show

      Who do you think will win?

      1. Samrat. Damini has underestimated him.

  2. fan of the show

    It’s not a guarantee that Tani will catch him, being so close to him at the shop and all, but it sure would be fun to watch his face and see him try to make up some story on the spot about why he is out having coffee with a beautiful woman. I bet this girl and samRat get involved and then he finds out the boyfriend who is giving her trouble is one of the goons who’s after him. That would also be fun.

    1. I thought the same.In the event they should damage him real good.He is too perverted ,and lies for a muffin.I so want him to be exposed. in such a way that he will not be able to wind himself out of it.Also I would like Tani to crack his skull.

      1. fan of the show

        Getting a little violent there, rosey.

  3. end this serial tooooooooooooooooooo much shit now not sticking to storylines and toooooooooo much repetitive scripts and all the evil ones are getting away with what they are doing damn it end this serial now I say

    1. fan of the show

      Delightful wish. And Easy. Just change the channel.

    2. fan of the show

      That is, of course, it’s important to you to get on line and diss the program every day. In that case, carry on.

      1. fan of the show

        unless it is important

  4. Tani & Shashi better catch the Rat red-handed for once, for goodness sake!!

  5. fan of the show

    It;s good Urmi is getting stronger now and not afraid to throw a good one back when someone insults her. Better than crying or gettind scared. She has a good nature and does not give it, but now is starting not to take it. Bravo, Urmi, good example!

    1. fan of the show

      And good that Ishaan is also throwing them back at his sister.

      1. Is it not wonderful how Ishan is standing behind his beautiful wife.At least we should give him a high five on behalf of all good and loving husbands.

      2. fan of the show

        It’s not only wonderful, it’s fantastic.High five to Ishaan, who is also a good example.

  6. fan of the show

    I wonder where the writers are going with the three new story lines – Asha suspecting Gaurav, Shashi barging into her in-laws home and causing a rukus, and the crying gym girl and samRat. Not a bad week for new stuff happening. Three more demos of domestic violence. They are also building up more of Anirudh’s frustration with Damini which may or may not be going somewhere in the future.

    these new scripts are getting sooooooooooooooooooooooo interesting and tooooooooooooooo right on in mimicking real life for soooooooooooooooooo
    many people please keep the story going because your fans are looooooooooooving it and we never want it to stop til all the abusers WAKE UP AND REALIZE THEY ARE WRONG

  7. Samrat should not be thrown out of tani’s house because i love him so much and their story too

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, lots of people love abusers. But then it’s shameful to admit it when you become a victim, that you made a big big mistake. So they hang in there thinking that if they could only make the abuser happy, things would change. Or if they changed themselves, the abuser would like them better and stop being violent, Or if the abuser apologized so sincerely and begged for one more chance, they must really mean it. It becomes a very sorry story.

    2. Please make the difference between Samrat, the character and Mohit Malik, the actor- Whilst I can understand that you may like the actor, I do not understand how you can like Samrat. portrayed as the abuser and the killer of his own child!!!

      1. fan of the show

        It’s a comment meant to provoke a response, don’t you think? Like saying “I think slavery is a noble profession.” Way low on the believability scale.

  8. what happened to today’s episode?

  9. fan of the show

    The video is posted several tmes, but the written is not.

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