Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
urmi and anirudh make a plan that they shall catch ishaani in her own trap. Anirudh intentioanlyl speaks on the mobile, calling a prospective groom and his parents to see ishaani, while urmi is busy with Mamiji to prepare snaks and sweets for them. Ishaani meanwhile asks damini what to do now,a s he did so just to spite urmi, but this is getting serious. Damini asks her not to worry, as she doesnt have to marry the persaon, but whats the harm in meeting. ishaani is assured.

Later, when arjun, the groom arrives with his parents, they are given a warm welcome by urmi and anirudh and the family, while ishaani is upstairs. when they enquire about ishaani, they are shocked to find her descend down from her room, in a skimpily clad outfit,

and casually sitting down beside, arjun, asking if he is the one, wiothout bothering to wish or greet his parents. they are a little taken aback, but they dont comment. urmi asks her to offer arjun sweets, but she takes one herself and starts eating. She then starts chatting with arjun. his mother enquires from her what she does, and she says that she does nothing, as she doesnt have to. All are shocked, as she continues, that since she and arjun have to get married, they should talk, on the roof, while the oldies sit and eat here. They are shocked. But arjun’s father agrees, and anirudh complies. she takes arjun upstairs.

On the roof, she tries to give every possible bad hint about herself, being a mnoden woman, and nothing of the ideal wifey sorts, that everyone wants. She talks about her partying and clubbing, where she drinks hard liquor and smokes too, and how she had three serious relationships, that were at an advanced level, and then how she never wants to sire a child, as she doesnt want to spoil her figure, and how she wouldnt want to do any household chores, and then lovingly and endearingly asks him that she hopes he doesnt mind these teensy problems. Arjun is shocked, but doesnt express it and complies to everything she says. she is amused at the fun she is having.

Scene 2:
Location: Diya’s residence
Diya comes down with shaurya, while all are tensed. nirmala asks her to go and rest as she needs it desperately, and that if she needed anything, she could have called for anyone, and they would have given it to her. She asks them to come along. they are boggled and ask where, and also tell her not to go out anywhere as it isnt needed. she says that she needsw to file a complaint in the police station, and shocks everyone. devesh asks if she has gone mad. Niormala reprimands shaurya for finally giving and convincing diya to do this, as this would mean immense media publicity for him, his newspaper and his mother, which is what they wanted all along, and were using diya and her tragedy to their advantage. Shaurya is shocked, and tries to make them see why diya should go, as they should be punished, and not diya, since she is innocent, and did nothing wrong. Devesh asks her to stop this lecture. shaurya reprimands them how can they think about their jobs, and their position in the society without thinking about their daughter and her trauma. Her family tries to convince diya that this wont lead to anything, and would just mean insult and inmfamy to their family. But diya is adamant. Her father breaks down asking if she hasnt insulted them enough, and why does she want to make them morbid with embarassment in front of everyone. diya is hurt, while shaurya is shocked. Nirmala tries to point to diya that her family is her own, and not shaurya, who is just an outsider and that she shouldnt listen to him. Diya vehemently denies and protests, that it isnt shaurya’s influence, and that this is just her decision solely. nirmala keeps arguing with diya, that they are moving on even though it takes time, and persuades her not to be in the past. diya asks how shall she forget, and then asks nirmala to understand atleast, that she wont be able to get past this horrific nightmare. shaurya is apalled at the insensitivity of the parents, as diya recounts with disgust, what happened with her, and how she feels dirty all the time, as she sees their faces all the time. she says that she has been gangraped, and till she doesnt get the criminals convicted she wont be able to sit in peace. Her father says that she wont go to the police station, and thats his final decision. Diya wipes her tears and asks shaurya to come along. nirmala tells diya that if she steps out, then she should forget that her mother and father are alive, She continuesd waling. Diya’s father tells her that she should remember one thing, that if she steps foot outside today, she shouldnt bother coming back and then she is dead to them and they are dead to her. diya is apalled and distraught, while shaurya faces her sternly, wondering if she shall succumb to the pressure. she hesitates for a second, but then taking shaurya’s hand she continues ahead, while devesh screams at her. they are all shocked as she leaves with shaurya. the screen freezes on diya’s family faces.

