Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone gets happy for a moment after hearing Ishaan’s voice about making their parents anniversary memorable. Soon someone enters with flowers. Everyone gets anxious, but it’s a flower boy who puts bouquet there and leaves. The voice was coming from that bouquet. Damini asks Ishaan to get up and enough with his surprise. She asks Urmi to tell him to stop, but Urmi just stands there in sorrow and shock. Damini then tells Anirudh to tell her as she listens to him. He asks her how that happened, but she’s still quiet. Tani, Damini ask Samrat to say. He also first doesn’t say, but then says Ishaan died while saving him. Tani asks what does that mean. He says a big tree fell on his car and Ishaan came to save him. He was able to save Samrat, but he couldn’t be saved. Then when others ask Urmi, she faints and falls on Ishaan’s deadbody.

Next day, all gather for Ishaan’s funeral. Anirudh calls Shaurya to give fire to Ishaan’s deadbody. All, from Urmi’s family to Ishaan’s family and Samrat as well, recall how good human being Ishaan was and how he helped and / or made everyone happy one way or another.

Later, all are back home. Urmi’s family tell Anirudh and Damini to be strong, they are elders in the house. Urmi’s mum offers them snacks. Anirudh doesn’t eat and Damini overreacts by telling her to eat and have everyone else eat that as well. Then comes Shashi with tea. Anirudh takes tea as everyone insists. Shashi gives to others. She looks at Urmi and feels bad. Samrat tries to take a cup, but Shashi ignores him and walks away. Samrat is shocked. Sandhya brings food to Urmi and asks her to eat, she hasn’t ate anything since two days. Urmi’s dadi tells her, if not for her, then at least eat for Ishaan’s last memory that’s inside her. Hearing this, Urmi eats food like never-seen-before and asks for more saying she won’t keep Ishaan hungry. Samrat and all look on.

Precap: Damini questions Urmi how she met Ishaan when she went to get cake and how they two met Samrat. Samrat shouts from behind “tell them Urmi”.

Update Credit to: Niki


  1. this should not have happened to Ishaan why are you keeping the bad one alive what kind of writers writing these serial they only killing out the good ones

  2. I feel like I could stop watching this serial so much talk that urmi was going to be burnt beyond recognition so I say that when the tree fell on samrats care he tooooooooooo would burn like what he did to urmi but no Ishaan had to be the hero you saved your wife why go back for sam the rat you should have left him to burn he is tooooooooooo damn evil anyway it is best Ishaan and urmi had burn together what sense does it make in saving urmi and takin ishaans life you writers like I said before you writing a whole pack of shit scripts any way let me see now how you writers will make a come back to make this serial interesting and do not tell me any shit that samrat coming back twenty eight years later to play shauyra that is unacceptable bring in another actor we had enough of samrath

    • Majesty

      Mohhit Malik has been asked to leave the show as he has been signed for Jhalak dikhla ha which is a dance show on another channel- so he will exit soon and someone else will be Shaurya

  3. writers remember we live these serials daily that is why we are sooooo angry we know it is only a show but it is good to live it like if it is real and so we grieve for Ishaan again excellent acting from all the actors shahsi samrats mother included and gaurauv wife

  4. pPS

    I did not know that the very “Rich” in Mumbai buy Anniversary cakes at an uninhabited warehouse! I always sure that the story writers could and would get rid of dumb and good-natured lover boy, Ishaan, whenever it suited them. As for Urmi leaving the show, it would have been better if Samrat had brought two bodies instead of one to the party. As the sitcome needs to continue, Mohit Malik is a talented actor to play both father and son.

    • fan of the show

      Thanks for your own sitcom above. Enjoyed it, as it has some of my own thoughts. Since Urmi is the character in this show that always does good for others, I don’t agree with bumping her off. It’s people like Urmi who make a big difference in this mad world. You probably already know that Mohit Malik wants to leave the show, thus won’t be playing Shaurya.

  5. aisha

    oh no very sad but the story will be taken another turn urmi also will go out of the show soon and shoriya will be become big and the mother of shoriya will be change
    as i know

  6. vashtie motilal

    this is not right .OK the car blow up with Ishaan inside burning but there is his body without any burn what a waste of time watching Ishan u should stand up an let u fans stop making fool of there self

    • Annonymos

      I was thinking the same thing. He got blown up in a car and his body is not only intact but his face doesn’t even have a small burn mark.

  7. cnt stop crying ishan is dead i lyk him soo much bcoz he is a gud human being but i hate dat stupid samrat he should hv dead instead of ishan. d story again take a new turn urmi wil be out nd samrat again. i hop i wil make sense

  8. deena

    Ds is not right iam not happy at all what kind if a dramer is this really iam getting boored is not interested at all y ishaan pls writter think over it or may be another ishaan is coming up

  9. Majesty

    Vibhav Roy (Ishaan), Neha Marday (Urmi), Samraat as well as Tani have left the serial before the twenty year leap so I guess the writers have tried to put in some high voltage drama for the exits to get more viewers…apparently Samraat will commit suicide as he becomes remorseful… Not sure how Neha will exit though

  10. Wat a sh*t episode!!!! The script writers should come of their fantasy worlds where everyone is a “mr nice guy” Ishaan should NOT have helped Samraat!!! Nobody behaves so nice in reality!!! Get real you script writters- very STUUUPID directing!

