Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
At the dining table, all sit down for a chat, as sandhya tauntingly asks when is she returning. Shashi asks if she wants to send her away soon. sandhya denies, while shashi thinks that she better be on their good side, and tries to butter them up, and impress them. They are amused at her effort, and damini points out as to how tani doesnt differentiate between the pricey and the worthless, and gets anything, once she likes it, hinting indirectly at samrat. shashi understands but pretends to ignore the jibe. They again bring out that urmi said that samrat betrayed her, and asks shashi if its true. Shashi is speechless, while tani comes in and assures sandhya that she is misinformed, and says that samrat cant betray anyone. urmi hears this and

is tensed. She tells tani that she hopes samrat never betrays her.

Later, Urmi gets a call from asha with her ranting that gaurav has gone out, dressed nice and formal, and she is sure that he has gone for a date with his secretary. Urmi asks her to calm down and relax while she finds out stealthily aboutit. she cancels the call and is tensed. Asha is apalled.

Shashi meanwhile, when noone is around, tries Tani’s extravagant display of cosmetics, experimenting and lustily eyeing one aftre the other. She hears sandhya and damini’s voice coming from the hallway. Shashi hides under the bed while damini and sandhay come to search the papers. They rummage through the stuff, while shashi is tensed as she is in hiding. She wonders what are they searching. They dont find it, while also going through tani’s wardrobe. As they hear tani’s voice coming in, they rush. shashi too takes the cue and hides.

Scene 2:
Location: Fitness centre
The gym instructor gives a guide tour to samrat and then asks him to workout on the treadmill for 20 minutes. He begins to do so, while leeringly eyeing the girl, none of whom pays attention to him. He decides to get back in shape, as mumbai demands and then get rid of tani. He eyes a girl from behind talking on the phone, in the corridor, visibly tesned and upset. He comes out and admires her fitness and beauty. He gets ahead, and comes close to her, trying to hear whats happening, by the excuse of jogging and stretching, and hears her having visible discord with her boyfriend. As she turns around, Samrat almost collides into the girl, who has tears in her eyes, and a grieving past, in the health and fitness centre. She leaves rushedly apologising, after an awkward encounter with him. samrat leeringly eyes the girl, and thinks that this girl shall easily become his, and asks himself to concentrate on her. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Shashi tells samrat about how damini and sandhya were searching the papers, with the intention that once they find it, they would throw samrat the next minute. Samrat is furious and thinks that damini wont ever be able to find those papers, and he shall encash this weakness of hers whole life.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. shit serial again sooooooooooo much shit so what is the moral to this serial all of a sudden you writers straying from the storyline and focusing on murdering samrath making him a stud who is targeting younger girls instead of bringing to justice all the evil doers writers writers stat thinking and keep your focus on what is true life try giving we the viewers better scripts for us to enjoy because I do not know if you notice but the ratings going down with this serial is has become toooooooooo boring nonsensical frustrated not enjoying it anymore word of advice please stick to the moral of the story stop having soooooooo much twist and turns and merry go rounds and repetitive scripts like I said toooooooooooooooooooooooo much shit and jumping from one script to the other without solving the problems encountered and making the bad ones get away with murder

    1. fan of the show

      Wandering eye of a husband also qualifies as domestic abuse, doesn’t it? And Tani has caught him at lease twice now being nasty to his own mother, another form of domestic abuse, although Shashi’sown abusive behavior usually invites it. It’s also a somewhat pleasing revenge that what Shashi used to do to Urmi, the verbal abuse, Sandhya is now doing to her. Who says the wicked get away with anything. Life eventually puts whatever you are right back in your own lap.

      1. Amen! Well said.It is abuse all over the place.

      2. Amen! Well said.

  3. [email protected] Its not even up to my top 25. Even do dil bandhey ek dori sre is better or pavitra rishta

  4. fan of the show

    It sounds (from precap) that the blackmailed (samRat) will now become blackmailer (to damini) – threaten her forever with the papers she signed not to disclose the real truth that (Shaurya was not really sick with cancer – was that what was in the papers she signed?) If that’s what was in the papers, won’t that also expose samRat? These papers seem to be a double-edged sword.

    1. As I said yesterday let us see who can out smart each other.The fight is on between Samrat and Damini.The tables have turned and has become a double-edged sword indeed.Damini will be exposed and her family may not digest this meal properly or in good taste.

    2. fan of the show

      OK, the papers were to prove that damini agreed that samRat should sleep with Urmi.

  5. fan of the show

    I hope Tani catches her husband with his pants down….

    1. You are so right.I would like Tani to catch him in action because she is too convinced that he can do no wrong.

      1. fan of the show

        If she does catch him at something nasty, her wrath will know no bounds…

  6. fan of the show

    Asha is worried about Gaurav – and Urmi is sure that he coulldn’t be cheating on Asha with his secretary. Has she made the wrong conclusion (she’s an airhead, after all) on her husband? Maybe he’s working on a business deal?

  7. I like Asha because of her comical behavior.Anyway I think her imagination has gone a little wild.

    1. fan of the show

      She brings in a lot of comic relief in a somewhat otherwise heavy show….

  8. This serie becomes sooooooo boring. every time the bad (samrat, damini & sandhya) gets away with their shit. Till now none of samrat’s evil plans are explode. None !!!!!!!! At least unmask one of his evil plans, so when he starst again the viewers will know 4 sure that some day it will come to light.
    But with this all, doli armaano ki is not so populair anymore here in my country.

    1. fan of the show

      Have patience Felitcia. samRat has gone to jail. He’s got to worry about who is going to find out about him. He’s dependent on an airhead for his “income.” damini lives in hatred and anxiety. sandhya is not loved by anyone and alienates whenever she opens her mouth. It’s not like they are going unpunished. By the law, maybe not, but by their own karmas, absolutely yes.

    2. fan of the show

      Besides that, it is quite common in real world circumstances that domestic abuse goes unpunished, especially when people are afraid of the abuser.

  9. All I can say is let Urmi and Ishaan have some peace and enjoy their love/romance bcos they deserve it.

  10. All along, Ishaan is portrayed as a decent, innocent, stupid lover boy incapable of dealing with a bully and goon like Samrat. Urmi is extremely talanted in crying and shouting her head out when she gets the chance. Samrat is great in acting as the bad man. These are the ingredients to keep the serial moving – a crying wife, a silly husband and a villan. I am afraid we will see the end of this only when we change the channel.

    1. fan of the show

      I think in order to interview for a job in any soap the women have to show how talented they are at crying. Even in a soap, when the scene calls for a character to be watching a soap on TV, the soap on TV shows someone crying, closeup.

      I think this soap has stuck pretty close to its theme – domestic abuse. They portray it in lots of forms and in many different relationships, and they show that the victims can also become the perps. Not many people have never been touched by it, but fewer people want to watch it on TV, they have seen enough of it in (un) real life; or they would rather see romance or action adventure, something that will transport them away from real life for a moment or two. That’s perfectly undertandable, which may be why ZEE has about eight or nine different flavors of entertainment. Something for everyone.

  11. fan of the show

    samRat looked like a bird trying to impress a female bird, all that jogging and flapping. Couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous he looked, and even then he got the cold shoulder. That’s all someone deserves when they get to stalking women at the gym.

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