Precap: As diya goes with shaurya to file a complaint, she says that she was gangraped in the car. The police says that this means car was at a standstill and that she was raped inside. She tells them that the van was moving, and she was being raped. The police casually comments that this means the van was moving all around the town for hours, while she was being raped, and hence its uncertain which police station, this case falls under, reluctant to take it himself. shaurya and diya are shocked. the police inspector says that they cant file this complaint under their police station.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. gr8 episode

  2. Lord!!! IS this a true circumstance in India? Do police refuse to take statements or responsibility to catch criminals, especially sadistic rapists!?!? Would they actually refuse help to a rape victim? Please tell me this is just the show. I know DAK focuses on showing the real struggle of women hence I take it to mean that it is a real world situation as at now. Can someone tell me?

    1. it’s true kristelle. this actually happens.

  3. fan of the show

    It’s good that Diya did not change her mind under pressure from her family – no, I won’t call it family, lets say relatives. Family implies support and unity, neither of which is present. The pressure they feel is from their own insecurity, not from society.

    And that the police will not take responsibility to investigate the complaint, pursue and apprehend the criminals is not that surprising.

    There was a terrible but true story a few years back about the police force regularly getting girls into the squad cars for “making out”…. only one officer, upon being encouraged to take his turn, opened the squad car door only to find his own daughter in the back seat….

    Many men do not feel that rape is such a bad thing. It’s just guys having their fun. If a little force is needed, it’s ok. If they have to drug the female, it’s ok. If they talk and joke about it to one another, it’s ok. If they knowingly are nice only to later seduce her, it’s ok, part of the game. They even try to up their total count, like it’s a hunting trophy. There’s no conception of how devastating it is to a woman. So how can a women expect to get justice from authorities who have this mentality? It’s very very very difficult.

    1. fan of the show

      But not impossible. Go Diya!

      1. fan of the show

        In movies, rapists say, “She wanted it.”

      2. Not in the movies alone ,this happens in this world today where there are people who believe that women when ravaged will say they asked for it. This is so mind boggling to believe that someone ask for something that they did not give consent to.

    2. The mentality of these men are so low that if they have a chance they will rape their own relative.The law needs to give rape victims some respect .I would like some men to be gang raped by some goons and see how they will enjoy the pain and agonising humiliation.Only then they will understand how rape is.

    3. Some men will never understand because they think with what they have in their pants and only believe in satisfying themselves.These goons if caught should be castrated upside down in the square.Destroy their manhood for life.

      1. That is a gud solution/suggestion. Castration is the answer

      2. best Suggestion…

    4. Daughter of India -Documentry about that Delhi Rape incident was telecasted by BBC in some other country and government didnt give them permission to telecast it in India.

      I saw it in Youtube.Its really bad to hear what that culprit said about his thinking about a women. Even I can accept what he said because may be its his upbringing and he is uneducated. But the Lawyers(who is in the culprits side) Staement about women is so awful.

      I really felt bad that even now after being educated there are such people in this country who thinks that woman are just Properities and woman Shouldn’t act on their own even for their self respect.

      Really felt bad with that and now by seeing this Precap I remembered about that vedio.

      1. I read about this tragedy and this is documented in print outs under the women causes. This is why women of India should get themselves to be advocates for this abusive and violent behaviors of these men who forget that the person who brought them into this world are also women. Lwayers who defend these lawless criminals fight nasty to win the cases and set these men free.Remember what the lawyer did to Urmi when she took Samrat to court and how he used all the tricks in the book and played nasty with her. In real life this is what happens.Humiliation and low down embarassment to the victim.

  4. I am shocked when I was reading the precap .I cannot believe the police force of that country could be so foolish to say and believe such foolishness.What if is this is one of their own children will the reaction be the same. This is unbelievable.This is why women of that society has to really stand up and fight for their dignity.These are the reasons many rape victims do not report this crime because of the behavior of the police towards them.What a damn shame.