  11. Biba

    Oh Ishaann ?????????
    I agree wz pPS & vashtie motilal dun insert dumb scenes director!!!
    Making a fool of yr self ???

  12. misha

    SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Hey writers please resign if you cannot write realistic stories. ALL these indian serials show the triumph of evil over good!!! Are YOU writers evil too? Life is so full of sadness ….please introduce some HAPPINESS in these serials please please….

    • Radha Srinivasan

      yes ishan shud come back im missing him a lot in this series this is my favourite series both ishan and samrat shud be alive to make the serial interesting.

  13. For Gos sake Samrate wanted to KILL Ishans WIFE! How
    could Ishan go and still SAVE Samrat?????? Thst doesn’t happen in the real world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz mk your directing more realistic!!!!!!

  14. Jong Dojin

    Tooooooooooooo badddddddd
    Ishan doesn’t deserve all this
    See, Samrat would only be the one who deserves this. He was trying burning Urmi, and he should have been punished as he over-did to Urmi and Ishan. What a nonsense episode. I’m never ever watching this drama series from now on.

  15. sajida

    Since Ishaan is dead, I will also go with him…..I miss Ishaan so much..I want to go with him…….I cannot survive without Ishaan in the show…..please bring him back…..

  16. KH

    Script writers should have ended this serial now and done it in a better way!!

    All serials have to end at some point and by prolonging this one, you have killed the model of the story. On the bottom line, ultimately you want to show the fans that good triumphs over evil… by killing Ishaan’s character… this is no longer possible.

    I’m glad that the stars of this show are leaving…
    What this show is really depicting now is the greed of the writers… They didn’t want to give Neha any leave throughout the duration of filming, now they want to drag the serial on even though the cast is fed-up and leaving…

    This has now created so much of upset and negative emotions for the loyal fans of the show…. yet we are the ones that supported this show from the very beginning. We are no longer getting quality material from viewing this serial and the story that we followed from day one has now become unrealistic just because the writers are looking to only suit their own benefits!!



  17. soraya

    this serials has no sense of direction because the writers loves abusing women and children.

  18. fan of the show

    I thought the writers did really well in having all the characters under Urmi’s influence change their attitude towards life and towards her. Her family, her first marital family, her second marital family and even the worst of the worst – the rat. He’s feeling remorse (although moments before he was feeling glee at Ishaan and Urmi’s death). What a difference a tree makes. So even though Ishaan’s death is tragic, the story has a good message. Be the kind of person you want to be regardless of what life throws at you. That’s a very powerful message, if we could lick our own ego and live it.

      • fan of the show

        Why did we love Urmi and Ishaan? Behind all their good qualities they were egoless.

      • fan of the show

        Who did we hate in the show? We hated those who only cared about what happened to themselves, especially the rat, who was the most selfish i.e. evil.

    • I do believe many folks have not taken in the real issues of this fictional story. Some may understand the reasons for showcaing this story and some may not.

    • Yes the writers did portray what they wanted to show us from the first marriage unto the second marriage. If this serial was not followed carefully and viewed in a selfish way then the essence of the topic was lost and as you say egoistic behaviors will step in because of not identifying the real motives of the show.Every character who worked with this show put their best foot forward to bring the message to life.

  19. fan of the show not anymore

    how stupid are you writer to even think of taking Ishaan out of the series
    They were the best couple, Aaaggghhh this makes me sick i dont wish to watch this stupid programme anymore
    What difference does it make when you have not showed us scenes are to how Samarat should have been kicked out of the house,
    Writer you are annoying,
    Samrat should rot in hell………………..

    • fan of the show

      Her character is cast as the one who wanted a peerfect marriage, and how she dealt with it when she did not get it. It’s supposed to give us lessons on how to handle disgusting people.

  20. Kyra

    hey guys m kyra…….dere is a news fr u all the role of urmi will be played by the actress who played the role of adi’s mother in pyaar ka dard hai…..she will be mother of 28 yr old shaurya…..

  21. Richard

    Well yes, this one take the trophy, most dumbest ending, In reality the evil gets killed and the good lives to see another day…atleast my interest in watching this show has really taken a turn….smh…

  22. fan of the show

    One spoiler says Urmi will give birth before leaving the show.


  23. priti

    Worst program ever.Any girl would think twice be for getting married after watching this program

  24. selian

    plz do some miracles for ishaan to come back 2 life bcoz i cannot seem happy without seeing ishaan by the way i loved him. PLEASE!!

  25. fan of the show

    I would have written that the rat confess himself, not told Urmi to do it for him. Will watch next episode and see what he does (or doesn’t).

  26. Sunil Srivastava

    Uff! this is not good.This will make the serial boring. Samrat should die instead of ishaan. Now Urmi~`s Character will not be enjoyable.

    • fan of the show

      Any person who has the power to turn other people around from wickedness is enjoyable. That’s what heroes/heroines are.

      • This is part of the lesson learnt from this serial—–To try and turn abusers around from those wicked ways—-Urmi did this by bringing Samrat to know what is humility and how to ask for forgiveness.His arrogance and egoistic behavior was thrown through the window and humility stepped in.How many learn this lesson from this show .

  27. Thanks Fan for your humble input. Thanks again.Always looking forward to read your comments.So do not shut up,keep filling me in.

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