    1. fan of the show

      The behavior of the police as portrayed in this story, in deciding not to work on a rape case, is just only one tiny example of the full catalog of excuses that rape victims are expected to accept, and drop the complaint, and just go away, as if the problem doesn’t really exist. Many authorities even believe it’s not a real problem, even if the victim still has cuts and bruises. It’s a mindset that becomes a real hurdle in front victims seeking justice.

      1. Fan —–This behavior creates a suspicion in my otherwise suspicious nature.My suspicion is that the law and the people in authority does not respect or care a damn about women . Women over there are being used and throw away like useless sanitary tools. Women have no voice and I believe that this is a world of men and their useless point of views.They are willing to accept mony to cover up these horrendous behaviors.Women use your voices to fight your cause. Women,we are strong and let your voices show what you are made of.

  5. indian police are nothig but bullshit, hate india fron heart

    1. Dont want to cmnt on your silly behaviour

  6. Lovely episode. Diay made a good decision although it would be hard but she has full support from Shaurya.

  7. fan of the show you are wrong not only in the movies they say this but in real life have you ever been to one of the hearings in court or get hold of one of the depositions from a rape case well you should read some of the things that are said about the victim and I know what I am speaking about first hand so do not think that it is in the movies alone sorry you need to be enlightened

    1. fan of the show

      Your argument would have been absolutely correct if I had said “only” in the movies. But I did not. You assumed. Shame on you.

  8. any way I find that it is real nonsense about her being raped while the vehicle was driving around so she has to make the complaint in a certain police station so in other words three of them gang raped her for example if one raped her in one area the complaint is made and the the other in another area the complaint will be made there and the third in another area the complaint will be made there so now poor thing while being raped she should be looking to see which area they reach while driving around this is high nonsense I have never heard anything so stupid and nonsensical LOL wayaaaaaaaaaaa does this happen in india because surely it is a complaint being laid so I do not comprehend what the police are saying does it matter what station come on so you would turn away that victim after all she has endured from these three filthy men to go search for a right station to make her complaint well what type of society we are living in wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. I just wish shauriya accept and marry her after all this mess. I’m very proud of him, because he stood as a family by her and her actual family stood by the society, too bad. I’m also proud of Diya for facing her issue and confronting them in an appropriate manner
    But for the police men, shame on them, they are not worthy of their jobs, after all its not suprising because most police men can commit the same crime if given the oppurtunity

    1. Oh yes some of them use their powers and commit this same crime.Do not underestimate these people in authority.Some get caught and some do not.

    2. I do not think it is wise to accept marriage as yet until she is fully healed.Sometimes people get flashbacks and then return to their depressive mode. Another thing she may seem to be happy and ready to date again but when touched by the husband she may retaliate. This is a very technical and sensitive part of a victim.

  10. Shame on India and then you see this new advert at about how easy it is to go and study in India . God forbid anyone attractive lady entering this horrific society

    1. Not only in India.It happens everywhere.We should be ashamed that even we belong to the world where some calling themselves as humans without Humanity.

    2. This is really a shameful situation and also ascary one .Something has to be done with these scallwags in this world.

      1. Sorry the word is not scallwags but —scallywags.This keyboard skips all the time.

  11. I’m happy of shaurya being there for diya and about the police and these insensitive parents well I’m not worried as long as diya facing her problems and has urmi and shaurya by her side she will over come

  12. Die hard fans,?? greetings.

  13. fan of the show

    So, where do you think Diya will go now that her relatives have threatened to cut all ties with her? I’m sure Urmi and Shaurya will offer her to stay with them if need be,

    1. If Urmi and Shaurya takes her in this will be the best thing to do because Diya needs love and affection at this time of her life. Also grtting away from a negative situation is always good for victims to survive properly.

      1. fan of the show

        She’ll have to deal with Ishani and Damini who don’t like anything Urmi does.

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